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  1. the joy of connecting with divinity expresses itself in the form of tears!
  2. dear hindustaniji.... i was researching the word 'aja ekapadaya' and was so glad to find out that this relates to lord shiva! i am very much into shiv yog...which you did not know about, which has really impressed me!
  3. dear hindustaniji.... thank you! so from what i gather, the 108 bead mala, that i have, shud not be worn in person? am i correct? the one that is worn is 54 + 1? could you please let me know what is a 'sumeru bead'...is it different from the 'rudraksha'?
  4. yes sir! i am already wearing one with 108 small beads which i use for my daily prayers do let me know regards sachit
  5. dear hindustaniji.... 'vinaasha kaale virpeet buddhi'....this sums it all up!i have always believed that it is one's karmic baggage and the associated planetary positions, that makes one act or behave in a particular manner...in my case, not saving any money for what you have mentioned very rightly..the 'rainy days'... and now that the damage has been done in my life, all that i am looking at is to find some corrective measures, to at least lessen the impact of my folly! many thanks, once again
  6. dear sasikeranji, thank you...so much for both the site and the fields
  7. dear hindustaniji..... when i posted my query, i was expecting some astrological guidance.. and not some 'gyan' about saving at 40 and so on!!! had i been able to do that, i don't think i wud have been here....! i do hope you agree with me on that... and once again, many thanks...
  8. dear mr sasikeranji.... thank you for your response... will start on the " om aja-ekapadaya namah " immediately... re the aditya hridayam, will find the text and the pronunciation..and commence that soon... i am already doing the 'surya stotra' on a daily basis for the past several years any idea which field, i shud concentrate on?
  9. May I take this opportunity to thank one and all.... You have indeed been of tremendous help!!!!
  10. May I request any of the learned astrologers help me? I just need to know if the situation I am in, is due to the planetary position and whether there are any remedial measures ?
  11. sir, thank you for your reply. i am 59 years old (completing 59 on dec 08) regarding investment, i really don't know how much i will be able to put up... saturn is shani..am i correct? i just finsihed my sade-sati' sometime back.. is there anything wrong astologically, that can be corrected?
  12. dear bhaktajan..... what is that state in which there are no thoughts goiing thru' one's mind? either when he is meditating or when one is just idle?
  13. thank you, mr anupam and mr unanth you have been very kind!
  14. sir, thank you for taking some time off to reply to my query right now, as of this moment, i do not have any source of income...i have been out of a job for the past 7 odd years... i did try my hand at sourcing of commoditiies in the international market, but with no success...
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