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  1. om gurubhyo namah dear sow.janaki, you are out of the woods. dont worry. the worst sat/rahu period is over. just hold on till june 2009. do not hurridely sign any paper even if your husband sends one. i will later read your chart more closely and send you a reply. regards may mother bless all sasisekaran chennai.
  2. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH dear shri.sandilya i am really at loss to imagine how and why fifty attempts for job failed in the past five years. Did you turn down any of the job because of a poor salary ? mercury/moon/jupiter can give you a contractual job. this period influenced by jupiter ends by feb 2009. hence you are likely to get a job before the end of feb 2009. strenghten your prayers and be at it. mercury with all its negatives can give you a difficult career. what we people practicing astrology do is to bring the planetary effects on a two dimensional chart whereas the planets are moving in a three dimensional space and controlled by the SUPREME whose dimensions are unknown. look at the shortcomings of this subject . hence i can say only what appears to me and if god wants you to give good things, he would certainly do so. we just caution you not to take things for granted. i would advise you to take up the job as it comes however difficult it may be. you just give it a start . if you cant get a job here, i doubt how you will get in US? . i am not discouraging. rating of charts is too difficult. sages who have taught us have not given any guidance to give 60 or 80 percent to a chart. start worshipping lord subramanya as well as lordess durga. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  3. om gurubhyo namah Dear sow.deepa.bhandari., thanks for the comments. The knowledge is from Lordess . Saraswati. Dear shri.sandilya people practicing astrology should come forward, to exchange their understanding without any ego. hence i would not mind you taking my writeup to him for comments. i dont think that you are trying to undermine anybody for that matter. knowledge is for sharing and scrutiny. Mercury, the atmakaraka as well as lord of lagna has exchanged house with mars. Mercury being natural vaani pratayaka and mars being the third lord and planet influencing logic gives natural flair for communication. but can you be construed to be a very good communicator ? it is for you to asses without any bias. This would give you a hint how strong the exchange is. this exchange would have occured in the chart of many people born between nov26 to dec 15.. with kanya lagna.. will all of them be good communicators? i doubt. There are many other factors which control the strength of a planet. That is why, we see even twins differ. In your case, mercury is in gandanta !. a bad placement for a lagna lord and also atmakaraka. mecury is neecha in navamsa and placed in eigth. you have to be careful in all mercury related matters. mercury is your tenth lord , ruling profession generally. i am at loss to think how your astrologer friend assumed mercury to be comfortable with all the negatives i cited above. many people practicing astrology go by what is known as " vimsottari lordship' of the planets. sage .Parasara, apart from the regular vimsottari dasa, has explained other conditional dasas , where the lordship of planets totally differ. mercury does not rule the jyeshta in strict astrological parlance. Indra is the deity of jyeshta , in which your atma karaka is placed. That is also one of the reason you went after the 'cobra' which is on the head of egyptian kings . indra is a king. regarding the aug- 2000 period, i think he has said it based on the pratyantra of mars in sat/jupier. mars causes injury. if your birth time is very accurate, jupiter placed in dasamsa lagna can give a job (a contractual one ). the dasa running now is that of merc/moon /jupiter. this ends in feb 2009. mars bhukti in mercury dasa can give setback during dec 2009 to dec 2010. can you pl give details about the following if you dont mind ......... when did you finish college ? how many job attempts you made ? what was your earnings after you fininsed college ? where do you stand now? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  4. om gurubhyo namah dear shri.sandilya i suspected an influence of rahu over moon when I saw your nick name as "blackcobra". when I cast your chart, i was not surprised to see rahu and moon sitting together, that too, very close. rahu is amatyakara, having assumed the role of advisor , no wonder you have chosen the name cobra. rahu is a planet of deceit. over a period of time, you see that things have not gone the way you want. lagna is the seat of intelligence. intelligence is 'know-how' of anything. the more you are knowledgeble, the more comfortable you will be. A sense of awareness makes you learn more and the intelligence widens. two kroora planets, saturn and mars, are sitting in lagna. saturn gives you dukha and mars makes you angry , adament and quick in taking decisions. your lagna lord is aspected ( looked ) by saturn and rahu. the karaka for lagna, sun , is also aspected by saturn and rahu. lagna, lagna lord and karaka are damaged. unless you change the advisor who is sitting within you, you may not be able to move forward. Hence go ahead and choose a real elderly wise man who will guide you. i have suggested an 'elder' person because they alone have experienced life. Experience is one thing which you can never by or learn in advance. unless you go 'through' and experience, you cannot learn anything fully. keep talking to him about your problems and seek solutions. but be sure you implement what he says. Because of the influence of kroora planets on your intelligence part, you will tend to avoid his advice. take care that you listen to him fully. chant gayatri mantra and lakshmi ashtotara regularly. slowly you will be on the right track. once you have job, other things like financial status and marriage will automatically follow. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  5. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.coolgimmy pl always follow vedic day may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  6. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.coolgimmy yes , i used ghataka principles. may mother bless all regards. sasisekaran
  7. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH Dear shri.jaigan thanks for the info. dont you have the birth time and place of birth of your wife ? out of the four possibilities i gave earlier, friday alone seems to be the day of birth. i would expect one more of the four to match. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran. chennai.
