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  1. Hello Sow.Aradana, Since your birth time is approximate, it is difficult to pin point the saptamsa lagna. It needs lot of fine tunning. Also you have not mentioned your place of birth. Along with it if you can post the time of birth of the first child( date of birth, time, and place) and the date of abortions you had , a close study can be attempted. sasisekaran.
  2. Hello Eela I am using jagannatha anyanamsa(jhora software) with 'definition of years in dasas' set to 360 deg solar years. sasisekaran.
  3. Hello Eela As per my calculations, ketu antar started on may 22, 2010. Ketu can bring in sudden reversals. ketu is placed in moola gandanta. Ketu is placed in third in dasamsa , indicating contracts. ketu was transiting its natal in dasamsa and jupiter was transiting makara in dasamsa when this occurred., hence this disaster. To me it appears, ketu bhukthi should end. But jupiter placed in eleventh in transit from natal moon can bring in new association and god willing you may get it. Don't loose heart , keep trying. sasisekaran.
  4. Hello Sow.Anusha pl read year of birth as 1979. sasisekaran
  5. Hello Sow.Anusha, Sow.Baby was born on june 11/12/13 around 0230 hrs with sat and rahu placed in the fifth and mars in trine to this. This is the fundamental negativity in the chart. More likely Sun could be her atma karaka. Anyway let us see after she posts her birth details. sasisekaran
  6. Hello KGP, Mars placed in 2/4/7/8/12 house from either lagna or moon or venus constitute a mars dosha or manglik.. This way many are manglik. Marriages can break even without the influence of mars. There are people with magnlik dosha who are leading happy married life. Do not be disturbed by the fact that mars is placed in 7th house in your chart. The real trouble maker is Rahu ( the ascending node of the moon). Rahu looks at your 7th house through is special trinal sight. Apart from this your 7th lord mercury is under bandana caused by mars and rahu. Rahu brought in your marriage and also broke it. Saturn , the darakarak (spouse) is not placed well in another dimensional chart called as navamsa. There are many other factors that have led to this failure. Vimsottari Dasa: Ven MD: 2006-07-02 - 2026-07-02 Ven AD: 2006-07-02 - 2009-11-02 Rah PD: 2007-09-13 - 2008-03-10... MARRIAGE & BREAK.. Another marriage is possible during the influence of rahu during sep 2013 - sep 2016. However care should be taken to protect the marriage. If you can probe into the reasons for failure through a consultation with advisers/elders/friends, you may succeed in your next attempt. By any chance, do you tend to dominate in relationship matters ? sasisekaran.
  7. Dear Sow.Anusha namaste You said well that every muhurtha has its own 'glitches'. Let me share my recent experience. Just four hrs prior to the launch of GSLV rocket, I wrote to them saying that it would be disaster based on muhurtha. They did not send me a reply. Though I expected that, I came to know that a retired ISRO official who belives in astrology went to a temple and did archana. He was expecting a reward if the launch was successful. The launch would been a milestone in the history of space technology if it had been successful. The launch was on a pratama thithi, which according to muhurtha should be avoid for travel. But a critic or a non believer would easily counter saying " did all travels on that day became failure ?". Certainly not. So where is the catch ?.. The travel that which has more negatives will fail. So we must have a software that could work based on a mathematical model and list out the bad travels in a day strength wise. I watched the launch live and just when I noticed the first deviation of the rocket from its intended trajectory, I also noticed in the telecast an official sitting before the terminal placing his hands on his head in despair. These two scenes I observed during the telecast is still vivid in my memory. The lagna was very close the saturn. Saturn, a vayu graha was in kanya , a prithivi sign. Air is blocked by a raised land. Prithivi and Vayu are off opposite tattwas as fire and water are. Analysis of the failure reported recently points the finger at the stoppage of fuel ( a block to the flow of fuel in fluid form). The recent launch of PSLV also appeared to be bad , though not as bad as the previous one. I once again wrote to them about it , but this time my tone was less discouraging saying even if the launch was successful, the project would not have its intended longevity. I am not trying to sound negative, but we can only say what we could infer from the knowledge we 'posses'. Hence I find the muhurtha to be very intriguing and it needs lot of time and patience to follow such events for years to conclude anything worthy. Venus, a neecha will be lifted by jupiter only if the Lord intends. As I do not have sufficient case studies to study the role of saving graces ( like cancellation of neecha ) in muhurtha, I would prefer to remain silent on your analysis based on cancellation. To me a pollution is certainly a dirt, though one can filter it. How far the filtering process could be successful is known only to the Almighty. sasisekaran.
