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  1. Respected Sandhuji, Thank you very much for a very informative thread. But let us reaffirm that the exchange alone is not responsible for the adverse results. This is in order that all the innocent visitors to the forum do not get scared if they do have such an exchange in their horoscope:) I myself am scorpio ascendant and has mars and venus(7th lord) in 5th house and jupiter(5th lord) in 7th house. While my married life is definately more peaceful than most but perhaps because of the presence of 6L in 5H, my son underwent very severe health conditions immediately after birth. Kind regards
  2. Hi, Please Only follow Ppenaji's advice. He is the most learned member in the forum and you are very lucky to have a response from him. If only stones could change our destiny, then the world would have been worshipping only stones and not our great deities. As he says, the time is not good. Please be patient and keep restraint. and apart from these only submission to almighty asking for forgiveness for our ill-deeds can take us through the battle of life. Best wishes
  3. Hi there, You have just started Mercury mahadasha which as you know is the only planet which is BOTH auspicious and well placed for you getting good strength. I can understand the hard life you've had in your past but I belive mercury mahadasha should be much better for you. You can further strengthen mercury by praying lord Vishnu on wednesdays. Moon-rahu conjunction gives a worried mind so much so that even in happy times you'll find some reason to worry about- no offence please:) Praying lord shiva on mondays can be of great help. read shiva chalisa and chant OM NAMOH SHIVAYA as much as you can every day- say while walking driving, bathing etc. Can you please share if something significant happened on the job front between aug 2002 and oct2003 like moving job or place. and how was 2007-08 job wise? are you doctor by any chance(surgeon) Kind regards
  4. Hi, I found a very nice and simple remedy sometime back for anyone who suspects that he may be under the effect of black magic. All one must do is chant GAYATRI MANTRA 108 times for 40 days continuously. It is such a simple and inexpensive remedy. So no need to spend thousands trying to find out if someone has done black magic on us or how to ward it off. Also, I believe chanting mantras by ownself and doing so in own house (rather than by some panditji sitting miles away from our home) is the best form of self-protection. Kind regards
  5. Hi there, You have one of the most powerful Jupiter one can ever have. Jupiter is considerd as the most auspicious of all planets. In your horoscope it is sitting in the own house in rashi chart and is exalted in the Navamsa -absolutely Brilliant. Just give your best to all you do in life and you will get all you want. Plus even the saturn is exalted in rashi chart and then sitting in own house in Navamsa. very beautiful again. So stop worrying and get going- Sky is the limit. But never forget, Karma is still the MOST IMPORTANT:) Are you living in your birth place? I think your horoscope suggest success away from your birth place. Can you share what is your area of specialization? Regards and best
  6. Hi, I am only a learner and tried having a look at your chart. I would like to ask if the girl is from a different caste. and what is the nature of business of your dad? I think you may not be having very cordial relations with your dad. Please pardon me if I am wrong. You have a powerful gajakesari yoga which is considered very auspicious in 1/7 axis -good for married life. The best part it that it is retained in Navamsa too and that too in a trikona house. Saturn though good for you as lagna lord but still its aspect on both the lord as well as the karaka for marriage delays marriage. Please pray Hanuman ji on saturdays. This would help in other areas of life too. Also if posssible, pray maa laxmi on fridays for improving marriage prospects. By the way, you are mangalik. If possible, please share girl's birth details too as a match between mangalik and non-mangaliks is not recommended. I hope other learned members would guide you further as well as correct me wherever appropriate. Kind regards
  7. Respected Sir, Please ask your daughter to pray Hanuman ji on saturdays as the 10th aspect of saturn on house of marriage causes delay in marriage. The lord of house of marriage, Mercury is sitting in own house conjunct lord of house of conflicts and in papkartari yoga. It would help if she can strengthen mercury by praying lord vishnu on wednesdays.She must do this after marriage also for happy times. wish it helps. Kind regards
  8. Dear Raja, For marriage, you must pray Hanuman ji on tuesdays and saturdays. Also the karaka for marriage Venus is very weak, though well placed. You must pray maa laxmi on fridays. As per my limited knowledge, the current period is favourable for marriage prospects. So the above recommneded prayers must help. This is also important as the 8th house of happiness from marriage is also afflicted. I think you must be doing well in your job. you didn't mention if your father has some health concerns. Share only if you don't mind. Best wishes and regards
