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  1. as Sasisekaran garu pointed out I thought , masters would be last of my education and let me do it from the best . And as u pointed out All I can say is
  2. I am quite sure that my time of birth is perfect.. U might be thinking why have i provided the info .i.e. 13th late night or 14th early morning.... i thought people might get confused with early morning time I heard that there are hell lot of fakes in the market and to find a genuine one is difficult .. ist it ?
  3. I tried contacting him several times after that 2007 , but in vain. Sir, I am really glad by this statement. In my caliber ,yes Sir, I was considered as a good communicator, in school and in college I was called up ,for all speaking and writing related events. But, again that was 5.5 years ago. Is that really bad, can things change at some point of time? through out my life do I have to work as a contractual employee or is it just for a period?And my filed of occupation would be? Is it a bad period? ( Please excuse me of my ignorance, coz I am poor in astrological terms) I am planning to move to Pune ( currenty in Hyderabad) on Jan 1 2009, is it going to fetch something for me? Is it 2009-10 or 2008-09? I have tried Visa for U.S.A 2 times 1)21st December 2006 at 3:00 Pm , got rejected. ( H1B--> work visa) 2)17th Jan 2008 at 8:30 Am , got rejected ( F1-- Student Visa). In MAY of this year ,I have applied for U.S.A H1B ( work visa ) got selected in the lottery System, and have to go for Visa interview , may be in end of January or 1st or 2nd week of February2009. ( I feel another failure awaits me there, but I have to make trials .) I feel you like my guru , and there is no question of hiding anything from you Sir. June 2003 i.e August 1999-June 2003 ( 4 years of Engineering) How many, I dont remember the NO of trials , but I can say many ( may be around 50-60. Absolutly Zero. In fact I Owe.....around 3-4 laks to others. So, that was the reason I asked you for my financial status.( I don't have any bad habits ( drinking,smoking,lingering around girls... nothing of that sort) , except for passion for books). Stand now, no where . Being overlooked and burden to society.What I was 9-10 years, I am still the same , physically,mentally etc etc, except for bit of change in thinking and additions of bits of knowledge. And coming to chances , recently got selected in State Bank of India ( SBI ) prelims and have given the Main's examination on Nov 30th 2008 , awaiting for results and nothing else. Sir, I am really in shambles ,I don't know how long this is going to continue. Sir, is there any hope of light in near future. But, I am thankful to my parents, 2 elder sisters and Brother-in-laws for standing by my side all these years. Every idea is a dream for me right now. Sir, how do u rate my Chart on scale of ( 0-10----- 0 least) I feel it as not more than 2 Sir, Any remedies to follow so that I can get out of the situation as soon as possible,I was suggested to wear Diamond on my left ring finger(in Gold) and Topaz on my right index finger in gold.
  4. Wow.... Sir,Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I am interested in History, On Egyptian kings 'kiritam' they have symbol of snake ( Black 'Cobra') indicating power and royalty. Ultimately it turned out to because of rahu.. While I was studying my engineering , my Professors used to say " U have great overall knowledge , u can talk something about virtually anything in this world. That is good sign"But of the late I was feeling that , I need narrow down my knowledge levels ,So that I can concentrate on few things. Gayatri mantram I have been chanting since 1992, I have to start lakshmi ashtotara from tomorrow. Sir, What would be the time period for things to change, Job and filed of Job. When can I expect things to favoring me. I have left everything to that God and you all. Thought of doing something,turned out to be something and right now doing nothing:( Sir , one of our family friend a retired bank official , he is interested in Astrology and my family members have been taking his advice from quite long time( may be around from 10-15 years). And except in my case , what ever he said was true to fullest extent ( may be he was wrong in 1 of 100 predictions). 1)He said that I would be Engineering (I did not believe him , coz I was interested in Medicine) 2)He anticipitated that i would fail in my 1st year Engineering exam , So he made me to ware Emerald.I failed in one of the examination , and he was puzzled to hear that. But, I lost the ring in my preperation holidays.He emmediatly made me to wear Emerald , I passed my eximimination in Revaluation. 3)in August 2000 he warned me that i have to be careful with my left Eye, in december 2000 while playing cricket , I nearly lost my left eye. these 3 were the only predictions which were correct in my case( not in others casethough). Last year I had chat with , I will present you eith the conversation, I) II) III) Sir, by presenting this conversation , I do not want to undermine you all , but one thing I couldn't understand was , Was he trying to please me and my father, was he hiding something which he did not want to tell us. Sir, please if possible can you present a more in sight of my chart.
  5. Respected Sir, I am Sandilya from Hyderabad. I have completed my Engineering in 2003 and since then , its better to say that I haven't being doing anything. I tried so many thing , But everything was a failure. And I am really afraid to start anything ( first I don't have any opportunities ), coz i feel that i already know the result--- > another failure. Sir, is it possible for anyone to interpret my chart , tell me what exactly I am going through and how long this is going to continue. Please I need suggestion from you all. Details : Name : Sandilya DOB : 14 December 1981 Time : 01 : 55 am (IST) ( i.e 13th late night or 14th early morning) Place : Karimnagar , Andhra Pradesh. Latitude: 18° 28' N Longitude : 79° 06' E Questions : 1) Job ( Period and Field) 2) Financial Status 3) Marriage.
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