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  1. Hello Sir, I was born on the 8 th of August 1980 at 6:31 p.m(place of birth Mumbai).I got married on the 24 th of feb 2008 and moved to US.However since then i hae not been able to work.Before marraige in India i used to work with a top IT company,however after moving here due to lack of work visa i am not able to work here.I had applied for work visa last year but did not get it, this year too i have applied for my visa but not sure whether i would get it. I am really tensed regarding my career and work and what would be my future considering the fact that i have already wasted on year sitting at home.COuld you please guide me and let me know what is wrong in my horoscope or have i done something wrong that problems just do not stop coming in my life .Would be highly grateful to you if you could let me know if there is any remedy or anything that is should do so that my problems ease off
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