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  1. Your daughter needs an adventurous life, actress, traveler, performing artist, even the military. Anything too tame will bore her to tears. She should pick a career that will address her need for adventure. Also because moon is with Rahu she can get confused. She should wear Pearls. All the best, Pablo
  2. Generally speaking yes, but I would give it a test run. You should always be careful with Saturn. Shanti, Pablo
  3. I show a Cancer ascendant. She will have a strong and vital career with a forceful will and personality. She will be wealthy and be a strong extrovert. But there will be difficulties/misfortune w/ younger siblings. Most importantly Moon, lord of Asc is in the 12th house of loss with Saturn so there could be emotional suffering and difficulties. She will live overseas. She should wear Pearl all of her life. She will be spiritual and have a strong scientific type of mind. She will be beautiful artistic and wealthy. Best of luck, Pablo
  4. I agree with this comment, lord of 7th in 6th w/ Rahu causes marital delays mainly because of unrealistic expectations for marriage partner (Rahu). You are running Mercury Dasha and from chandra lagna Mercury is lord of 7th, exalted. Can give strong push to get married. But you cannot rush marriage because of parents. You must communicate with them and tell them you are open to it and it will happen in due time. To be honest Mercury for a Taurus Ascendant usually indicates short term affairs not so much marriage but it is still possible. Do Lakshmi stotram for husband and have faith! - Pablo
  5. You are going through Rahu cycle. Ra/Ra/Ke. This I hate to say it is "normal". But wouldn't be so difficult if moon were stronger. You should wear Pearls and pray to Lakshmi and Shri Moon daily. Do you have interest in performing arts? Try to find something CREATIVE to do. The 5th house is a very creative/playful house. With Rahu you sometimes must find an unconventional approach to life. I see strength with drama/acting/arts. Also you could be an effective speaker too. Best of luck. - Pablo
  6. You are currently running Ra/Sa, yes this is extremely difficult for everyone. Your chart is quite strong though with an exalted mars and Saturn. It is important to worship Kali during this time. can you get to a kali temple? Shiva is important to worship too. Listen to the Shiva Mahamritunjaya mantra. I'm already assuming you are wearing Ruby and Yellow Sapphire. Best of luck! -Pablo
  7. I would assume you are manglik or Mars aspects moon in your chart. Please provide details. Often wearing Pearl is calming and worship of the divine mother too. Hanuman is the deity related to Mars. - Pablo
  8. To be honest, I am not sure. But I sense that in August things will improve. You will move from Me/Me/Mo to Me/Me/Ma. Me and Mo are in Parivartana Yoga between 6th & 7th houses. When Mars Antaradasha begins things could improve. Also Saturn, Lord of Asc will be moving into 9th house for you (in Sep) which will cause improvements. Pray to Lord Vishnu and have Yajna done for Mercury. All the best, Pablo
  9. Yes it is, of course excellent. The stain of 8th lordship is not much because the Sun is exalted and Mars is comfortable and very strong in his own sign. Lord of the 4th in the 4th is great. The mind will be very strong. - Pablo
  10. A Guru is very important. Without, you cannot make progress. The scriptures will never challenge you, they will not shake up your ego. They will not put you through tests nor will they bestow grace. They are useful as they point to the truth but they do not reveal it. People who are ignorant will always tell you "be your own guru. Listen to your own intellect. Trust yourself". But the mind you will be listening to has no knowledge. Where can it lead you ? If I need a teacher or guide to even complete a university course how much more difficult is the spiritual path ? If your heart is pure and you pray you will find a Guru. - Pablo
  11. Most important is to stop smoking of course. Then a really good herb is Mullein. You can also go to ayurveda-herbs.com They have something specific for this. -Pablo
  12. You are not manglik. But Mars as lord of ascendant is under much stress. Good to wear Red Coral. Peace, Pablo
  13. I agree completely. The luminaries (Sun & Moon) in dusthanas cause some problems with vision. Blue Sapphire doesn't make sense for you, Saturn is already exalted. Diamond is of course excellent. Ruby can improve the vision as it strengthens the Sun but is not auspicious for your ascendant. You could consider experimenting with clear garnet stone. Get up before the Sun and do Surya Namaskar. Meditating on a ghee lamp for a period of time strengthens vision too (as does looking at the Sun for short duration). Eyebright is an excellent herb for vision. Best of luck! - Pablo
  14. I'm assuming this is March 11th not November 3rd. The chart for March seems to give a more quarrelsome person but which is it? - Pablo
  15. White Sapphire is for Venus. Yellow Sapphire is for Jupiter. One stone cannot be for both. In your chart Venus is the auspicious yoga-karaka. But it is already exalted at its maximum degree. Maybe the astrologer meant it could strenghten Jupiter because Jupiter is the lord of Venus (Pisces). That's sometimes true. But most important is to strengthen Jupiter with chanting and Service to Guru or spiritual teachers. I wouldn't wear Yellow Sapphire. - Pablo
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