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  1. M still awaiting for any pandit ji to guide me in this context. M very much confused. Ur advice would really be helful for my family. Please do the needul. Thanks and regards....
  2. Dear Sir / Madam, I am presently engazed in a pharmaceutical business but need a significant diversification as i can't be dependent on just one business. I have been doing alot of resarch work in getting a business of my taste and temprament and have finally landed on entering ELECTRONICS market ie.. in dealing with memory cards or getting goods from China and selling in India. My question is :- 1) Will i be sucessfull in this business ? 2) I should go for the same all alone or a good parternship is there in my chart ? My details are as under :- DOB : - 12-09-1978 Place : Lucknow Time : 02.59 PM Please advice me for the same. Regards.
  3. Dear GuruJi's, M still awaiting for your feedback. Please advice me.
  4. Dear Guruji, Ppl say that destiny once again changes after marriage. Are there any chances of good happy marriage and my wife destiny turns out to be lucky for me.
  5. Dear guruji's, Kindly have a glance and advice me about the said marriage proposal. Please do the needful.
  6. Dear Guruji, I am thankful for your reply. It means my future and my career will always remain in dark forever. I thought good deeds and good thoughts always pays you sooner or later but like you said i dont think there's any ray of light for my progressive future. Regards,
  7. Respected Guruji's, I have been noticing since past 7 years that inspite of my efforts n loyalty i am not getting much rewards in my business. When ever we get any new offers to expand my business , things of discussion works very well with the management and it's almost clear that we will get the new work but in the last moment we turn out to be on the rejection part. I fail to understand why my luck is not favouring me. It seems that loyalty and hard work is actaully giving me negative results. I am providing you my details as under :- Jagdeep Kohli 12-09-1978 Lucknow 02.59 pm please have a glance in my chart and tell me that what is really in store for my future ie. My business / career / and money . I am actaully getting depressed from inside but i still try to convince myself that tommorow might be my day, so i should keep moving. Your reply will surely help me out.
  8. Respected Guruji's, My family has come accross a mariage proposal for me of which details are as under :- 1) Jagdeep Kohli Male 12-09-1978 Lucknow 02.59 pm 2) Gagan Preet Kaur Female Lucknow 09-06-1984 09.54 pm Kindly analyze the charts and advice me about the proposal. The Pros n cons if we go ahead. Regards, Jagdeep
  9. please take out time to have a glance of my chart.
  10. Dear Sir, Kindly predict about the undermentioned details from my chart. Date of Birth : 12-09-1978 Place : Lucknow Time : 02.59 pm When i will be likely to get married ? How will be my wife (looks and nature ) and in laws ? Will my wife be qualfied professional/working ? regards, chicky <o:p></o:p>
  11. Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly let me know how will be my busniess in future. Presently iam dealing in pharmaceuticals ? Which trade will be best suited for me ? Secondly how will be my marriage life ? Will i have love or arrange marriage as per the charts ? Please advice. Jagdeep Kohli DOB- 12-09-1978 Time- 02.59 pm Place- Lucknow
  12. yaar...i dont know who u r but plzzzzzzz dont fall into this pit of love n all..... i have been into it and seriously its very painful when u dont get the person u love.....m still into a sort of depression and tryin to come out but things are not workin as per me..... so enjoy life and stay happy.......
  13. Plz anyone have a glance for this chart. Me not having a good time in business and personal life. Awaiting 4 suggestions.
  14. Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly let me know how will be my busniess in future as it is not growing as per the expectations. Hope i wont have any financial crunches in future . Secondly how will be my marriage life ? Will i have love or arrange marriage as per the charts ? Please advice. Jagdeep Kohli DOB- 12-09-1978 Time- 02.59 pm Place- Lucknow
  15. Dear Sir / madam, I have furnished my info below. > TIME OF BIRTH : 02.59 PM > DATE OF BIRTH : 12-SEP-1978 > PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY.: LUCKNOW/UTTAR PRADESH/INDIA > SEX : Male > > Your current status : BUSINESS > Educational background : GRADUATE > Work Industry and current salary.: MANAGER and 15000 > > Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember Good :- My sisters marriage in 2006 Bad :- Want to marry my lady love and things are not working good. > Family background > Father : Business > Mother : house wive Sister : Younger ( married ) > > The information is required to crosscheck the birth details and its > accuracy. Problem : I have going around with a female since last 2 years. Things were moving good and unfortunately her father refused for marriage and had even stopped all means of being in touch with her. Now coz of family pressure she herself is trying to avoid my calls. This is really putting me in pressure. I really want to marry that lady. Her details are :- Sonia Mehra 13-sep-1986 9.26 AM Delhi I just want to know that are there any chances of her coming back in my life. I had asked many astrologers about the same and everyone had given me positive signs. But things are not good since last 12 days. Please help me as i had really worked very hard for this relation and want to settle down with her soon. Thanks, My Email :- kabir.rocks78@gmail.com
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