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  1. Can you please take a look at my friends horoscope. she is having health issues from past few years. Can some one please provide any solution to her or let her us know when it will get over. Female DOB - 21st July 1975 Time: 22:00:05 Place: Nashik Maharashtra Thank you for your help. AG
  2. As far I understand, the divorce papers are to be signed by 2 people. If you refuse to sign it than nobody can force you to get divorced. By sending papers your husband can't get a divorce. I think you should make a police complaint that your husband and mother-in-law used to torcher and beat you thats the reason you were forced to leave the home. I would not advice you to ever go back to that house where people don't treat you with respect. one piece of advise to every girls, don't marry those guys who live with there parents..as sooner or later there you are going to run into issues with in-laws. Also don't get pregnant without 100% surety that the guy is right for you or not. It is better to live alone than with somebody who left you alone when you needed him the most during you pregnancy. I am sure someday you will find someone who will truely fall in love with you, marry and treat you with respect. And that day nothing else will matter.
  3. This is a horoscope of someone who is extremely successful in his career. Can he wear pukraj? If yes then can someone please let me know the Rathi. 27th Feb, 1945 04:00:00 AM Bulandshahar, India Latitude: 028:24:N / Longitude: 077:51:E Thank you.
  4. thanks shriyogi. do u read it urself? looks like the 1st one is incomplete. the zip folder has the complete version.
  5. Thank you USR for replying back. Gender - Male. He has no issues. I was wondering from the learning point of view, how is the venus-venus dasha going to be for the native or anything important that you see in his horoscope. Father passed away when the native was an year old.
  6. read this post http://www.indiadivine.org/audarya/mantra-tantra-vijnana/151680-pitra-dosh.html
  7. oops. Here is the information March 2nd 1977, 10:45 PM Etah (UP) Thank you.
  8. Hi Sasisekaran, My friend does not remember the date of injury. She was wondering if you can suggest her a gem stone and let her know the date of recovery. Thank you, Ashi
  9. Dear Ram_bhakt and Sasisekaran, I thank both of you for responding back. The injury was in May 2004. Thanks, Ash
  10. Hello, The native has exalted venus in 6th house. Exchange of lords between 6th and 8th house. Can someone please predict how is venus-venus dasha (between Sept.'2009 to Dec.'2012) going to be like. Please. Thank you, Ash
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