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  1. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.sowmyajain you have posted your details earlier on 13 of may 2008. you accepted he was like that since nov 2007 only and he was ok before this. you were given certain pariharas and on may 2, 2009 you thanked me for the advice and said your earlier problems had been settled by god's grace. i wonder as to why you say now you have been facing problems for the past seven years!. I am not trying to find fault with you. Many of us have this kind of relationship problems because of our change in mood just like the tides of the ocean change based on the proximity of moon to earth. Unless you settle your life based on strong and consistent policies of relationship and understanding, this problem would continue in life. mars is the most advanced planet in your chart and hence it is the king of the chart. For such people anger is a free gift !. Aslo moon in your chart is subject to pressures from rahu and saturn. Hence you will be certainly put to stress. continue the earlier pariharas. Also pl chant the following OM NAMO BHAGAVETE VAASUDEVAAYA .....atleast 108 times may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  2. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri. j n das i am from chennai. i do posting in this forum. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  3. Aum Gurubhy namah namaste dear shri tushar malhotra, PL KEEP CHANTING 'OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VAASUDEVAAYA may mother bless all sasisekaran
  4. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.shanmugam Please be assured that you are not the cause of the death of your father. It is customary on the part of a few astrologers to say that the eldest son's horoscope is responsible for the death of father. They tend to forget that if astrology is a true subject, the death of a family member should reflect in others horoscopes too. Each creation has its own span of life and it is based on individual karma. There is no point in showing fingers. Such comments and view points are simply born out of ignorance. Be happy that your father was hale and healthy and his death was peacful. Did your father pass away around 1140 hrs on that day. Just a wild guess. Be assured also that the life of persons whoever brings in alliance will not be disturbed. Otherwise , the astrologer will also be under such a stress as he becomes part of it !. It is all far fetched fancy ideas, a few astrologers adopt to earn a living. Nothing more than that. At the time of sun rise , offer water with both hands to the Lord. During your prayer time pl keep chanting " OM NAMO NARYANAYA ". Moon, the pitrikaraka in your chart is afflicted by saturn and sun. The mantra has been given to remove the curse from such a moon. You may also chant " Om sarpebhyo namah ". (324 times, atleast) Dear shri.unanth, Please do not identify a single person. All are learners in this world of kaliyuga. No one is big or small than the other. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  5. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.jaya being born in kumbakonam, i guess the chart has been cast using vaakya panchanga. Using Lahari ( or Raman's ayanamsa ) your lagna falls in the very begining of kataka. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  6. Aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear angel any comment on this horoscope has a bearing on the issue of marriage of this person. Why have you not seen that saturn is also with ven, sun and rahu ? pl apply basic priciples first. Then move to the specifics. is the person under love ? the person is running rahu/merc/ven period. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  7. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.swapnil arudha pada of any bhava cannot fall in 2/1/12/6/7/8 from the bhava under concern. As you said UL is vyaya bhava, it is giving away the self (lagna ). This is the exact reason why out of all arudha padas, UL is called the house of marriage as one is expected to give one's ego and self to lead a happy married life. Unfourtnately, marriage and married life have become more of a business. People expect materialistic gains apart from bodily comforts. If one understands that marriage is beyond all these mundane things , the life can be peaceful. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  8. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear angel sorry, i do not dwell into matching charts or anything related to it. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  9. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.swapnil the basic point is that trines are lakshimi sthana or bhagya and kendras are narayana sthana or efforts. other than this the dustanas , 6, 8 and 12 are bad. Applying this , placement between two entities are read. Hence al/ul placement is bad in 6/8/12 from one of them. It shows lack of harmony. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  10. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear chicky, please do not call me 'guruji'. It is a status, very difficult to reach as every one of us is searching for a 'guru'. Even if we find one, unless we are destined to be blessed, it is hard to come by. instead of doing prayers, you seem to be more interested in getting married and if she would bring you wealth. for everything one needs a blessing. It is better to appeal for a blessing from the divine. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  11. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear chicky, pl do not get into negative thoughts. just do the recommended parihara, lord might rewrite your future. keep chanting OM NAMO NARAYANAYA may mother bless all sasisekaran
