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  1. matakibhakti good to see you will do research however list the words and or phrases and i will try to explain you know how we trinis talk, i dont understand why the pundit would give you something to do if he himself does not do any of what he gave to you. People might say because he is the pundit and already learned so he does not have to but where has he given to you your ish devta or rashi i.e. the sign the devta or devi ruling your day at the time of birth: see devotion to this devi or devta will help you much, then there is your guru mantra if you do not have any under your sign that one is best. you have to set a foundation before you can build the roof.dont get me wrong doing all the Chalisas is very good but from where i sit i realise that you want results and physical devotion is what you need to do. you have to start doing certain sadhanas that will help with yur foundation. you have to do certain fasts and sacrifices on certain days and i dont mean blood. Whereas you sister has an illness and not a problem that doctors can cure that is why there are shakti mandirs if she is ill in this way she can enter the temple and perform devotion that is what these temples are there for if they told you different they are lying and going to kaateri maa is the only one who can solve this. Understand she is not unclean this is a body problem that she has no control over however when entering the temple only to kateri should she go and touch no one or other murtis. offering a lime mala of nine limes to kateri for three sundays then after onthe last sunday let her take back the mala and carry home and with one everyday for the nine days take bath and sip some of the lime juice. all the information is at your finger tip so dont worry about learning about mother or master it just involves how many time you are willing to spend infront of your p.c. dont worry everything comes in time.
  2. Two things i dont understand from your post 1) Big Mother and 2) how they manifest themselves. From the term Big mother it tells me you went to a Guyanese based temple and they refer to Kali maa as big mother then who is little Mother and Medium Mother? ( this question is not posed to you directly but for your understanding) Mother is mother just different forms for different functions Kali is not more bigger than Swarsati nor Lakshmi or vice versa i dont know where they got that. Kateri is another name for Katyayainee and without her Nav Durga would be what? see no difference different forms for different functions Light, Knowledge And Destruction of evil. Not big not small. PERCEPTIONS if you are not guyanese or guyanese based they will not go all out to teach you and you will leave more confused they have the perception that Kali worship belongs to them in the western hemisphere. they say ask questions and when you ask the answers dont make sense and no two persons will answer the same For a simple question as why we use neemb you get a million reasons and the answers differ this is just how they are. but if you are blood then after sometime and they see you are willing they will reveal. Dont get me wrong for i have Guyanese friends they are a tough people and are very skeptical and and dont liked to be fooled. Manifestations appear different Khal Bhairav sometimes appear dancing on one foot, slouching downward like a dwarf, Kali maa has a shooing soung se make when she comes and katerie has a type of screech but different people manifest different it is hard to put in writting. According to some maa likes to dance but to the devotion she may come calm if the divine comes on a little and just stands and sways does this mean that nothing is there? no it goes in conjunction with the tpye and amount of devotion being done one a daily basis and then there is how pure the child is or how true to the worship they are in following rules. Fighting in dreams shows that there is need for more devotion to be performed and also some level of shakti awaiting to come out to manifest but lack of proper guidance and instruction to allow such. also they would experience a stiffling feeling. this shows they are willing to come but are you preparing yourself for what the divine has prepared to you. this sought of advice is best given by some one you trust (guru) to initiate the process. but if you dont trust no one then go to your pundit find out your ish devta and start there first and then slowly all will reveal itself in time. But going to a Kali temple is best for this type of knowledge certain things cant be said it has to be shown so you need a face to face. Why is the solution you were given not working for your sister. Explain a bit more of the dreams. my friend if the temple is eight hours away makes no excuse how did you go the first time. you sacrificed the time to get help now sacrifice the time to go and build. something tells me that you are no longer impressed with whom is in charge they have probably platued or you are asking too many question too fast so they are getting annoyed with you and shunning you off. this is the gift of being blessed by mother she will leave you long in one place but as soon as she see you want to go further she will send you some where else until you are settled. No worries understanding this will help you.
