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  1. Can anyone provide me with the English transliteration (not translation) of Mahanarayanopanishad, please? Thanks
  2. Did I say that I had actually undertaken the sadhana yet? No, I don't believe I did. I've been reading posts on here and most people seem pretty helpful. So, as part of my INVESTIGATION I thought I would enquire here to get what seem like knowledgeable and reliable responses. I also didn't say that I am completely unfamiliar with any types of puja/sadhana, just that this particular form is not clear to me. Is it really necessary to have a guru say, "Yes, you can worship God in this way?" (Not that I discount the importance of the guru) Thanks for answering the question about the haldi and for what I can only assume is an attempt to make me "think", but perhaps it would be more helpful of you to offer advice, insight, or places where I could find information. ~Medha Devi Das
  3. Someone recently told me I should perform haldi archana everyday. I've only been practicing Hinduism for about two years, so I'm still a little unclear on some things. When one performs haldi archana it is basically offering a pinch of turmeric to every name while reciting the ashtottarasatanamavali, correct? Also, what do I do with the haldi afterwards? Thanks!
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