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  1. Aum Gurubhy Namah namaste dear shri. Prakash a quick reply. Try to drag the case. rahu dasa and saturn antar is over. rahu dasa mercury antar is on. Mercury may not be able to take you out of the woods immediately. A very strong curse from mercury is there. Donate two silver lamps( suit your budget) to a Lakshmi Narayana temple on a wednesday. While donating, light them both with ghee and do. Continuously pray lakshmi narayana, requesting them to pardon you. More later Did your adamence and authority is one reason for the break up ? sorry if i offend you. may mother bless all sasiekaran
  2. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear sow.neethasandeep, dont worry, i think the worst is getting over. since july 2008 rahu dasa and mars antar was running. This is a usual period and if you had contacted your local astrologers, they could have easily pointed this, and advised you for extra precautions. It ends by july 2009. Jupiter dasa starts then. However there are afflictions to the planet jupiter too. But i feel the difficulties may be overcome by constant prayers and medical intervention. Both are important. Arrange for a marriage of a poor lady by donating mangalya sutra to the possible extent. This may please be done on a friday. Worship Lordess Srilakshmi or SriDurga daily after lighting a lamp. You being a keralite, i need not emphazise the need for lighting a lamp. You people always do that. All these are recommended , since venus is bhadakesha and joins the fifth lord mars. Did the abortions take place after july of 2008. If you dont mind can you please provide the actual dates ? may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  3. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear shrI.Aysh if you have the details of those couples, try to analyse what brought them close to divorce and how they escaped from the clutches of malefic grahas / transit. For kuta matching one does not need the software. The funny part nowadays , even to find the product of 7 * 8 people are using caluclators. It is because they fail to memorise even the basics and the reason behind the basics. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  4. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.rajan i do not do matching for the simple reason that my knowledge is incomplete. When i know that it is so , and if i do the matching i will only be inheriting bad karma in this janma, which is out of my free will. Knowing fully well that our knowledge is incomplete, i feel it is bad on our part to give someone to go ahead with the marriage. Can those two souls be used as specimen or a testing ground for our knowledge ? Are they ginny pigs ? However sincere we may be, incomplete knowledge is always dangerous. Coming to the Ghatak principle, i give you details of persons posted in this very same forum. I am sure he would not mind. Husb: 2/12/1980 at 6:55pm in Bangalore Wife: 17/10/1987 at 10.49pm in Bangalore The moon sign of husb is in dhanus, star is moola. The moon sign of the wife is simha, star is magha. For dhanus moon sign, mithuna is ghatak. the wife's lagna is Mithuna ! For simha moon sign, moola star is ghatak. The husband's star is Moola! Does any one see the above while matching?. There are more ghatak in these horoscopes. They are much deep and subtle. Roughly the break occured in oct 2007. A divorce case has been filed by the wife. It occured in sun dasa and ven antar for the husband. Sun is the Atma karaka. Find out why an exalted venus caused problems ? Venus is lord of 'ul'. venus is in neecha navamsa. ul placed in vrihaba brings in more than one wife. Does the kuta mathcing give any clue on one of these ? Emphatical 'NO' is the answer. For the lady the break occured in venus dasa and saturn antar. Saturn is Atma karaka of the wife. Venus is placed in 8th from 'UL'. Saturn is placed in ninth from 'ul'. Saturn wants to teach her a lesson because of her past karma. Saturn is associated with sun, who is the darakaraka of the wife and atmakaraka of the husband ! Look at the terrific link of the past karma. Does the kuta matching give any clue on any one of these ? May mother bless all sasisekaran
  5. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste Dear shri umbaba, Great !.. we are all glad that you have been relieved. Can you please say a few words about the relief ? like how it started and ended. Ofcourse, only if you are willing.. Please recall the " july 2009 " time period mentioned earlier . Thanks for informing,, That is the greatest part in getting guidance.. Your help keeps us educating.. May mother bless all sasisekaran
  6. Aum Guruhyo Namah namaste dear sow.karishma, In addition to the recommended prayers, pl ask your father to chant the following 324 times daily after lighting a lamp with ghee in it. "OM SURYA-LAKSHMI-NAARAYANIYAI NAMAH " May mother bless all sasisekaran.
