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  1. hey pundit you should have told him we rather look dirty on the outside than be dirty inside.
  2. if there is any one that visits any other Kali temples in Trinidad or more so in the world and have seen the Fire pass (walk) performed one would see that the purpose of it is that after having completed the pooja one would literally without manifestation walk over the fire symbolising tat we have had self victories in this our self sacrifice to the divine devi kali. now in trinidad i have visited other temples to witness this great event so poported by the pujaries and to the dismay have seen the height of the coals are like one inch high and scattered all over the pit. then when it is time for them to dance the run through and go straight for the closest water puddle and on examining the players you see that they are burnt. Why? alot of the rules are changing and becoming man made and the leaders to keep up with society demands of making it a monetary event dont really care. and so i ask why Fire pass just like many others may have asked why sacrifice? what is the goal what is the benefits of you the person, what does it do for the temple for its upliftment? how does it heal the sickly? i went one recently and the very next day one of the pujarie had to be rushed to hospital for severe burns to his feet! Why? if these guys are really manifesting the divine how do these things happen? the later the same temple burnt down when they were conducting a kargum pooja by some river! Why? so i ask why fire pass?
  3. hey pundit whats the scene nah we dont do the fire pass but in our style of the three days Kargum pooja no fire pass is necessary
  4. can anyone point me in the direction where i can listen, see or download music of Krishna Das with the exception of you tube. i just love the Radhe Shyam soundtrack. but cant seem to get a video or full track of it anywhere
  5. hey A.F. new pics added check them out http://family.webshots.com/album/563...a?vhost=family
  6. sometimes when one is on a spiritual path and doubt of what he or she is doing patience runs out and anxiety starts so we start to call mother in all forms, shapes and sizes regardless of our normal consicious having none what so ever with hope and enlightment that the mother would show us her real self so my dear pentium 17 you are on a good and blissful path but intime she would show. blessed are those who seek and even more blessed are those who are tested by that divinity. good luck with you next journey in your spiritual path she have your back..... :) :) :)
  7. i beg to differ with you Baobabtree ! Yes Siddhidatree maa is the mother of siddhis but she is not whom tou refer to as Kateri Maa. i understand that you mean to say is that Kateri ma is the littlest sister of Kali Maa but in referance to the Nav Durga Form she is the sixth and not the last. for Kaatyaayanee is the nurse the remover of sickness, the healer, the bestower of children, the liberator of sickness due to lenghtly menses if you get my drift. if one was to read the Kali Purana one would see that when Bhoo devi was pregnant due to Narak she went to Vishnu Bhagwan and asked for relief and in so doing was granted liberation but so unsure of his future and safety she manifested her self through earth and took form as Kaatyaayanee Maa the head nurse, baby sitter of Narak but just in disguise and so forth she was elevated to that of the sixth form of Nav Durga as that of what was mentioned earlier. Siddhidatree Maa: OM SIDDH GANDHARVA YAKSHA DVAIR SURAI RAMRAIRAPEE SEVYAMAANAA SADAA BHUYAAT SIDDHIDAA SIDDHIDAYINEE the ninth form of Mother durga is names Siddhidaatree Maa. she is the bestower of all siddhis . According to the Markandaye puraan there are eight.
  8. hey triniboy that is true once when black ram was alive it use to be a fully functional temple but now i guess because of all the responsibilities they just have their yearly pooja. but not to sound rude what i meant was temples that have an every week service and they who arte sada and sacrifice. sata 36 you can contact me at pujariefiveo@hotmail.com and we will be able to comunicate further
  9. why 16 days. once you have not entered or viewed the deceased in that mannerism there should be no problem however your local pundit would be best to give more knowledge but besides what does KALI mean.
