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  1. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear anusha let us call the charts as case.1 and case.2 and that give by rohini as case 3. pl let us study each case one by one in depth first and then move to 'generalise'. CASE 1: 7th lord. venus is in makara. this gives problems in relationships. venus makara is not good. rahu has passed over venus. hence venus is afflicted by rahu ( ie its drishti ) for time being, let us avoid the argala part coming on venus. 7th house: thula is aspected by jupiter alone . jupiter is a friend of mesha lagna and its aspect has brought marriage. to start with we have used graha drishti alone. darakaraka: mercury is dara karaka and he is the third and sixth lord and not a friend to this mesha lagna. upapada: upapada falling in makara is generally not good. arudha pada of seventh house falls here, showing a possiblity of the native's extended choice in choosing the partner. but mrityu pada 'A8' joining upapada ( UL) is bad. arudha lagna (AL) and upapada are 6/8 which is genrally bad. be carefull that this only speaks about the harmony part and need not certainly show divorce. are these points in rasi enough to show the divorce in the first case ? can you pl provide the details of marriage and divorce ? did the issue of child bearing crop up here ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran.
  2. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear zaara oh god ! i was not at all hurt by you. sorry , my tone of the mail sounded that way. i just wanted to add little humour to the message by using the name of the thread " educate me pl ". thats all. you go ahead and ask questions pl. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  3. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear anush the questions you have asked can be summed up as " predictions about marital life and its prospectes ". it is a big ocean . to start with look at the seventh house, its lord and influences coming on the seventh house and its lord. look at the karaka for marriage, that is venus look at the darakaraka also. since navamsa is god given, all the dharmic activities of one should be seen from navamsa also. dharmic partner is seen from dharmasa or navamsa. look at upa pada lagna and the influences coming to the second house from it for the longevity of marriage. the best way to learn is to collect atleast 25 charts for each case and for each lagna . if married life can be divided into say four types, namely, married and peaceful, married and divorced, unmarried and flirting , then you need to have 25 * 4* 12 = 1200 charts. with this , one will be able to understand the basics. so why dont you start collecting and learn ? if you have any chart belonging to any one of the above , you may post it for discussion. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  4. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear kmalhotrak fifth house in your chart is occupied by mercury, a eunuch planet. fifth house is sandwitched between two krooras ( not good ) , namely rahu and mars. fifth lord venus is weak and has gone to the twelfth to fifth which is unwelcome. saptamsa , a divisional chart has also the influence of saturn and mars. Since jupiter is aspecting the fifth house both in rasi and navamsa , there is a feeble chance for children. vedic scriptures show adoption for this combination. when did you marry ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  5. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.karuna chintha since you said your husband is moving away from you, simple parihara based on upapada lagna was suggested. you have asked " will we reunite ? ". does this mean that both of you are not living together under the same roof now ? for you part, move with him kindly . mercury , the dasa lord and moon the antar lord are not placed well in your chart. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  6. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.suchandra i have few questions to begin with. these are purely analytical. 1. how many charts are under consideration for this purpose ? 2. do you limit this combination of sun and mars study to rasi alone or other vargas ? 3. will the reverse engineering work. ? that is if some one has influence of sun and mars , should they only do IT ? i would consider mars for logic, jupiter for the understanding of the depth of logic . may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  7. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear zaara let me educate you first regarding the calculation of lagna in simple terms, so that you can pass on the same to your elders. events are basically calculated from the position of sun on that day. point of event is called as lagna or ascendant , that which rises. at the time of sunrise, the lagna rises along with it. hence assuming sunrise to be 6 am and if a birth happens at that time, the lagna of the native is along with the sun. as the day progresses , the lagna moves ahead of the sun travelling through all twelve houses and catches the sun the next day when it would have advanced by one degree (approximately) from the previous day's position. so if some one is born the next day at the time of sunrise, the lagna would be once again with the sun. in a day the sun moves through one degree, while the lagna moves through the whole of 360 + 1 (to catch up with the sun ). if some one is born in the evening say at 18 hrs, the lagna would be directly opposite to sun. we assume day and night are equal here. if some one is born in the afternoon ( similar to your birth ), say at 12 hrs the lagna would have moved through four houses from sun ( inclusive of the house where sun is placed ). this means that lagna is ahead of sun or sun is behind lagna by four houses. so in your birth when you were born sun was transiting 28 deg scorpio. so four houses from it would be 1. scorpio 28 deg, 2. sagitarius 28 deg, 3. capricorn 28 deg, 4. aquarious 28 deg. since you were born at 13 31 hrs ( one hour and 31 mintues plus 12 hrs) the lagna falls in aries. probably your elders could have assumed that you were born after midnight , in which case the lagna would be ten houses away from scorpio, which is leo. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  8. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.aparna if the child can chant, pl teach her to chant " om durgayai namah". Sridurga is her ishta devata and she can take her out of the problems. also if you can post your birth details, the devata that gave you this child can be identified for worship. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  9. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear zaara i have taken the birth details as dec 14, 1978 tob as 13 hrs 31 minutes place of birth .. new york, newyork ( 74 w 00', 40 n 42') time zone 5 hrs west of gmt pl confirm. in vedic chart using lahari ayanamsa , i am getting aries lagna 4 deg and 47 minutes. whereas, your first message in this thread shows leo as lagna ( or ascendant ) may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai., india