  8. Hello Sow.Aaradhana you are running jupiter dasa and venus antar. venus is aspected by saturn and associated with mars both in rasi and saptamsa Affllicted venus antar may not yield a child. Venus is chart pitrukaraka in your chart. Lineage is supported by pitris. you were born on june 16, 1977 either with vrishaba lagna or kataka lagna, the birthtime close to either 0450 hrs or 0840 hrs !!! mmmm..... what prevents you from posting your birth detail ? sasisekaran.
  9. Hello Sow.Anusha Fundamentally the aspect or association of Jupiter brings in beneficence, blessings and protection. But the Sages recommend that 8th should be vacant. Why did they not prefer a benefic there ? Irrespective of the beneficence of the grahas, they preferred the 8th to be influenced by none through occupation. Shri.V.K.Shridar has done a wonderful work of collection of muhurtha principles from various standard works. If some one could sit and do a software , it would be a great contribution to the mankind. Venus, the karaka for marriage should also be not affected during muhurtha of marriage. Sage Parasara has given almost 50% of strength to Rasi, Navamsa and Shastiamsa. As you already know, Navamsa known as Dharmamsa is important for marriage since the event brings in Dharmapatni. The house of focus in Dharmamsa is 9. The twelfth to it is adharma. In the muhurtha chosen by you on feb 16 has a deblitated venus in the house of 8th. The deblitation here should not be considered that it would reduce its bad effects. The karaka Venus is without dharmic strength. The event gets hit. Left to me, choosing a muhurtha is very difficult. Since our intention is for the good , the more we stick to the rules, the better it is. I am not really aware if full moon is good for marriage. Thithi rules relationships. Full moon is a good thithi. sasisekaran.
  10. Hello Sow.Anusha, Sorry for the intrusion. Should not be the 8th vacant in marriage muhurtha ? Moon in 8th is certainly bad. sasisekaran
  11. Hello Sow.Swati, The reason for fixing a muhurtha is that the time of start of an important event would be shown in the chart cast for the event. That is why I was pressing for muhurat time of your marriage. Any important auspicious event should be started when 7th and 8th from Lagna should be vacant. Neither a kroora or sowmya planet be placed there. The other panchanga elements are very basic. Vishti karana should be avoided at all costs. There are other basic rules also. Apart from this, the event chart itself should be strong with the graha's connected to the event placed well. Nowadays with the world moving fast, we are left with choosing muhurat time comfortable to other aspects of life and least importance being given to astrology. We cannot accuse astrologer's since most of us force our decisions on them. Otherwise, we go to a commercial astrologer who may not be really concerned about our welfare. 8th house is not vacant but occupied by jupiter if the muhurat time is between 0835 hrs to 1015 hrs. ketu is placed in 5th house. Ketu is considered for lineage. Venus , karaka for marriage is placed in 12th house. These are few other fundamental blemishes in the muhurat chart. I am not accusing the person who has chosen this time. This would not have occurred , but for your previous karmas( if we believe in them). Anyway after guru dasa start afresh your medical consultations. Meanwhile surrender to the Almighty. sasisekaran.
  12. Hello Sow.Swathi, I am not here to discourage you. I only said what i could see from horoscope as per my understanding. God willing, you may have as many children as you like. Rahu dasa has its elements. If everything is normal, a child should have been born by now. Doctors can analyse to an extent they are capable of. Everything is not known to everybody. Start of a dasa can vary as per ayanamsa factor. I use Lahiri's ayanamsa. I would advise you to go for a checkup once again after guru dasa starts. can you pl mention the date and time of marriage ?.. also can you pl tell whether it was an 'arranged' marriage Pl do not be discouraged. sasisekaran.
  13. Hello Swati, The picture is clear now. Both charts score negative points in the area of children. For him, Moon dasa is running. Moon is placed in fourth house in D7-saptamsa. It is twelth to fifth house, which is negative. Also this moon is aspected by rahu and saturn, which are krooras. As pointed out earlier, wait for the rahu dasa to be over for you and go for IVP. Meanwhile search for a doctor whose success rate is high in this field. I feel it is better for your husband also to go for medical consultation. While taking medical advice, be careful to go to a trusted and sincere doctor. Did you get married between april and may of 2007 ? Was the marriage an arranged one? Do you remember the time of tying of mangala sutra ? sasisekaran
  14. hello swati you have posted a question in this forum during last october about conception. As told by shri.shirkanth, rahu dasa has not given you a child in its mars/moon/sun bhukthi's. It could mislead the diagnosis also. For the given birth time A3 and A9 - the aruda padas which show the physical felicity are not placed well. You are born in the border of Makara lagna and a shift of just two minutes backwards can move your lagna to Dhanus. This can change the picture in Saptamsa-chart seen for children. However, Rahu's role does not change. When jupiter dasa starts in october of this year I would recommend a fresh diagnosis of both - you and your husband. If you can post the details of your husband a better picture may emerge. When did you got married ? sometime around 2004/05..? sasisekaran.
