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    Esteemed astrologers, I have always been curious about twins. If you have twins being born do these twins have the exact same horoscope? Even if they are born 2 minutes apart I would imagine the alignment would not be very different so would these individuals have the same birth chart? Also is it possible to look at a horoscope and see if the person has a twin?
  2. Hello: I have noted that people who have a pitta imbalance are advised to not expose themselves to heat including Saunas. However, Saunas have alot of benefits as well. Namely, sweating helps the body rid itself of toxins etc. which in turns helps detoxify the liver which should help pitta imbalance. What's the ayurvedic response to this?
  3. Sorry I forgot one thing. You mentioned to avoid non-veg food. Is that related to balancing the pitta-khapa or is there something else specific to the native's chart. thanks
  4. Hello Sir: Thank you for your response. Last follow up questions and than I will stop bothering you. 1. What mantras should this native practice to abate his afflictions. 2. Which planets should this native focus on to help abate his afflictions. Can you recommend some steps to balance pitta-kapha. Thanks,
  5. Thank you for your response. Just a few follow up questions: 1. Can you determine what dosha (vata, pitta or Khapa) is imbalanced in this native from looking at the birth details which is leading those these conditions? 2. So if I under you correctly the reason for the skin affliction has to do with a retrograde Saturn and ketu? I was under the impression that such skin afflictions are related to sukra or budh? 3. Also is the skin condition related to weak digestion? Would you say the native should really improve digestion to improve his skin? 4. Is this a common planetary combination for people who suffer from this sort of problem? Thank you so much.
  6. Yes it's 27°45'N 85°20'E I believe it's Kathmandu Nepal. Mainly acne, oily skin, acne scars.
  7. Medical Astrology Sir: Here are the details again. I received your private message but as I am fairly new to this website I was not sure how to reply to that message. If you could kindly send me your reply through private message I would appreciate it. Hello Sir: I am looking at this native's chart and I was wondering if you could please help me: DOB: March 6, 1983 Latitude:27° 43' 0" Longitude: 85° 19' 0" Appox time: 2am Native has skin problems. Thanks,
  8. Hi medical astrology sir: I had previously posted a message with the birth details. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hello Sir: I am looking at this native's chart and I was wondering if you could please help me: DOB: March 6, 1983 Latitude:27° 43' 0" Longitude: 85° 19' 0" Appox time: 2am Native has skin problems. Thanks,
  10. Medical Astrology: Thank you for your response. I did read your post on malfunctioning chakras. It was very insightful and well written. However, I was hoping to get some more specific answers on certain questions. You mentioned that ayurveda advises on the use of certain herbs. I am curious to understand disease such as acne from an astrological point of view. What are the planets involved here and what causes blemished skin? Most people of a certain age 15 - 26 have this problem so does that mean natives of a this age all have a certain (same) planetary combination which leads to this diseases?
  11. Very interesting Indeed. We are born with a certain alignment of the planets which, as mentioned above, has an impact on my thoughts which leads to an impact on our personalities. Is it possible to alter these through paranyam which is thought to awaken the chakras? For example if moon is placed in a weak position in a horoscope there are going to be both physical and mental ramifications to that. However, is it possible to change that through the regular practice of paranyam and other yogic techniques
  12. Hello, I have read alot of hormonal imbalance and the many diseases it can create such as acne, oily skin etc. What is the ayurvedic way to balance hormones?
  13. Vinoji, There are two components to chanting any mantra. 1. Your state of mind / the purity of your mind with which you chant the mantra. 2. proper pronunciation. The main reason there is often emphasis on getting mantra initiation from a guru is so that you are chanting / pronouncing it correctly. It may not be a bad idea to learn from a pandit or someone else on correct pronunciation, however I do not believe it is necessary to get formally initiated. More importantly your state of mind, your faith has to be firm and pure. You can recite any mantra correctly thousands of times but if you don't have purity and a firm faith in the mantra mantra it will not be effective. Therefore, this is much more important than anything else. Begin you chanting on a Monday. Pray to Lord Shiva that you overcome your phobia and chant away. You will see the results.
  14. For your situation I would highly recommend the Maha-Mirtunjaya Mantra. Every morning (especially on Mondays) think of Lord Shiva, think of the moon's crescent on Lord Shiva's head and chant the Maha-Mirtunjaya mantra 108 times. Make this a daily routine. You will overcome your fears! Additionally, the Hunuman Chalisa is also helpful for such situations!
  15. I guess I should have been more specific when saying skin diseases as it's a vast topic. Let me be more specific as I am curious. I am talking about ACNE in particular. Is Budh the graha that governs over acne? Acne is a disease that most teenagers get. So does that mean all teenagers have an afflicted Budh?
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