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  1. No pandit, no grah can help you till you think she's obese and ugly. Its your own duty to fulfil all the needs that are needed by a happy married couple. That includes care, love without expectations and above all TIME. No one is perfect in the world Santosh, think again.
  2. Thanks a lot to Riaz and especially Shri Mandar Madhusudan for helping me understand the impact and all the suggestions for cure. As my current living is in Jaipur, Rajasthan, its not easy for me to travel according to tithis to the Respected South temples. I need to plan. In the while I would carry out the Naag pooja and Lord Shiva pooja as suggested by you. I want to carry out acute mantra pooja so can you suggest any URL where I can see above chants in devnagri. Can also mail me here : nhere2002(at)(dot)co(dot)in Thanks II Shubham Bhavatu II
  3. Hi all, as I was told, I am suffering from Kaal Sarp Yoga. I want to know about how it affects life (Is the happening with me are related to this?), what is the cure? I want simple readings / suggestions as I am not a Astro / Jyotish pandit. Thx Confused anIndian
  4. Since this is a Jyotish thread, I won't go deeper and ask you only one question, did you tried Homeo or Ayurveda? You can also mail me for a complete cure.
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