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  1. Respected Deepaji, Can u give me few details about my daughter's horoscope and her future. Her heart procedure is scheduled in mid september, and we as parents, are extremely nervous and tensed. Plz help us. Thank U Aparna
  2. Thank U. Your answers have relieved me of a big tension. Can u plz tell me that if I am doing this mahamrityunjay mantra, will it benefit my entire family or no. I want to do it especially for the good health of my husband and daughter. Will they get positive results of what I am doing?
  3. Thank U Deepa very much. I do mahamrityunjay mantra few times daily myself. Is that fine? Actually we r little bit nervous in getting her heart procedure done and double minded too. Should we go for it or leave it for now? can u please give me the details of whats there in her horoscope? Thanks once again. aparna
  4. Respected learned astrologers, My daughter is 3 yrs 7 months old. She was born underweight, just 1.8 kg and till now she is underweight , 10.2 kg although she is active. She has very less appetite and hence I believe, no weight gain. She has a hole in her heart and its quite big. We are thinking of getting her heart closure procedure done in few days in US. I just want to know how is everything going to work out and will she gain weight and be in good health after that. How is her future going to be? Will she be brought up in India or US? Her DOB is 15/1/05 ; POB is Faridabad (Haryana) ; TOB is 11:23 pm. Thank U very much. aparna26
  5. Thank U for your reply. Can u tell me what is the best time of the day for doing this mantra and can I consume egg? Right now I do maha mrityunjay mantra few times in the morning and few in the evening. I am quite superstitious and don't want any adverse effects of any kind by not doing mantras correctly or something. Thanks once again.
  6. Respected learners I recite maha mrityunjay mantra few times daily in the morning and evening. Could u plz tell me if due to any reason I am not able to recite it on any day, will it have any negative effects? And can I recite this mantra any number of times daily or it has to be the same number everyday? Thank U Aparna26
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