  8. Om gurubhyo namah Dear jyothisha's A reader from this forum sent me a message asking why moon's moolatrikona falls in vrishabha. I place before all of you a " writeup " by my guruji on this. Hope all of you would benefit from this. A view on moon's moolatrikona:- Moon gets exalted in the 3rd degree in Vrishabha in the 2nd charana of Krittika in Makara navamsa, anantha dasamsa and kroora shastyamsa. The story of the curse of Daksha Prajapati on Chandra(his son-in-law) whose neglect of all his daughters other than Rohini is quite popular. Chandra's subsequent penance and the receipt of blessings of Siva which not only freed him from the curse (though not fully) but also gave him a place in the Head of Lord Siva is worth noting. Krittika is the Head of Nakshatra Purusha. The saapa-vimochana and the subsequent elevation is the cause of Chandra's elation/exaltation. The story does not end here. The fact that Chandra at his peak of exaltation finds his seat in Makara navamsa is to be noted. This Makara is 'kali/strife' rasi where swadharma is the only order of the day. Makara limits the vision to self-benefits. Makara being the 10th sign of Kalapurusha indicates the importance that is given to senses/indriya. This exaltation has the in-built feature of seeking sensational delights. This means there is every possibility of the mirror to become a mere glass which is unwilling to cause reflection! Chandra taking advantage of his position(being in the Head of Siva) should not indulge(kroora shastyamsa) in projecting himself. The Lord out his extreme mercy can give His Name as Chandramouleeswara/Somanatha. This however does not give license to Moon to think that he is the source of Lord's beauty and power. This gives us the message that those who worship Chandramouleeswara/Somanatha should always place(request the Lord to be) the Lord in front and walk behind. The nakshatra deity of Krittika is Agni. It is believed that those men who offer themselves and Soma the Gods bring all felicities. The seeker-sacrificers used to offer Soma to Indra for light and manifold puissance. That Indra would not give rain if he was not worshiped was the popular belief. It was SriKrsna who took the initiative to refine this incorrect thinking. 'Govardhana' and 'Go' puja that was introduced by the Lord is worth noting here. Exaltation gives us a hint about the possibility of the state of intoxication of mind which then become direction less. It definitely needs refinement/Krsna sparsa which then transforms chandra as Soma which will represent the divine delight of being(ananda). This in simple terms indicate the replacement of sense-pleasure by the divine delight which is brought about by the sublimation and divinisation of thought-action. According to a legend Soma-juice was brought to earth by an eagle(Makara navamsa) from a secret place in the world of Gandharvas. Soma is considered as the most coveted possession of the seeker-sacrificer that could be offered to the Lord. The offering makes the offerer feel fulfilled. Siva is Mahakaala. Siva adorns Moon. Moon is mana. We often say that we do not have time at our disposal. This indirectly means that we do not have the mind to go about doing the job too! Kaala daana is what is considered as the most important sacrifice. This however puts forth the condition the involvement/offering of mana/Moon is important/imperative. Mana which is considered as the source of delight needs to be prepared and sufficiently baked in the kiln of askesis/tapasya and fully liberated from tamas and rendered pliant for only a resilient system can yield the necessary 'rasa' for offering to the Lord. Gayathri is considered as the measure of Kala. Involved singing is advised while offering the Kala. The butter that rises from within when the mind is churned needs to be offered to the Lord. Exaltation of Moon hints at selfish and temporary enjoyment while refined chandra is the Soma which qualifies the jeeva to attain the gopi bhava for partaking in the exchange of 'rasa'. end of the writeup:- may mother bless all regards sasisekaran. chennai
