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  1. Thanks & i wish you all da same, I want to know something,during past few years i had developed some traumas against men in general,with my bad experiences about my relationships,I had started taking everything negatively and get very personal about everything,at work i am doing fine,but in my personal life and relationships,i am full of doubts,when i loose my temper i tend to use da most harsh words at that time knowing that it would spoil everything,& insult..but after that i regret too,but then if da same incident occurs,i do da same,those who know me,say that i am full of anger but at da same time i am full of selfless love,i by nature am very kind and a giving person,i compromise a lot in my life,but i am not able to take control of my emotions and anger and da negative part of myself? I believe in lord shiva,is there any way,any mantra that i can chant for a certain time and period to gain peace on myself so that i can give peace and happiness with the love that i have to give to others? Pls help me,i have to change & improve myself inorder to let others be able to see what i have to give is pure love and nothing else? I cant change da world or their circumstances,but i can change myself and my views as to how to see each one of them..so will anyone be able to help me? Thanks,god bless everyone
  2. we as humans often try to choose easiest way out & ask for prompt solutions,guess da same happend to me,was thinking tht i could get him,but gues both of u r rite,though it broke a hope but i guess,whatever will happen will happen for everyone's betterment,n besides that sm1 told me,what is yours will always come to you n remain yours,n what isn't yours,no need to cry over it or die behind it! I am sad,but guess destiny has its own way to call us! Really appreciate for your honesty n time taken to respond! God bless you,thanks!
  3. Om Namaha Shivay. No one who can help me? I had 19 views but not even 1 reply!! Pls help me,there must be a way to gain my man and his love back pls.
  4. Om Namaha Shivay. I reside far away from India and my fiance is in India,we are engaged since 1 and a half years,we meet thrice a year,but we have had the toughest ups and downs of the relationship. We used to talk almost 9 to 10 times everyday but currenly not talking to each other at all. I am completely lost without him,I know he loves me a lot,but due to distance i always misunderstand his work circumstances. I want to achieve peace on my temper and on his too,as well as i want to secure my man and his love for me only,thats why I want to know a 'vashikaran' mantra which can help my love to influence his heart and bring him back and have a strong bond forever with him. I will not be able to buy any such magazines which Guruji and the well wishers advise on this site,I will neither be able to buy any yantras here nor any such rosaries,because nothing of this is sold here. So please guide me with the complete way including the clear pronounciation. I also request to please let me know if only chanting vashikaran mantras would help without yantras? And how many times and for how many days should i pray? I am also a follower of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. Please help me,and god will bless you with all that you ask for. Your sister is 'lost in love'
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