  15. Hi, let me start from Rasi. The fifth house is empty and no aspects from planets. The fifth lord venus is placed sixth to it aspected by the 4th lord(12th to 5th-house of children). Both these are bad. The only comfort is that venus is not placed in enemy's house. This venus is placed in sixth in navamsa along with sun, its enemy. The ishta phala is also low. ( I am using jhora -a free software.. ishta phala can be seen under the tab "strengths"). A3, A9, As3, As9 are arudha padas and are to be placed well when seen from Sun-the life force giver. In your case As3 and As9 are placed in 12th th sun in kataka. Though A3 and A9 are shown by the software, one has to work out the other two mentally. If you know how to calculate aruda padas these points can be understood. A3 and A9 show the physical felicity while As3 and As9 show blessings from the almighty. Mars is your chara putra karaka and moon is chara dara(partner's) karaka. Mars is neecha and with rahu and moon is aspected by saturn and rahu. All these bring in the negativities. If you take saptamsa-D7, a varga to be for children, here too complications are seen. The 5th house is empty but are surrounded by rahu and mars. 5th lord jupiter is good but placed in bhadaka shetra (for vrichika lagna). Since jupiter is a natural benefic it can bestow a male(since it it exalted) child. Mercury dasa is on. In D7 Mercury placed in 10th (sixth from 5th) along with a node and aspected by saturn. Continue your treatments. A child can be born between april-2013 and july 2015. best of luck sasisekaran
  16. hi, the very fact that you are secretly married itself shows that you are under pressure. I am using lahari ayanamsa and I get budha dasa and mars antar till march 2011. As mars and saturn aspect , the pressure on mercury is more. Followed by this will be rahu antar. Since mercury is placed second (a maraka place)to 7th house and rahu is placed in 7th house (another maraka place to 7th) from the 7thhouse(that is lagna), the difficulties can become more acute then. But how can we help as it is between you two ?
  17. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.srirammenon, " in hindsight it was not good enough. " That was what i exactly expected. If you have fully understood the words " joining the lagna lord " you could have put a question to yourself. Lagna lord is application of intelligence. Here the lagna lord is disturbed by the bhadaka and hence the efforts put forth now appear to be not enough. That is exactly what a bhadaka can do. The native will receive " bolt from the blue ". same is applicable in jupiter dasa. The native must understand that he would be running the dasa of bhadaka. bhadaka owns the seventh and the tenth. These areas could be troublesome. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  18. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.pushchit why dont you pl post your partner's details also ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  19. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sri.jyothipethe why dont you pl post their birth details ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  20. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.srirammenon, If Jupiter is found favourable, why did it not give job during its antar?. you have not gone through other subtle points i have mentioned. its placement in a trikona and that too in bhagya sthana and joining lagna lord has failed to bring its fruits. Then where is the problem ? If you can explain further from your point of angle, how you went about looking for job during jupiter's antar and why you got only after its period was over , more light would come. Also at this age, how you weigh the attempts made by you during jupiter's antar. The experience you have gained so far would throw some ideas as what went against you then. After hearing from you, i would add some more points. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  21. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.srirammenon, jupiter is a bhadaka to gemini lagna. It is placed in naidhana tara from rahu and hence its antar was fruitless. Also if the time of birth is accurate, jupiter is placed in 8 th from 'AL' and 'HL' in dasamsa (profession). in the rasi chart too, jupiter is placed in shoonya nakshatra from 'AL' and 'HL'. Hence it did not help in the rise of status and wealth. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  22. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.jagannath, i guessed the operation should be around chandrashtama since it brought complications. Normally janma,anujanma,trijanma and chandrashtama stars are to be watched carefully. This becomes more pertinent if the chart has grahas in trouble or otherwise the chart is weak. A chart has to be viewed from many angles and dimensions before we declare that a chart is good. your janma start is uthrashada. Anujanma is krithika and trijanma is uthraphlaguni or uthram. The trijanma just follows the chandrashtama stars namely, magha, poorvaphalguni. Your second operation was done on uthraphlaguni(trijanma). My guess was right. In birth itself rahu is placed in 8th. If one carefuly notices its placement from sun, it becomes clear why this problem occured. sun rules asthi dattu (bones). Rahu is a planet that esclipse sun. Rahu causes grahna to sun. Exactly during sun dasa,rahu antar and mercury pratyantar you were born. Hence the seed of the affliction of rahu was in the birth. When Rahu transited Uthraadam(uthrashada),your birth star when the problem appeared. From Sun, Jyeshta, Dhanishta and Bharani are critical stars. Planets placed here will bring in trouble to Sun, the planet of life force. Rahu is placed in bharani at the time of birth. Rahu dasa runs for 18 years. Rahu's antar (its own share) is over. Next comes the antar of jupiter. Jupiter is Bhadaka for your kanya lagna. The bhadaka jupiter is retro ( having past agenda, from the previous birth ), neecha (weak) and also badly placed since krooras are placed kendra to it. The task will be difficult. Chanting of mantras by the nativity is called for. Chant as many gayatri as you can. Your case brings in the importance for choosing the day of operation. Do you remember the time of start of operation. Certainly it will be a bad placement. will the doctors listen to us ? we all pray the lord for speedy recovery May mother bless all sasisekaran.