  3. Relative to sacrifice last time i posted something on sacrifice involving blood it was removed so i will have to be carefull how i put it forward i will get the document and repost. go to some of the post i have written and i think this will help. Rum and cigarettes i offer some say that this is wrong but in all spiritual texts we see that the words soma and amritum being used what do you think this is nectar, sweetness,intoxicants so what is alcohol not amrit. up to today they still have not yet found out what exactly are the ingredients that makes up the soma that the Suras and Asuras were fighting for when they churned Ganga Maa. in Hinduism something always represent something nothing is ever what it means fruits turn to prasad, water turns into medicine, a tilka is mother or father signs, sweetened rice is food. food is a light, light is a direction get my drift just perceptions. In kali worship these items are offered to the divine devtas as are sign of we pleasing them in our mind we know that they are intoxicated devatas who needs such so we inturn offer to god what they like just as you would offer to anyone else what they like to please them so they inturn would favor you. We offer to Hanuman G; roth, to Shiva Batasa, to Ganesh G; Ladoos and the list goes on so now why is it wrong to offer to Khal Bhairav, Muniswaran and Sangilli Karupan what they like becuaue it is not normal, but yet in everyday life when you meet a friend you have not seen in a long time what do the majority of people say? "lets go have a drink, a beer or have something on me" and they put a drink in your hand never a plate of food. So matakibhakti perceptions of person should not be yours one needs to edify one self to make certain decisions. if it feels wrong in your heart to offer then dont because it all boils down to your heart. i can give you a fowl cock in your hand and tell you that this is what mother wants and just before i cut the head of this is what you are saying in your mind " God you know that i dont like killing anything but my pujarie says it is for the best please accept" this is forced onto you the minute you use BUT you are indecisive and how you think god will be. I have been in Kali worship a little while now and for the past few years i have not done a personal blood pooja and yet i am still alive and things are going well. i dont encourage someone who does not understand something to perform one, learn fist then give and give for thanks not i WANT. people fear what they dont understand and fear causes them to make rash decisions and say rash things.it is a normal human emotion so the more you learn the less you fear and the less you fear the more you understand and the more you understand the less you use BUT.
  4. matakibhakti firstly you need to attain knowledge. when i say this what i mean is either from conversations or documents and evens books or even listening to family. then what you need to do is differeniate the sense from nonsense. Why for if you are an empty vessel then you would not have any questions to ask. then from the answers from these questions is your foundation. these questions and answers should be documented into a personal ledger for quick review in case you need to remember something. Basic prayers is probably to you basic but to god is plenty more because you are taking time from worldly attachments that he has given to you to worship him so no matter how small it goes distance. Every morning for 5 am i get up and prepare the body to do prayers by answering nature's calls then with a lotah of water facing east i offer to Surya, Kali and Shiva(some people do more up to you) then going into my ashram i clean and remove any of yesterdays offering or what have you then i wipe down with a clean piece of cloth prepare and my deeyas, kush kush, thali, lotha of water, flowers, agarbati, camphor and my seat (some people use cloth, deer skin, kush grass, neemb leaves or whatever have you) this is just to have a separation from the ground and your body so your built up tejas( inner light or fire) wont subside into the ground. i then light my deeys and offer flowers to all that i have in the ashram taking a few minutes to pray to each one. then upon my seat i sit then there i aarti Kali maa asking her to take seat, then with water i wash her feet, i apply chandan to the murti then to myself i am one with god, i offer incense, with water i give her drink then i perform aarti and do breathing exercises( this is very important to cleanse the body from inside) having done this now i do jaap (some people do hawan everyday but i do Friday Saturday and Sunday before they do jaap mala) i pull i dont push the beads.After doing my jaap i then do aarti and offer water and bow now i am ready to face the world. As i said this is my way all these practises are written in books i just have simplified for me to use on a daily basis devotion is not right or wrong it is just one's perspective.
  5. Happy Kahl Bhiro Jayanti To Khal Bhiro, Saffron, Innocent and Matakibhakti, members of the forum who perform Shakti worship and to those who dont may Khal Bhairav grant you blessing today and i hope all you prayers are accepted and he showers hiss divine blessing upon you and your family and bring forth Happiness, Love , Peace, Calm and Prosperity in everything and all things that you do in this their materialistic world and may his guidance guide you to truth. Not all the time i am talkative Innocent so i pay attention so nothing will slip by and when i was learning i asked many questions and then my job has me this way dont just take things for granted investigate.
