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  1. Thanks for your help....I asked honest questions because these are doubts in my head and as you mention I have far ways to go. I will not feel confortable to ask these questions in person. To be honest with you I don't like the way the Kali temple is affecting my family, one of my family now feels he's god and he goes around making predictions etc etc. Others drinks and smokes and says its the way master wants it. its destroying our family.
  2. Pujarie Five-O...you make a lot of sense but I still don't buy it. When I said what made the pujari's so special, I should've said what made ANYONE so special to summons god at their will and give advise. This is craziness. God is God and cannot be controlled by any mere human. If I am good and pure at heart, god will help me. I still see only hopeless people with no way of Taking Care of their "problems" go there. For instance people that commit crimes, go there to get off at the courts. The "deotas" promises a total discharge or a light sentence. I could promise anyone the same. Am I God?? These churches are corrupting innocent people, they are giving false hopes and turning them against their own friends and families. One deota said somebody else is doing something to you, and its you brother or sister or friend....then you go fight up with your family for madness because some crazy has some visions.... Sorry pujarie five o.... I cannot be swayed into this hypocrisy. I cannot and will not believe God can be manifested.
  3. Dear All, the type of worshipping has made its way in my family cirlce and I'm very very worried. I have been researching online and talking to alot of people about this. It seems that everyone you know is connected somehow into it. I went to the Kali temple for the first time a month ago and was shocked. It was dirty and filled with cigarettes smokes. After the invocation took place, I went up for a reading. Kal Bhairo asked me very general questions, couldn't tell me anything specific. I went to the temple with an open mind to learn as much as I could. It actually confirmed my feelings about the whole thing. I think its all fake and money making. They prey on the vulnerable. 1) I heard these are gods who will go in dirty places.... I taught gods are everywhere and why would they not help their devotee regardless where they are are?? Lord Rama went to the evil Rawana to defeat him. How dirty and evil can you get more than Rawan's abode. Lord Krishna went to Kansa's temple to defeat him, remember the same guy that crushed the new borns to death. 2) Why are these Pujari's so special that they can summons God at anytime at their will. Why will god enter a human body??? God is all knowing and does not need to manifest himself..... He is everywhere and knows everything. If a devotee prays to Him, He will help. 3) This movement is for the simple minded. Its a business and I feel bad for the people that go there. They are being robbed left and right. The temple I went to, all the pusaries and pujaries were very rude and condescending to everyone.
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