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  1. Aum Gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow sahira Was the abortion due to your carelessness ? of not knowing the precautions one should observe during to pregnancy, like avoiding tiresome travel , etc . During which of the period did the abortion take place ? Vimsottari Dasa: Jup MD: 2007-01-01 - 2023-01-01 Jup AD: 2007-01-01 - 2009-02-17 Pratyantardasas in this AD: Jup: 2007-01-01 - 2007-04-13 Sat: 2007-04-13 - 2007-08-18 Merc: 2007-08-18 - 2007-12-06 ..? Ket: 2007-12-06 - 2008-01-19 ...? Ven: 2008-01-19 - 2008-05-27 Sun: 2008-05-27 - 2008-07-06 Moon: 2008-07-06 - 2008-09-11 Mars: 2008-09-11 - 2008-10-26 Rah: 2008-10-26 - 2009-02-17 may mother bless all sasisekaran
  2. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear coolgimmy look at the strenght of fifth house, fifth lord, chara putrakaraka , naisargika putra karaka in rasi and saptamsa. Also look at A3, A9, AS3 and AS9. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  3. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste Dear sow.kalpana, Both of your chart have negatives. Donate two small silver lamps to Sri Lakshmi narayana temple. Do 25 parikrama of the inner 'praharam' daily for 40 days. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  4. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear sow.sahira , You were born around 1026 am on 11 th of december, 1981. Ofcourse place of birth can only come from you. Placement of moon, the 8th lord in saptamsa in 5th is unwelcome. Mars, the 5th lord is aspected by saturn, which is bad. But Jupiter , placed in lagna can give a new begining. Jupiter is also the chara putra karaka in your chart. Divine intervention and medical advice must be sought for child birth. How long have you been married ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  5. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste Dear shri.Auysh, Well said. But just forget it. What the almighty has destined that will happen. We may assume that we are manipulators, but we are not. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  6. Aum gurubhyo Namah namaste dear shri.Ayush, sorry for the delay. Does this case study becomes intriguing ? It is so. Understanding Sage Parasara is of primary importance. After that, the application becomes even more difficult since the transit brings is commplications. I wonder how certain practicing astrologers, stick to their analysis just based on just rasi alone. Whatever i have understood, i write below. They need not be correct and reflect the truth of the chart. Sage says, to ascertain the beneficience of moon , one has to look at the paksha. In this chart moon is krishna paksha. Also the moon is an afflicted one. It carries the past(D60) 'maaya' in it. It is 12th to lagna , with venus and mars in dasamsa. Hence tenth lord moon is not all comfortable. The the dasamsa lagna is mithun, within a window of 8 mins on one side and 4 mins on the other side of the given birth time. venus, as per sage, is only neutral to thula lagna.The neutrality is because of its 8th lordship. Generally lagna lord is benefic. Lagna lord, showing application of intelligence placed in 10th made him start his business exactly during its pratyantra. For thula lagna mercury gives auspicious results as per sage. For thula lagna a combination of merucy and moon gives raja yoga. The blemish in the chart is that of moon, which is unable to bring its auspiciousness. Hence it becomes all the more important for him to chant " om namo Narayana ". But see what happened. The questioner has not responded to the 'mantra'. His atmakaraka 'sun' placed with mantra pada(A5) is yet to respond to the mantra. There are other afflictions for the sun. Unfortunately jupiter aspecting the mantra pada is not his friend. Mars is in saumya shastiamsa. Saumya is pleasing. What happens if a killer graha for thula lagna is pleasing ? A pleasing killer ? Saturn is yogakaraka for thula langa. But the combo of saturn and mars form what is called as 'unmada' yoga. Saturn is in its marana karaka sthana in lagna. A yoga karaka is unable to bring its auspiciousness because of its association with mars and placed in marana karaka sthana. The karaka for lagna is jupiter and he his placed in its marana karaka sthana from its karaka bhava, that is, lagna. Sun in mithuna is not comfortable. Also, rahu has passed over it. It is an afflicted one. Sun is bhadaka for thula lagna. Sun is also the lord of 64 th navamsa here. shastiamsa carries the 'past' in it. All grahas carry the past in them. But if they are afficted in the vargas , that is how they manifest. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  7. Aum Gurubhyo Namah Namaste Dear shri.vkomal you have started the business exactly at the wrong time. sorry. rahu and mars are influencing the tenth lord and amatya karaka (responsible for professoin)Moon by graha drishti. The desire of these two kroora grahas are bad. Vimsottari Dasa: Rah MD: 1990-10-28 - 2008-10-27 Mars AD: 2007-10-10 - 2008-10-27 Pratyantardasas in this AD: Mars: 2007-10-10 - 2007-11-01 ..