  10. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear smt.aarthi, i am glad that you have completed a parihara. keep attending "pradosha" every fifteen days. be in constant touch with the temple to know this. for the moon's curse , keep chanting " om namo narayanaya". 8 lakh times is the prescribed number of chanting the naama. have this as a regular habit of chanting 108 in the morning and in the evening. Apart from this whenever you get time chant in multiples of 108, like 108 or 216 or 324 .... you have to go around the inner most prahara of lakshmi-narayana temple 1000 times in about 25 days or so. it need not be 25 days exactly but can be less. after completing this go to thirumala . climb the hill through the steps while chanting "om namo narayanaya ". before climbing up to see the lord , have a darshan of "thaayar" ( shrine )at the foot of the hill. for the curse coming from venus, fund for a mangalya sutra of a poor lady. for the curse coming from mercury, donate two small silver lamps to a lakshmi narayana temple . the venus curse alone is there in your husbands chart and hence the remedy for it should be done by him separately in addition to you doing it for yourself. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  11. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear anusha the boy may pl worship SriVishnu and the lady may worship SriDurga. i do not do matching of charts. kindly excuse me the day of marriage is uthrashada. though it is a star belonging to dharma group, it happens to be a chandrashtama day for the boy. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai
  12. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear psa YOU CAN DOWNLOAD Aadityahrudayam from the following site. it is free. http://www.prapatti.com/slokas/mp3.html since the period will be of jupiter, it can be education, finance related. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  13. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear psa around 1999 venus dasa started. venus is bhadaka for kataka lagna. saturn and mars placed in second does not augur well for a fat bank balance. Hora lagna placed in 8th is also bad. did you ever try venturing into making the impossible to possible ? around april 2009 good period starts and it lasts till the end of 2011. to bring in resources pl chant the following after lighting a lamp " om aja-ekapadaya namah " 324 times also pl chant adtiya hridayam may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  14. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear zaara why dont you give birth details in full,( date of birth, time of birth and place of birth )?. it appears you were born sometime around 2200 hrs ( IST), dec , 15, 1978. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  15. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ayush here is a link to understand navamsa. pl download the mp3 lectures and also go through the messages on this page http://www.srigaruda.com/jaimini-sjc/2006/02/12/navamsa/ may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  16. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear probablyankita, since you can devote one hour on a sunday, use that time to pray all deities mentioned in this thread. devote 10 to 15 mints to each deity. what is important is regularity. mantras are not like gems. if your sankalpa to the almighty is for the good HE will take care of it and will never harm you ( as some feel gems do ). in kaliyuga chanting of mantra is most important. in feb-10/11-2006 you were running rahu/moon/moon period. Moon in your chart is afflicted by rahu and mars. moon is found cursing in the chart. moon makes a lady mother. if it is cursing , then problems in those areas are to come. to come out of the moon's curse , keep chanting "om namo narayanaya ". narayana is universal mother and he shall take care of you. you can keep chanting his naama when you are reading, walking or reading... experts can do this in back of their mind. ekadasi vrata is for your atma karaka. if you cannot observe vrata on all such days you mentioned , you may do it on a rotational basis. first think of settling in career and improving in your educational qualification. today is your janma star, and there chances for you to keep worrying. try to aviod that. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  17. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear probablyankita your atma karaka is mars, which is along with saturn in the third house. atmakaraka is the planet linked to your soul. it brings in anger, adamancy, extra energy, hyper activity, sudden actions etc. its association with saturn makes it worse. the third house shows the drive , efforts , kama, coborns etc. the bad combo is affecting you in more than one way since mars- the atma karaka is part of it. unless you learn to calm down totally, the atmakarka would teach you lessons in life. ekadasi vrata is a must. fast from sunrise to sunset and donate a food packet to a needy on that day with lot of love and affection. start loving your parents. you are the only one support to them. how can you treat them so badly ? anger is the one which finds its way to vent out the unfulfilled desires in life. it stems from the atma karka and hence it is dangerous. if you can remember exact days of your earlier attempts of hurting yourself and recent days of beating your parents, we can relate it to the daily movement of moon with respect to your birth moon. changing over to animation is defintely possible atleast after sep 2009. white marks could be due to the mental status affecting the health. do pranayama and yogi exercises for general mental calmness. diverting your mind to these things will keep you away from such problems. if your behaviour contains anger, dont you feel your partner could move away from you ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  18. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.unanth count the number of planets quadrant to moon and lagna. whichever has more number of planets, is stronger. if number of planets are equal , then if those kendras have additional rasi aspect from jupiter, mercury and constellation lord of moon/lagna makes the moon or lagna stronger. in this case mars is one planet quadrant to moon while rahu, ketu, mercury, sun and jupiter are quadrant to lagna. the real reason for choosing either one is not known to me. it is from the school of SJC. application of this principle in more number of charts would throw light , which is left to us who are keen to learn from many actual case studies. the dasa period is sligtly different from of that i posted here because of difference in ayanamsa factor which is found in preferences/related to calculations/ayanamsa. i have chosen modified lahiri which is very close to lahiri ayanamsa. out of the two dasas we should in fact check many more incidents related to the native. an indepth study of the chart alone would reveal which dasa system works. we should also note that it is easier said than done, since we are in the learning process and everything would appear to be convincing. interpreting the past is easier than when we go for predictions. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  19. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.coolgimmy yes.. the extent to which it causes difficulties must be judged from other disruptive forces. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  20. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt anusha please do not call me as 'guruji'. it is not so easy for one to become a guru. sadhana to the core is one of its requirement. rahu/moon to be followed by rahu/mars condtitute the end of rahu dasa. moon is the eight lord. mars is associated with mercury who is bhadaka for dhanus lagna. keeping all this in mind, and rahu being a natural malefic, the other astrologer would have evaluated it to be bad. care has to be taken about health. the next dasa is of the lagna lord jupiter. it is placed twelfth to arudha lagna. hence drain of wealthcan be expected. if he judiciously manages his finance, there will be no worry. the dasa running right now is rahu and it can deceive the person. let him not give away his savings as loans to so called friends . he may not get it back. these are general cautions one should follow even without any astro consultancy. apart from his regular prayers , he may worship " sri durga " and " karthikeya " also. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  21. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.coolgimmy any one of the graha has to be an atmakaraka. irrespective of its nature, if it is afflicted too much, it would give experience at soul level. a religious head was accused of muder in the past. His atmakaraka is jupiter. during the moola dasa of jupiter he was arrested by the police. jupiter is with mars and caught in bhandana between saturn and ketu. rahu placed in dhanus caused him bramha hati dosha - of killing a human being . bhadaka is to be seen as any other planet. for example to know the quality of married life, we look at the seventh lord of rasi in navamsa. if it is found deblitated, then there is some shortcoming. bhadaka would certainly affect the areas it controls by housewise as well as karakawise. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  22. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.coolgimmy in shastiamsa , jupiter the bhadaka is associated with saturn and aspected by mars. bhadaka's curse is severe. venus, the atma karaka too is found cursing since it is with mars and aspected by saturn. the problem occured during the saturn's pratyantar. while the maha dasa is related to sun, the antar dasa is related to moon and the pratyantar is related to lagna, or the dhi sakthi. the affliction caused by saturn generally comes because of preta chaapa or dukha . saturn is also the sixth lord in rasi showing the manifestation during its period. any association of bhadaka and sixth lord shows "abichara". in navamsa, jupiter placed in eight is in real trouble afflicted by too many malefics. eigth in navamsa shows the adharma . doctors will find such cases very difficult to solve. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  23. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri,surentharp sorry , it was my mistake to call saturn as pitri karaka saturn shows preta chaapa. ( dear shri.unanth, note this) lagna sputa can also be considered. lagna is definitely very much stronger than moon. no inconvenience is experienced when questions are thrown. it is an exercise to correct ourselves when we commit mistakes and learn when we give explanations may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  24. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.unanth venus , atmakaraka is in gandanta. venus placed in vrichika, a mystic sign is under bhandana by ketu and mars. venus is placed twelfth to arudha lagna. lagna is very close to rahu. lagna lord is aspected by the bhadaka guru. the orb is very tight. mars, ketu and bhadaka are placed in eigth in navamsa. the problem surfaced in the period of venus pratyantra Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon): Sun MD: 1997-03-19 - 2003-03-19 Merc AD: 2001-01-07 - 2001-11-15 Pratyantardasas in this AD: Merc: 2001-01-07 - 2001-02-18 Ket: 2001-02-18 - 2001-03-08 Ven: 2001-03-08 - 2001-04-29 >>>> left job, start of problem Sun: 2001-04-29 - 2001-05-15 Moon: 2001-05-15 - 2001-06-10 Mars: 2001-06-10 - 2001-06-29 Rah: 2001-06-29 - 2001-08-16 Jup: 2001-08-16 - 2001-09-27 Sat: 2001-09-27 - 2001-11-15 since lagna is stronger than moon, dasas can be seen from lagna too. in which case Vimsottari Dasa (started from lagna): Rah MD: 1989-12-20 - 2007-12-21 Ket AD: 2000-06-19 - 2001-07-08 Sat PD: 2001-03-13 - 2001-05-14 >>> sixth lord if mool dasa is looked into, the role of saturn and rahu are clearly seen. Moola Dasa (dasa showing the root of events - past karma): Rah MD: 1988-12-20 - 2001-12-21 Merc AD: 1999-10-23 - 2001-05-17 Sat PD: 2001-01-24 - 2001-05-17 all three are sitting in navamsa lagna . since saturn is pitri karaka in the chart, pitri dosha may please attended to. can you pl confirm if the birth was during dec 20/21 night ? also confirm if the birth was normal or cesarian . may mother bless all regards sasisekarn
  25. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt anusha health problems can occur durng july 2009 - dec 2010 job prospects are not bright. how do you expect him to buy a house , when he is in difficulty with two dependents ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
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