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  1. i totally agree with you that is why through the computers and boks that i ws fortunate in getting to broaden my knowledge i have started to campaign against the wrong usage of the devis and devtas using as always black and white when i speak. i show them photos that i can get with atleast a little script and i always quote the source. for a while now i have been telling my fellow devotees that the pic of Sri Katerie is really that of Krishna in the form balaji also called Venkateshwara, but they dont like to listen for their belief is too strong to accept a changing Hinduism. their loss. i always say that ingnorance is no excuse for if you call a man a woman you are bound to get no results but do the heads and the pooja store owners listen no so the masses are led blindly over the cliff into their own self destruction. Take for example their are head pujaries who run Sada (worship without BLOOD) temples and stand every sunday and criticise the worship of Kali Maa in the Blood Form saying that mother was never created to drink blood and eat any meat or dwell amongst unclean poojas then on Monday these are the same persons who are seen in the lines in K.F.C. or in the Chinese resturants buying foods inclusive of meats. so it is alright for the man to eat but not the devi when it was she who have created everything for her own worship. Hypocrites. then the divine does not drink blood but there is no end to the supply that they shove down thier throats then the divine devi does eat nor drink but the pujarie who is in charge of taking care of her can do as he likes. Then there are those females that own the temples and have the devootees that come to their temple call them not by their names or refer to them as pujarin but as Mother. whose mother i dont know heres the excuse: because they own the temple and they are female they are the mother in the temple so call me MAA or MATA. LOL. the same rope they use to test should first be tested on them. Spiritually goes so much further than these material things that we sekk for that it is amazing to see these spiritual leaders always falling for the vanity in each aspect of life if not women then money. Spin top in mud is what i say pujaries distribute list for you to get items to purchase for poojas and the first thing you see on the list is the price per pooja imagine a Kali Maa pooja costs from $2000.00 TT and up so to go to my mother is so expensive. but we the material persons are so blind that we fail to realise that is why the devi has one of her palms facing us showering her darshan so freely, but i always we trinis must always hear a price else we think that the prayers is not accepted. my views. :idea: :idea:
  2. O.K. i was re reading the posts i wrote and was thinking about Kali maa temples in trinidad here is a few i could remember: pasea temple: head pujarie lalo next pasea temple: head motoo wife pasea new temple: head popo? caroni temple: head pujarin; mala aranguez temple: head; vidya bon air arouca temple: head; beta uncle omera Rd. temple: head; micheal carapo temple: head ????? joyce road: head; krishna angad market street, Chaguanas: head; munesh highway temple, carlsen field: head; rajesh brickfield,waterloo: head; ???? eastern main road and pentecostal road tunapuna temple: head;???? Gasparillo temple: head; steve forrest park temple: head; Larry golconda temple: head; bobby diamondvale temple: head; brian point fortin temple: head; ???? guyacara temple: head; ???? caura hills temple: head; carol how many more do you all know please write lets see how many we have in the country. i have started: and also does anyone know any other forums like this one which i could visit thanks
  3. my friend welcome to our discussions and your input is greatly appreciated. we as a people must not believe everything that we are fed that is what makes us different from dumb animals for we have the power of speech and intellegience to think. i understand your question on Munispreng see if this is what they have learnt that is what they will teach. again for the simple they are afraid to say that what they have been selling for all these years was false how can they for the money will go somewhere else so now they have to start to catagorise and say all are one and they are just different forms. the correct name for him is Muniswaran nothing else. I have been told that he is the Moon God and a Landmaster among other things as i have also been told at the start of my journey but this is not him that is Chandrae deva but you see once again old customs and stories that bears a resemblence were joined as one simple no high tech talk about it. Same as permeshwari the devi who Chamar kill pigs for. I have my ideas based on some experience and believe these to have an “esoteric” meaning regarding the mind quite true and i agree again customs and beliefs turn into rituals. and rituals hand down from generation to generation with no investigation of what or how they came to. listen we well some caribbean folk think that this worship brought here by our forefathers came and stopped right here so now as the world is opening to different ways of gathering info it becomes impossible for them to cope with this new set of information. according to my daughter poem she had to learn: learn little children before you are old for a good education is better than gold. Also, there is a picture of Kaal Bhairo on a horse that has a very mezmorizing affect on the mind. Do you know where this picture and the others like it (there are ones for Master Sanganie, Master Munispreng and Kateri Ma) came from?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> these are tamil base pics the one of Khal Bhairav is called Batukaya but also it goes with the story of how he had fell in love with the king's daughter. Most grama devas are always depicted riding horses for they are warriors. hope i have answered some of you doubts. so anyways what is you take on kali worship in trinidad.
