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  1. hey Baobabtree great post on varahi have this site saved however i will explain and probably you all will get what it is i mean when i said that there is no Kaani devi as this form. No disrespect Bhiraiv Child: in the temple i once used to attend this is the place i learnt of maa( god bless) there is a murti of a devi where they pelt the coconut on the ground in her pooja where it cracks in many pieces. now the pujarie there and his family teachings is that this devi is believed to be Kanya kumarie and they call her Kaani devi for short. not Kaarni devi for i had once questioned the spelling. Now within my reaserch there is no Kaani Devi mentioned in sacred texts for this is me point which however threw this purohit bhiro into a tantrum. what i had meant from the start is that you would not call on devi a next name in prayers, offering and pooja and when you dont see the results you cast blame that the devta is not answering your prayers when it is fact the persons' teaching you and your self to blame. why i say oneself is because as a spiritual person the onus is on oneself to further learn what is said and investigate to try and go one step further and not just rely on what is said.l am not discrediting any one guru but the guru gives a theoretical way in preaching but not practical so one has to learn for oneself. so this was my point. even though all roads lead to the same destination by carefully reading the signs on the street names one would not go round in circles. hey Bhiraiv Child i not taunting youngie i just wantd to know if him had meaning for i have the chalisa and not the meaning no joke i done with him long time. and a question what you meant by hope yuh good ? if was meh health yes i dey poke ah poke but no pork nor beef.
  2. hey thanks for your interest.found out that she is really sheetala ma
  3. more or less i have these listed do you or any body else know of any others
  4. how about posting the meaning of the chalisa for us.
  5. tried to post something but not get through.
  6. dear bhiro how are you are you fine i know i am but just to point out if you have come to the forum to pass on you ideas and practises then i assure if not i then someone else would be objective with you ( am i being friendly enough for you) my dearest young one to eat from the tree of wisdom is nice but only a few rarely has this blessings. for if my dearest friend that you believe that i dont kow of the matrikas inclusive of varahi devi then to be honest with you i know of them do you my friend want to know of her. if you want my dearest friend i will oblige to tell you not teach you for you already have a teacher my good pundit.( sweet sweet with a red cherry on top) you see my friend arogance is your main focus you read but not understand let me break it down for you. If your goodly guru use to help persons they would from far and wide speak of him( not his name and they would describe him as follows: there is a guru from tamil nadu who practises in: ( the village) and so forth do you now understand ( with sugar and spice) am i still being sweet enough or passive enough purohit. my friend i am not trying to take away kali maa from you and it is even senseless of you to think so especially in a point. again with sugar ontop this is a free forum and you dont have to always defend yourself if you are doing studies bless carry on that great to hear but still i taunt you and you answer so whose emotions are really running away with them and besides elders have the authorithy to scold their younger brothers ent you say we are brothers so why you feel hurt i am just your bigger brother scolding you for you to learn. how many books and websites you must have checked so far to cross referance what i say hmmmmmmmmmm.dont feel insulted dont feel hurt dont feel intimidated for i really have no hate for you. or and one more thing Bhiro child is a girl. i was once rudely corrected as i am sure she will you.you have to remember that just because some one is harsh towards that does not mean that they respect you the world has many persons friendly and some aggresive and some silent but by now you know the type i am but honestly i am quite friendly.
  7. you know strange i not vex infact i have one big grin on meh face youngie reminding me of me when i was his age. which big pooja coming up the one by L, i know you want to meet meh but i real busy building meh own ,opening soon will you come:rolleyes:
  8. Quote: taken from post Varaahi devi <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="BORDER-RIGHT: #666666 1px solid; PADDING-RIGHT: 3ex; BORDER-TOP: #666666 1px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 3ex; BORDER-LEFT: #666666 1px solid; BORDER-BOTTOM: #666666 1px solid" bgColor=#e0e0e0>Originally Posted by Guest Varaahi is the goddess who is fierce in nature but the ocean of mercy to her devotees and those who love and listen to her.This miracle has been proved in real life.Seeing is believing.She has manifested herself in physical form in the house of a devotee by name Balaraman alias Kumar Mama at Bangalore Gupta Layout Ulsoor.She converses through Kumar Mama and offers solutions to people who come to her with various problems ranging from health related and other day to day afflictions. Many people have gone back with their problems solved by the Goddess. She Can change a persons fortunes if he acts upon her advice.For more information Kumar mama can be contacted on 91-080-30527984.I have been benefited by her any other person who has problems can avail of her counsel . Besides a Vaarahi temple is coming up at Bangalore constructed by the Mahaavarahi temple trust.Those who wish to contribute their mite can contact Mama at the above Telephone Number. Om Vaarahyei Namaha M.S.A </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> <!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> bhiro wrote: i would like to know more bout her all i know is that she is one of tripurasundari's attendants and whenever somting is offered in the shri cakra puja she comes to collect it.hope i didnt disrespect you. i live in the caribbean i would like to know more about her and her worship so i can start doing it here and people would get to know her more i love her as my mother please help me. check this bhiro you say that i crying like a child for info but is this not your post :rolleyes: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: lets be honest you want to make me look bad to highlight your self but you also beg for info but why ask for it on the internet ask you guru. you like salt you want to be in everything. <!-- / message -->
  9. hey bhiro i am a fool blinded my Kali maa I am an idiot that does Kali maa pooja i am ignorrant to only worship kali i am aroggant with Kali maa determination, i am selfish to want only kali, i am jealous when others touch kali maa feet before me, i hate to see a half pooja done for kali maa, i am greedy for kali's love, i lust to sleep by kali maa feet, i get angry when it is time to start kali maa pooja and it is not done on time so my great PUROHIT (not pundit) you are correct and thanks to your contribution and assumptions about me it is greatly appreciated to help improve myself. still your post a beautiful except about Mariamman but confused about the relevance in this discussion.and again all the questions i had asked you and you not answer so this fool reminds you to answer or do you not know the answer.
