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  1. well well your posts have started to diminish so it shows me that you are now looking for a new way of appeasing yourself by self gratification that i NEARLY disrespected you. In a race you either come first NOT close to first. For i know my bounds nice try. anyways good to see you responded however to nothing. i was re- reading your posts and came across something you said in one to INNONENCE about your temple being the first. News Flash the first existing Kali Shakti Mandir was the El Dorado Shiv Mandir under the leadership of one Kotiyah Baba an immigrant from India who settled in the village. So much so before the structure you know today as concrete the first was of Galvanise with murtis made of clay.one of the murtis being Khal Bhiarav was recently donated to a temple member living in San Juan. unfortunately even the members dont know where the murti of kali has been donated. way before you pujarie"s father went to Guyana to fix a problem that they were having Kotiyah baba and members of the village were performing kali mai ki beek pooja. meaning that they use to go around the village taking donations to perform Maa's pooja where they would then either go higher up on Caura Royal Road or in Kassie Street by the river banks and under the mango tree and perform the Kargum pooja, perform the sacrifice and then manifest and look after the villagers. i would know because i am part of that linage and have heard the stories of my fore-fathers. if you want to say that the temple that you go to is the first of its kind to open to create an avenue where fellow shakti worshippers can come to worship or be robbed then fine. sorry sorry sorry sorry for that last part . ooooops dont want to closely disrespect you. However take time to know the history of Shakti worship in trinidad before you go blagging. By the way you are such a powerfull khal bhiro child with plenty of talks that you have not yet corrected (according to you insults and lies) my scandals. :pray: :pray: :pray: :cool: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: namaskar.
  2. bhiro child last time i checked i was paying my own bills and to access this site is free so if i am annoying you i still am sorry but you know that you dont have to reply if you dont want to this is why they call it freedom. "so what if they serve alcohol" but i bet if your home brahmin (pundit) comes and says to you that he is having a CHUTNEY SHOW in aid to raise funds you would NOT support him. So now as a so called brahmin you are for doing these types of events where they serve alcohol and meat and you favour it YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE TO YOUR OWN CASTE. and see once again you contradict yourself brahmin IF THE HEAD IS CORRUPT SOMEWHERE DOWN THE LADDER THERE IS BOUND TO BE CORRUPTION. The only time someone is annoyed when points are being made is when they know that they are wrong and to only way to shut up that other person is to get vex and try to say something ugly. so it is right brahmin for you to sell alcohol, meats that you dont eat and participate in a fete all in the name of the mother. it is persons like you who know the truth and ignores it so when a new person comes along they can be fooled. and this to you is right. you are wrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong and wrong can NOT be right. i may be a shumb or nishumb but you are no Durga for this i am sure for any epithet of Durga would not ROB, bring forth destruction and encourage or help to do evil. rope is running out and more money has to be made. until you type some S*** next time
  3. Hey whats up! Shri Maha Kali Blessings to one and all. Was a lot busy but once again appologies for causing any upsets to you. Having read your post i still find it difficult to understand why it is you are avoiding the points that have been placed to you. Sorry to say i have no differences with LALO but speaking the truth is not scandalizing or insulting. Why should i not say what i have to say for everybody to read no one asked for him to be a leader he chose that path and when a person decides to walk such a road they invite their life to be like an open book for any type of comment be it good or bad. For a leader regardless of his past must be untainted and live the proper way for his present and his future and must understand that the judgements right or wrong will be a part of him and his character so one has to live good. You cant live in a glass house and throw stones. SCANDAL means: Damage to reputation or character caused by public disclosure of immoral or grossly improper behavior; disgrace.Talk that is damaging to one's character; malicious gossip. so child where did i bring a scandal to his name by malicious gossip, or public disclosure of his immoral or gross improper behivour. truth is not scandal it is truth wake up and smell the coffee (black preferably). probabably if others voice their opinions like i then you would know the truth. you say that he has helped many people i dont deny but help has no price unlike his pooja list with the first item on the list being $100.00 per pooja so if this is help something is wrong with your understanding with the word HELP means 1. To give assistance to; aid: I helped her find the book. He helped me into my coat. 2. To contribute to the furtherance of; promote. 