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  1. om gurubyo namah namaste dear smt.sakthi, pl chant " om bhagaya namah " 324 times.. daily after lighting a lamp. this will calm down your mind. your aggressive language has frightened your husband. your husband is also runing bad transits.. saturn is travelling the eigth house from his moon sign. after saturn transits to kanya, things are likely to change provided you control your anger and words. it is a long time, almost till the end of 2009. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  2. om gurubyo namah namaste dear smt.sakthi, your chart has two kroora planets saturn and mars placed in second house , called as kutumbha sthana. it is a very bad combination. that is one of the reason why you are also fiery in your talks. your lagna is simha along with moon ( mind). saturn , mars and rahu (placed in eleventh house from lagna ) are heavily influencing your intelligence(lagna) and moon (mind). these three will cause lot of stress naturally. you are running mars dasa (period). mars /sat combo is very bad. also , what is known as upapada lagna (house of marriage ) is placed along with saturn and mars. this too is very bad. As of now, i dont see any immediate patch up. you have said your husband's star is uthiradam ( makara rasi ). but on apr 9, 1979 the nakshtra is pooram. pl confirm all the incidents you have cited seem to have happened in india. are you in US alone now ? i admire that you still want to live with your husband. the attitude is very good. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  3. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.anahat i said if the birth was cesarian , that would change your navamsa in which case atmakaraka placed in navamsa lagna shows birth in a wealthy family. any way since your birth is normal , i consider your navamsa lagna to be vrishabha. why do you consider that you are mentally unstable ? where and how that stature exhibits in your life... or is it an illusion ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  4. Om gurubhyo namah namaste dear all, as shri.bhaaskaran said , earth quake is not occuring only when there is a sambanda between mars and saturn. in fact earth quake is a phenomenon occuring every day at different places at different " magnititude". what is important is that of the earth quakes which have caused heavy loss of human lives. when major planets form a square, it occurs heavily. analysis of those earth quakes where human loss is of interest to us. next step is predicting the place of the earth quake which appears to be tough , even by the so called scientists. similarly lightning occurs every second at one place or the other on earth following site can be seen just as an example. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/lightning/ may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  5. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.anahat the fifth house in rasi chart is aspected by almost six planets. next to it is the eleventh house. while fifth house shows your chitha, eleventh shows your friends, gains etc. unfortunately the eleventh happens to be a bhadaka shetra too, for this mesha lagna. lagna lord is associated with bhadaka saturn. all these show the stress coming on the mind. mercury is your atmakaraka. mercury associating with rahu in navamsa is not good. mars, its dire enemy is aspecting it. the suffering at one point of time could lead to soul level too !. mars is placed in eigth house in navamsa. ninth house in navamsa is dharma and twelfth to it is adharma. mars antar will start in this august. was your birth normal ? it could be cesarian . pl check with your mother. in that case, you could be born with a silver spoon ( a rich family ). may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  6. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear srivy your chart shows little difficulty in child birth. that is why in the earlier posting i asked you about the reasons for delay. if the marital issues are still preventing you from having a child, are you not supposed to find solutions for that instead of placing yourself in a dilema ? in addition to this you say your husband is trying to go to india and you intending to call your parents to come there for a visit( say atleast 6 months ). these plans seem to go against each other. clear thinking is called for. prayers will calm you down. even when the birth time is accurate, it is a herculean task to understand what lord has got in store for us. with an approximate birth time, i find it would not be appropriate for me to analyse your husbands chart, on vital issues like moving back to india. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  7. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri.murthi matching just based on janma nakshtra is very basic. kuta matching though looks at the longevity part, just the janma star alone does not determine one's longevity. a chart must be anlaysed separately, say before you choose a boy for a girl from your side. His characters, approach towards life, strength of profession, health issues ( look for chronic diseases), spiritual attitude, santana bhagya and what not should be seen before you do any kuta matching. this is one of the very basic reason for failures in marriages. people always ask after divorce as to who matched those charts and then try to find fault with the charts and not kuta matching. it is higly advisable to weigh the chart separately. a good boy or a bad boy can have the same star which can give very good kuta value with that of our girl's star. but which one to choose unless we weigh the chart for its hidden content. For example, in the girls chart, the fifth lord venus falls in sarpa dosha. kendras to it are ketu, saturn and rahu. naisargika putra karaka jupiter is afflicted by KETU. her saptamsa( looked for progeny ) is even worse. fifth house has ketu and sixth lord budha. fifth house is aspected by rahu and mars. venus is not only fifth lord in rasi chart but also in saptamsa. venus is chara putra karaka in the chart and hence it becomes all the more important to see its strenth for progeny. in the boy's chart, fifth lord mercury has gone to the 12 th house. fifth house aspected by mars. in his saptamsa, mars is placed in the fifth house and fifth lord mercury is with saturn and aspected by rahu. hence these persons as individuals are likely to face troubles in the area of progeny. if these two persons marry, then they are definitely likely to have this problem. " does the kuta matching reveal these points ?" is a thousand dollar question. