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  1. my birth place is trivandrum.can
  2. Please answer me. so I won't get any more children. and also after reading my husbands chart some one told he will get only male childrens.Is it correct?.my hus DOB 8-12-1970 time :9:59 and place Trivandrum. Thanks Aradana
  3. I had 3 miscarriages after my 1st child .so Is it considered as I lost my 2nd baby girl or still I get my Baby girl. Thanks Aradana
  4. Thanks for the reply..nothing is preventing me from posting my birth details.I just wanted to know about my kids.thats why I posted my Saptamamsha Chart .and you are correct ,my DOB is june 16th 1977 and time between 8:45 am - 9:00am.I don't know much about astrology so can give me straight answer of my questions.please. When I will get a baby girl? Is there any pooja or Mantra for conceiving a baby girl? Aradana
  5. Hi, Is there any Mantra or slokas for conceiving a baby girl? Is santana gopal Mantra is helpful. please give me a answer as soon as possible. thanks Aradana
  6. Can you please read my Saptamamsha Chart and tell me how many childrens I will have and will I have a baby GIRL? My Saptamamsha Chart is attached. Thanks..Aradana
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