  7. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shir.niting saturn and mars are called as kroora grahas. Lagna is the seat of intelligence. Such kroora grahas placed in lagna spoils the seat of intelligence. Saturn brings in uncleanliness, dullness, dukha while mars brings in anger, adamance, short sighted approach, suddeness. Now that you know about saturn and mars , see if these qualities influence your thought process. Also anaylse how these qualites have brought in events in your life whether they are small or big. If mars is placed in 2, 4, 7, 8 and 12 either from lagna , moon and venus, mangal dosha is caused. Magnal dosha alone is not the only factor to be considered in life. In this kali yuga, people talk of two things only. They are marriage and profession. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  8. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear shri.rajan The softwares are worthless. If you go through some of my earlier postings, you could easily observe that i was always sceptical of horoscope matching as done today. The matching proceedure continues be to the same for over a century atleast. In the earlier days, the kuta matching was adequate for the simple reason majority of the weaker sex were unemployed . They were economically and socially forced to remain with whomever they married. Hence it appears that such a matching is adequate even now. Awareness and communication has since then improved, we come to know of the marriage failures and divorce cases. Even in the olden days divorce was there, but the percentage was less. One real reason is that women have starting moving higher up both in education and economy. This has certainly widened their freedom. In such a scenario, many factors have come into play. One factor that too often comes across is 'EGO'. We do not know which sex really starts that , but it is the causuative factor for igniting the first spark. Then comes the usual 'INLAWS' factor. The third one is the breakage of marital 'DHARMA'. Some more factors come in for final breakup. The question now is , will the kuta matching give all informataions about all the above things ? Ofcourse not, even if a plethora (a lot) of matching principles are brought in. A sizable quantity of minds are corrupt in one way or the other. How do you find a matching partner for such a person ? First, one should analyse the longevity factor. It is a ocean by itself. If you go through some of the recent threads, you could notice it was about the loss of partners. One thread starter posed a real question as to why the longevity factor was overlooked ? How many of the astrologers and learners like me are qualified to talk about the longeveity ? The kuta matching is certainly not enough. matching of Lagna, Lagna lord, upapada, strength of venus and jupiter etc should also be seen. Apart from the above any break in upapada should be seen along with the timing part. The panchanga elements of both should be seen. Then comes the ghatak principles to know about the differences between the couples. Then the santana bhagya should be seen for progeny issues. The list goes on like this. No single software is available for checking all these factors for the simple reason that no astrologer is a programmer and no progreammer is a complete astrologer. Possibly there may be a few who satisfy both, but they are far away in sharing their knowledge with the community. The reason could be because of certain vultures who are ready to make money from the software !. It is best to take charts of known married people and apply all these principles and understand why such couples are leading a united life. Are they happy ? or are they just pulling on ? may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  9. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear shri.shanmugam sundar, your chart is a clear cut case of some one being led by maya. Many people do stock trading and many have lost. But some of them have the potency to recoup. It can happen only if the person has sound financial backing. Otherwise lost is lost. one bright slot for money is from dec 2009 to apr 2010. It is a very short time. however since you are governed by rahu in total and also your birth star being dhanishta having its roots to trading, your belief in trading does not die. It is better you adhere to strict rules in trading avoiding even a faintest speculation and aiming for small profits alone. All these are advises based on astrology. you were running jupiter dasa coupled with rahu antar and saturn tranisting the 8th from natal moon since 2007 jan. A perfect time to loose! the remedy is to worship Lordess Gauri, lakshminarayana and lord shiva. Devote as much time as you can. once saturn leaves simha and enters kanya things will ease out, But beware of the fundamentals. you are bound by maya or illusion. This has to be taken care of throughout your life. since when you started trading ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  10. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear sowmmaya2, it appears to be a herculean task. strong will and balanced decisions alone can win the battle. keep the mind calm as far as possible. i do understand advising some one is easy. what about the recommended prayers ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  11. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear sowmmaya2, jupiter dasa is on. Jupiter is afflicted by mars, saturn and rahu. Severe curse is coming from jupiter. This jupiter also happens to be the paapa purusha in your trimsamsa chart. Application of intelligence is under stress, which has clearly shown its effects during its period. This april onwards mars antar is on in jupiter dasa. Mars is placed in seventh house in dasamsa, a chart to be seen for professions. It is bad. also it is placed 12th the dasa lord jupiter. For removal of curse from jupiter, pray lord shiva regularly. Attend pradosha worship during the thithi of trayodasi. Also for ten consecutive mondays during morning 730 hrs to 0900 hrs, do abisheka to lord shiva. Use bilva leaves, sacred ashes without fail. Use milk , honey and curd also for abisheka. The time is not really good till aug 2012. But who knows ? parihara can get you out of the woods. Chant ( do japa ) " om namashivaaya " one lakh times within forty days. did you start the water project somewhere in dec 2007 ? may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  12. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ravi, Nice question. Refer to all the qualities of jupiter. Let me tell you a few. Jupiter is the 9th house and 12th house owner of kaalapurusha. The ninth house is the house of dharma and 12th is the house of moksha. 9th house is one of the dharma trikonas and 12 th house is one of the moksha trikonas. Please dwell into it. Jupiter, in the real sense does not attach itself to the artha and kaama trikona. Jupiter gets exalted in the house of mother, hrithaya, which is again one of the moksha trikonas. Jupiter rules akash tattwa which binds all other tattwas. The results of a graha stems from the basic quality of a graha. If all the qualities of a graha can be understood, prediction becomes easier. Since jupiter is the top most benefic planet of dharma and moksha, the curse coming from such a jupiter is really dangerous. Vishnu played mischief when Sri Narada was about to marry. The spouse rejected Narada. Narada got angry and cursed vishnu that he will be born and face lot of difficulties because of the 'spouse'. Vishnu was born as Sri Rama and you know how Sri Rama faced difficulties. In Sri Rama's chart one can find Jupiter cursing. Jupiter rules wood. In Puri, Lord Jagannatha is made out of wood. One of the sutras by Jaimini, talks about jupiter's influence in a palatial house built out of wood ! See how, sages relate their predictions. May mother bless all sasisekaran.
  13. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.abbhirami why dont you post the birth details ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  14. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear manju mukesh kundalis do show the period of death. some horoscopes are straight . some are tough and need to apply ridders. Also there are many ayur dasas and they have not been fully explained by any author. only from the examples discussed by them, one can understand part of it. Like in your case, when you noticed a SHORT life line, immediately you could have looked into the horoscope. But yes, who can control the destiny ? but atleast some safety measures could have been taken. I vividly remember one case where i predicted suicide. He was my colleague. After twenty years or so , i was still in touch with him though i resigned from the company in which he was working. on may 1, 2000 he committed suicide and i came to know of it through another friend who recalled my prediction. His chart shows suicide ! So, in some of the cases, prediction is possible if the horoscope is tangible. in your first husband's case, prediction is possible to an extent. if the 8th lord and ninth lord aspect the 9th and 8th, loss of partner could happen. in your case, jupiter the 8th lord is aspecting the ninth and the ninth lord mars is aspecting the 8th. But this one combination alone is not a definite indicator. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  15. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.gaonkar.swapnil the author of the jaganatha hora software, shri.narasimha once wrote in about the conditionality based on the theory of probablity. The writing is not with me now. However, for every dasa there is a governor. look at the strength of the governor to decide about the application. may mother bless all sasiekaran.