  4. my dear learned friend bhiro child i know it is with accordance with the head pujarie that you refer to Kanyakumari as Kaanyadaan maa but that is not her name her real name is Kanyakumari not as how we had learned or even self kaani devi there is no one by that name. but i guess that is their base knowledge. in hindu traditional the bride does a Kanyadhan pooja so that the bride groom will come for her safely and on time and so forth. this is has no relevance in shakti worship. however long ago when two persons were having problems with marriage devotion was given to poojay her by the head pujarie father with means of keeping people in the temple. and now we have a astan for her. just like in guyana they have an astan for kabir panth a fakir and the call him naagura when there is no relevance of him in shakti worship. then they go about saying to remove anything that belong to allah in a shakti temple but yet the have a muslim saint ( no disrespect to my muslim brothers and sisters) in the temple. this is what i call a double edge sword. these are just certain customs and i stress customs that have been handed down and some how have been transformed into rituals but when you ask why who or how the answers are never justified and makes no sense. they are unwilling to advance and bring progress to the temples because what they have learnt from their father is correct and that is that. they do not want to consider that probably what they have learnt was wrong because then this would mean that shakti worship never belong to them and their dada and papa and uncle and so forth. according to the trinidad and guyanese word Madrasee. Even Madrass has moved forward and we lag behind you dont have to be black to worship Kali. tell them pujarie five o say so. when i posted the text the intention was to edify as i have did not ridicule gays are human also but rather how can the mother help if you address her wrong and poojay her image that was meant for some one else. when you go to the pooja stores they also believe that they know everything but you know the book i used the pic of Anasuya was from a store in trinidad itself and when i showed the girls there of the pics of certain devis they still sell it as how they like but i realise that no matter they just want to make a sale. so one has to edify oneself so these money hungry business places dont fool us do as i did purchase what you want not what they want to sell you.
  5. was and is around just took time off to reflect as theyear is comming to a close and putting my thoughts in place for this comming new year analysing thyself and thinking about what to fix and what to repair and then too the wife have meh busy helping she with the home. NOW onto this extract you found the person to me seems to be trying to find the root of shakti-ism( like me word) and is takink alot of folklore stories and trying to tie them into one which is bad news for a new member searching for knowledge they will become confused and no doubt never give Kali Maa a chance. let us examine: i think this is why you posted for like myself i have also become confused so you feed the demon inside me taunting me to answer ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here goes i will try “sangili karupan madurai veeran and muneeswaran are brothers and they have nine sisters muneswaan is also known as the moon gazer he will c sitting on the curv of the quarter moon he also has a job for all deamons he catches them between his legs and crushes them his other names are munespring baba he form when you will offer him rum and ciggarette" i have never with the exception of vetala and bhairava from the Kalika Purana Chapter 50 book 2 about the devtas being brothers i know that Muneeswaran has a primary of nine forms. dont know of the sisters part ( think he trying to tie in the Nav Durga form but then this would mean the nine brothers are the nav graha form) moon gazer is trinidad and guyanese tongue for Candrasekhara because he is the moon but munishwaran is more to lord Shiva not Lord Chandra because most trinidad murtis depict munish prem holding the sun and quater moon this is history worst mistake (moonishprem) the rum and cigs i think you know about. sangili karupan rides a black bird chariot when he takes the form as shani dev also in the ramayan they showed hanuman flying with the mountain but when hanuman passed the bramuta triangle shani dev shot him down thats when they had the battle and hanuman chained his foot by the river and when hanuman left shani dev burst the chain and hanged it on his hand thats when he became the black chain master and after he went into the water and lived there for many yearswhen the gods in the water and vishnu and maha lakshmi crowned hin the king of the ocean and he became sangili karupan and after when maha kali mariamman took the form as badra kali and fighted the demons in lanka when sangili karupan came out of the ocean and help her fight her batle after the fight sangili karupan became the gaurd master for the doors of some homes and his name became sanganie baba the door master Sangilli karupan is not shani dev this is a graha devta whereas Sangilli is a grama devta they are trying to tie to black devtas together one causes obstacles and the other removes and protects then yamraj is supposed to be sangilli whereas yamraj is also a single devta responsible for taking the soul to be judged. these are three different aspects. the bermuda triangle is an american word so i dont see how sangili could have shot down hanuman, this is just a pre amble for a story. the war between bhairav and sangilli continues where being the robin hood in his era as he was wrongly convicted for murder Sangilli Karupan prayed to the mother as he was chained by hand and feet in a cell and asked her to shower him with her blessing as he was wrongly convicted and with that he broke