  9. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH Dear shri.jaigan Unless one dwells deeply into the chart, the prediction about future is always elusive. Normal astrologers go by the minimum basics coupled with panchangas. A little advanced people with some bookish knowledge coupled with commercialism still depend on the basics but with the so called computerised horoscopes. A still more advanced people with many contacts in public adopt various schools of thoughts and stick to the theory they have understood and developed on their own with few rigid planetary combos to support or break marriages. In essence, no one has ever understood that the basics themselves are yet to be digested fully. This is one of the reason that i do not indulge in what is called as ' matching '. I feel my knowledge is incomplete and hence better to avoid blowing whistle to start dare devil games with some ones's future. People would have placed strong faith on the aspect of jupiter on the seventh house and the marriage during venus dasa, thought to be yoga karaka and exalted in your chart. Alas ! Jupiter is in vamsa-kshaya and venus is in sarpa shastiamsa. Both are in bad shasti amsas. Shasti amsa shows your past and what you inherit from the past deeds. Venus is in vrichika along with ketu and aspected by mars. Enough to show, what you have inflicted upon your partner in the previous janma. One should not fail to note the presence of atma karaka moon with this venus in rasi. It was during moon's pratyantra you got married. Moon is cursing in the chart because of the aspect of rahu and saturn. saturn is your 64th navamsa lord. venus is placed in fourth in navamsa in the house of saturn. Venus's placement in makara shows strain in relationships. are the following associated with your wife's chart ? 1. kumba 2. dwadasi 3. friday, 4 aslesha and did you get divorce after june 7, 2008 ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  10. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear coolgimmy, can you pl post the relavant contents? i downloaded part 1 of bhrigubindu , but i could not find anything about moon and rahu. regards may mother bless all sasisekaran
  11. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear coolgimmy, i vaguely remember such 'gain of navamsas by a planet' from shri.B.V.raman books in the 1980-90 period. One shri. Chandulal Patel ( CH PATEL ) has written a book on navamsas. nothing is with me now. i feel it could be in either of the two following ways. if i take the example you have given, 1. jupiter is in dhanus rasi and gemini navamsa, this could mean jupiter has gained six navamsas OR seven inclusive of dhanus and gemini 2. otherwise, first pada in dhanus would fall in mesha navamsa and jup in 9 deg 30 min would mean a gain of two navamsas falling in gemini. or three navamsas inclusive of the mesha and gemini. if you have bv raman's vol 1 and 2, you may find the answer. i think this principle is used to find the no of coborns. regards may mother bless all sasisekaran
  12. Om Gurubhyo Namah dear shri.ravi_modi, i am really worried that nowadays too many couples do not understand the institution of marriage before they get married. It is better that youngsters consult relatives/friends about married life and the tricky issues they are likely to face in the process , before they venture into it. you are running saturn moola dasa and rahu antar now. pl note, this is not regular vimsottari dasa , i am talking about. your upapada lagna( house of marriage ) is uncomfortable because of the bad aspects coming on it from saturn, mars and rahu. there after, antar of jupiter is on. Jupiter is your atma karaka and this could bring in problems because of its 8th placement in navamsa. This period lasts until the end of 2011. hence whether it is this marriage or remarriage, the period is not really conducive till 2011. I wish i am wrong. Right now, rahu antar is on in vimsottari dasa system and lasts till aug 2009. Things will stay bad till this period. you wife is running right now that of saturn's antar and it lasts till feb 2009. it is during this period she left you. let us if she changes her mind after feb 2009. you were born during sukla chathurdasi. Jupiter (guru) is your atma karaka. such a jupiter is with a mild malefic sun and malefic saturn. Hence PRADOSHA worship is a must. You must start worshiping " SHIVA - PARVATHI " on a regular basis irrespective of problems you face in your life. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  13. om gurubhyo namah dear shri.coolgimmy, few sutras stated by jaimini can be seen here functioning. use vridakarika method for finding the 8th lord. for kumbha 8 th lord is that of makara- saturn. three pairs application:- 1. lagna lord and 8th lord - For kumba , there are two lords - saturn and rahu. Rahu is exalted (for longevity purposes , rahu's exaltation is vrishaba ). It is aspected by venus (rasi drishti). But saturn is exalted with no aspects. Hence between them, Rahu is strong. 