  10. hey guys what mark are you refering to the majority of the pics i have there are three lines on the forehead of him describe what you have. for there is a picture of KALKI who rides a white horse the last avatar to come in the time of disolution of Sri Vishnu that resembles Khal Bhirav and he has the mark of Vishnu. i hope this is not the one you are refering to. there is also one where is forehead is yellow with a red bindu ust like the devi Mariamman. so which one are we talking about.
  11. amma's child wrote: Hey pujarie I will be visiting Trinidad this year and would like to visit your temple..What temple do you go to? I hope your temple does not do animal sacrifice.. My mother does not believe alot of people's comments but you seem to have won her over with your knowledge.I would like to discuss something with you but I cannot post it on this site as it is personal. Thanks again wait let us examine what you said for a minute. the majority of my knowledge came from in and around sacrificial pooja. in this earth alot of people do not like to go to a blood temple but check this: are you a vegetarian if not why. you pooja a god and say that you do not give to her blood however you eat from saran to baran( meaning anything) yet inside your body since the meat has not yet been properly digested you go infront of the same devi who does not eat meat by your hand but by mine and you pray to her. now who is untrue to their nature. Kali maa does not want blood,meat,rum and cigars but yet watch the persons who use these remarks they do more of it on a daily basis. i am sorry to tell you but my temple does animal sacrifice but does that change who i am. does that change the knowledge in my brains, does that mean that if you visit my temple you are immediately going to have to give blood.would my impression from start change now like if i have been a leper that you would scorn me. point: what i do and how i poojay i poojay for my self not no one else and in this life certain persons are born with certain rha's that come with them in this life so they CHOOSE to carry on these types of poojas and if you witness one that does not mean to say you have to do the same. if you decide to poojay the divine Kali Maa satvic that is very good but be honest about it for if you cannot offer what you eat then dont eat it. for example there are some who come in temple dont do sacrifice but use to party every friday, big cook and lime problems started to happen in family do you know what was solution. simple just fasting on friday and abstaining from meat and alcohol now if they had gne to another place the other pujaries would have told them to perform blood pooja. but this is not my way. if you have never done any within your life why start now. many persons fear what they dont know about so i suggest they learn. you might say where to learn. but all around you can learn but the key is to have an open mind and when you reach a place that makes sense of what you are doing god is within. discrimination falls under hatred and this is one of the sheats that we have to remove. remember what i do i do for me.
  12. they say silence is golden but mine now bronze. how is you i am good will be better soon busy with temple. ram ram.
  13. because i have the testicular fortitude to stand for what i believe in and say what i want regardless to the lies that probably you and the others encourage in trinidad i am some how perfect. well then my friend thank you foryour compliment but you and i know to attain perfection is to attain moksh and i aint dead yet. some how like what i typing either you reading wrong or your intellect is very low i never said not to put something for the dog i was saying that at NO TIME BHIRO IS WORSHIPPED AS A DOG ( highlighted for easy reading) yes better you give me the food for i wish better i be a dog to you for you might understand me better in that dialect. you say i could be wrong now make up your mind. when i say Kaani devi does not exist i mean the word KAANI as a devi the devi meaning KANYAKUMARIE you moron gosh you fustrating boy you sure you is a pundit that read alot of books and study and do the people exams or it is looking to me like you buy your license. Again because someone spent time in tamil nadu and see alot of ways to worship the devi dat aint make him no guru probably yours and i now see why you is his chailor. i not trying to shoot down no one if you were paying attention i believe it was in my post i wrote this not no one elses. prove it get a pic of Kaani devi and post it get one from your guru and then describe to us who she is. i think you mixing up katarie with kaani devi. and if there was a guru from tamil nadu teaching shakti worship how i never heard of him.