3. To give relief to: help the needy. 4. To ease; relieve: medication to help your cold. 5. To change for the better; improve: A fresh coat of paint will help a scarred old table. 6. To refrain from; avoid or resist. Used with can or cannot: couldn't help laughing. 7. To wait on, as in a store or restaurant Now where in the meaning did it mention that to get help a monetary donation or contibutation must be handed over before a prayers is done it is specifically itemised on his list that per pooja it has a certain price and yet you say that i insult and scandalize his name i am sorry he is doing that for his own self i am just pointing out but brahmin you are defending him. Tell to me i lie and it is not this way and encourage and be a co conspirator to him obtaining money by supernatural power or by false pretences. ONCE THE HEAD IS CORRUPT DOWN THE LADDER THERE IS BOUND TO BE CORRUPTION. For ignorance is not an excuse i.e for if you dont know you would not be held accountable but as soon as there is some knowledge of the truth then my dear friend you are accountable for standing at the side of corruption and assisting him to rob persons so what if he is not employed mother would send money for him. Not charge for prayers and hold a chutney show to pool money for a kali temple.Strange i did not see you on any post INVITING the public of TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO that your temple is having a GRAND CHUTNEY SHOW in the name of KALI MAA to raise funds for the upliftment of of the temple. People of the world the leader that this person is defending is having a fund raiser in the name of KALI MAA where there would be alcohol, meals consisting of various meats and lewd dancing with invigorating music for you to wine and dance in a lewd and disrespectful manner. Imagine Sunday morning i am a Priest and in the evening i am inviting my fellow followers to get up and dance and wine with me that is KALI worship. Then one would have to remember that where there is alcohol and music there would be a level of intoxication then there would be cursing and arguements which might lead to fighting and more scandals in the name of mother. This can only be wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong,wrong etc. Why could not your temple hold a vege que( meals prepared only with vegetables and sold for a certain price) or hold a terath to other temples but why do some thing so boring. Drink rum, fete, and be merry all in the name of a fund raiser and in the name of mother and yet you say i am scandalising his name he is doing that on his own accord. My learned friend if it is you have manifestation it is not a matter for you to decide that you are not ready. you say that you are not ready for that responsibility and you are young and do not want to give wrong readings to anybody. How it is i have learned it is not you standing there so how can it be you giving wrong reading it has nothing to do with you but the shakti. You are supposed to be asleep or unconcious and the deota using the body. This is exactly my point if your head was interested with you he would have given to you a special devotion to uplift yourself and your manifestation but how can he? when he is busy planning a bogus fund raiser! watch and see you would hear that the fund raiser was a bust just like the car shows in chaguanas. you see it is all about you ,you you and not the deota learn some more understand some more wake up brahmin if you stand in what is dirty sooner or later you will become dirty. how do you know that there are others in the temple that give wrong readings if you do not gossip yet you say you dont. I thought that the shaktis in your temple were the best and you invite person to come get their problems fix and now you say that you dont want to give wrong readings how do you know that the readings are wrong and what did you do to help fix that so these would not reoccur in the future: NOTHING for you fear to stand for truth. Tell them as it is that they are not reading properly and inform them speak to the head to uplift their shakti or did you hear that rumour from the web too. Every time you open your mouth you contradict your own self. With regards Brahmin to your ass and your elbow i dont know if it is situated properly but i was dealing with the level of mind and the ability of your judgement in doing and knowing right from wrong. So only when you do prayers you are in good mood. if life throws limes at you make lime juice sieze each day as it was the last and give thanks hard and live life to its fullest. Sita Raam, Namaste and Namaskar until you open your mouth.
