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  1. dear everyone, can anyone teach me how to protect ourselves from the evil eyes. there have been so many ups and down in our business. whenever the bussiness is cathing up, something will come and create problems and resulting slow down. and also whenever i attend a function or simply went out with friends, the day after i usually fall sick, get skin dryness, under eye ring and extreem tiredness. i have a very clean and healthy lifestyle and always have enough night sleeps. is there any amulets or any kind of yantra i can wear to guard me from evil glances?
  2. hi, my name is abbhiramy and having almost same kundali as mr suryavakkantham. Jupiter (Libra) is in the 5th house owned by Venus, and Venus (Pisces) is in the 10th house owned by Jupiter. I'm born under gemini ascendant. Date of Birth: 21st May 1982 Time of Birth: 09:14 AM (IST) Place of Birth: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Gender: Female
  3. namaste dear atulji, in my birth chart, there are retro jupiter and retro mercury. how this two will effect my life? i am in the dasa of sun and sun is not good for me.pls tell me in my next dasa, moon will do good or bad? dob :21/5/1982, 9.14am, kuala lumpur, malaysia thank you
  4. namaste, i lost my job and got married last year. at the beginning my husbands bussiness quite good and i stayed home. now that he lost most in the bussiness and i got no choice but to work again. but nothing seem to be working, it has been so hard to get a job. pls tell me the remedy. my dob:21/5/1982, 9.14am, kuala lumpur,malaysia my husband dob :27/6/1978, 5.55pm, kuala lumpur, malaysia some numerologist tells me that my marriage date is very unsuitable and that couse our suffering. anyone know how true is this, pls help my marriage date 3/2/2008 thank you
  5. namaste, im having quite same problem mainly regarding finance.i cant get a job for 6 months. my relation with in laws restrain and my husband too having bad times. how long need to suffer? dob : 21/05/82 tob : 9.14am pob : petaling jaya, malaysia
  6. dear sir, my name is abbhiramy, mercury lagna. in my horoscope rahu is in 1st, mars and sani in 4th, guru in 5th, ketu in 7th, venus in 10th, moon in 11th, sun and mercury in 12th. my husband's name is Pragash, scorpio lagna. in his horoscope, ketu and moon in 5th, guru and sun in 8th, venus and mercury in 9th, sani and mars in 10th, rahu in 11th. plus he has kala sarpa dosham few astrologer we approche told us that i cant conceive and have difficulities bearing children. if there is a child, its life is short. please advice
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