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  1. IIOmII II Gurur Brahma gurur Vishnu gurur devo Maheshwarah, Guru sakshat parabrahma tasmai shri gurve namah II Respected members, namaste I have one basic question on Calculation of Gandanta. I have come across 2 school of thoughts. FIRST While reckoning the gandanta in terms of the arc of the zodiac, we must take last 66.67 arc min of the last Nakshatra of the watery signs and the first 40 arc mins of the first Nakshatra of the fiery signs. SECOND Gandanta means planet between last 3 deg of jalatatwa rasi and first 3 deg of agnitatva rasi For example – If the Birth takes place when lagna is between ‘Aslesha (Cancer) – Magha (Leo) junction’, then which of the following is correct As per first school of thought – Lagna Gandanta Dosha exists only when the Lagna is between 0 Le 40’00.00" and 29 Cn 33’40.20" As per first school of thought – Lagna Gandanta Dosha exists only when the Lagna is between 3 Le 00’00.00" and 27 Cn 00’00.00" I sincerely look forward for your kind guidance on this. Best regards, Mandar
  2. Dear It is factually incorrect to predict the phala purely based on the planet position in lagna kundali without referring to the devisional chart. Here afflicted ketu makes native tale-bearer, he always resorts to speak untruth and will be afflicted by windy dieses (afflicted Jupiter) or by rheumatism (afflicted saturn) If heavily afflicted, then suffers from mouth dieses, faces opposition from family members, gets responsibility as care taker of large family, always speak hastily without thinking of the consequences and hurting others. If this krtu is afflicted by moon, then native invites troubles due to his speech. If this ketu receives devine aspects from strong guru and shukra then native gets recognition in the family, feeds many peoples (anna dharma), laways performs punyacharan beneficial to family members, non materialistic attitude. best regards, mandar II Shubham Bhavatu II
  3. Respected Shri. Sandhuji, you are absolutely phenomenal as usual.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> Please allow me add some important rules while predicting the results of Gulika placed in different houses that I have learnt from BPHS.<o:p></o:p> As per saga Parashara, before declaring these results, the effects of Surya and other Grahas should be wisely conceived by their positions, relations and Drishtis apart from their strength, or weakness Sign depositors of these aprakashgrahas and upgrahas should be scutinised first to know the extent of effects.<o:p></o:p> For example, Gulika is suppose to give bad effects but it's depositor is well placed, well aspected then these bad effects will get minimised.<o:p></o:p> Example - Jataka born with simha lagna and Gulika in first house <o:p></o:p> Now since gulika is in lagna, he shall have weak constitution and body prone to diseases, but if the lagnesh Surya is placed in 9<SUP>th</SUP>, exalted and not receiving any affliction, will give a sound body constitution (Jeevanshakti). If the Shani is also well placed alongwith Guru then it will give good built (masculine). Hence, the bad effect of placement of Gulika in lagna are minimized to the maximum extent since it’s sign depositor is very well placed in the chart.<o:p></o:p> Another example - if Gulika is placed in 11th, hence good results are due but the graha (navgrahas) placed in 11th is afflicted, then the relative strength of the gulika compared with that graha will decide the extent of the results.<o:p></o:p> Effects of Gulika in Various Houses (Reference BPHS) <o:p></o:p> First House: the native will be afflicted by diseases, be lustful, sinful, crafty, wicked and very miserable.<o:p></o:p> Second House: the native will be unsightly in appearance, miserable, mean, given to vices, shameless and penniless.<o:p></o:p> Third House: the native will be charming in appearance, will head a village, be fond of virtuous men and be honoured by the king.<o:p></o:p> Fourth House: the native will be sickly, devoid of happiness, sinful and afflicted due to windy and billious excesses.<o:p></o:p> Fifth House: the native will not be praise-worthy, be poor, short-lived, spiteful, mean, be a eunuch, be subdued by his wife and be a heterodox.<o:p></o:p> Sixth House: the native will be devoid of enemies, be strong-bodied, splendourous, liked by his wife, enthusiastic, very friendly and helpful in disposition.<o:p></o:p> Seventh House: the native will subdue to his spouse, be sinful, will go to others’ females, be emaciated, devoid of friendship and will live on his wife’s wealth.<o:p></o:p> Eighth House: the native will be troubled by hunger, be miserable, cruel, very much short-tempered, very unkind, poor and bereft of good qualities.<o:p></o:p> Ninth House: the native will undergo many ordeals, be emaciated, will perform evil acts, be very unkind, sluggish and be a talebearer.<o:p></o:p> Tenth House: the native will be endowed with sons, be happy, will enjoy many things, be fond of worshipping gods and fire and will practice meditation and religion.<o:p></o:p> Eleventh House: the native will enjoy women of class, be a leader of men, be helpful to his relatives, be short stature and be an emperor.<o:p></o:p> Twelfth House: the native will indulge in base deeds, be sinful, defective-limbed, unfortunate, indolent and will join mean people. Best regards, Mandar<o:p></o:p>