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  8. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ppena pl refer to muhurtha padavi. there are many books ( not the one by B.v.Raman ) on muhurtha which have immense wealth of information which can be even used for natal chart analysis. My guru, whose name i dont want to reveal, has almost all books on earth on muhurtha . Now and then he gives us hint which we work on and find its tremendous usage. one clue i will tell you.. what is lord rama's star ? and what is lordess Sita's star ? pl find out the relation. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  9. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt deepa bhandari, shri sanjay rath is one of the best astrologers. his fore fathers were eminent astrologers in orissa. i have met him personally once. he has remarkable analytical ability. pl follow his books and site. you will learn a lot and a lot and a lot.. which no present day astrologers have given to this world .. shri.narasimha who has developed jhora is one of his disciple. Shri. sanjay rath has many followers, who have gained immense knowledge from him.. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  10. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear ashwini moon is with the nodes and saturn. moon is aspected by mars also. moon placed seventh to lagna is not a desirable person. it makes you very tough to get a good name in the society. in case if you feel that you are little head strong and with little ego, you must start to learn to reduce it. the chart shows that a healthy relationship is one strong agenda of the married life. so when the native of the chart expects that, she must also be in a position to give it. at one point of time your intelligence may prompt to do your own business in future. to start with it is better to go in for employment and think of it later. worship of lakshmi is desirable. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  11. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.auysh, the chart shows curses coming from jupiter, mercury, moon and venus ! out of these , the one from moon seems to have the effect since it has prevented her from being elevated to the post of mother. moon is bhadakesh placed in sixth house aspected by the sixth lord mars. it is a straight case of abhichara. moreover, such a moon is aspected by saturn too. without going further, i suggest she immediately start worshipping sambha siva, gouri and her graama devata. she must pray lighting a lamp. This is a must. jupiter in lagna is the saving grace. the marriage happened in mars dasa and saturn antar and mars pratyantar and broke in mars dasa , jupiter antar and saturn pratyantar. appy shastihayani dasa in her chart. look at the forces of mars and saturn coming on her moon. " rahu is placed in seventh and the seventh lord venus is neecha with sixth lord mars and aspected by rahu " shows the marital problems. did the native attempt after oct 26 - 2005 ? .. if so it is because of rahu. pl ask her to do the pariharas on priority. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran sasisekaran
  12. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.auysh, long 76 e 25., lat 31 n 29 for raipur, MP. jupiter and sun in lagna are auspicious. she must be careful during moon / rahu. depression is likely to increase. can you pl provide marriage date and divorce date ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  13. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.shivparvathi, it shows the status of kidneys. you birth time appears to be far away from the real one, since sun rise in your place on that day was 7:30:37... kindly confirm i will come back tom morining... may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  14. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.shivparvathi, lighting a lamp is utmost necessity. dont worry about taking bath too many times. it is better to avoid non - veg during mantras..that is for a few days.. did you check creatinine in blood ? should be around 1 0r 2... may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  15. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.shivparvathi, lighting a lamp is always necessary. taking bath or atleast washing the feet , hands and face are necessay. for any kind of fear of death, one has to approach lord shiva, and if called he comes happily. no anger comes from him. he is aashu doshi. chant the mantra 108 times. you can down load the maha mritunjiya mantra - mp3 from free sites and learn the pronounciation. was there any weigth loss ? or is your sickness in the mind having caused depression ? did you see any bodily discomfort? sorry for the questions . may mother bless all regard, sasisekaran
  16. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.shivparvathi, pl start chanting right away " om tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam oorvaarukameva bhandanaan mrityor muksheeya maamrittat " do not worry about the pronounciation. lord shiva would tolerate it. over a period of time pronouciation will move towards the correct one. what did the blood tests show ? were all types of blood tests done ? may mother bless all regards
  17. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.kavya chant 524 times after lighting a lamp may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  18. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.kavya janma nakshtra, chandrashtama nakshatras, bad thithis and few like rahu kaala and yama gantaka are to be observed. pl refer to panchanga for this. also have a habit of knowing daily nakshtra , thithi etc. in addition to all, try learn basic astrology too . download free astrology software from the following site http://vedicastrologer.org/jh/ pl download the full version upa pada lagna showing marriage is placed in mithuna. what is the symbol for mithuna ? twins ? more than one husband is shown in your chart. but the second upapada falls in makara , which also comes under stress. why are you so concerned about children now ? let the marriage go well first. aim towards that and everything else will fall in place may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  19. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.avinash6 as shri.Ayush suggested , your anxiety and doubts about astrology should be understood and cleared not by you alone but, we , who do this as a service as well. did you face any problem relating to communication, travel or relationship problems during venus period ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran.
