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  1. Dear Shrikanth, Thank you for your reply... well.. my wedding date is 04/07/2004 and 3 years back in 2007 my husband was diagnosed with fertility problems.... we were advised to undergo fertility treatments... but its been 2 years now and still no luck.... before my husband was diagnosed in 2005-2006 i was misdiagnosed and i was undergoing hormonal treatment.... but we soon realised there was no issue with me..and all my reports have come normal... its been an very challenging and trying situation for us... as something goes wrong.... and we are still waiting.... my husband was told to wear blue sapphire to overcome the weak shani in 10th house which rules the ... 5th house... again thank you for taking time... to analyse our problem... warm regards amruta
  2. Hi Everyone, me and my husband both are passionate about astrology and we love to do lot of research on the matter... unfortunately ... we are still to be blessed with a child..... we tried understanding this problem through our horoscopes.. but in vain .... can anyone explain what aspects of persons horoscope are important to read issues related to conception and childbirth? my details are date of birth: 14/09/1981 place of birth:phaltan, maharashtra time: 16:28 my 1st house is makaralagna with ketu, 3rd house- moon, 7th house - mars+rahu, 8th house- sun, 9th house bhudha+shani+guru, 10th venus and how important is navamansa horoscope in determining child birth?
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