  6. hey matakibhakti, Welcome, i have no problem assisting you with what i know but first you have to take into consideration that there is no hard fast way of worshipping the mother just different ways but once done with truth and fullest conviction results will be attained. i am just replying to your post as i dont want you to think i dont want to share but as today is Khal Bhairav Jayanti i am a little busy for i have other commitments to attend to (other people poojas). So bear with me and i will get back to you i will answer you right here as other members might learn or i might also get a correction about something i am doing different to normal rules.tell me what you have done so far and where you from (country).
  7. Saffron this is the two mantras that i use for Khal Bhairav hope it does you good. Shri Khal bhiro<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com Om</st1:place> hareeng butkaya<o:p></o:p> <st1:place w:st="on">Om</st1:place> hareeng butkaya<o:p></o:p></P> Aapduddhar anay <o:p></o:p></P> Kuru kuru batukaya<o:p></o:p></P> Hareeng<o:p></o:p></P> <o:p> </o:p></P> Khal bhiro gaayatree<o:p></o:p></P> <o:p> </o:p></P> <st1:place w:st="on">Om</st1:place> maha bhairavam vidmahe<o:p></o:p></P> Kala rudraya dhimahee<o:p></o:p></P> Tanno kamo bhairvastu kledin nityam pracodayat.<o:p></o:p></P> </P> </P>
  8. According to the hindu calendar that we are furnished with in Trinidad yes Khal Bhairav Jayanti is tommorrow, but by now you know that i dont take things for granted and yes it is according to the 1000 year patra. i dont know of celebrating the jayanti on any other day. hey innocent long time no see however if your birthday falls on Wednesday would you celebrate it on Friday after or Sunday before no disrespect. by the way how things. hope the divine devi has kept you good and to all the worshippers of the divine Khal Bhairav hope you recieve his fullest blessings. Jai Khal Bhairav, Jai Shri Maha Kali maa.
  9. i did see one once in a pooja store in trinidad but dont know if they still have but how will you get it if it is there.
  10. hindu man i now understand your reluctance to the divine devi and her worship however everyone has their path and destiny to follow for the rha to be paid can only be paid by the person commiting the sin so dont worry about your family however the light will shine and pull you forward. this is the blessing of the mother as how you are doing now. read, learn remember and perform according to dharma and you will be successful. taken from KALI PUJA written by Swami Satyananda Saraswati: Let the assembled worshipers then joyously take up each his own filled with excellent nectar. Then let him take up each his own cup and meditate upon the Kula-Kundalini, who is the consciousness, who is spread from the Muladhara lotus to the tip of the tongue, and, uttering the Mulamantra, let each, after taking the others' permission, offer it as oblation to the mouth of the Kundalini. When the Shakti is of the household, the smelling of the wine is the equivalent of drinking it. Worshipers who are householders may drink ( a maximum of) five drinks only. Excessive drinking prevents the attainment of sucess by Kula worshipers. they may drink until the sight or the mind is not affected. To drink beyond is beastly. How is it possible for a sinner who becomes a fool through drink and who shows contempt for the sadhaka of sakti to say: I worship Adya Kali, the supreme Female Divinity? So you see hinduman let them drink and smoke and loose sight of the truth and they will self destruct instead of the shakti growing to help the less than fortunate, the abhiman is growing that will destroy them selves just like ravan.
