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  1. lol imagine i forgot i was on this forum and even forgot my password lol. but yes there are temples now in our blessed isle of trinidad doing what they believe and i say BELIEVE what is right. but then ppl if you know what they are saying is wrong then dont go there. look around and i am sure you will find one.
  2. hey ppls what is the scene how things hope life is treating you both well. well if i dont speak to you before subh divali
  3. hey ppls long time no see but on a different beat rite now however i remembered i was on this forum as well lol. how ever to answer your question i hope i did not take to long but the temple in caroni is rite by the bridge. if you are proceeding south look on the left the woman there raises a red satin flag. but no scene rite now i am monitoring a page check it out http://srikaliammankovel.hi5.com
  4. bless good show of appreciation
  5. ha ha long time no write something but when you think you hear all you hear something new. so if i dont buy the colours i cant manifest so then he is greater than shakti and even more so the shakti listens. so god comes only when in appropriate colours. this is a new one to meh ears but bless those who are ignorant but those are cursed when advantage is done. the pujarie must have his reason:crazy: he must be dont know no new tricks so he make up one ha ha ha ha but a new one never the less
  6. that is exactly my point and you made it if you dont know anything about lord krishna dont ask any questions that might upset me just take what i say and shut your mouth. you age is not my business and really i have no interest in it but at the end of the day you still not answer the question. oh Shocks you did " dont ask just take what you get and shut your mouth"
  7. oh come on now a mature person calling me names thanks. looks like i got under your skin my appologies. but still after all names calling and insultive remarks this is the best that you could do. hey you dont ask a single question guru j say it is so, put your tail between you leg ( and as we trinis like to say it) hush yuh mouth:mad2:
  8. hey you sound just like my grand father never wanting this generation to advance and go foward. he was a bitter old person who always lived in the past with hopes that the past would one day return. but thank god it has not yet because us kids are now using computers and the internet. backwards never forward ever.
  9. wow this is a very good example of someone beating around the bush with all this simee dimee talk of not who , not how and remember dont ask question just hush your mouth put your tail between your legs anr run with the majority. and no you have not answered the question. if you dont read then you cant have a question to ask so what i get is dont worry god exists and dont ask to much questions. dont be bogged down and ask qustions do as i say but dont do as i do.
  10. not to ruffle anyone feathers but i want to ask a questioni think that this post might ruffle some feathers but why is that the mojority of pics have krishna and radha as consorts when this is not so i think i learned some where that krishna's legal wife was rukmini can anyone explain. why is this so. again i dont mean to ruffle anyone feathers.
  11. thats great to hear but how did the person cross under manifestation or normally either way it is still great glad to hear. I agree. I don't like the arrangements made but after being restricted from using the river, I guess they did not have a choice. there is always choices. but if he is doing mother pooja in truth dont you think she might have preserved her pond for that purpose.
  12. to think this is a very good question however i think this depends on the person perception of how to perform ritual. we as humans tend to discriminate ( i dont mean you) for what might be unusual but the point of him doing this is to probably continue a devotion. god knows a mans pocket and will accept the light but what of those who has enough money and still dont light a light but yet might discriminate the fellow for doing this. this i think is wrong!!!!!! but i think once the oil is not made with any type of animal fat included and the bottle is a new one and only for that purpose this could be accepted. Even some of the toiletries we use contain animal products but again ones perception. i personally dont think its wrong its just a means to fulfill ones desires without asking for alms to come to god. i can remember a story of a shiva bhakt who use to offer meat to the lingam and carry the water for tarpan in his mouth but yet he still attained Lord Shiva blessing. Just my input.
  13. yeah same sh** different day did not like going to sea then raising the shakti to put it on truck then the problem with the man in the van society should show more appreciation sorry to hear not in garments you were probably treated like outcast dont worry to much you are still mothers child.
  14. long ago people use to go behing the house to do all kind of things but why them so smart they go put the boundary master in the back you dont ente from behind the house. Murga: fowl cock Murgi: hen Bukra: Male goat Bukree: Female goat kotha: dog :smash: :smash: :smash:
  15. hey innocent did you go fire pass Friday
  16. hey bhiro glad to see the encouragement on your half i myself has the gift of manifestation however when i did my sadhana the first thing i did was getting an auspicious time for starting. then i choose a particular amount of days to continue through i.e 42 days. then the amount of mantras to activate the siddhi i divided that (100800) by 42 then the amount i divided by nine so i was doing sadhana whole day from 6 to 6 every hour and half but do explain different ways same goal
  17. but how long they go run and hide stop but that is exactly what they are doing so must be the long rope run out or the goat must be eat the rope and geh wey
  18. hey rooneysay whats up great to have you onboard hope your stay here is blessed and informative.