  9. Dear Narayan, I am a learner of the subject and just went through your thread. Firstly, I am really sorry for the loss of your mom, and second for your failure in civil services. Its indeed very unfortunate that a person with such humble intentions could not make it. Narayan I cannot really provide the solution to your problem. Rather as a learner I am confused why even in the presence of such strong rajayoga and best form of dharam karmadhipati yoga, you did not see success. But I think a part of solution may have been suggested by Classicji. The Venus is in last degrees in 4th house so if it is effectively taken as operating from the 5th house, it considerably afflicts the strong dhana yoga. As Venus in your horoscope is 6th and 11th(6th from 6th) lord, hence causing obstructions in your path of success. Propitiation of Venus may help in progress in career prospects. Also, according to me, the main problem in your horoscope is your badly afflicted Moon which is not only debilitated in main rashi chart but afflicted by mars and saturn in Navamsha too. This gives you a hypersensitive nature and an insecure mind. For Venus, Please pray Maa Durga on fridays- read Durga Chalisa. Also for moon please pray lord Shiva on mondays- read shiva chalisa(I am sure your mom will be very pleased to see you resume it). And finally a small thing I'd like to share as a friend. In this forum we only see people who have problems in their married lives cause the ones with happy married life do not need to write here. I my self has seen some bad marriages in own family and relatives and it did demotivate me from getting married for some time. But frankly its everyone to their destiny... Do try to think about it as an individual keeping the past baggage behind. Apologies if I crossed my limits here. Kind regards and wish you all the very best. May GOD be with you always
  10. Hi Palak, Please confirm your time of birth again as a minor difference of even a couple fo minutes can change your horoscope drastically. Regards
  11. HI there, The presence of the lord of marriage, mercury in the house itself is good but then its association with mars and aspect from saturn (both natural malefics) may have caused the delay. I would sincerely advice you to pray Hanuman ji every day, sply tuesdays and saturdays. Read Hanuman Chalisa. By the way, you are mangalik and must try to marry a mangalik only. The presence of jupiter and saturn in 10th house is a strong dhana yoga. Plus jupiter from here is aspecting its own house of comforts and happiness, which is again very good. It should also be good for your job and career. Plus, the 10th lord is sitting in 10th to 10th house is good. But again here both mars and saturn are aspecting both the lord(mercury again) and house of job and career. Hence, Praying hanumanji should help you in your career prospects too. The conjunction of mars and mercury can indicate towards a love marriage but frankly am not 100% sure.But it definately is a very nice rajayoga. Your sun(who is the lord of fortune in your horoscope and significator and lord of house of father) is a bit afflicted. If you don't mind can you tell if you have cordial relations with your father. and that if your father has any serious health concerns. These are purely for my learning. you may answer at your discretion. Also if you can share what profession are you associated with- I am thinking some technical line, engineering, accounting:idea: I feel its important that you strengthen your sun by praying lord shiva on sundays and read aditya hridyam. Regards and best
  12. Hi there, please clarify your date of birth as in whether you were born on 4th may or 5th april:) regards
  13. Hi Aarti, I am a learner of the subject and tried having a look at your horoscope. Can you please share since when have you been having these problems? Also, how has 1993-94 period has been health wise? For your medical problems, I think the affliction to 4th lord mercury by both the 8th lord saturn and 6th and 11th lord mars without any benefic aspect may be creating problems. Please read Hanuman Chalisa daily with all devotion to pacify the ill-effects from saturn and mars. for strengthening mercury, please read Vishnu sahsranama on wednesdays. This will also help improve domestic happiness(4th house). The 4th house is afflicted by sun-rahu conjunction again with no benefic aspect and the 4th lord sitting in 3rd house(12th to 4th house). worship lord shiva on sundays and mondays. I hope this helps. I request the learned members to correct me wherever necessary. Kind regards and best
  14. Hi there, I am getting your ascendant as Libra with rahu in first house from 2 different softwares. If this is correct, then mars becomes a powerful markesh for you. and though I am no expert at gems and am only a learner of this divine science myself, but i believe that coral can be the most inappropriate stone for you. Please confirm your ascendant if possible. I REQUEST THE LEARNED MEMBERS TO PLEASE HELP HERE AS THIS SOUNDS PRETTY URGENT:pray: Kind regards
  15. Hi there, Can you please confirm your time of birth well. in your other post you've mentioned it as 4:40 pm and here 4:45 pm. If it is actually 4:35 pm or earlier, your horoscope can change completely. So please confirm your time of birth well. Kind regards
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