  11. Pujarie Five-O...you make a lot of sense but I still don't buy it. 1. I am not selling anything this is just how it is. It is either you believe or you dont believe but don't criticise. When I said what made the pujari's so special, I should've said what made ANYONE so special to summons god at their will and give advise. This is craziness 2. So are not you special god took his time to create and make your life what have you done in return for him how many poor did you feed? how many service to the community have you given? By doing rules according to religion we can controll God but what is controll to you. doing service to community and sending love is controlling god. Because god will look within and see you for truth. In Kali worship it is not a matter of CONTROL but a matter of returning to mankind what god has given you. How are you pure in heart have you conquered the five sheaths that we are created with Lust, Anger, Envy, Hatred and Jealously if so then you can say that you are pure. I still see only hopeless people with no way of Taking Care of their "problems" go there 3. These people are not hopeless my friend they are just going to a spiritual doctor. if you have a headache do you ask god to relieve the pain and dont take medication, if you break your foot do you ask god to put in a cast and dont go to the hospital. if you have a toothache do you ask god to pull out the tooth and dont go to the dentist. so see they are just seeking spiritual medication. For instance people that commit crimes, go there to get off at the courts. The "deotas" promises a total discharge or a light sentence. I could promise anyone the same. Now what they go and ask for is up to them for i for one believe if you commit the crime you have to do the time so no one can come and ask for the sentence to be short or have the case thrown out because that is wrong. the person from birth would know right from wrong so how can they do something illegal and ask god to take it away so i agree with you. A true manifestation does not tell a person that his brother sister or friend is doing him something what they say is someone close is not happy with him to make that person aware but then will give the person an antidote to fix this so no harm can come to him or his family. because some crazy has some visions.... 4. please dont say some crazy. this is as i see beyond you comprehension and from what i am getting the temple you went have turned you sour towards as a result you believe that by staying at home and doing worship to kali will be beneficial yes but only to an extent. Freedom is so beautiful that you can chosse to go to another temple where probably you will see truth andwill probably stand before a true manifestation that will give you truth and only truth that only you will know. Sorry pujarie five o.... I cannot be swayed into this hypocrisy. 5. then sorry to say that you know nothing about the truth in god. for god manifests himself in everything. the trees, the birds, the flowers, the plants,the air the entire world and universe inclusive of you and i so why cannot an element of him or her manifest on their children. i know it is hard for you to understand but remember that Santoshi Mata is a newest MANIFESTATION to this religion and worship of durga who is you or i to say that she is not god. I cannot and will not believe God can be manifested 6 i have realised that you have been used and as a result become sour towards Kali Worship but that is no reasn to do your own investigation and find your truth. Do you offer water onto a lingam if so why. how can shiva come into a stone to accept his dhar and he cannot come into a special person to talk to you. do you invoke Ganga Maa in water before you take a bath if so why. How can Ganga come in water and clean you. Do you when you sit to meditate invoke Vayu to enter and cleanse the air flowing inside you if so why. how can god come in you and clean you. do you when you awake pray to prithvi maa for permission to eat of her foods that enter tour body so it will not be destructive if so why. how can she come in you and protect you. Do you pray to Surya on each day to give you strenght and radiance when you walk as he shines on you so that his rays would not burn you if so why. How can he come in you and protect you. and yet you saygaod can not manifest himself on no man when day in day out theydo peform these functions with or without your knowledge for we have been created from the elements that they are made of anf the shakti that is used to enhance to help people is the union off all working in harmony and if you cant undersatand is because you choose not too for you yourself is caught up in Maya and you see no end in sight.
  12. but how i must miss you had no one to discuss the discussions. was bored man you know how it does be. did put some post and the moderators took them off so you know i get sour but over it now.hope you get sucess in your new endeavours. jai kali maa. i read something about being a brahmin go post it have to find the document first. by the way hope you fixed your anatomy i.e your a.. from your elbow
  13. Saikyran man you wrong! Just because you went somewhere and was probably used it is not to Stigmatise the whole and entire worship. but you seem to be one who does not like to pay dakshin in prayers. i am not saying that the persons was or was not honest but remember you went to the temple but how much did you donate for the upkeep of the temple for you to be able to enter and worship the divine. i mean they are not suppose to put a price for a pooja but remember these are people who dont work and your society has them this way. Stunts man you way off these are persons with gifts man not stunts probably where you are but not here well atleast some. but you have to walk the road and find what and whom you believe in just as a guru will test you, you as well have to test your guru to know he is for truth so you will be able to follow. sit in a clean place, meditate , god will talk to you, when everything including the mind is silent. this is very good advice but the manner god will talk, most of the time if someone who is not spritually inclined will not understand what god has said and will not understand why he is only seeing white light but according to you god will talk yes but they become more confused when they first started you must have a guru or a spiritual teacher to explain and guide you. Just because you did not probably got help with your problem from the divine mother you go and say something not right. that not right for your own self look within and free yourself.
  14. A.A good to see you what breeze blow you. see i am not at all as ignorant as you think how things great i hope mother and master blessings.