  4. kal bhairo child you are quick to point out my faults but that was not the reason for the post. You have deliberately avoided the question i put to you and have strayed from the topic. You are saying that i am boasting because i a mere man know the names of the devtas where as the devtas does not know how to pronounce name(but i am boasting in front of god). I dont care who run the temple my point being wake up and see reality of persons playing, and persons playing that they are playing this is my point. Having returned to your previous post i realise why you are the way you are for a woman has no duty in the temple but to sit on the benches and gossip. You boast of real shakti but as a woman tell me when at one point in time you were responsible in holding of the thali (taria). So dont stray from the points. Tell me how many times have you performed havan in your temple to help elevate the shakti present? How many times you go around clapping and singing the praise of the devi in the temple? How many buckets of water have you carried? How many hours have you stood and held water at the sides of the manifestation doing their services? How many times have you stayed for temple to finish to help in cleaning of the astan? How many times have you helped in the cleaning of the sacrifice pit with all that blood stained on the walls so dont sit and say i am crying like a baby for knowledge? That is not what i meant! A leader is one when he sees you are starting to vibrate leads you in the direction of your personal sadhana to uplift your self to help you become better in what you are doing so that you in turn can help the less than fortunate who needs your help when all the big guns are not attending temple through-out the year but only for big pooja this is the type of knowledge i am refering to. he tells you of certain mantras to uplift your ownself when time is right, but some how i guess you are in that position because you are surfing the net looking for your answers so i know that deep within you are not getting all the answers to your questions so you are seeking. come on answer the question put to you cant you not see how can i pray to a god that does not know his own name correct me if i am wrong Madurai Veeran (Mudro Veron according to your great power) is loosely translated to warrior of Madurai but what is his name. for the Prime Minister or first minister as prime means first of Trinidad is Patrick Manning so what is Madurai Veeran real name.this is the type of knowledge i refer to not your every day questions. dont get me wrong no question is a stupid one but child wake up. we sing praises in tamil in the temple but do you know what your are singing or am i not ready for that knowledge. for if the head sing the wrong tamil cant read or write it i am not ready for that knowledge! ent! they sing from a book called the Mariamman Thalattu but yet there are no hand outs so that you can sing along as a matter of fact i have not even seen a copy in that temple in the possession of the head or the assistance but yet they sing verses from it:so you are wrong to say i am not worthy of the knowledge. if i am going to a temple and i am learning that particular type of worship who would teach me you. for this is the exact reason i am learning Hindi And Tamil so that i can perform pooja correct. but when you learn who are you or i to tell the head pujarie that half of what is being sung in the temple is wrong. so see why is it when everytime someone who has gained a little knowledge beyound one's own they are boasting. I appoligise to you for i have no arguement with you or your opinions but dont tell persons that you must know a real shakti because of how you were read for you dont know each and every one problems.But i know women can be very much strong minded and opionionated but be very carefull of whom you defend i am a member longer than you think.i know some where that you understand what i am saying and it is your right to defend your temple i would have done the same in your position but no more the truth is the truth and you can deny it for as long as you want but the truth will prevail and you would see be patient.So bhairo child you seem to be much annoyed with my statements but to every saying has truth in it . Again you are right to defend your pujarie but the world is at your finger tips and the knowledge is right there kali maa belongs to us all and every person may worship her diferrentl but that does not mean what they are doing is wrong. you belong to an unorthodox way of worship that involves blood worship so you on the whole understands this better than any one else.once you heart is in the right and you dont fool or rob any body maa will bless you but please dont put your foot in your mouth for persons faking. I once wanted something and for years i was promised week after week after month after month after year after year the day i stopped going to that temple and my bound was broken i got through. You may say that my time finally came but how come it came after alot of you may understand but once you stand in contamination you will be continously blocked only when you get the courage and stand for what is right you would see. i am not saying that the temple does not help but look at who recieves the help persons who comes do what they have to do and never return dont you find that strange. There are books on this worship that you can go in Praimsingh's or the Little store and purchase that tell you how to poojay mother from the root i.e. India NOT Trinidad but yet we say that they are wrong where this worship originated our leaders say it is not our style but yet that is where it came from dont you find that funny. Your temple does not have a Pundit whom is learned in Hindi and Sanskrit to assist in worship or teach our children to read and write tamil or hindi yet you dont find that funny. For there are rules to follow and yet you follow none and then say i boast because i have the guts to tell you diffenent. i know i know i know the truth hurts but you have to understand that my opionions are mine and you can get how annoyed with me you want the reality is where the head is corrupt somewhere down the ladder there is bound to be corruption and confusion. may Kali maa, Mariamma, Durga Maa bless you and guide you to your own truth and light.