  20. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri. rajan arudha padas of other bhavas can also be worked out in similar lines. these aruda padas in the natal chart throw lot of informations. jaimini has dealt this in depth ( sage parasara has already told this, jaimini added to this ). take any chart and see if planets are placed in 2nd , fourth and eleventh to AL. observe what has happened during their periods. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  21. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.kavya sage parasara has discussed various planetary dasas. vimsottari is one of them which many people use since it has no conditions. but there are other conditional dasas which he recommends. in olden times many astrologers had no computers and they were stuck to vimsottari , as the mathmatics involved is very simple and if one has average memory power they can go to 4th or 5th level of vimsottari dasa. people normally go to three levels. there are six levels. in your case, under vimsottari planetary scheme, you are running saturn dasa and budha sub period and venus sub sub period. since mars the seventh lord is placed in taurus lagna, one can apply dwisaptadi sama dasa. under dwisapatadi, you are running mars dasa and moon subperiod. moon shows mother and hence one may come back to mother land. since a court case is on, it is highly possible if proved you are wrong. normally cases are booked only if basic requirements are there. mars is also not placed well in navamsa. it is with saturn too. moon / mars placement in navamsa too is bad. hence i said you may come back. the april incident happened close to your janma nakshtra. our fore fathers have rightly told us to adhere to certain basic principles to be adopted in our daily routines. in transit, that janma nakshtra was aspected by saturn and it was under bandana by rahu and mars. such influence would make the mind to be at its low ebb. such slips are possible then. if you had not been to shoping, incident would not have happened. any way from now on see that you follow such rules. as rightly pointed out by 'HST', be courageous and you are not at the end of road. raise from here. be bold and face the life. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  22. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ram NO PROBLEMS we are in the process of learning. no one hurts the other may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  23. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.ram will every one born around kumbha lagna with this planetary postions have a good mother (?) , father from a high position and a doctor brother ? your reply has not convinced me. let me put this other way.. for a person with this kumbha lagna would any one have predicted the above ? and where is his doctor brother in the chart ? and what about other co borns ? where are they ? by the way who has not got good mother ? or if the 4th lord is not exalted , will you call some one's mother as average ? please do not misunderstand because of questions ... unless we can give convincing answers to ourselves, it is too difficult to untie the knot of the lord . understanding sage parasara is not all that easy is what i understand. look at the dwadasamsa ( with the makara rasi lagna and not kumbha.) you find sun in tenth with dig bala along with tenth lord moon. this certainly shows govt service since sun represents govt, admin etc while moon shows public or masses. look at siddamasa, second lord jupiter has connection with fourth and tenth lord. fourth rules school education, sixth from it shows degree (that is tenth ) and sixth from tenth shows master degree.. ( that is second). after getting family back ground details from a person, chart prediction can be 'tailored' to 'suit'. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  24. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.kavya there seems to be a strong bondage between you two since moons are placed sama saptaka , lagnas are placed 3/11 and links between chara karakas. but do not assume that his life will be doomed if you move away from him. his past karma will lead him as you will be lead by your past karma. dwisaptadi sama dasa is applicable in your case and you are running mars dasa and moon antar. moon antar is likely to bring you back home. it runs till sep 2009. your kutumha sthana falls under severe stress since mars and saturn causes bandana to mithuna ( your kutumbha sthana ) and aspected by rahu. the arudha pada of marriage also falls there. hence you two are not getting along. his chart too, contains lot of negatives. his lagna is aspected by saturn, mars and rahu. they are causing the stress to his intelligence. patience and wise thinking alone would bring in some peace. to calm down your mind you may please " om namo narayana " at regular intervals. chant at least 108 times in one sitting. if you don't mind can you please provide date of marriage, muhurtha time and also the mishap on a monday ? may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
  25. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri. rajan please take comments from his ( whose chart is under consideration) friends who will tell the truth. ask them how they view ? this need not be for a saturn in al. take any other case whose horoscope you have and know him. exaltaion is a state of some one enjoying a picnic moola trikona is a state of some one in office. and so on. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran
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