| Rah: 2007-11-01 - 2007-12-27 ..| Jup: 2007-12-27 - 2008-02-15 ..| Sat: 2008-02-15 - 2008-04-15 ..|durng when of these Merc: 2008-04-15 - 2008-06-09..|periods did the Ket: 2008-06-09 - 2008-07-03 ..|thought of business Ven: 2008-07-03 - 2008-09-06 ..|strike you ? when Sun: 2008-09-06 - 2008-09-26 ..|did you start exactly Moon: 2008-09-26 - 2008-10-27..| Jupiter dasa is on now. Jupiter is placed 12th to the Arudha lagna. arudha lagna shows status. Jupiter placed in 12 th can bring in financial loss. transit wise, saturn is in 8th from your moon (the tenth lord also ). It is better to stop investing further and concentrate on improving the existing one. when one job cannot be handled, how can you venture into the second one ? it is the mind that is being pushed into wrong ideas. saturn and mars placed in lagna is not a welcome sign. They do not give you the wisdom. Jupiter , the karaka for lagna is placed in third , which is again bad. chant the following 324 times at 6am, 12noon and 6pm daily. om namo narayanaya may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  8. Aum Gurubhyo Namah Namaste Dear Shir.Santosh You are running Rahu dasa and mars antar. Mars is placed in 7th, from "UL", a place of marriage. It troubles the married life. This period started in july 2008 and will end in july 2009. Your moon sravana , is also under bad influence of Rahu passing over it and saturn , tranisting the 8th from it. No wonder , you are being subjected to such unpleasant events. Try to hold till saturn and rahu leave the grip on your mind. A little before this time, Jupiter dasa starts - in july 2009. Wisdom will set in and you will be in a better position to decide on the future course of action. At this juncture, it is not good to ditch your wife. Otherwise, you will only be commiting a sin. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  9. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste Dear shri.mandar Please do not call me a veteran. i am just a learner. I am happy to note that you are referring to BPHS. The sutras that appear should never be treated as a stand alone one. Various sutras come into play when we apply a principle and exactly that is where many of us have different views. For example , exalted sun is treated as something very big. Exaltation alone does not make a graha, the most superior. Exaltation is also a state where the graha 'forgets' itself and in full mood to enjoy. The other strengths should also be considered when a graha is seen in a ' totality '. In this case the sun suffers from the dosha of vedha caused by rahu. Also sun is placed in 12 th in Navamsa. The sun gets caught in sarpa dosha and also aspected by the terrible combination of saturn-mars. Assesment of sun does not end here. Why did he fall sick during Sun's antar (2000)? sun shows vitality of the person. If the sun is really strong he should not have fallen sick. Did sun try to perform his duty of 'marakatawa' during this period, since he is lord of 2nd? Having placed in tenth, where he has the higest digbala, why did he not give him a job then ? These questions certainly would make us think twice about its real role in life. varrgotam does not mean that the lagna is turned 'good '. Lagna is 'dhi' sakthi. Its state is as far as dharma is concerned also falls in karaka. If the lagna has turned good , why the person should is wanting to marry a lady and make her suffer too, when he is jobless ? jupiter placed in kumbha makes him only move towards a fully tamasic state. Sage Parasara calls kumbha as fully tamasic, where nothing moves. A tamasic person is the laziest. Rajasic person is active and is always onthe move. Satwic person is a balanced one. He has rajasic and tamasic in him. Meena karakamsa should be unafflicted to grant moksha. In his case it is terribly afflicted by rahu which misleads the person to maya. It becomes even more wors since it joins mercury ,the atmakaraka and hence afflicting at the atma level too. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  10. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste Dear shri.mandar Do you find the chart strong, just because sun is exalted in the tenth joining the lagna lord moon ? or is it because of the vipareeta yoga occuring because of the sixth lord in eight, eighth lord in twelfth ? I dont think the charts are so simple to decode. The knowledge we have gained is only a spoonful of water from the ocean. Otherwise, all astrologers must be the richest men of today having attained one hundred percent predictive ability. The tenth lord mars is placed in twelfth with dire malefic saturn for karka lagna. Tenth lord dispositor mercury, is neecha placed in gandanta and aspected by rahu and saturn. Second lord Sun ruling wealth placed well in tenth is pierced by Rahu because of what is called as vedha from jyeshta nakshtra. Sun is the planet of resources. Sun is the lord of aruda pada of tenth. Rahu is one which causes grahana to sun. Sun is also highly uncomfortable in navamsa. The bhagya lord jupiter is placed in 12 th to bhagya sthana associating with venus, the bhadaka for karka lagna. The combo saturn and mars is called unmada yoga. please ask him to chant " om saambha sadashivaya namah " atleast 324 times daily. If he does not chant, it clearly shows atma is under stress. Mercury is his atmakaraka , placed in gandanta aspected by rahu and saturn. This calls for utmost care. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  11. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear sow.rohini_nakshatra, i am deeply moved. unfourtunately, you have got such a worse guide. the guide's unwillingness is shown by the 9th lord jupiter sitting in the third house of marana karaka sthana and afflicted by saturn. it is very clear now. i am at loss to find words to encourage you. but pl think of the money and time you have spent. try to stick on and possibly climb down , and help your guide though your princilples do not allow to do so. Mars , essentially is a warrior. Mars , being the atma karaka, does not want to loose. It need not necessarily be a fight. But sticking on to one's principle is also equivalent to holding one's FORT and guarding it. Mars rules logic. The logic does not support climbing down. Your thithi lord is also mars. Thithi rules relationship. Mars , certainly dominates in your chart. Paka lagna is the rasi where the lagna lord is placed. While lagna shows the intelligence, the paka lagna shows the application of intelligence. i missed to mention this in my earlier mail. mars is sitting in the ninth from the paka lagna. ninth is dharma. hence in application of intelligence mars plays a dominant role, it being the atma karaka. Third and sixth from AL shows one's fighting ability. Benefics do not make the person figth. sadhu's and sanyasis have benefics placed there. Kroora grahas alone make the person fight. You have exalted sukla paksha moon, which is sowmya. Hence you dont have a tendency to fight. At the same time , the atma karaka does not loose its tinge to fight and boldly stay put. I use lahiri ayanamsa. I noticed the shift in navamsa lagna if the birth time is reduced by 20 secs. As soon as a chart is drawn, it is my practice to look at the vargas and their shifts with respect to birthtime. But i would like to stict to the given time of birth since merc was transiting the fourth from navamsa lagna when you joined the course. Your travel to US(?) and joining phd fall within the period of mercury. I am anchoring on simha navamsa lagna based on the incident. Even other wise, mercury is not a friend of your karka lagna but a staunch enemy having joined sun, the maraka for karaka lagna and the node ketu. Mercury placed in seventh in a movable rasi and owner of twelfth house made you move of the country. For now, i will stick to navamsa lagna. today is jyseshta nakshatra. moola and poorvashada which are to follow are your chandrashtama nakshatras. During these days your confidence will be low and can misdirect you. just let these days pass. you may then calmly take a decision. just hold on and keep praying. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  12. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear rohini_nakshatra transits , like any part of astrology , is a ocean. nadi transits, varga transits , etc are interesting. The transits that you have mentioned is seen from the rasi plane. Unfortunately, we take major planets alone in transits and that too, only on the rasi plane. you have mentioned only saturn rahu and jupiter. does this mean that you are not under the influence of other planets ? not so, since it is the cummulative effect that brings in events and it is one of the main reasons for failure in our predictions. who else, other than the almighty knows about it ? you have joined phd in aug 2005. it would be better if you can recollect the date. any how, jupiter was transiting the 12th to your navamsa lagna from aug 5 to aug 25. mercury, the antar lord was transiting fourth in navamsa from aug 11 to aug 20. it is easier to do these in postmortems,but do we (not you ) see these things in practice ? mars is your atma karaka ( the planet that has travelled the most in any rasi.. mars is 19 deg in makara. no other planet has moved so much in any house in your chart ). mars brings in anger. mars is placed in marana karaka sthatna in your chart. hence it can bring in terrible trouble, especially in relationships as it is placed in the seventh house. in addition to this you were born in ekadasi thithi. yours is a fit case to observe ekadasi vrata , the whole part of your life. did you ever 'irk' your guide ? more after hearing from