free however the bangles and chains on his hand and feet did not come off and these were the items of destruction that he used to fight his way out against the guards this is why he has the chains and through tapasya hid in the ocean only when according to the ramayan that laxhman was going to shoot the sea so raam could cross to go to lanka did he emerge stopping him from doing so and as a result became the protector of Varun also.being a kshtraphal he became a guard of the doorways to ward off evil. dont know about him helping the devi or how Sri Vishnu and Maha Lakshmi crowned him probably folklore. now i'll move on to kaal bhairo kaal bhairo is the one who is the potecter of mother kali and mother durga there was a war once against a amn named durgam and kaal bhairo and hanuman stood behind her all through ou the battle after that maa got her name as durga maa after as kal bhairo helped his sister he took the head of durgam and kept it in his hand because durgam got a boon from bramha no matter who killed hin he would kave life in his head so thats why kaal bhairo holds the head in his hand after there was a war in the valley madurai and kaal bhairo defeated them and got his name as madurai veeran the highiest form of kaal bhairo where durga maa and maha kali took the form as kamachi and meenakshi where they ride on the horse with the warrior madurai veeran also here were deamons who were died and haunting areas so thats when kaal bhairo took the form as yam raj the king of death and collected them and the ones who diden't want to go he came with a scary face and his hair messy his vaines poping out of his eyes and he sat on a bull and draged them by there neck and sat and watched them so now people worshin him as pitri dev the hand that Khal Bhairav holds in his hand has nothing to do with Durga and her war think if they are her protectors why were they behind her and not infront she did not need protection she could have and easily she did handled Durgam the head that Bhairav holds is the head of Brahama. the story goes that brahma overcome with lust for his daughter Sandhya brahma grew a fifth head so that he could look upon her from all directions. Sandhya knowing the lust of her father ran and turned into various animals. Brahma overcome with lust took on the male form to whatever animal she turned into as a result of her flight she passed close to Lord Shiva who saw the folly grew enraged that brahma the father of world creation could become so lustful towards his own child turned into Khal Bhairav and took off the fifth head of Brahma returning him to his senses but for commiting brahminicide (Brahman-killer) the head fused itself to bhairav's hand so heated was the killing that bhairav fell upon the feet of the mother who was the only one that could have resolve such. and as a result of helping him Bhairav stayed with the mother as a protector to her and to protect dharma. as to the war in Madurai dont know and whom did he defeat and Madurai Veeran is not no highest form of Khal Bhairav different names to us but others will dispute that both are two entirely different persons and have no link what so ever. Kamakshi and Meenakshi are both form of Durga Maa who is absolute from her came the rest. i think the last part he is trying to tie Lord Shiva in the form as Bhooteshwar the lord of bhoots who roams about dreadful cemeteries, attended by ghosts and spirits, like a mad man with dishevelled hair and dark complexion. the person has few correct and goes way of he is looking for the root and is trying to formulate decades of history into one paragraph by simplying perceptions of closeness and thinking that because they are similar in colour they are one and same. well atleast these are my views and well i could be wrong. trying to put the tree into place for you be a little patient with me dont want to give you wrong advice.
  6. yes innocent that is a bit right and also they use to go in the back of the house and do this special type of worship and also use three candles per offering dont know for Khal bhairav and munishwaran but know for what they call the dee and i think they had a name for him i.e PUNCHWAL BABA yes they use to say that this is Sangilli Karupan in the dutch form and then advise persons to do this and also offer meat but what i learnt that this is a form of bhoot worship for certain types of siddhi's. the cigars along with whiskey i once heard was used to bribe Munishwaran for they said that this was is favourite drink and smoke because he is a sought of white man these are just some of the things that i had to unlearn from me old temple. I really am convinced here that many are being misguided by those who are ignorant to truth and the right way to do devotion. Seriously, logically, .....is it right to call upon the name of the devta and offer things, that most of us, may not want for ourselves? Are there any evidence to support this offering, or prove that offering these things, is a right way to perform devotion. Can anyone enlighten me? well when most of the kali temples that open in trinidad are based for untruth and the leaders because they have a manifestation think that the old temple needed them so fall out happen they open their own and think that everything the learnt was true go out and advise persons and lead persons to do wrong. sometimes it is ok to unlearn and relearn the true way but that is a bit difficult because of their pride. there is no written documents to prove atleast for my part i have not seen.
  7. hey bhiro child that not fear i not grumpy just did not understand which pic you was talking bout. anyways so you thought that was kaani devi, but do you know that there is no such thing as Kaani devi if you are talking about the murti or the offering being done in temple where the pelt the coconut on the stone there is no one called Kaani devi. tell me what you think.
