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  1. Thanks so much WebYogi Ji, Pablo Sir, and k1_monica. I appreciate your sage advice. I am going for neuropsychiatry/behavioural sciences. My eyes have been having pain since I was young. I have been to several eye doctors, but all they do is give me more power in my glasses. It is sad, really. But I will try all of your remedies. I will avoid emerald. For some reason, after a baba told me to wear sapphire (in neck pendant, iron) my eyes have been ok - this pendant was blessed by the baba. This pendant was lost, and I am unable to contact/find that baba. Since then another had told me to wear sapphire in gold, but my eyes continued to hurt (no medical diagnoses established by the doctors). But since you say I do not need to wear sapphire, I will avoid it. Any prospects for marriage? Any rough estimates of time period? How does my profession look? Thanks for all of your kind words and aide.
  2. Dear Webyogi and other respected Gurus, I have heard much about how you have helped many with your knowledge of astrology. Could you help me out also? I went to see an astrologer in India on a recent trip who told me my eye problems is due to moon in 8th. Can you please elaborate on this? I am Aquarius (at least that's what I was told). I am now wearing a sapphire in gold and diamond in gold. I am not married yet. Also what are prospects of my profession? I am an MDPhD. What do you forsee? I am trying for position in America versus staying home in Canada. My details: Toronto, Can. 0901 am. 2 Feb 1983. Your help is appreciated!
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