  4. Respected Members of this forum, I will highly appreciate if someone can enlighten me on 'Kumaara Ganapathi mantra' - Text in Devanagri and the special purpose when this mantra proves to be very effective. Best Regards, Mandar
  5. Dear You have already made a decision and hence there is no merit in studying the chart from matching perspective. Have a faith in the supreme power and pray to her sincerely, he is the one who controls our destiny. Homa and worship to please Godess Katyayani (One of the Nav Durgas) is considered as beneficial to overcome the obstacles in Married life and to improve the harmony and understanding between the couple. Best regards, Mandar II Shubham Bhavatu II
  6. Respected Shri.Sandhuji, I have gone thru your thread 'How to determine black magic from horoscope'. Simply excellent .. very informative .. i keep on referring different ancient texts but there is no direct reference of the combinations that may make a jataka susceptible to the different prayogas representing the dark side of tantra vidya. Many thanks to you for this valuable information. Best Regards, Mandar
  7. Dear Atila,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> As per BPHS, Primary ingredients (or Sapth Dhatus) - Bones, blood, marrow, skin, fat, semen and muscles are, respectively, denoted by the Grahas: Sūrya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Śukr and Śani.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> As per Brihat Jataka, Saturn governs nerves, the Sun rules bones, the Moon controls the blood, Mercury the skin, Venus the sperm, Jupiter the brain, and Mars the marrow.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> As per most of the ancient texts, the planet Budh (Mercury) governs the Skin.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> y Moon, Venus located in watery sign and afflicted by malefic OR Saturn, Mars, Moon, Venus in watery sign under the affliction of malefic may indicate skin afflictions.<o:p></o:p> y Association / aspect of rahu in sign other than his exhalted or mooltrikona sign on 6<SUP>th</SUP> house may also result in the skin problems. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> White patches are formed in this birth when a oath taken before the lord or a temple in previous birth is not fulfilled in that birth knowingly. It is also formed if one performs pooja in an inebriated conditions. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> The best remedy here is to pray to one’s family deity to induce one for a punya karma which will automatically fulfill the unfulfilled oath from previous births.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Best Regards,<o:p></o:p> Mandar<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> II Shubham Bhavatu II<o:p></o:p>
  8. Respected Sandhu ji - my sincere apologies for mis-spelling your name. it was a typo... best regards .. mandar
  9. Respected Senior Members - Sandhi ji, Sasisekaran ji, USR Ji, Webyogi ji I will highly appreciate if you can Enlighten all of us with your valuable thoughts on this. Best regards, Mandar
  10. Dear Anush ji, Namaste I am merely acting as a media instrumental in compiling the treasure from our ancient literature and sharing the same with you all. Many thanks for your kind words. Best Regards, Mandar
  11. Dear sow. Kalpana - Apart from Kal Sarpa Dosha in your Lagna Kundali, there is Nag Dosha appearing in your Navmansa Kundali {Jupiter with Rahu in Navamansa lagna and fifth lord Moon trapped in Rahu / Ketu Axis}. Also aspect of Saturn, Mars and Gulika on the fifth house in lagna kundali is not favourable. You may refer to my thread 'Distinct combinations in kundali for Nag Dosha and Remedial Measures' for more infomration. Best regards, Mandar II Shubham Bhavatu II
  12. Dear Esteemed Members , Distinct combinations in Kundali which may indicate ‘Sarpa Dosha’ mentioned by me in this thread are taken from BPHS. Please refer to ‘Purvajanmashapdyotnadhyaya’ {Effects of Curses in the previous birth} – sloka 9 to 16 under ‘shyapdnyannirupana’ In this chapter saga parashara has stated the Causes and Effects of Curses in the previous birth and the remedial measures stated by Lord Shiva to godess Parvati. Best Regards, II Shubham Bhavatu II
  13. Dear Kris, I don't get time to watch otherwise I will love to do so. best regards, mandar
  14. Respected Ms. Anusha, You are most welcomed. My sincere suggesstions to you and all the readers to share this information amongst all your friends. Who knows, it may benefit someone suffering from this dosha and is completely clueless on the remedial measures. I have seen most of the couples seek guidance from experts when they actually experience or feel the impact in their real life. I sincerely wish that all the newly married couples should learn about this and adopt the remedial measures pro-actively. Best regards, Mandar
  15. Respected Shri Sandhu ji,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:" /><o:p></o:p> I have gone thru your thread on ‘A blind chart and Kaal sarp dosh, Very interesting Case Please participate ‘.<o:p></o:p> The knowledge shared by you, respected deepa ji and respected usr ji is very very informative. I have first time come across the reference from Śrīmad Bhāgavatam as a remedial measure for KAY.<o:p></o:p> Thank you very much for this information.<o:p></o:p> Best Regards,<o:p></o:p> Mandar <o:p></o:p>
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