  23. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.jagannath you are running rahu dasa and rahu antar. It will be over by sep 14. That could be the reason for the astrologer's remarks. Also, by then the ashtama sani would leave simha, the 8th place from your moon. Strictly speaking the difficulties must be over by then. venus and mercury are found cursing. To overcome that, please donate a 'thali' (mangala sutra ) to a poor lady to get married. Aslo donate two small silver lamps to shri Lakshmi Narayana. while giving the lamps light them with ghee. also drop a small silver plate with a figure (engraving ) of a leg in a temple hundi. keep chanting om namo narayanaya did the operation take place around 15th of may 2008 ? Can you please tell why a spinal surgery was done ? may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  24. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.anitha i understand the problem. but as per the chart, relationship with the outside world is shown by the seventh house which is occupied by mars and ketu. Mars causes anger and ketu can make one commit mistakes. It is better if you try to maintain smooth relationship with your husband than going for confrontation. Probably the child could bring in the people together. Going by your horoscope, mercury period which runs upto feb 2011 appears to be unfavourable. Hence it it better that you curtail any bad action from your side and wait. Concentrate on your food and health. pl chant the given mantras. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  25. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.anitha as rightly pointed by shri.rishivatsyan, your chart show relationship problems. your chart is complex, as all the planets are placed in four houses and the fifth house contains FIVE planets. let us look at the lagna (the house of intelligence ), the lagna lord ( application of intelligence ) and the seventh house. The lagna is tenated by rahu. Rahu is opposite to that of jupiter. It does not like someone advising. your lagna lord mercury is with saturn and other grahas. saturn's influence is unwelcome here. Jupiter's association which can be taken into a general benefic's influence is also finding hard to come by since for mithuna lagna , jupiter is a bhadakesh. Seventh house contains two grahas which are explosive in nature. So all in all, your relationship which stems from your intelligence finds itself in a tough position. venus is your atmakaraka, which is the king of the chart. Exactly during its period , you have choosen to walk away from your husband and inlaws due to anger. venus, which is natural planet of relationship , though placed in its own house is with two kroora grahas, namely saturn and sun. venus is also aspected by rahu , because of its 5th house drishti. So this venus is cursing. The cursing period will always teach a lesson. That too the curse is coming from atmakaraka. Hence its effect will be deep rooted. Vimsottari Dasa: Rah MD: 2000-08-29 - 2018-08-30 Merc AD: 2008-08-11 - 2011-02-25 Ven PD: 2009-02-11 - 2009-07-17 >>>>> you left during this period ! Sookshma-antardasas in this PD: Ven: 2009-02-11 - 2009-03-08 Sun: 2009-03-08 - 2009-03-16 Moon: 2009-03-16 - 2009-03-28 Mars: 2009-03-28 - 2009-04-06 Rah: 2009-04-06 - 2009-04-30 Jup: 2009-04-30 - 2009-05-21 Sat: 2009-05-21 - 2009-06-15 Merc: 2009-06-15 - 2009-07-08 Ket: 2009-07-08 - 2009-07-17 So, in the interest of the child and yourself , you may please pull down your anger and make up your mind to join your husband at a later point of time , if not now. Rahu, sitting in your lagna , will advise you to ignore or reject my suggestion. If it does so, you may please understand how strong and mischievous it is in your chart. One question: will you not excuse your mother if she argues with you ? will you not tolerate it ? excuse me for being blunt. please chant the following: OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VAASUDEVAAYA This will calm down the mind. also chant the following for safe and nice delivery of the child. OM NAMO BHAGAVTHE SOOKARAAYA may mother bless all sasisekaran.
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