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  1. dear sasisekran ji sorry for hijacking this thread. i have posted a thread viz., political candidate.. will he be successful. I will be thankful if you can give your views based on SJC/PVR method. ashwini sachdeva
  2. dear ramchandran ji I thank you for your reply. Though I would have preferred an analysis based on divisianal charts,I realise it may not be possible because of wide ranging birthtime. I will certainly check your observations with the native and get back.
  3. dear ramchandran ji thanks for your reply. could you please elaborate, giving the negative conditions present in the horroscope. the native has a political background and wishes to contest forthcoming elections from delhi. regards ashwini sachdeva
  4. DOB-Nov 19 1956 TOB-between 7-8 AM(exact time not known to native) POB-New Delhi
  5. If you are still on the forum…...my observation is - l have seen many cases where the Asc. Lord (self) has a mutual aspect with the 7<SUP>th</SUP> Lord. (spouse) there is no ‘single’ status. Also Jup your 7<SUP>th</SUP> lord is exalted in navamsha and has cancellation of debilitation which is not all that bad. Venus a significator for marriage and spouse is in own house and Vargottam which is good. Saturn a malefic is exalted and the lord of house of fortune. So it does not remain as malefic. Mars and Sun in the first house give you a Manglika Dosh. A similar condition though required is not present in your husband’s chart. The Guna tally also does not show a favourable result. In transit chart you have a Pancham Shani which is one of the reasons for this bad phase, which should be over in about 2years. Your Ascendant lord is Mercury which is presided over by Lord Vishnu. You should wear a dark green thread around your arm, and chant the mantra ‘Om Namoh Bhagwate Vasudevaye’ regularly. This will make you stronger and should improve things. I suggest you do this along with other valuable suggestions given by astrologers on this forum.
  6. pablo I am sorry in responding late to your reply. Could you pls give a elaborate point of view on this horoscope.
  7. I am touched by how you feel for the innnocent who have been forced to part with their lives for no fault of theirs, leaving behind grieving family and friends. Having studied Astrology and having learnt from the scriptures that one is but a puppet in the hands of destiny, I feel I had somehow become immune to such happenings. But your thoughts have set me thinking. I gather you are a good astrolger, a good writer, you are some genius!!!
  8. please advise on career and marriage prospects of the native(FEMALE) with details as DOB 24 JULY1985 TOB 23:50 POB DELHI
  9. Following is the detail of a native(FEMALE). I wish to know the likely career and marriage prospects. DOB 24 JULY 1985 TOB 23:50 POB DELHI
  10. Dear Sh. Sasisekaran ji Thank you for your kind reply. I will try thsi just now
  11. Dear Sasisekaran ji I have closely followed your conversation with Kathpal Kapil. Could you please explain how to look for mantra pada in a horoscope.
  12. Dear USR I am impressed by the vast knowledge that you possess and the indepth study you have made in various ancient subjects. I hve studied and appplied the Hebrew Kabala system of NUmerology given in her book by Linda Goodman. I have also studied Vastu in discussion with some serious practioners. Palmistry is yet on my agenda. To what extent do these sciences help in changing one's destiny is the question. And in all cases or some? And again, isn't the result so achieved, predestined? AS
  13. Dear USR I hear that a mild earthquake did occur in Delhi at 10.56pm yesterday.
  14. Dear USR Though I have learned and am involved with Astrology for the last ten years, I practice it for friends and relatives. I learnt Nadi(Umang Taneja) and another technicque developed by an astrologer Mr SK mehta, I only apply Parashari. Your explanation for prediction of earthquake appears to be very logical. I think I have learned a good point. Please tell about yourself.
  15. Dear Ramesh You have a good horoscope, but are going through a tough period because of Dasha and transit. You have a angry temprament, I advise you to control that. At times are you also curt? I feel that you will be blessed with a boy. If you can offer water to Sun each morning or at least every Sunday, it will strengthen your Lagna. Also reciting the mantra 'om ketave namah' daily will help.
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