  10. hey whats up if i can add my input: sometimes a person in our daily walk of life may have a negative effect due to a certain devta this may because probably due to family lineage and no matter of how the prayers some sort of shanti poojas may not be succesfull due to karma and so we get sour to that particular devta. Swami g probably may have had that problem so concieved this plan to bad mouth Khal Bhairav. when one reads that article you can see the passion of hate eminating in the words but i believe we are stronger in devotion and common sense to see through his words. Or probably Swami g has seen the interest in his devotees to Khal Bhairav and so has to wash his mouth on god but life is a circle so it will come back around. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. hey A.F. how things was off line for a little while but problem resolved want to thank each and every one of you for your positive comments about the temple thus far and wow the display of the panch tattva murtis are so beautiful the divine has blessed us greatly:namaskar:
  12. Jayati Mahakali jayati, Adya Kali mat, Jai karal vadane jayati, jagat matu vikhyat Jai jai rup Prachandiaka, Mahakalika devi, Jayati jayati Shiv-chandrika, sur nar munijan sevi Jayati jayati Raktasana, Raudramukhi Rudrani, Ari shonit khapair bharani Khadga dharani shuchi panni. Jai jai jai maiya Shri Kali jayati khadga kar khappar vali. Jayati Mahamaya vikr ala Rudra-shakti kalahun ko kala. Man madhu kaitabh ke vadh-hetu pragati shri Hari ke tan se tu. Shyamal gat mat tav sohat Ravi sam chhavi lakhi chavi pati mohat Dashmukh tis nain man bhavan Bhal bal shashi, mukut suhavan. Ko chhavi varani sakai man teri shyam kesh janu ghata sugheri. Ur ari mundamal chhavi chhajat Astra shastra dash hast virajat. Khappar khadg trishul kuthari Gada chakra dhanu shankh sudhari. Ari kar-katan ghanghara rajai Ang-ang suchi bhushan sajai. Rangit rakt dash charan karala jihi vishal rup vikarala. Jabahi attahas man karati Kanpat thar-thar, thar, thar dharti. Adi shakti dhani Jagdhatri Maha pralaya ki adhishthatri. Man tav charan pragat shri Shankar Rasna bahar, vadan bhayankar. Dhani-dhani Kalkate ki Kali Sahasabhuji shri Shivpur vali. Tuhi kali Siya Dashmukh nasyo shri Raghupati pad vijai vilasyo. Jag sukh shanti hetu kalyana karin nup dharan bidhinana. Tuhin, shri Krishna rup ki Kali Chandrahas murli kar vail. Chaturbhuji tanu ashta bhuji dhari kahun dashbhuj, ashtadashkari. Kahun battis, chausath bhuj dharat kahun sahasra bhuj kari marat. Tun Hari shakti ardh nishi vali Tikshnadant rasna, risi vali. Raktachandika khadga dharani Rudra chandrika khal sanharani Shri satshringi Adya kali kalikhoh nivasani vali. Adi matu tuhin narn shirmali tumhin kansahanani Baitali. Tumhin Bhadrakali Kailasi sada khalan ke raktapyasi. Khach-khach-khach shir kati shatrukar Bhar-bhar-bhar-shomit khappar bhar. Dal-dal-dal-danav bhakshan kar chal-chal chal-khal rakta khalan kar. Gani-gani-gani anikarahu nipata Dhani-dhani-dhani shri kali mata. Yahi ardas das kahan mai Pujahu as tu hou sahai. Paryogadh sankat ab bhari kehi ka maiya aj pukari. Chari-chor lagyo mag mohi, karan chahat Raghupati ko drohi. Hai ehi shatrun ka bhupa kam krodh moh iobh sarupa. Inahin dehun yadi anta-pachhari Tabahin milahin bhagvantmurari. Dujo ek arj yah mata todhahu sapadi khalan ke tanta. Jete dushta maha apradhi badkarmi pamar bak vyadhi. Jo nit binu apradh satavat dharma karma shubh hon na pavat. Tinahin matu tu chakija hali bachan putra ki hohi na khali. Puni bani Aindri avahu mata Adbhut shakti dikhavahu mata. Chatpat lehu khalahin sanhari Mori matu jani karahu abari. Bharahu shanti sukh dhan jan dhama ati anand hoi yah grama. Puni-puni vinavahi Sundardasa maiya pur karahu abhilasa. DOHA Maha Kalika charit yah, ik prakar ka mantra, Sarva kamna puran prati, manahun yantra aru tantra. Kali chalisa padhai, lali chahai ju koi, Kali ari ka nash ho, khali bachan na hoi. Kaii Hari kau teu hain, ari ko nasan har, Hari ko puran shakti hain, karat hetu sanhar.
