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  1. Thanks for replying My father health is okie okie, My professional life is a sort of thing in which i expect something and i get something always and also even after putting lot of efforts, gain will be very low. [Not a very lucky fellow, Things won't fall so easily for me] and from past one year i am facing lot of problems, met with many severe accidents, Could you please look at my horoscope how will my career and health in long run ? I also read that sun in eight house is very bad for health. Is this true. Regards, Raja
  2. Thanks for replying mylilangel. To answer your question my relationship with my father is okie, But i can say i am more attached to my mom and as your guess i am an Engineer. my parent are looking bride for quite sometime[a year] and most of the proposals which comes will break down without any reasons, I have no idea what am i going through. Thanks. Raja
  3. Hi All, I have Jupiter and Saturn in tenth house and mercury and mars in 7th house, Is this a bad combination for marriage and when will i get married. Please advise. Details:- DOB: 19-july-1981 TOB: 16:45 Place:davengere , karnataka. Regards, Raja123
  4. Hi, Could anyone please analyze my horoscope and tell how my life will, From past one year i have met with many road accidents and undergoing lots of troubles in health, nothing is working out. DOB : 19-7-1981 time : 4.40 PM Place : davangere [karnataka] Please help me. Thanks Raja
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