  15. hinduman whats up' it great to see that you have went to a Kali Shakti Temple, great for you. where you went i dont know but from your post i believe that the pujaries or the stories that you have heard was probably misconstruded by either you or the person narrating to you. if you permit me this i have been saying for quite some time( Check out some of my posts). i have been around manifestations for a greater part of my life and if you read some of my posts you would see that i agree with some of what you say. 1) I heard these are gods who will go in dirty places.... i agree with your statement but differ to an extent it is not that these gods will go in dirty places and others wont it is that in this form they have taken now in this era to help their devotees with different problems. yes Sri Raam went to Lanka to defeat Ravan but in the scripts Lanka was a beautiful and fruitful country if you remember the grove Sita maa was in was as beautiful and bountiful as any other kingdom that she ate fruits and other eatables and nothing from Ravan so the kingdom was not dirty it was Ravan's intentions that was evil and dirty. For if you understand is not Maha Kaal a form of Shiva who resides in the cremation grounds is not Smashan Kali the queen of the cremation ground as well. 2) Why are these Pujari's so special that they can summons God at anytime at their will. you my friend is special also with proper guidance and instructions from a guru your shakti that we all contain can be awaken and controlled to do the same as the pujaries it is just a matter of know how and guidance. to be born is by nature Maya ans she has instilled in us all some form of godliness so to say that god does not need to manifest himself on any one to prove anything you are right but bear in mind he has created a medium for us to know that he really exists for if god is in everything would you go to a tree for advice. No you would go to some one who will be able to understand and interpret for you to get guidance it is same with Shakti worship just more intense. 3) This movement is for the simple minded. Its a business and I feel bad for the people that go there. They are being robbed left and right. this is the problem with people if it is to simple it does not belong to god but you have to remember the man who threw an extravagant pooja was showing off and the little child who on her way to the temple just picked a simple flower and offered it to the divine. who got the blessing the simple minded one because she did it out of LOVE and for nothing more. Simplicity is close to god whilst Complexity is far from him because you get caught up in Maya. Remember god does not rob it is just the persons exploiting the name of the mother and i dont think that this should deter you from finding your calling. If the pujaries who stand at the side dont love what they are doing then they will leave the temple to become dirty. What they should have been doing is cleaning up after each patient because i would have felt the same way. Sometime friend when you get love turning into a job, this is what happens people just go around in a manner that they are better than every one else. Well its a matter for you to decide either you return or find another place to go but find out about the persons in charge first. You are on the right road being objective and asking questions. JAI KALI MAA.
  16. hey marimuthu, Subh divali and may Lakshmi Maa shower her blessing on you and your family. i fully understand what you say but again since you are in the land that we would like to be and you have first hand knowledge of the worship of Mariamman and her guardians why dont you share? 1) you say clothing what type of clothes you mean? 2) Besides the Mariamman Thalathu what other books are there similar to this one? 3) what type of songs that you know of in the language that you have and willing to share in respect to invocation and singing for the Kargum? 4) the thalathu is a lullaby for the mother but what of the documents for the way to perform the whole puja and process? 5) in tamil what is the mantras used in the temples, i have seen on you tube various groups singing from texts for Veeran,Muniswaran and Karupan do you have or know where to get? 6) What types of food and other sweets do they prepare for the puja and how do they make such? You my friend is very fortunate to live in and on the land that i pray to visit one day but since the medium has been set and you are encouraging us to start and be more into the Tamil aspect of things i see benefit for us to start by giving us a direction onto the path. you may put certain thing on the net and will probably get negative views from other readers but it is for thr person it is for to decide. So god bless until next time and feel free to send pm if you wish i eagerly await your reply.