8th lord is saturn. Rahu is placed in fixed(short) sign and saturn is movable(long) sign. Hence medium life is indicated. 2. saturn and moon - saturn is in movable(long) and moon is in fixed( short). hence medium life is indicated. 3. lagna and hora lagna- lagna is fixed(short) and hora lagna is ( movable). Hence medium life is indicated. all three point out to medium life , the life span falls between 36 to 72 years. As per 2.1.20, ' yoga vipareetham ' occurs here since saturn - the atma karaka is in the ninth. The life span falls down to short from medium life , that is below 36. As per 2.1.22 (page 150 - jaimini upadesa sutra by shri.sanjay rath ) the ayur khanda falls in the second slot of 9 years to 18 years, since the eigth lord - saturn falls in the 9 th house. Please refer to JAGANNATH RULE. The death occured in the dasa of pisces shoola dasa and mithuna antar dasa. Moon, the rudra is trine to the dasa sign pisces( jaimini rule). Jhora seem to give jupiter as rudra. Calculation of rudra involves finding out the stronger of the eigth lords of the lagna and the seventh house. lagna is kumbha and hence eigth lord of kumbha is makara - its lord is saturn. seventh house is simha and hence eigth lord of simha is kataka - its lord is moon. hence stronger between moon and saturn is moon, being with more planets. I really do not know, how jhora gives jupiter as rudra . I could be wrong. But i have gone by the rule 2.1.35 page 154. For calculation of the eigth lord , i use vridha karika method. mithuna antar dasa -- , refer to rule 2.1.34 , the death occured in mithuna which is aspected by sun, the eigth lord of pisces, the dasa sign. Shoola dasa (troubles and death): Pi MD: 1993-12-20 - 2002-12-21 Ge AD: 1996-03-19 - 1996-12-20 >> 9th may 1996..event I think jamini rules appear to work here. But understanding of Jaimini is tough unless more learned people take this science seriously and selflessly and give their observations to us free, keeping away from holding ' secrets ' as their possession. The knowledge given by god is to spread and not to sell. regards, may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  14. om gurubhyo namah dear shri coolgimmy curses in shastiamsa is to be considered severe, since it speaks about past too. sage parasara says everything can be seen from shastiamsa. in chart 1. ketu should also be considered under curse in shastiamsa since it is aspected by sat and mars. in chart 2. mercury is aspected by rahu, mars and saturn in d60. in chart 3. jupiter is with sun and aspected by mars in d60. sun has to be treated as malefic. it is lowest in the order of malefics. regards may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  15. om gurubhyo namah dear shri coolgimmy are you sure that you dont find curses in the shastiamsa ? for example, even saturn can curse if joined by another malefic and aspected by another malefic. you may pl post if you so desire may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  16. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.anusha pl let him do the remedies recommended by shri.basant. mercury dasa started in jan 2007. the slide in the professional front could have started from here. pl confirm with exact periods of job changes. mercury is neecha and placed in ghandanta position in rasi. in navamsa is with moon , in the fully tamasic sign of kumbha. Moon causes grahana to mercury. mercury is placed in the eight house in dasamsa. ( i have taken birth time to be 18:01:10 ). mercury is in vahni (forest fire) shastiamsa. mercury is with mars and aspected by rahu in shastiamsa. hence mercury has got all the potency to degrade his professional front. mercury is chara amatyakaraka ! that talks about profession. to remove affliction to mercury ask him to do the following. 1. donate two silver lamps to sri lakshmi narayana temple on a wednesday. 2. observe budha ashtami vrata. 3. on the budha ashtamai day during rahu kala he may go to krishna temple or vishnu temple and distribute sweet (sugar) to the public. 4. chant " om brihaspatayai namah " 324 times daily 5. chant " om vigna rajayai namah " 324 times daily. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran, chennai.