you. may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  13. Aum Gurubhyo Namah namaste dear rohini_nakshatra, ninth lord guru is in close quarters with saturn., just minutes away. saturn pollutes guru. Guru is in marana karaka sthana from lagna and in bhadaka shetra to the ninth house of 'teacher'. worship Lord Dakshinamoorthy daily, with utmost faith that he would help you. venus bhuthi is on. it is placed in sixth from dasa lord rahu as well as karka lagna. venus is marana karaka sthana from lagna, the seat of dhi sakthi. venus is placed in eight from moon placed in taurus, the paka lagna. paka lagna shows the application of intelligence. hence , you apply your intelligence properly and level headedly handle the situation. prayer and calmness of mind is essential may mother bless all sasisekaran
  14. aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear smt.sarad moon makes a lady a mother. moon is not placed well both in rasi and navamsa. jupiter, the naisargika putrakaraka has become a bhadka to you. more over it is neecha associating with mandhi and gulika. a9, a3, as3 and as9, the arudha padas to be seen for 'creation' are placed in dustanas from sun. sun , in your case is atmakaraka. sun is placed in 8th from fifth, the house of children. sun's association with malefics in saptamsa varga is one that shows atma's suffering on account of difficulty in child birth. saturn, the chara putra karaka is neither placed well. it is better to continue medication. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  15. aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.rajitha thanks for the info. did the problem surface sometime oct 10, 2008 - oct 20 2008 ? if you can recollect and convey us the timing of start of pain and the first visit to the doctor, it would help us understand the chart more. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  16. aum gurubhyo namah dear Shri.rajitha the strength of a planet is to be seen from dasamsa as per sage parasara. for longevity purposes lagna, eigth and tenth house are considered. what kind of health problem are you facing ? is it a general one ? may mother bless all sasisekaran
  17. aum gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.rajitha, can you please precisely recollect as to when did the health start going bad ? can it be around oct 2006 ? if you anchor on the venus dasa for the start of health problem, then venus has the potency to bring down your health as it is not comfortably placed in rasi, navamsa , dasamsa , shastamsa and shastiamsa. for health problems, pl look at lagna lord, venus and moon. lagna lord , though can be consided as in own house of exaltation, mars association is one of the primary factor. mars is his enemy and also the sixth lord in the chart. more over the proximity to mars is of concern. venus in navamsa is with saturn and aspected by mars. the nodes are in kendra to it. sage parasara says " dasamse mahatbalam ". such a nice point in a simplistic style !. venus in dasamsa is influenced by nodes and aspected by mars once again. venus in shasthamsa is aspected by mars. venus in shastiamsa is neecha and aspected by rahu and saturn. What more you want for the venus to be under stress ? venus is in raakshasa shastiamsa. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  18. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.janaki period does not look well for atleast a year and hence i was reluctant to write to you . it would make you worry much. the muhurtha of marriage , appears to be ordinary on the first look. but a deeper look certainly show the events. at the same time it is very difficult to fix a perfect muhurtha since there are many other non astrological factors play in finding a date for marriage. keep praying. HE alone can solve. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  19. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear shri.heart_broken with the screen shots, it is not too difficult to find out the birth details including that of the birth place of your kid. the kid was born in a land of fjords! your wife birth details tob:0:46 dob:JULY 10, 1978 ( i have little doubt about place of birth ) your kid's birth details tob:7.31.35 dob: apr 28 2006 in your chart: moon is placed in eight from ul in rasi. it is placed in dhanus , third from AL. hence fall from status. moon is bhadaka lord from ul in navamsa. rahu/rahu/rahu period may pl be handled with care. Give her some time to change. she will find the going tough till the end of saturn's antar as per chart may mother bless all sasisekaran
  20. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri.ayush it is not difficult at all. it would not consume just 1 to 3 minutes. i am using jhora and if you know the movement of the planets and lagna it is not all difficult. when he said sun was in cancer, the month must be around july. when he said rahu was with sun , for an unmarried person, the age should be around 25, and hence rahu must be in and around 1981. saturn and jupiter in 2nd house means , it must be kanya and hence the period must be 25 years before. just build up like this. once you understand , you would say , " phew ! it is simple " may mother bless all sasisekaran
