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  1. hello usrji, thank you if u have already replied but i did not get any reply from you. i am ckecking every 2-3 hours. if u ahve already replied, i am sorry i did not get it. could u please dend it again? sorry for the inconvenience. sincerely, kavya.
  2. hello usrji, still waiting for ur reply. please email me. thank u, kavya.
  3. also, please give me alternative solution. thank u, kavya.
  4. hello pandit arjun, please post us your personal id. thank u, kavya.
  5. hello learned people, if anybody knows any mantra/ritual/tantra to repent for sins committed and to ask god for forgiveness,please post here.also, does anybody know how to neutralise effects of our bad karmas? thanks in advance, kavya
  6. hello sir, i am going thru a very tough and dangerous point in my life including marital problems, court cases ,education. could u please give me details of the sadhanas for : --akarshan sadhana --to have a peaceful married life --victory in court cases --to remove obstacles in education. please, i am in urgent need of help.if u wish u could please email them to ksree06@ or post it in the forum here. thank u very much, kavya.
  7. where can i get a picture of bagalamukhi?
  8. just sending a reminder. thank u, kavya.
  9. hi all, can anybody tell me where i can find ucchishta ganapathi idols? i believe they are suggested for improvements in troubled marriage. please help me.also, please let m eknow if u know of any other effective remedies for the same purpose. thank u, kavya.
  10. sir,thank u for your reply. can u please come on messenger so we can chat because i have a few qs to ask because the consequences of this case outcome has a lot to do with my marriage ,which country i will be staying ,my career etc. please look into these issues and please reply.i'd really appreciate it if u could mail me your contact number or come on messenger.my email id is:ksree06@ thank u, kavya
  11. thank u deepaji for replying. i am chanting this mantra since the incident happened.i will eagerly wait for email . thank you, kavya.
  12. thanks for replying usrji, i'll wait 4 ur reply.my email id is ksree06@ thank u kavya.
  13. usrji,deepaji, please mail me at ksree06@ . i am having a nervous breakdown. i dont think i have the strength to go on like this for even 1 more day.i need to make some important decisions after i correspond with u.please take time off for me and email me. thank u very much, kavya.
  14. hello all, i read in a website about a mantra to avoid punishment frpm govt if u r involved in a court case. it is called vigyaanaakarshini mantra: om vajramukhi sara sara phat can anybody please tell me details like how many times to recite this, deity to worship,other rituals to foolow and proper pronounciation. thank u, kavya.
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