  17. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.pushyami the period of atmakaraka - venus (the most important planet in his chart ) is running since july -2007. it lasts until may -2010. however in the short term , things will ease after the end of this year for some time. does he have any habit that can bring in health problems ? if so, it would be better he stops them now. change in eating style can give a lasting solution. This will be the easiest remedy. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran.
  18. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri. rohini_nakshtra who am i to pardon you ? i feel as long as questions are 'for' knowledge , no question can be termed stupid. anger, frustration, discomfort, ego should all be shunned when we communicate with others. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  19. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear coolgimmy, if ul and a7 are in trines or kendras, then there are chances of a love partner to become a life or long standing partner. ul and a7 are placed in 6/8 positions in her chart. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran.
  20. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear mylilangel you may visit the following page http://www.srigaruda.com/ you have lot of pdf and audio files to learn from. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  21. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear aussie the lagna falling on the border is a tricky issue to decide. since you are young, you may wait for somemore time to use the incidents in life to fix the lagna. just by appearance alone choosing the lagna will be futile since there are other factors like right ayanamsa, the portion of birth that is truely to be considered as the birth time are still under debate. can you pl confirm if your birth was cesarian ? also can you pl give dates of your first job , second job etc. ? let us try using these for change in birth time. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  22. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear sruti8, any fasting has to from atleast sunrise to sunset. during fasting one has to chant the naama of the lord they want to pray. also without fail, one has to donate a food packet to a needy before they break the fast. the food saved by observing a fast should be donated to a needy person. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran.
  23. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear coolgimmy, what i meant about AL is about the 'perception' part of it. many times the perception is true. arudha is sareera. the karaka for al is moon. moon is prana. saturn blocks prana. that is why AL is used in timing health problems including death. in an earlier message you asked about eighth from AL and third from ul. is it based on the colleague's chart that you recently posted in the last message ? mars placed in the seventh to ul in rasi and rahu/mars associating with venus in navamsa are some negatives of this chart. if the birth time is increased by 2 min 11 secs , the saptamsa lagna moves to gemini. it shows little trouble in the area of children. ketu becomes placed in the fifth and the fifth lord moving to sixth along with sixth lord mars showing abortions. pl do not frighten the lady. al/ul placement in 2/12 shows the rejection of one by the other but it need not be the only factor for divorce. ofcourse you know this. sixth lord's association with seventh/lord can also show marriage related problems. let us see what shri.sharmg has to say about his marriage, who has posted his details in this thread. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran.
  24. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear sharmg pl let us not assume that every one has learnt everything at one single go. it is not possible. subjects like astrology which deals with human mind, behaviour are tough nut to crack. unwinding the knot of the almighty is not all that easy though many may claim to have mastered the subject. many of us are in the learing process. just like doctors learn through anatomy, we practitioners of astrology have to analyse charts of many. thanks for your info. i will place what little i have understood. seventh house, its lord , venus , thithi, upapada lagna and a few are atleast to be analysed to understand the quality of married life or relationships. seventh lord jupiter is your bhadaka for your kanya lagna. can a planet responsible for relationships (seventh house ) become a trouble giver ? moreover it is neecha sitting in the house of thithi ( fifth house is house of thithi under panchanga principle). many will consider a bhadaka, becoming weak better. for such a condition , the bhadaka should be placed in 12th and certainly not in the house of thithi. thithi shows relationships. look ! in what thithi you were born.. it is trayodasi. jupiter is its lord. the thithi lord placed in thithi house ( fifth ) is good but it is bhadaka. moreover jupiter is placed along with mandhi .. at 8 deg 46 min .. very close to jupiter which is 8 deg 51 min.. jupiter has been passed over by rahu.. in other words rahu has put its prints over jupiter. those things are for the seventh house. the seventh house is aspected by saturn ( sixth lord , a malefic ) and sun, the twelfth lord. venus is placed in its own house. but the seventh house is sixth from it. the atma karaka mercury and the dara karaka moon are placed in 2/12. can you please provide the date of marriage, its progress and the timing of its break ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
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