  14. amma's child wrote: I am new to all this .Can you tell me what is vaishnavism? and what is the corect way to worship mother kali ? let me see if i can help. in hinduism there are certain sects and these worship six forms of the godhead but there are more on a lesser account. now from the main six Ganesh, Devi, Siva, Vishnu, Surya and Skanda are mainly or largely worshiped. now the Ganapatyas worship lord ganesh, Shaktas the devi, Vaishnavas; lord Vishnu, Sauras; lord Surya and Kaumaras worship lord Murgan. Vaishnavism or the worship of lord Vishnu are usually distinguished into other PRINCIPAL sects or Sampradayas.1) the Sri Vaishnavas adore Vishnu and Lakshmi and their incarnations. and are also called Ramanujas after the founder Ramanjuna Acharya and also Sri Sampradayins they are called. 2) from this root emerged two other roots Northern school Vadagalai and Southern School Tengalai the south regard self surrender as the only way to salvation whilst the north considers this only a one of the ways of a many few.3 the Ramanandis pay homage to Lord Rama, Sita and Hanuman. 4) the Vallabhacharins or Krishna Sampradayins worship Krishna as Bala Gopala 5) the Chaitanyas worship only lord Krishna as the Supreme being. 6) the Nimbarkas worship Krisna and Radha conjointly. 7) the madhvas worship lord vishnu and mark their upper chest and shoulder with iron brands of their lord. 8) Radha Vallabhis worship Krishna as the lover of Radha. hope this helps with your request but this has been tremendously shortened for easy reading but the whole of Vaishnaism is much more vast than these simple words, alot and lot of texts you have to read to fully understand all sub-sects. Anyways the correct way to worship is actually none. what you have to understand is that the truth of your nature is important. what i mean is that if you are evil then the truth is that you will want to learn and perform the best evil and if you are good then you will follow a different path. now regardless to your nature to worship the simplist way is Shodas upa-chaara or the sixteen modes of entertainment. now some pundits may disagree with me but regardles to style meaning the Sanatan way or the Shakta way the steps may be different but both use the same items but in different order. but again the goal is the same. there is no best way espicially what bhiro had said satvic and tamasic to worship maa kali before one has to do blood sacrifice he still has to fast the satvic way then perform. the killing or offering drink and smoke is just a step up. for i have to fast for mother pooja i have to fast forty two days. now pundit g boasts that he fasts every friday without salt and what not but first we have to find out that when you are fasting twenty one days for your prayers how much days does he perform fast. now if he is married and has house hold functions and spousal duties how many days do you think they fast to come in your house to perform your prayers you who have fasted twenty one. and then tells us that there is two ways to worship god. how foolish! stop and wait he is preaching punditaye way but giving solutions fron shakta school of thinking who is confused.
  15. hey B.C. you make me laugh. you know i have no beef nor pork with you just a matter of opinions yes you not in the discussion but sometimes a refree is also needed to neutralise things:P .
  16. my friend my patience with the arrogant ones are very low if your guru from tamil nadu guyana taught you this well fine still Kanyakumari puja i did not mean kumarie pooja you perform for nav ratri i meant the puja you do for kanyakumari (one word) pooja. as the story goes Punyakshi was a maiden who lived in the southern tip of india and wanted lord shiva as her husband, but the gods were opposed to this for only as a virgin did she posses the power to defeat demons who at the time plagued the earth.the gods agreed to allow the marriage one lord shiva had aquired some difficult things which he succeded to attain. but with condition that he must reach her village before the sun rises. mounted on his bull he rushed but just as the village appeared on the horizon the roosters started to crow. believing it was day break he turned around heartbroken. but he was fooled into thinking so because the other gods had made the roosters crow before time. when Punyakshi learnt of the divine deception her fury knew no bounds, she kicked the pots of food prepared for her wedding which turned into coloured sand found on the southern shores of india even today. the demons offered to marry her but were destroyed by her. she stood on the seashore beside her village facing the sea and vowed not to move until she is reunited with her lord at the end of time and as a result she became Kanyakumari. the divine maiden. did not your tamil nadu guru from south india not tell you this story.Pundit g whom ever you adore as your guru is no business of mine so because he spent time in india he is guru . well i went america so i am american but wait i went guyana so i guyanese now see my point. but yet he told you that kanya kumarie pooja is the same as kumarie pooja where you worship nine virgin girls. my friend i think you need to revisit your guru and the library and futher your lessons remember your are playing with people lives and when you knowingly decieve people it comes back million fold. this is kumarie pooja i.e. worship of nine virgin girls for each night on the navartri not of what i was refering to. you can refer to me as which ever devta there is it insults me not espicially when i know i am correct. so your tactics to ridicule me and draw readers away from the point and to take your side may work but i will remind you. about your baseless point i said: "then again you say that you do fowl cock pooja for kaani devi and let go the fowl cock then answer this if you are not going to sacrifice the bird why release the bird so the victory of the prayers run around the yard and well kaani is running behind it." and you said sooo tell me or great one why do we offer food to a dog wen you are doing kala bhairo puja so after he can run behind the dog if wat you were saying are true then you should kill the dog not leave it to run around in your yard sooo do you scarifice dogs to bhairo ooo great pujari see how stupid your point is let me help you ! when you apply bath and chandan to an animal it becomes the offering so in other words the fowl is now prasad but still it has life in it food does not. you offer a dog food when you do bhiro pooja at no time bhiro is worshiped as the dog this is his chariot next thing i might see you do is advise people to worship and pooja lord ganesh charoit as lord ganesh himself. if i am right with your above point when you offer food to the dog it is really for khal bhiro or was it the dog being offered. in my point the fowl was the offering not food for the fowl i think in your haste to ridicule me your emotions got the better of you and you typed dogtata:P 53 verse 12 it say to send a person crazy you use a fowl by following other practices not mentioned here you leave the fowl let it run free, and the reason for me useing black majic is for the normal person to understand and therefore learn. so how many persons pundit g have you sent crazy. we just like lord rama and ravan were devotees of the divine but this does not mean because we worship her we are alike and the same. our paths may be same but our destinations are different my dear purohit.
