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  1. Thankyou Pablo sir for your prompt reply, but i was not able to figure out the answer, let me ask this way sir, should i wear yellow sapphire or diamond. Waiting for your reply.... Thanks a lot. Tanveer
  2. Hi, One of an astrologer told me that i should wear white sapphire which will give me effects for jupiter and venus, i went to him for consulatation related to my onsite prospect and firstly he suggested me to wear..yellow sapphire and after that he said.. diamond too is very important so i can go for white sapphire for this... but while searching on net.. i found that.. white sapphire is substitute for diamong.. i got confused... Request all guruji's to put some light on this. Name - Tanveer Date of birth - 27/02/1980 Time - 05:55 AM Place - Murtijapur (Akola is near) Maharashtra, India waiting for your replies. Thanks a lot Tanveer
  3. tried many time to post.. but didnt work.. hope this work
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