  12. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear chicky, mercury, the tenth lord both in rasi and dasamsa ( a divisional chart to be seen for profession) is in wrong direction. Two years back you were under ashtama sani. Rahu dasa started in feb 2003. All these have not given you what you wanted. Right now you are running rahu dasa and saturn antar. Generally this is a bad combo and hence i do not see any big improvement but i rather expect a down trend. Hence it is better to be cautious and take only the right and proven course. No speculation please. Pl observe budha ashtami vrata. Also on every wednesday during rahu kaala, (around 1230hrs ) pl visit a krishna temple and distribute sweets ( can be just sugar ) to devotees. This parihara is to offset the wrong direction of your tenth lord mercury. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  13. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri pradip venus is putra karaka and not pitri karaka in the chart. pl check my earlier message. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  14. Aum Gurubhyo namah namsate dear hemaghai venus in own house is a misnomer. Many of us get mislead by a planet being in a own house. The strength of a planet comes from its association and placement in other vargas, apart from other standard methods. It is very difficult to quantify the beneficience or maleficience. If a planet is aspected by kroora grahas in many vargas, if bhadakas play important role in life coupled with bad transits, then that graha under stress what we call as 'cursing' functions to bring in bad events. in the chart under discussion, venus is found cursing in rasi, navamsa and shastiamsa !. The aspect in shastiamsa is also by mars apart from saturn and rahu. The placement of venus , rahu and saturn in navamsa is of grave concern as the fourth house of navamsa is very dangerous. The only positive factor is that venus is in 'poorna chandra ' shastiamsa. If it had been in a kroora shastiamsa like ghora, bhrsata, dhavagni, etc, the marriage would have been terrible. It is better she constantly reads slokas pertaining to Lordess ShriLakshmi daily and on any special occasion that she may come across. the first marriage exactly occured during venus pratyantar period. In her chart moon , the bhadaka happens to be her atma karaka placed second to 'UL', the house of marriage. second is a maraka place. Was the break due to any suspicion from husband's side ? This is my guess. If she loved her first husband so much, then what caused it to break ? for how long did the misunderstanding go on and finally how did it break ? From sep 2003 saturn's antar started. was it during this period ? Saturn is dara karaka in her chart and placed in ghandanta . Saturn is potent to bring in the break. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  15. Aum Gurubhy namah namaste dear shri tushar malhotra, unless some one tells you point blank, you may not understand. Sun is your atma karaka in your chart. Such people always think that they are knowledgble and long for recognintion. i doubt if you are really talented the way you sound. Otherwise, how can you 'not' perform well in your college and thereafter in profession. Why should you change job four times ? All these are shown in your chart. your lagna lord jupiter, who is responsible for your intellligence is spoiled by two kroora grahas, namely, rahu and mars. To overcome this, continous shiva worship is called for. Your venus is aspected by mars and saturn. This brings in kalatra chaapa. Exactly during saturn/mars or saturn/rahu you have filed a case against your wife. Vimsottari Dasa: Sat MD: 1990-09-02 - 2009-09-02 Jup AD: 2007-02-17 - 2009-09-02 Pratyantardasas in this AD: Jup: 2007-02-17 - 2007-06-21 Sat: 2007-06-21 - 2007-11-17 Merc: 2007-11-17 - 2008-03-23 Ket: 2008-03-23 - 2008-05-17 Ven: 2008-05-17 - 2008-10-21 ...was the seed for divorce sown here? Sun: 2008-10-21 - 2008-12-06 Moon: 2008-12-06 - 2009-02-19 Mars: 2009-02-19 - 2009-04-13... >>> Rah: 2009-04-13 - 2009-09-02 ... >>> next dasa is that of mercury. Mercury is in wrong direction in dasamsa , a chart to be seen for profession. Hence it is better you weigh things as they are and start building your profession slowly and steadily. It is better you find one elderly and wise person as your adivsor. Otherwise things may go astray. since ashtama sani is on , i dont think that the case will be over now. It all depends on what section you have filed the case and how best it can stand in the court. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  16. Aum Gurubhyo namah namsate you could have given the details of first marriage, divorce date etc. your friends moon is aspected by mars and rahu. hence care has to be taken as far as the mind is concerned. cool head and patience are called for. period after 2013 can be a bit of problem. regular prayers with some yoga can keep the mind calm. venus is purta karaka. venus is aspected by two kroora grahas. hence there could be a problem in child bearing too. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  17. Aum Gurubhy Namah namaste dear shri. Prakash she has filed the case on a ashtami thithi, which is bad. there are lot of chances for you to win the case. however, take care that she does not bring in other accusations during the argument stage. keep praying Lordess SriDurga also to win the case. all civil cases take many months. there is nothing you can do about it. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  18. Aum Gurubhy Namah namaste dear shri. Prakash If you ' dont ' mind can you pl post the details of the case.. like on which date, it was filed, likely time of the case to continue., who is technically well disposed as far as the case is concerned..etc.. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  19. Aum Gurubhy Namah namaste dear shri. Prakash i understand your desparation. i have clearly told, mercury may not be able to take you out of the woods. you also know when mercury antar would end. Both of you are under sadesati. How do you expect the problems to get relieved soon ? people who know little bit of astrology can only show the difficult periods. It is for the Lord to decide. For example, if the road is full of pits, one has to drive slowly. If there is no light, one has to switch on the 'head' lights. If both are not going to happen, how do you expect the journey to be pleasant ? Rahu dasa , saturn antar from june 2006 to apr 2009 has pushed you to this level. To undo this, it requires a herculean efforts. The best would be to drag the case hoping wisdom will set in. dear astro_tech , it is my pleasure to answer a few. most of the people get caught in the web of love. i dont answer them. It is to who those really suffer, some insights can be given. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  20. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear srinidhick charts of both of you contain astrological negatives for delay in childbirth. The absence of deeply entrenched life force , which is elusive even to the modern medicine is is the root cause for childness in most of the cases. The sperm may be alive for the required time, yet conception does not take place. The sperm count may be to the required level, yet the conception is elusive. For some the conception does take place, but does not live long. All these factors are shown in the charts through what is called aspects from kroora grahas. In your chase, jupiter happens to be the putra karaka, the planet responsible to give you children. Jupiter is with saturn, rahu, and mars. This jupiter carries its mood of curse from your past birth, which is seen in shasthamsa. The remedy lies in constant worship of shiva daily and also during pradosha days. For ten mondays, during moring 0730 hrs to 0930 hrs, arrange for abisheka to Lord Shiva using bilva leaves, sacred ash, milk, honey , curd and suddha jala. During abisheka and other times during the days, keep chanting " om namashivaaya ". Jupiter dasa starting from may 2010 shows a new ray of hope provided the lord is satisfied and rewrites your " book of karama ". As suggested earlier by kshama, the blessings from the lord may be through his representative, who can be a doctor ! may mother bless you all sasisekaran.
  21. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear Ash excuse me as i do not deal with gems. recovery is possible from march 2010 onwards. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  22. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear occultist, thanks for the info. It is obivious mercury gives skin disease. mercury is a tridosha and placed in mithun and kanya , clearly indicating skin disease as per Sage Jaimini. Moreover mercury is your atmakaraka , whose period is on ! When did this skin disease start exactly ? kanya navamsa lagna would explain the skin disease and hence your birth is certainly after 0300 hrs. In fact i made a birth correction and found aug 2007 could be a problem. That is why i asked about the period after aug 2007 in my previous posting. i feel the health is likely to continue like this in ketu dasa too, since it is placed in 8th in the trimsamsa and sixth in shasthamsa. clean life and healthy food alone can keep you comfortable and hence take no chances. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  23. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear occultist, i assume you were born where 24/25 of july join . For night births we should always mention two dates to show where the merging occurs. your lagna is taurus or vrishaba. Venus, though lagna lord, is not a friend of taurus. The owner of the house in which the lagna lord is placed shows health. Since venus is in its own house, now venus as sixth lord shows health. sixth lord venus is associated with 8th lord, a malefic for taurus lagna does not bring in good health. venus is neecha or weak in navamsa. when you were born, seven and half years saturn (called sadesati) was running. Saturn may be interpreted as a yoga karaka fo taurus lagna, but its placement in 8th from lagna is not good generally. Also at the time of birth its dasa was running. This dasa ran during your childhood. mercury dasa started from age 7. mercury is aspected by mars, rahu and saturn. All these aspects fall on the second house also. Second house can be related to food. You did not eat well. so to improve your health, just follow general principles of good eating without being choosy. Good food alone gives strength to fight diseases. These are the basics and if you neglect, this will continue. what are the ailmets that you have faced so far ? Also pl tell , if there was illhealth especially from aug -2007. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  24. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear Ash Thanks for providing the details. I just assumed the incident was very recent and hence took the natal chart along with the yearly chart for analysis. While the natal chart speaks about the whole of your life, the yearly chart helps to focus on any particular choosen year. I choose the current year. The past is for people like me to know the 'why ?' and understand the chart and the subject of astrology. It is a continuous learning process that keeps the learner tunning his knowledge towards the truth. You having said the year and month of accident/incident, i am trying to analyse the date of incident( or having come to notice it) Is it around may 16 ? Can you also explain in short how it happened. you have asked for remedies. Are you seeking any mantra ( verses addressed to the Deities ) or other forms of remedies?. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  25. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear Ash full recovery is possible from march 2010. as requested earlier can you pl provide the date as well as time of accident.? The person was running Rahu dasa and mars antar since march 2009. Rah: 2009-03-22 - 2009-03-29 Ven: 2009-03-29 - 2009-04-09 Sun: 2009-04-09 - 2009-04-13 Moon: 2009-04-13 - 2009-04-22 Mars: 2009-04-22 - 2009-04-27 >>>> most likely period Merc: 2009-04-27 - 2009-05-06 Sat: 2009-05-06 - 2009-05-12 Jup: 2009-05-12 - 2009-05-23 may mother bless you sasisekaran
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