  8. NO disrespect to no one ( including you bhiro child) but today i recieved some sorrowful news. Check this bout six years ago whilst in temple in Pasea i met this woman lets call her B. B came to the temple diagnosed with cancer of the breast and recieved a jaray from Khal Bhiro that dont worry everything would be alright however time passed and the disease became worse eventually until it was forced upon her to do a sacrifice pooja. Being the person i am i questioned the head pujarie who in turn told me that maa would cure her if she offered a goat in the temple. i assisted in the setting of the pooja but again after some time no results this frustrated B who ended up in overseas where she under went surgery and had one of her breast removed. She came back and returned to temple only to be promised that it would not return but once again B went and again was diagnosed with cancer in the other one. So around this time i had already departed from my beloved pujarie only to hear that she was now going to a temple in the Caura hills. here a pujarin was manifesting the mother who told her to seek medical attention in foriegn lands where she should under go surgery and not worry she would be finally cured. B did as was instructed and left the country to return without her god given naturing instruments. Some time ago i met her and we had a conversation and she told me of her ordeal and how she had seen results in this new temple because of this pujarin in the Caura Hills. She glowed feeling well that mother had finally helped her and told me of her pledged alliance to this temple and she had not done nothing to much just a promise to give a goat pooja once she was satisfied. well to her this was satisfaction because she invited me to a goat pooja last year but unfortunately i did not make it.B told me that mother had promised to take care of her and not worry of anything again. Well today to my disappointment i recieved news that B passed away this morning. She died from cancer to the liver and stomach. :crying2: :crying2: . It hurts me so much to know that these persons take a responsibility to help persons and look at the outcome of B's belief for i am sure that she took the words of this pujarin who played the mother for granted and never went back and had further examination done. i wonder how they are feeling right now. How was B feeling on that bed thinking that my mother had failed her:crying2: , calling for her and asking her why should this happen to her:crying2: ( for i can attest to this mother of three children who always looked after their every need) who would look after them:crying2: . hmm lying on that bed wondering when would maa perform her miracle:pray: and save her from this dreadfull disease but with no answer forthcoming it hurts so much to see how persons are fooled by these persons. it hurts to know that for years in pasea temple she went round and round in circles:crying2: . why cant these persons just dont say that they cant help and send them some where else so that they can get the help they deserve:( . Rest in Peace B. my sympathy and condolence goes out to you and your family. May lord Krishna guide you on your new journey:pray:
  9. what you talking about ? who you thought was Kaani devi dont understand. hey just cool reflecting on the ways of mankind.
  10. my dear friend i understand your fear from all that you have probably heard, read and investigated this type of worship would be frightening to any one because of the hands on effect it has. However you ask if Sangili can destroy an innocent child the answer is no but remember for all actions there are equal reactions. I do not believe in the sins of the father falling on the children so lets clear that ne time i dont see god punishing you or your children for what what was done prior to your life on this earth. and no my father who stands for the representation of law spiritually and is the lord of righteousness that stands to protect we the innocent be used to do harm to none of his children. But you see this is the impure times in which we walk where leaders of bad character fool people into believing that they can get these devtas to do work by bribing them with sacrifices. these are not their ways what the persons do is capture spirits and use them for their personal gain and mislead people into believing that this could happen. then there are the pujaries who know this and dont explain because they tell us that they can safe guard us and make false tabiche(tailsman) to protect us. knowing that these cant harm us once we properly do our devotion.