  13. what type of pooja are you refering to ? the one with the pig if so the many that i went in observance they always use the nav durga names not that i know that parmeshwari has sisters probably some one else might be able to help in that field of expertise
  14. have it some where on a cd will try to upload it for you
  15. cant go a day without taking a glimpse a touch a glance at her beautiful face she is so beautiful in real the aura is so amazing it feels soooo goood. i am like a child with a new found love and it is meh mother. thanks for all the positive responses kali maa blessings to each and everyone of you............................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :namaskar:
  16. if the good learned pundit checks this forum regularly then my question to him relative to the worship on KAANI DEVI and her modes of worship are not yet placed please pundit g were is the reply
  17. hey folks this is a new shakti temple opened in Trinidad and Tobago! ENJOY from start to finish. Murti is seven feet tall. tell me what you think. the name of the temple is the Sri Kaliamman Kovel. http://family.webshots.com/album/563057817VahLJa?vhost=family
  18. i myself have heard the same rumour but like you my studies shows no trace of him any where in any of the devi texts and the pujaries who tried failed to show the link. i dont think the offer sacrifice to him but i know any thing given to him they make it extra sweet. with the referance to him as a jain no i think he is not Kabir Swami was a nomad travelling from place to place nothing to much just his passion for the devine is what made him famous something like Valmiki. with the grace and blessings of the divine unknown are made famous. i think they are trying to represent Naag Baba as Naguran but the problem is that they have a murti of Kabir swami and tell us it is the human form of Naag so this is where the confusion for us takes place
  19. hey friend if you are fortunate to ever read the devi bhagawatam you would see the words written. no one called her lustful in the sense every man she saw she wanted but she in the presence of Sri Bhramah acknowledge the thoughts of the king after her garment was blown of i believe it was just a part of Maya so that Ganga Maa could have walked the earth for a particular reason.which as we saw she did and returned.
  20. hey 2903 from what i learnt naguran is a local diety to Guyanese temples for they believe he is a protector of the divine devi. however the reason for such as i was able to find out was that in the days of James Naidoo some of his pujaries pulled away to open a temple and through manifestation of the divine was given instructions that they would know what, where, when and how to open the new mandir. as faith would have it the first person to seek help was a muslim woman and she promised to give help which she did in the form of a murti and none other of Kabir Panth world renowned Fakir and a devotee of the divine Kali maa. as time went by Naag spot became his and his name became Naguran.
  21. hey A.F. best wishes on your shiv vatri and may lord shiva shower his darshan on all of us om Namah Shivayaaaaaa
  22. hey whats up i may be putting my foot in my mouth by giving you a reply but it could be for your best. you state that you cant purchase a mantra and list the reasons but then you give the solution to your own problem. if you live far away then try to resolve this and move back for i dont know your situation nor life but if it was that it was that you who have moved away what does that show him. then you say that both have misunderstandings well friend try understanding him and calm down. long distance relationships is always a comprimise but it is who shall do it. him or you. seems to me you are trying to force something that needs time to mature and bloom into something beautiful. just my observation so dont feel angry towards me and besides these mantras dont work.
  23. thompson road palmiste i hear there is two on this road
  24. pundit bhiro take win on your point but then my question to you is if Kaarni devi is Kaani devi then how does one poojay her what is her function what is her mantra, what is her colour, who is her consort if she has any, what type of chariot has she on what day, time, period what moon should i worship her, is her type of prayers different in any other ways what direction should sit to best poojay her. and please dont give me that because she a form of durga then dura maa theories applies then you will just conceed to my very point and please dont misunderstand that with my age comes a little knowledge of which i am proud.
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