  5. what's up bhairo child since when speaking the truth is boasting. you see i have come to realise that probably because you are a so called brahamin you have to suck up to the madrass and defend their honour when all they care about is taking your money and you are blind to the fact that you pujarie is not as intelligent as you think. first time i have come across a brahamin that does not know their true calling for if you are clean and stand in a place that is contaminated you would eventually become tainted as you have clearly shown. for it is as you have stated in your post to innocent it is okay to consume alcohol once it is parasad so how much parasad must one drink before god is vex with you bottles. no where have i read that drinking the parasad is allowed correct me if i am wrong so me the doctrines not word of mouth from your Lalo. for if mother was worshiped long before you and i there would be texts to prove your theory. i did recieve knowledge and it was from god however being able to further myself and move away from the contamination have proven great to me and my family and i hope that she will shower this upon you also. As for your temple being the first Kali temple in Trinidad you are Wrong and powerful i dont think so a temple can only be as powerfull as the amount of devotion a head puts into it not lie at home whole day and waiting for someone to come and perform tasks. Yes it was for mother i was once as stupid as how you are sounding. Last time i check free labour amounts to slavery.
  6. bhiro child: question this knowledge that you claim to get from mother and master i hope was not from the persons manifesting at your temple in temple street with the head pujarie being Dial Sammy aka Lalo or are you ashamed to say where you worship for fear that other readers will fill the pages with hits on your temple. By the way this knowledge given to you by maa and paa how come they dont know their correct names like powers in your temple refer to them selves as MUDRO VERON: who is that i know of MADURAI VEERAN ; MUNESH PREM: who is that i know of MUNESHWARAN; then ofcourse everybody favourite DEE BABA; who is that i know of SANGILI KARUPAN. dont get me wrong when i say i slaved to get knowledge but i realise from you post you are a born MADRASI so knowledge just comes to you. Your so called pujarie use to hold meetings in desguise to get persons to come to temple on a Saturday just so that they can paint and mix concrete.why be decietfull just ask. This is what i have learnt if the HEAD IS CORRUPT then all the way down the ladder there will be CORRUPTION. as my friend i wish i was there so that you could manners this pujarie for with a simple smile and just a look you would have left me alone for my friend right is right and never can be wrong but you see the problem is the head pujarie is to be blamed for he teaches one thing and practises another so this allows for you to come and manners pujaries if this is what they have been taught go to the head and ascertain what has been said. knowledge is power but can only be used by a true and simpleminded person. you claim that you have recieved all your knowledge from mother amd master but yet you are reading books and putting posts on the web again as i say if the HEAD IS CORRUPT THEN ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LADDER THERE WILL BE CORRUPTION as you have already made my case. om shakti,om shakti om shakti om.
  7. greetings Audarya Fellowship; i am from trinidad and tobago and have heard much on the Mariamman Thalatu but is the any other books like this in circulation that sing praises to the divine mother. hit me a shout.