  11. this parent of yours you say that had passed on did he or she ever manifest and help people or did it give trouble and was always uncontrolled if so this is what i meant by Bhuth. see when some one dies from an unnatural death and the soul had something to complete it wanders around and after some time if the spirit likes you it would have dwell close to that person and probably give them warnings of iminent danger however to say some one had a dutch i think is wrong word phrasing. i mean i was not there and dont know that probably the persons guiding your parent thought of shakti worship as dutch work, from what i know you cant have a dutch for this most times are evil and lead to bodily destruction. No i dont think that your children will have problems once you find out properly what your parent had then you can say for sure but from what you are saying by lineage i think they had shakti but was misinformed but as society on the whole grew so did the worship and now we start to understand a little more and are able to differenciate. Also they have to start their own journey of self realisation for this is a sacrifice in itself they would have to train themselves to be discipline in everything even when the road seem endless but stick with it and i cant stress how much they have to stand for truth, more truth and only truth regardless of what. as like me i use to once refer to Sangilli as Sanganee but this is wrong that is not his name proper name Sangilli Karuppan: Sangilli Karuppan, he is another form of Karuppusamy, which is a guardian sub-deity originated from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. There are over 100 forms of Karuppusamy, and Sangili Karuppan was one of them, he is more or less a martyr; he used to live in the forest with his henchmen and basically was a “Robin Hood” type figure, he used to war with Madurai Veeran. It was believed that more than thousand poor people lived happily because of Him. Although he knew that he is doing the wrong thing, he was happy to help the poor people. So he did not mind about his ‘job’. After his death he was given the job as 'guarding' God for his good deeds . Sangili Karuppan can be found near Ayyanar shrines near the village entrances. Ayyanar is the figure w/ a big moustache riding a white horse w/ a sword drawn, he is the main guardian w/ other sub-deities accompanying him. Sangili Karuppan is seen as a dark-skinned individual (hence his name "karuppan" meaning "dark-man"), w/ a machete or "cutlass" as you guys call it, raised in the air, and chains tied around him (sangili means chain in tamil), he looks dangerous in appearance and they all do, only for the reason to scare away ghosts, robbers, animals, etc. this was taken from the internet trying to get more on Muniswaran( whom you call moonie springs) but there is a thread in this forum that has excellent lit on him. What i had initally learned from my old temple was wrong so i had to change my way cut and paste the new and correct info. not from only the web but also from what i read in the KALI Purana. Also from what i read on the dutch was that these were poor persons murdered and their souls invoked to protect dutch vessels that were filled with gold and then they were refered to as boundry masters or dutchmen. bear in mind these are not whom you re trying to find out about they have no relations.
  12. this is a book some thing like a Stotra just written in tamil it sings the praises of the divine devi as MariAmman and the wonderous names that she has research shows it a lullaby sang to her to win over her affection.
  13. my learned friend according to my knowledge base Karttikeya, Subrahmanya,Murgan is one and same just different names and from where i sit kukkuta means rooster not peacock and never have i seen a pic with Karttikeya with his chariot as a rooster however like krishna i have seen him with a peacock and even his banner is that of a peacock.Never did i say that Bahuchara Mata is only worshipped by eunuchs, hermaphrodites or homosexuals my point was that she is worshipped as certain devi's when this should not be so. how would she like when persons refer to her as one when she is another.
  14. hey shankerschild even though the question was asked by bhaktichild i too dont understand your meaning of dutch and some have devtas if i think what you are asking about it would depend on the type of dutch that you have. but according to what i hae learnt on this topic from my friends in Guyana is that these dutch were actually murdered persons that after the Dutch( in this context i mean the nationality of the persons) buried their gold they them murdered the persons helping them and they took their bodies and hung them on the trees to frighten away curious persons from coming to look for their gold now i could be wrong with my explanation but if you look at this through hinduism they would not be called dutch but buuth's which are spirits so i think you need to explain some more. We in trinidad also have them in the cane fields protecting their hidden treasures and pujaries try to tie them into Kali worship by telling persons that this is Muniswaran but this is not so. why would your god frighten you and terrorise you when you come to close to their gold will investigate some more for you but as i said explain some more with this co exsist stuff.
  15. pentium no disrespect but why you so for the divine devi is not meant to be exploited in her nakedness there are forms of kali that are naked but each has a reason. Anasuya like other stories was to teach us a lesson in faith and devotion not to watch her and stare at her nakedness.
  16. the pic below is a picture taken of a web site about kateri mata. some persons have tried hard to convince the unaware that this devi seen sitting on a fowl cock has a place in shakti worship as Kateri Mata, Dee Mata or Parmeshwari, however the story goes: BAHUCHARA OF GUJARAT. Bahuchara was given in marriage to a prince who never spent time with her. Instead he would go to the jungle every night on a white horse. One night Bahuchara decided to follow her husband and find out why he never came to her. As she had no horse, she rode a jungle fowl. she discovered that her husband spent the night in the jungle behaving as a woman. "If you are not interested in women why did you marry me?" asked Bahuchara. The prince begged her forgiveness and said his parents had forced him into marriage so that he could father children. Bahuchara declared that she would forgive him if he and other men like him worshipped her as a goddess, dressed as a woman. Today Bahuchara, whose temple is located in Gujarat, is worshipped by impotent men, enuchs, homosexuals and hermaphrodites seeking redemption from a life that has cast them out of mainstream society. Bahuchara is depicted in iconography as sittiing on a male rooster or fowl-- thus symbolising her power over the male gender. please post if your knowledge base is different. now if you notice i did not say she is not an aspect of the devi i am saying that she is not Kateri Mata, Parmeshwari or Dee mata and as how the pujaries might other wise tell us she is not. for you have read her function.Hope this brings a level of questions as to how she arrived in Kali worship. Bahuchara of Gjarat.