  17. hey whats up A.F. long time not on the scene bit preoccupied with my temple. anyways bhiro i think for a pundit the concensus would have been that you are supposed to be a little more intelligent than the rest of us as to lead us. you say that there is a devi called kaani devi i say no but there is one called Kanya kumari that people say is kaani and if is this you pray to then woe onto whom you teach as a pundit. anyways i see that you are close to shakti worship and at 24 well done but be careful as to how you preach i too am from trinidad and as for pundits here well all i can say is that if you dony follow them then they chastise you. then again you say that you do fowl cock pooja for kaani devi and let go the fowl cock then answer this if you are not going to sacrifice the bird why release the bird so the victory of the prayers run around the yard and well kaani is running behind it. first time i heard a pundit refer to black magic and use fowl cock as antidote. my concept on paremeshwari maa is different and as you had read my earlier post that you had agreed too, you should know my aim. This post relative to Kaani was not that she deos not exist but is that they refer to her by wrong name my learned friend. and besides as a pundit one has to have controlled emotions and calm and soothing words where are yours.
  18. hey JMD that will be no problem. to every temple we have opened to the public we will visit. when you are ready and you come we will link and the beautiful country we have you will explore.
  19. did not parvati, sati, or durga you choose a name for lord Shiva wife, take the dirt ( muk) off her own skin to make a god hmmm let me think! oh yes lord ganesh if i remember correctly, not so. then you ask can Saraswati Ma and Lakshmi devi be impure by any means then was it not the dirty wax from lord Vishnu ears create two demons in the time of creation. so arent these two impure by any means. i think you not understand the jist of bhakti's story ( great story by the way Bhakti first time i hear this version) the devis just washed their skin and as a result so pure were them that even the dirt was pure enough to create a devi however by the means of her creation she could perform the function given isnot shakti worship beautiful.
  20. the one sitting on the black bull is called verai-mataji who is another form of durga i got the pic whilst looking for info relative to momai maa cant remember but trying to find it.
  21. The purpose of religion is to tell people something to make them feel better. this is so true when you want to rob i understand that most ppl do not like hearing the truth but sometimes it is the right thing to do. when you stand as a religious leader you are bounded by truth but sometimes not all are religious. No one really wants to be put into the position of having to say "I don't know" - especially religious leaders, who are supposed to be there to protect us from uncertainty. sometimes not saying i dont know is more harmful as the by-product our religious leaders in society are blatantly using and abusing their gifts and then there are the one who are just leaders. leaders of what cause i dont know but always doing half way and instead of helping they are using these ppl. not only in shakti worship but also in sanatan dharma way as well. take for example a couple friend of mine wanted to marry. so they went by this pundit to check their signs. he stated that the marriage if done on a specific date would be a happy commune. then after all was settled and after nine months they divorced. my friend went for a second opinion ( which i think should have been done firstly ) only to find out that they were not compatible and the new pundit should him as to how he read the charts and so forth. so he returned to the first pundit and asked what had happened, who pointed out that the grah devtas had placed blockages in their paths which resulted in the divorce. so with pretext he asked to be shown and not being the reader of hindi the old pundit showed him the same book and read differently and tried to fool him showing him hindi words and explaining wrongly. thank Kali maa for the invention of cell phones with cameras. my friend showed the old pundit the explanation given to him by the new pundit and well you could imagine the look on his face. my friend started a campaign outside his office telling persons how he had been fooled but who wants to believe the minority so he stopped. but this is just how the world turns.
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