  19. besides answering any questions they also heal the sick and perform miracles
  20. you think for one minute they will ever have consideration but then these are the same ones who say that they dont worship Kali Maa but every first monday in the new year they go behind their house and offer murga to the dee baba and say me i dont do blood. leave them alone in their ignorance
  21. hear me, birds of a feather flock together, you should be thankful for the inspirations given to you by mother the blessed Kali Maa and take into consideration that you have seen your truth, not my truth or your friends truth but your truth, give thanks to her and continue you journey forward. for you have started and not known this stage is the gathering of knowledge in truth and diciphering what you need to know the next step will be elevation to oneness, that regardless you cant change everyone you meet but you have come to understand that she is just great for her own children to understand her sometimes. but continue to read and learn and ask as many questions as humanly possible and remember always take notes. many of temples open and claim to be the best however they make their own rules like one i visited made kargums for each devi and devtas possible but then there was no one to carry the kargums back to the temple so they asked persons in the crowd to help them carry them back to the temple. i am not saying that this is wrong mind you but if you dont have the co-operation then dont do something then when things not go good they quick to blame others without watching themselves first. then we go to the next question how did fire pass involve itself into kali prayers, especially sada pooja. this is a vrat as i have explained earlier of self sacrifice then why not in a balidhan temple for most whom are meat eaters would not want to fast for the forty two days required for this walk and instead seperate and say this is for this and the other is for that but this is not so in all temples the purification rite in bringing the kargum is by allowing the manifestation to enter the temple having crossed the fire but then we segregate and say this is stronger and than the other and vice versa. if we as followers dont learn through common sense then we are bound to be lead for willingness to learn the divine will put you on the one true path that she wants for you the individual.
  22. hey pundit what ah go say is long rope for mager goat. now when something happens they go blame khal bhairav but just as a little child god also like a little attention even self if it is a flower clasped in your hands
  23. i fed up with ppl only condeming condeming o gosh if u does worship one way dats no probs but to condem someone else worship dats just wrong it show that they have not gotten self relization yet. hey pundit take it easy man not all living persons on this earth will come to know of the divine Kali Maa and her attendants. some may be fortunate to hear of her but not all may be blessed to come to eventually worship her. you and i may be fortunate to have achieved this blessings. givve thanks to that. need not is the ways of man to defend Kali she has endured yogs and will continue to achieve and endure try and work on improving your own self dont try and say things bout powers you never even see far less to exprience yet. if the sheaths are not removed then self relization of one ownself will never be attained. this is the true test self surrender you know wat he does do then does do kali and durga puja but they dont offer nothing to kal bhairo. huh these ppl does make up there own rules yes. but pundit you as well as i know that shakti worship inclusive of that of bhairav worship is discouraged right here in trinidad but does that lessen the amount of persons going in secret to get help from him, you might be amazed at the caliber of persons come for his help in secrecy but that also is his game for if you are shame to openly worship and do his devotion wouldn't he play the game with them also. take it easy and smile for not all tides bring in calm waves
  24. I have witnessed many acquiring serious burns during fire pass. When I question the elders about why such had happened. The response: They have not fasted properly . so let mw get this straight i am going to do a forty two day fast for this fire pass. firstly i have to be chosen by the elders who would see my interest and determination and dedication to mother so as a result i have been chosen. then the elders would give me the rules of this a very strict fast which i may or may not perform to the best of my ability. then upon this auspicious night i have been elevated to cross the fire then after the proceedings i am burnt for i have not fasted properly. but then check this the leaders fabricate all type of rules for instance one must not sleep in the company of your companion but where do they sleep when the majority of the times the temple is situated close to their home. DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO. Or those that manifest the divine and get burnt while crossing fire suffer such consequences because their bodies are used by divinity to take care of devotees and as such will be burnt in order to burn out all the negative things that is absorbed from healing devotees. If this is the reason then it is time for me to stop worshiping Kali Maa. so the gods and goddess i pray to are unjust and evil that they would punish me so severly by burning my physical body to please their selfish desires. but then every sunday does not these same persons not manifest and see and take care of us. HOW COME THEY ARE NOT BURNT EVERY SUNDAY having healed us. my friend in main stream Kali worship the rules are now starting to be self fabricated to follow the whims and fancies of the leaders and the devotees are the ones that are suffering and paying the price and then this leads to the dissolution of the temple and then the collapase. if they just remain truthful and honest would not one enjoy all that the mother will provide.
  25. so my question to you!did you get guru permission to perform ? and why are you doing something that you have clearly not investigated? and besides whenever you perform any type of sadhana the items used are always offered into running water no offence intended
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