  17. first thing when you refer to Ganga maa there are two fro 1 there is a form of Mariamman that is called Gangamma then 2 there is the form that we commonly know as Ganga devi. the aforementioned manifests herself as a proud devi. she stands tall and appears to always be floating, she hardly ever smiles. you have to remember that these manifestations cannot be described with words you have too see and then the pujarie will describe for you to understand but i hope this helps. have you read the posts on ganga and her sons in the thread Mother naked in the presence of three gods. check it out tell me what you think.
  18. my dear saffron this is the beauty of internet you dont have to say if you dont want to.the person you seek is closer than you think for he is friends with the persons with the new temple just next door to your baba house. i know of him but sorry i am not whom you seek. correct me was he the pujarie that opened the temple in golconda and left because the two other persons whom he joined with were dishonest and untruthful like playing the power and being unfaithful to their wives. my friend if you are not getting the knowledge you want stop going and start to edify yourself and visit other temples we have so much in Trinidad just know your comitments to them. The divine Kali maa is so great once she knows that you are for truth she will move you and send you to where she knows her knowledge will be shared. it is like walking up the step you dont stay on the bottom step for long just dont fight it allow yourself to be free to understand her visions and remember every action or decission has a reaction and outcome this is cause and effect. my friend if the HEAD IS CORRUPT THEN ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LADDER THERE IS BOUND TO BE CORRUPTION. JAI KALI, KAN KALI, MAHA KALI, KALI KALI, TRISHOOLI KALI, DRAUPADI MAA.
  19. hey pentium 17 this is the long and beautiful version. and this is why in certain kali temples you go ,you see Ganga Mata holding children under her arms. she is the one to help in granting of this gift of pregnancy also for you the mother to act like her and nourish what you create. Understand bhiro child and saffron.
  20. Thus some time passed on, when once on an occasion the king Santanu went out hunting and killed with arrows, buffaloes, boar,and other wild animals and came to the banks of the Ganges. Here he saw with great wonder that a boy was playing with a great bow and was shootihg arrows after arrows. The kings attention was more attracted towards the boy but whether that boy was his or not, did mot at all come to his mind. Looking at his extraordinary feats, his agility in shooting arrows withease and quickness, his learning that can have no equal and his beautiful form as if of cupid, he became greatly surprised and asked him O sinless one whose son are you? The hero boy did not reply anything but went away shooting his arrows. The king thought within himself" Who is this boy? whose son is he? what to do now? to whom shall i go now? Thus pondering he recollected within himself and began to recite the versus of Ganga. Ganga assuming beuatiful form as before, became visible to the king. Seeing her the king said; O ganga who is this boy that has just gone? will you show him once more to me now? Hearing these words of king Santanu Ganga said: O king of kings he is your son he is that eight Vasu. So long i have nourished him and now i hand him over to you. O Suvrata this is the great ascetic Gangeya. He is the illustrious scion of your family. the glory of your line will be enhanced. I have taught him the whole science of archery. This pure son of yours dwelt in the jermitage of Vasistha and has become versed in all the Vidyas and skilled in all the actions. Your son knows everything that Jamadgni Parasuram knew. So o king of kings take your son and be happy. Thus saying so Ganga gave him his son and vanished. the king also also became very glad and embraced his son, he smelled his head and took him to his chariot and drove towards the city. On returning to Hastinapur, the king held a grand festival (utsab) in honor of the arrival of his son, he called all his astrologers and enquired what day was auspicious. he then called all his subjects and ministers and installed Gangeya, the crown prince, he forgot the pains due to Ganga's bereavement. Thus Suta said i have described to you the cause of the curse on Vasus, the birth of Bhisma from the womb of ganga, the union of Ganga and Santanu. He who hears in this world this holy story of Ganga's BIRTH and the birth of the Vasu, is freed of all sins and gets mukti. O munis i have described these meritorious holy accounts as i heard from the mouth of Vyasa. finds all his sins destroyed and attains peace and blessedness, O munis thus has been described completely to you this holy history. (47-69) here ends the fourth Chapter on the birth of the Vasus in the Mahapurana Sri Mad Devi Bhagavatam of 18,000 verses.