  17. SITA RAAM; as we take time out from our busy daily lives to worship that divine devi Lakshmi Maa i would like to take this opportunity to send Divali Greetings to all the members of A.F. and the guests that visit. i pray and hope that as you perform puja we allow that divine devi to enter our home, our hearts, our souls, our bodies and our minds. we pray and ask of her to bring us out of darkness and into the light. We ask that she protect our lives, our children, family, friends and enemies upon this road that we walk. Full our hearts with light, full our minds and thoughts with light, full our ways with light, full our homes with light, full our children with light, full my enemies with light full tisworld with light as we embark on journeys in life give us strenght, give us will, give us calm and burn all negativity from within me and within all. Oh maa we pray that you shower us with your divine blessing, love and prosperity.Forgive us for all our sins comitted in this present life, my last life and my future life knowingly or unknowingly. Om siddhi buddhi prade devi Bhukti mukti pradaayine Mantra murti sadaa devi<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> Maha lakshmee namostute. prem se bolo shri maha lakshmi mata bhavanaki::::: JAI !!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. so what if Jesus went to india twice so what if he died. But according to the Holy Bible can you do any of the miracles performed. You are quick to judge dont get me wrong i am Hindu infact a worshipper of Kali Maa but when you start judging all ! whom are you going to attack next? You are looking all around at other faults but monkey dont watch it own tail. I know you are glad to know that Jesus visited your land twice, i would have been proud too but his spirituality was never in question. he did many things how many of you have walked on water with the knowledge given to you by your capable gurus. Sri Rama Krishna the greatest child of maa states that there maybe many branches in the tree but only one root. he practised all different sadhana and recieved each siddhi but never once did he criticise anothers religion. That is true Guru.
  19. INNOCENT check this out: taken from The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam: In ancient days there reigned a king named MAHABHISA, in the family of Iksaku endowed with all the qualities of a great king; he was the foremost of all the kings, truthful and religious. That highly intelligent king performed thousand Horse-sacrifices(asvamedhas) one hundred Vajapeya sacrifices and thereby satisfied Indra, the king went to the heavens. Once, on an ocassion, that king went to the abode of Brahma, the other gods also went there to serve Prajapati. The great river Ganga Devi, too, assuming the feminine form, went to Brahma to serve him. Now, in the interval, violent winds rose and the clothing of Ganga Devi blew off, at this the other Devas did not look at her; rather kept their faces down; but the king Mahabhisa continued gazing at her. Ganga Devi also came to know the king and that the king had become attracted to her. Brahma, seeing that both of them were love stricken and were shameless, became angry and cursed them immediately:-- O King! you better take your birth again in the human world and practise great meritorious deeds and come again to this heaven. Thus saying, Brahma looked at Ganga, who was attracted to the king and addressed her:-- You too who have felt his attraction and accepted it better go to the human world and become his wife. Both of them, the King and Ganga Devi came out of brahma's abode, very much grieved in their hearts because of their lust towards one another. Ch III Bk II the story continues as to how Ganga followed through took human form and killed her seven sons. moral: lust caused Ganga devi to be cursed to walk earth as human.
  20. Honesty: Anasuya was honest to her husband in the fact that she could not show her nakedness to cause lust in the minds of the sages that had a strange request.
  21. my point exactly moksh some persons always look for an easy way out. when they are profitable,happy and settled in life they have no use for god as soon as something happens they want a shortcut. when i said a capable guru i was being sarcastic.but mind you there are love guru's i saw one advertising on cable on z tv sahib something.
  22. hey innocent; taken from book DEVI ANASUYA: the chaste goddess Anasuya, wife of sage Atri, was renowned for her chastity. to test her chastity, the gods Shiva, Vishnu and Bramha came to her house disguised as young sages and asked her to feed them unclothed. In keeping with the laws of hospitality, Anasuya agreed to comply with this strange request. But when she brought the food, such was the power of her chastity that the gods had turned into little children, oblivious to her nakedness. Anasuya nursed the three gods like a mother and won the admiration of all beings. trying to furnish you with a phoyo have one from a book will attach and send you as soon as i locate it. hope you understand.
  23. hey passionate, can you point me in the direction of a capable guru. i understand what you say about using antidotes from the web but where and whom would this person find that. She is in a state of emotions where she would be conned.affairs of the heart is tricky businness.
