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  1. This is true, I'm embarrased to say. I've seen the moms just chit-chatting while the kids just play during sunday school. When I first went to the temple I got the the impression of a day care instead of sunday school. The kids were super lound and rowdy in there! Don't know if it's still like that, since I haven't stopped by. I know some girls try to do things with the kids, like arts and crafts and sometimes they do plays.
  2. I'm sorry I never knew a woman could not enter the temple room while on their period. I was told before that it was okay. ?????
  3. Hare Krishna, I personally don't like the idea of keeping animals in cages. I think they should be able to roam around naturally. Especially birds, yes, it may be more work for them (look for food, danger of predators), but that is their nature. In some situations animals are being kept captive to save the species, maybe in a zoo or a sactuary. This is a whole different situation, anyway this is just my personal opinion...
  4. sorry for asking but I noticed he used a colon ":" after his statement so I wondered if there was something missing under it. -I was in another computer earlier and the picture of Bhisma didn't show up.. im at my home computer now and I can now see the nice picture. thanks. and hare krishna.
  5. vow of life-long celibacy should there be something under your statement?
  6. Does anyone have an answer for madanbhakta? I am wondering myself, what is the view on same sex marriages amost the movement? Did Srila Prabhupada ever mention anything regarding this topic? Hare Krishna.
  7. What about waking up early to do your rounds..? probably better than doing it while driving.. I don't think japa mala should be done while driving. You are putting yourself and others in danger, since you are being distracted to chant your rounds. I usually just listen to devotional music, bhajans or kirtans in my car and I chant along. Hari Bol.
  8. This is definately a better Santa version!
  9. www"dot"caringconsumer"dot"com/resources_ingredients_list"dot"asp see if this works. thanks for the idea.
  10. Hare Krishna. And thank you for posting this article. I have to say, it would be an honor to serve a nice devotee husband. This article is definately inspiring, and I'm looking forward to being a good wife some day. Of course if that is what Krsna wants for me.
  11. I'm trying to post a list of animal ingredients.. but appareantly it's not posting.. and since I don't have 15 posts, i can't post the URL.. oh well...
  12. What is the meaning of RNS after a devotees name? ex. Krishna dasa (RNS)
  13. Would any of you share nice stories or memories you have of Srila Prabhupada? Hare Krishna.
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