  21. Thus many years passed when the lovely eyed lady became pregnant of the king Santanu's sperm and in due time gave birth to a son who was a Vasu. No sooner the son was born Ganga Devi threw it in the waters of the ganges. Thus the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh sons were thrown successively into the waters. then the king became very anxious and thought within himself"what am i to do now? how will my family be preserved? this my wife, incarnate of sin has killed all my seven sons, if i now desist her she will instantly leave ma and go away. Nopw this is the eight pregnancy as desired by me. Now if i do not interrupt her, she will certainly throw my son into the Ganges. Whether a son will be born again or not is doubtful and even if that be born it is doubtful whether she will preserve that child, now what am i to do in this doubtful point? however i will try my best to continue the thread of my family. (9-26) Now in due time the Vasu who, having been influenced by his wife had stolen Vasistas cow Nandini, became born as the eight son of Ganga Devi, the king Santanu, seeing this son fell onto Ganga's feet and said O thin bodied woman i pray to you to give my life today better norish this my one son. O beautiful one you killed in succession my seven exceedingly beautiful sons. o one of beautiful hips i now fall at your feet. save the life of this child of mine. if you ask from me any other thing today even that be very rare i will give it to you but you better now keep the thread of my family line. The pundits versaed in the vedas say that he who has no issues cannot go to Heaven, so o beautiful today i pray to you to keep the life of this my eight son. Though thus spoken by Santanu Ganga Devi was eager to take away the son to throw in the waters the king became very sorrowful and angrily spoke out. O vile and vicious woman. What are you going to do? do you not fear hell of what villian are you the daughter of, that you are always doing this vicious deed? O sinner go away wherever you will or remain here as you like it matters little, but my son will remain here. when you attempt to bring my family to extinction what use is there in living with you? When the king thus spoke to the woman who was ready to take away the son she angrily spoke as follows: O king when you have acted against my promise my word is broken and my connection with you has stopped from today. Therefore i will take this son to the forest where i will norish him. For i am GANGA. to fulfill god's work i have come here. The high souled Vasistha cursed before the eight Vasus "Better be born as men, they became very anxious and seeing me they prayed:- O sinnless one let you be mother of us all. O best of Kings i granted them what they desired, and then for the purpose of serving god's end i became your wife. Know this my history. The seven Vasus already were born and were freed, now this is the last Vasu cursed to stay a long time will remain here for sometime to be your son. O Santanu now take this son offered by Ganga. Know this to be the DevaVasu and enjoy the pleasure of having a son. O highly fortunate one This son will be famous by the name Gangeya ( Ganga's son0 and will be the most powerful of all. O king today i will take this son to the place where i chose you as my husband, i will nourish him and when he attains youth, i will return him to you. For this son if deprived of mother will not be happy nor will he live. Thus saying Ganga vanished with the son, the king Santanu became very sorrowful and passed away his time in his palace. the king thought always of the separation from his wife and son and thus painfull governed his kingdom. (27-46)
  22. Once whilst King Santanu was roaming in the widerness, on the banks of the Ganges he saw a fawn eyed well decorated beautiful woman. no sooner the king saw her he became addicted to her and thought within that certainly my father had spoke of this beautiful faced woman who is looking like a second Lakshmi, endowed with beauty and youth. The king Santanu could not resist seeing the lotus like face. the hairs on his body stood on their ends and his heart was very much attracted to her. Ganga devi too knew him to be the king Mahabhisa and became in her turn attrached to him.Ganga went to the king and he said to her O beautiful thighs are you devi Manusi (human kind) Gandharvi, Yakshi, The daughter of Nagas or a celestial nymph? whoever you may be, be my wife your sweet smiles seems brimful of love so be my legal wife today. (1-8) The king Santanu could not recognise the lady to be Ganga but ganga knew that he is the KIng Mahabhisa and was born as Santanu.Hearing the above words of the king ganga out of her previous affectioins spoke out to the king smiling O king i know you to son of king Pratipa. Behold though it is inevitable that woman will get their husbands yet who is that beautiful lady that does not get a husband according to her liking and qualifications? But i can take you as my husband if you make a certain promise now. Hear my resolve afterwards i will marry you. O king whatever i will do be it good or bad auspicious or inauspicious you must not hinder ior interrupt me nor say that is not to your liking and satisfaction. Whenever you will break this my resolve i will instantly quit you and go to another place wherever i like. The king santanu then said well that will be and promised to the above effect, then Ganga devi recollected within herself Vasu's words and thought of the attachment of the king Mahabhisa and accepted Santanu as her husband. Thus married to the king Santanu, the beautiful Ganga In HUMAN form went to the abode of King Santanu. The king on having possession of her began to enjoy in pleasant gardens. the lady too appreciated his mental feelings and began to serve him in satisfaction. Thus many years passed in lovely enjoyments and intercourses between the couple who looked like Indra and his pair Sachi and they did not feel at all how time passed. the lady endowed with all the qualities and the clever king well versed in the art of loving began to enjoy incessantly like :Lakshmi and Narayana in thier divine palace.