  21. OM GURUBHYO NAMAH namaste dear shri.sainathjs lagna lord sun has gone to his marana karaka sthana and eclipsed by rahu. this colludes the thinking process and application of dhi sakthi. more over the lagna itself is under papa kartari yoga caused by rahu and saturn. care must be taken in thinking and application of your mind. venus, the naisargika kalatara karaka also happens to be the dara karaka. venus is placed in its enemical sign. hence the question about marriage arrise out of this subject's mind. the birth is around july 27, 1981 around 0910 hrs. when you can give details of plantes positions, what prevents you from posting full birth details ? it makes every ones job simple. may mother bless all sasisekaran
  22. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear coolgimmy the bondage is THICK when such links can be seen in the charts of partners. But i am yet to understand in charts where such links are loose and yet they live under one roof. just for the sake of explanation, twisting the observations to suit our understanding is not in my books. Hence i must genuinely say that i am yet to get grips in those areas. Who knows, the links may be available in higher varga charts. For example an accurate shastiamsa may reveal such bondage even if it is absent in rasi charts. But such an exercise is too difficult because of the lack of so called accurate time, perfect ayanamsa , etc. But i strongly believe such links must exist somewhere. regards may mother bless all sasisekaran
  23. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.janaki sorry, that i read your previous posting with less attention. i thought his father was ailing. we sincerely pray for your father's recovery. your worship of SriDurga is rigth. you may observe fasting on tuesdays. The fasting is from sunrise to sunset. You may please donate a food packet to a needy on that day . food saved by fasting ,must be given to a needy. just for analytical purpose, can you please give the date of marriage and the exact or near about time of tying of mangalasutra ? regards may mother bless all sasisekaran.
  24. om gurubhyo namah namaste dear sow.janaki and others who posted their views whether someone marries after love or not, the karmic bondage will always be seen in charts. Without it. people cannot come together to live under one roof for a decent period. If the karmic bondage is too tight , then the break certainly takes long time. If the bondage is loose, it breaks easily. If the bondage too loose, it lasts for a while without a marriage, that we see often in countries , where 'love' is accepted or encouraged. Without some kind of bondage people never come together to 'talk' and develop relationship. With this , if agreed , let us look into both of your charts. Your atmakaraka mars is placed in his seventh house. His atmakaraka, moon is placed in your upapada lagna ( house of marriage ). Your dara karaka sun is placed in his lagna. His darakaraka mercury is placed in your lagna. These placements show the primary bondage. This is why you two were brought together in the first place. It is quite natural then for you two to interact together. The problem occurs when the personal " likes or dislikes " start operating. Especially , the 'dislikes' are never discussed in depth during the so called one to one 'Love' life. After marriage, events bring the dislikes to the surface, ego adds fuel to the fire and if dasas and transits help, the life is set to fire. you were married in saturn dasa and rahu antar and probably in venus pratyantar. sat/rahu is one of the bad combos, and both influence your lagna and its lord in rasi. During moon's pratyantra the troubles started. moon has connection to UL both in rasi and navamsa. Mars if placed in 2,4, 7,8 and 12 from lagna , moon and venus is said to cause kuja dosha. the evil is less from lagna, a little more from moon and worse from venus. The kuja dosha is more in your case than his. The antidote for kuja dosha did not work in the case of LORD SRI RAMA, who had mars placed in makara exalted !. He has curses in his chart and hence he had to undergo separation. Much more analysis is possible on both of your charts, but let me limit it for the begining. It is better for you to visit his ailing father and ease out things. may mother bless all regards sasisekaran chennai.
  25. om gurubhyo namah dear shri auysh there is nothing wrong in making an attempt to read the chart. it would only improve your understanding and analytical ability in the subject. who knows, you may come up with a better reading. regards may mother bless all sasisekaran chennai
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