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  1. the picture and text was taken from a book called DEVI the mother goddess-an introduction written by Devdutt Pattanaik and in it the picture is stated to be a calendar print so i assume they did not want little boys and girls exposed to breasts and private parts hanging in the houses. However in reality yes she took off her clothing this was the faith of her and conviction to carry out her duties of a house wife.the whole and full story in lenght is in the devi Mahatmayam if i not mistaken will have to check and get back to you.
  2. hey all check out my phone wall paper is she not the most beautiful face that you can sit and stare whole day hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.she sweet eh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  3. yes and if you want prepare some sweetrice and offer for all you have on the astan and do the pooja you will surely get results is it had for you to get neemb where you at. i have attached a pic to show you how the naryial should look just in case you dont know. the clean part is the hard shell and the husk part ( the churki) is what is removed after you crack it to reveal the three dots or eyes on the top. this is the part you place on the astan and the bottom half you put a block of champhor to perform aarti and place on the ground in front of the astan
  4. you laugh at the word honesty dont you believe that Anasuya was chaste and honest. by the way thanks for reminding me forget will try forgive the quality had to take it out this am with my phone.
  5. to kali coconut, to kateri limes and to khal bhiro rum and cigs however if you want to offer coconuts to the three then you can do so do not yet offer rum and cigs to the devis not yet as you are still learning.
  6. not nad meant and (typo) hahaha yes rum and cigs yes every sunday it will help you having both does not mean that both you will get one will favor you more shatai or katahar i think you mean coconut chutney.
  7. shatai still not understand what action is it. for the time being do it for Kali Maa alone and she can offer the lime mala to kateri if you do tantric(meaning drink and smoke) give to baba drink and smoke
  8. yes fast together and indulge her same way sit together and do the devotion once she sees that you are willing she will give to you the support you need( is she not your support) you remind me of Kali and Shiva they are never separated god will surely bless you for doing things for her before your own self
  9. i will try to explain in another post how to perform will type out how it is normally done in all kali temples so you will have a better idea but you need to see what the pujaries do how the hold and how they aarti. still not understand karthar
  10. yes and pay more attention as how it is done it can be done anytime but keep it up until you get next vision
  11. you offer the coconut by placing it on the alter then you take it up perform aarti with it and crack it either with a cutlass or by hitting on a flat stone on the ground it is a bit difficult to explain by words but if you dont understand when you go to the kali temple pay close attention as to how they offer the nut. not familiar with that word karthar
  12. confidence is something you lack so we will have to fix that. if you recieve dreams of coconut then via dreams and vision god is ready for you to take next step this is what i was saying about sadhanas . offering of coconuts represents the ego, pride, lust, anger, jealously and hatred in other words all the negative elements that we are created with. if you know how to shave the coconut then start a simple sadhana in your home by offering one every friday or the universal day sunday to kali,durga,mariamma and ask that all these qualities dissapear as you are ready to submitt to her and perform as how you know
  13. how can the pundits doing non blood worship tell you that there exists a realm that you can get help outside that would lower their monthly income(lol) however i have found one in trinidad that has no problem teaching but just does not want to be involve
  14. sorry to hear but do like me Shiva is my father and Kali my mother and to hold onto ther feet is most divine but staying honest is the key to kali worship not the amount of knowledge and with honesty brings forth the love. love them whole heartedly and you will see everything opens i know this is easy to say but when you see something you like they like it too if you see a pretty flower on the side of the road pick it and carry it home for your mother she will appreciate it and give you love in return
  15. nah you not rude only little children are rude but when you turn 18 then you become disrespectful dont worry i know your doubts
  16. nothing done in gods worship is done without their doing it was just part of the stumbling blocks thank him for finding this site what bengali temple, pandits dont like to acknowledge this type of worship but yet they of whilst doing durga pooja a lapsey and sooharie to Bhiro baba and tell you put it out side. by the way do you have roots in trinidad
  17. friend worship to god is free so why should keep my knowledge god says to share and share i will and it is no problem no thanks needed i have taken oath to the divine to help
  18. i am seeing you and innocent but site working slow you have to exit to forum then renter to see each other quick posts
  19. well done matakibhakti i see you think quickly on your feet
  20. meaning that when they are present on you they will not make you roll about give wrong readings or will not be able to explain readings they will stand for your truth and your purity will give them strenght. if you stand for truth they will stand for truth if you are decietfull then so shall they read but remember it is the duty of the head pujarie to test to find out because after all the person doing this shakti can be playing that they are playing especially when god is not present
  21. Dharti mata is just another name for bhoo devi or prithvi mata
  22. you make me laugh ! yes i have a pic of that one however mine has a writting on it and the tamil writting on the pic was translated to be bukra (if my spelling is correct pronounced Buck Rah) Kali different places and regions call them different names not that you or i are wrong. to the point made if the person is shy or quiet and dont like a center stage(like you) the divine devi if she were to manifest herself on you will be conservative not so because of your likes a i dont mean do as you will do or talk like you but your inner ways and attributes they will not cause shame then to come on you by being the way you are.
  23. my dear friend i think that you are quite wrong to ask for so much one time even though i will share it with you but what will people think about the person that is supposed to be teaching you. i am not a complex person so the mantras i use are simple and easy to remember that contain seers, beej and formulaes, remember easy to remember means you will not feel frustrated whilst doing the jaap and hence you can focus more on what you are doing and soon the mantra becomes part of you. · Prithvi maa<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Om prithvi tvaya dhrta loka,<o:p></o:p> Devi tvam Vishnuna dhrta.<o:p></o:p> Tvam ca dharaya mam devi,<o:p></o:p> Pavitram kuru casanam.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on">Om.</st1:place> O mother earth the worlds are supported by you,and you are supported by Vishnu. O goddess support me too, and purify my seat.<o:p></o:p>
  24. my friend you want certain things from god whatever they may be but what are you doing to recieve them or putting your spiritually to accept and understand them. By doing these certain actions and fasting for certain period of days one brings spiritually to certain level but will only be truly accomplished with the advice of guru. it has been posted on several topics that guru is important but i think that people dont realise how important this is it is no joke. no you are offering what is needed but the personal sacrifices is what you need not just what you offer but hoe and when and for how long having reviewed the sadhanas look and see it is always for a period of time(very important) staying from the worldly plesures (also vert important) and then the havan the jaap and the procedure this i think is what you are lacking) i am 31 young been in kali worship since 17.
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