  23. While the vasus, thus cursed were returning, they saw on the way the chief river Ganga Devi also cursed and therefore distressed all of them bowed simultaneously and said; O devi a serious thought is troubling our minds how can we who live on nectar take birth in human wombs so O best river, you better be a woman and give birth to to us. o sinless one you better be the wife of the sage king Santanu and no sooner we be born of your womb, kindly throw us in the river Ganga (your water). If you do so O ganga we will be certainly be freed of our curse. Ganga devi replied well that will be. Thus spoken the vasus went tpo their respective places, and ganga devi too thinking on the subject again and again, went out of that place. At this time Mahabhisa became born as a son of the King Pratipa and became known as Santanu. he was exceedingly religious and true to his promise. One day while the king Pratipa was praising the Surya Deva (the Sun) of unequalled energy, Ganga Devi assumed an extraodinarily beautiful feminine form and came out of the waters and sat on his right thigh,of the king Pratipa. The king spoke out to the lady sitting on his right thigh thus " O beautiful faced one! Why unasked have you sat on my auspicious tigh. the lovely ganga replied Hear why i have sat here. O best of Kurus! O King ! Becoming attached to you i have sat on your tigh so please accept me. At this time the King spoke to the beautiful lady, fullof youth and beauty " i naver go simply out of passion to anothers wife. there is another point you have sat on my right thigh that is the seat of sons and sons wives so when my desired son be born you will then be my sons wife. And certainly by your good will my son will be born. The lady of devine form said well that will be done and went away. The king returned to his palace and after some time a son was born to him and when the son had attained his teens, the king desired to lead a forest life and communicated this matter to his son. He said also if the aforesaid beautiful smilling girl comes to marry you then marry her. And i am also odering you not to question her anything Who are you and so forth. if you take her as your legal wife you will certainly be happy. Thus the king saying to his son handed over all his kingdom to him and gladly retired into the forest. The king practised tapasya in the forest and worshipped Ambika Ma on quitting his mortal coil and went by his sheer merit to the heavens. King Santanu on getting his Kingdom, began administering justice according to the laws of dharma. (40-46) Thus ends the third Chapter of the second skandha on the description of the CURSE of GANGA, Mahabhisa ans Vasus in the Mahapuranam Sri Mad Devi Bhagavatam of 18,000 verses.
  24. the ascetic Muni Vasistha, not finding in his hermitage his cow with her calf, searched for her in many forests and caves, but he the son of Varuna, could not find his cow even after prolonged searches, he then took recourse to mediation and came to know that the Vasus had stolen the cow and became angry. He expressed when the vasus have stolen the cow and became angry. He expressed: when the vasus have stolen this my cow in utter defiance to myself to my self, they must be born amongst men. When the religious Varunas son vasistha thus cursed the vasus, they became very sorry and absent minded, all of them went to Vasistha's hermitage and saw him there, they began to supplicate him as much as they could and took refuge under him. Seeing the Vasus standing before him in an extremely distressed condition, the virtous Muni Vasistha said, ypou all will be free from the curse within one year, but the vasu Dyau will have to dwell amongst men for a long, long period as he had stolen directly my Nandini with her calf. (15-39)
  25. my friend 17 to all there is a start with certain reasons a middle and and end for a certain outcome yes the story was about Bhimsa being king in the end but who or what cursed the vasu's. every one has their sacred text mine is the DEVI BHAGAVATAM. here now is the rest: The king Mahabhisa thought of the coming to this world and reflected on the kings thereof and settled to make the King Pratipa of Puru's family hie father. At this time eight Vasus (celestial nymphs) with their wives wandering in various places and enjoying as they liked came upon the hermitage of the great sage Vasistha. Among the aforesaid eight vasus, Prithu and others, one vasu wife that is Dyau's wife saw Nandini: the sacrificial cow ( Kamadhenu) of Vasistha asked her husband;-"whose is this excellent cow that i see? Vasu then replied as follows; "o beautiful one! This is Vasistha's cow. Whoever, be he man, woman or child drinks her milk gets his longevtiy extended to 10,000 years and his youth never ends." Hearing this, the Vasu's wife said; "There is a beautiful comrade (Sakhi) of mine, the daughter of the RajarsiUsina in the world, of auspicious qualities. O Mahabhaga! Kindly bring to me from Vasistha's hermitage that auspiciuos sacrificial milk cow Nandini together with her calf that yields all desires; my sakhi will then drink her milk and be thereby free from disease, old age and become the cheif amongst all mankind. Hearing thus the words of his wife, the vasu Dyau, though sinless, stole away together with Prithu and the other vasus the cow Nandini in utter defiance to the self controlled Muni Vasistha. When the cow Nandini had been stolen, the great Ascetic Vasistha came quickly to the hermitage with abundance of fruits.
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