  24. Dear guest; Have been reading your post and the replies that you have recieved firstly i sympathise with you situation but i want to impart with you if you will be willing to accept. VASHI KARAN means through these mantras you can put under control any woman, man, office minister, devta, soul, animal etc and gain according to your wishes. This mantra is used for others to be kind to you or any person using it. This mantra be used for couples whose relations are strained with each other and NOT for nefarious purposes like beloved, for officers, ministers etc.So let us examine the meaning beloved means to be loved and the person has now gone their own way. I know it is difficult to have a broken heart but this is why there is god. Once you put love towards god, god will love you back and remember if you are unhappy with yourself no one you come across in life will make you happy and feel love so you must love yourself first. My friends if these mantras worked the authors translating these sacred mantras would have been the presidents of the world. Some may argue that the authors dont want power for they are close with god and need no materials of life but i beg to differ the reason that they are writting books is to make money, and somewhere in the book there is always a disclaimer that if the mantras dont work is your fault for not correctly performing the sadhana B.S. this is their scapegoat. For a true spiritual person would not give you something to do to force someone to return to you. A rishi, guru or spiritual leader would encourage you to turn to god for your heart to mend for they would have seen that the relationship was not meant to be. A true guru would not encourage to use a VASHI KARAN mantra for it brings only bad luck. have you tought for a minute the reason is moving away from you is because it has been ordained by god. your god does not want to see you unhappy and sad and probably that is the reason that the guy has left so dont blame yourself and dont listen to others who wants to corrupt your mind with these mantras for when you use one then you continue to use others for other reasons then because of this your belief in god will drop and you would have no use for god until its to late and then what will happen to you. If these mantras why cant poverty be solved by the rishis or authors of these formulae books. You may ask yourself why good takes so long to materialise and bad happens so quickly. For god to create good he has to make certain doors open create avenues for you to walk and meet and do things in truth for it to prosper however bad is just to end nothing more that just closing the door. So friend rid yourself from these toughts and find solace in your god. For when Sri Ram was upon the banks of ganga a leap away from Sri Lanka, Hanuman G could have destroyed Ravan and taken Sita Maa to Sri Raam but Maya had to play out its course for us to learn to be patient until the timing is right. So god bless and hope you pray through your problem and recieve what the mother has for you. You may have given up on her but she has not go and take a loo at her eyes and you would see. You would see that she is there patient and smiling.
  25. marimuthu: yes the urumi,pambai and udukai were brought to trinidad. i have a special in my heart for instruments and when i saw these being played i started asking questions from my older generation and started investigating as to why they are not still around. i have seen black and white polaroids of these very same instruments but again back in those days under the indentureship indians were afraid to follow their culture because of fear of being victimised as to worshiping false gods and so would not play these instruments as a result they were put away to just become relics. when i first heard the sounds of the long pipes from movies and cd's man my pores use to raise but alass never have i seen one in trinidad from old cultures. the only one but very rare is the udukai which is like good gold scarce. oh yes man when the boy go to the girl house and the two tassa groups meet its a must to compete which sometimes in the past not now there would be great quarrels as to which side was better. beautiful man but culture is slowly fading and the present government is allowing this to happen because more funds are being pumped into the steel pan the nations national instrument.tassa has survived because of the integral part it had to do with weddings and our forefathers were very strict as to taking a urumi and pambai as probabaly as it related so much so with a religious aspect of worshipping the devi. i know its sad however the first generation were not at all so much interested in the plight of prayers but the fact was just to come make some money and return to Barath Mata. and in so alot who came were very poor and probably who had problems with the laws or authority so it was an easy means to escape because no real background checks were performed. Man i tell you from where tassa was to where it is today is so amazing that one of my uncle on my father side still has his original bass drum from nearly 100 years ago this is what he says i have seen it up too today he does not play it for fear it might damage.the generation today my friend is globalising so fast that no one wants to take the time off to learn our hindu culture some in trinidad are doing their very best but then when you go outside they victimise you and say that you are showing off what you have learnt. catch my drift so those who learn stay quiet. but dont worry there are a handful of us that is trying hard to bring back the culture and are trying to teach our sons and daughters to read and write the language and be a part of the arts.thank god for computers and the internet allowing the world to be at our fingertips. i love my heritage and culture that i live breathe and will some day die in it once mother gives me strenght i will fight for what is right. for truth is always alone so i have accepted my faith to be alone with god and convey the truth regardless to whose path i cross.yes the guyanese are die hard people when they want something they go after it no matter the sacrifice and you know stange enough they would succeed. god bless. i try my best to be more involved. until next time sita ram.
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