  8. pujarie five o


    rlachman: if this is the last form of kali aka parmeshwari correct Param Eshwari (param -before; eshwari - consort of eshwarar :lord shiva) how can she be last of kali. according to what i have learnt Maa Kali has ten main forms known as Mahavidyas: they are 1) Kalika, 2) Tara, 3) Shodasi, 4) Bhuvanesvari, 5) Bhairavi, 6) Chinnamasta, 7) Tripur-sundari, 8) Bhagalamukhi, 9) Dhumavati and 10) Matangi. Which one is Kateri? or Parmeshwari? NONE. In shakti worship or according to you MADRAS CULTURE kateri is closely identified with the sixth form of Durga Maa that is to say Kaatyaayanee (nurse) to fix problems of women i.e. menses, cycles and other impure things that would not probabaly be seen by other deotas. it seems to me your roots like myself are that of the caribbean worship however humble to say a lot of what we have learnt is wrong. Parameshwari worship is of tribal india worship where instead of giving devi durga goats and fowls they give wild boars( to get one in the caribbean is hard so they now give pigs) but still what is wrong with that) they is no written way to pooja her for her rituals are handed down from generation to generation she is not double sided her way is just very strict. please correct me if i am wrong but this is what i have come to learn for i have read many of texts and i am yet to come across madrasi culture. do they only worship kali in tamil nadu dont get me wrong i worship the divine devi but she does not belong to madrasi culture alone and if you were a true madrasi you would know that. dont get me wrong and i am sorry if you are offended but my aim is not to riducule or brag of knowledge for i am still learning but what i have read from many of the texts you have posted i think you need to double check or reinvestigate your knowledge source. pujarie. five.o
  9. INNOCEENT if what a person does for his benefit is for him who are you to chastise! blood sacrifice has been around before you and i and will be around after. the SRI MAD DEVI BHAGAVATAM Book 1 ch 18 vrs 57-61 states that "the killing of animals in a sacrificial ceremony is not a killing; it is known as ahimsa(non-killing); for that himsa(killing) is not from any selfish attachment:therefore when there is no such sacrifice and the animals are killed out of selfish attachment, then that is real himsa: there is no opinion on this. smoke arises from the fire when fuels are placed in it;and smoke is not seen when no fuel is added. So the HIMSA, as prescribed in the vedas, is free from all blemishes, selfish attachment,etc and therefore it is unblameable. So it follows the Himsa comitted by persons attached to objects, is the real himsa; that can be blamed, BUT the himsa of persons who have NO DESIRES is not that sort of himsa. therefore the learned men that know the Vedas declare that the himsa done by the dispassionate persons, with their hearts free from egoism, is not himsa done at all. O' Dvija! really speaking the killing of animals done by the house holder attached to senses and their objects and done under their impulses can be taken into account as a real act of killing; BUT of those whose hearts are not attached to anything, of those self controlled persons desirious of moksa, if the do an act of himsa out of sense of duty, with no desires of fruits and their hearts free from egoism, that can never be reconed as a real act of killing.(57-61)
  10. hi guys i am from trinidad as well and i was a member of the kali temple in pasea dont know which one you belong to but in advance watch out. if it is the same pujarie that runs the first temple to every rumor there is truth i use to slave to get knowledge and perform my dutties as an assistant pujarie but when it came to time to ask a question the answers were not revealed. why i think for a person to be a leader he must be kind gentle and patient and not fight amongst his family as for blood sacrifices every person has their own point of view but dont wait on your pujarie to teach get up nad learn. read because through knowledge is power. kali maa was created to destroy evil. she who is the manifestion of durga maa was created to do exactly that. it is just the divine taking another form to deal with evil. you must know a true manifestation: when you cross that light the power must 1 tell you your problem without any type of help from you.2 tell you of something in the past that you alone would know. 3 tell you of the problem you have now.Secret: every one has money problems, has problem in work and problem of pains on the body so if the power starts with those watch out probably the power is faking. i know it took me alot of years to understand and open my eyes. if you dont believe then do this take something from mother astan cup in your hand and ask the power to tell you what you have in your hand. this is an old style test that has been placed aside by heads to fool persons. this is not an aggressive test so dont allow the power to redicule you pray in your mind and tell them that if you are really present you would answer the test if you are my god that i spend my life praying to do not be annoyed but tell me i am your child then you would see. CHILDREN OF KALI MAA OPEN YOUR EYES TO SEE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND NOT THE POWER OF PUJARIES WORDS HE IS NOT GOD.
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