  16. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear nbawa007, moon is very close to mars. mars is aggression. in the seventh house of relationships, rahu's placement is unwelcome. this shows crossing of boundaries in relationships which can become a problem. venus the seventh lord is placed in makara and nodes are square to it. saturn is placed seventh to it. venus too comes under stress. overall you have serious relationship problems. Unless you change totally in those terms the second could also run into problems. upapada lagna falling in taurus shows more than one marriage. when did you marry and when did the divorce happen?. I would like to see the role of mars and rahu in that. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  17. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri pranesh77 mars placed in seventh and rahu aspecting the seventh and placed second to 'ul', the divorce is very likely after aug 2009. choose your partner after interaction with her for a long time and your general attitude should also change to accomadate others. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  18. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ravi saturn - mars combination is a dreaded yoga called unmada. Mars has definetly a role to play in this chart and it was in this dasa he got married and divorced. Do you have the date of marriage and divorce ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  19. aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ravi comparing both boys, did the second boy's performance during the intial stages of schooling was better than the first boy ? The intial stage may be taken from first standard to sixth standard. say till 12 years of age. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  20. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.ritu123, the planet jupiter is found cursing in your chart. you need to worship Lord shiva on a regular basis. pl do the following immediately. 1. do abisheka to Lord shiva on ten consecutive mondays 2. use bilva leaves, sacred ashes apart from milk drawn from a cow, honey, curd and clean water(drawn from a clean well) for abisheka. 3. request priest to chant rudra during abisheka 4. while abisheka is on, keep chanting om namashivaaya 5. on the first monday donate a 108 bead five faced rudraksha to the Lord. 6. attend pradosha on a regular basis. after doing the first abisheka, pl visit a doctor. i will look into your husbands chart also. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  21. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear ritu123 nadi dosha indicates a possiblity for problems from children. unhealthy children can be born if the nadi of the partners fall in one category , namely vaata, pita and kapha. This dosha alone may not bring such issues. when the dosha is present one should certainly study both horoscopes for possible childlessness. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  22. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear r_ahuja20 you are running rahu dasa. fifth house , in the rasi chart , meant for progeny is getting stress from saturn and jupiter. In Saptamsa , another chart meant for progeny , tenth house is under stress from mars, saturn and rahu. but lagna lord jupiter is placed in tenth aspecting the putra karaka moon. hence child will certainly be blessed at the right time. may 2010 to sep 2010 is one highly favourable period. Take all medical advise seriously and do not do any work hard in the initial stages of pregnancy. Meanwhile keep chanting the following after lighting a lamp daily " om kaaliyai namah " as many times as possible. after you become pregnant chant the following with sincere devotion. " om namo bhagavathe sookaraaya " . This is for safe delivery. can you please tell exactly on what date, month and year (and if possible rough time) of the three abortions ? May mother bless all sasisekaran
  23. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste/ dear sweety_idiv can you pl tell us how many alliances you interacted with and how many were turned down you/other and for what reasons ? the info will be of use. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  24. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear sweety_idiv i think you would not mind my suggestions. you are running moon dasa since sep 2001. strictly speaking you must have been married by this time. But not .. Why ? moon is your atma karaka (the planet which has advanced most in a sign) moon is aspected by mars and hemmed between two kroora grahas saturn and rahu. also moon is neecha in navamsa. This moon is placed in "UL" called the marriage mandapa. worship of mother of universe is called for. Shriman Narayana is the mother of the universe. you may go around the inner prahara of Shri Lakshmi narayana daily and complete 1008 rounds within 25 days. keep chanting " om namo narayanaya " ..atleast 1008 times a day also chant " om hamsaya namah " .. atleast 108 times a day observe fast on sundays from sunrise to sunset and donate a food packet to a poor on that day. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  25. Aum Gurubhyo Namah Namaste dear shmt.sujatachandra i looked inot your husbands chart. the business was started in rahu/ketu /moon's period. Moon is placed in 8th house and is neecha. Moreover this moon is placed in 8th house of great difficulties in the varga chart called dasamasa , the one to be seen for profession. right now he is running rahu/venus who are placed 6/8, which is not good. in his chart the bhagya lord jupiter is placed in 12 along with mars and aspected by rahu and saturn. This calls for an immediate worship of SHIVA. tomorrow, between 1630 hrs and 1800 hrs , pradosha , an auspicious time to worship Lord Shiva is there. Utilise this opportunity and ask him to go to a shiva temple and be there during this time chanting the naama of Shiva. "om namashivaaya" this chanting has to be observed on a regular basis daily after taking bath and lighting a lamp. He must chant atleast 108 times daily. Bargaining with the lord is not welcome. may mother bless all sasisekaran
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