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  1. Thank you for giving the easy-to-say mantra, "Jambhala". I have told my Obstetrician friend about it!
  2. In the olden days, in Maharashtra, we had families who were well-versed in gemmology and whose profession was to deal with gems. Their knowledge, as far as I know, used to be heraditary. They were called Ratnaparkhi(s) and that also was their surname! Most textbooks on Astrology deal briefly with gems and their effects on our bodies. However, there must be old text books that deal at length with this subject. Browsing through old bookshops (or those which sell second hand books) might throw up some interesting literature about this, as also searching for it on the internet. My knowledge and expertise concerns mainly herbs, which I use on a daily basis in my medical practice, often after looking at a person's horoscope!
  3. Hello, the negative features of your horoscope are: There is a kaal-sarpa yoga, Lagnesh Venus and Yoga karaka Saturn are both retrograde, Saturn is conjunct ketu in 2nd, Lagna is in a severe paap-kartari yoga. I think you would benefit by reducing energies of Saturn, by fasting on SATURDAYS and continuing to fast on MONDAYS too, if you are able to fast twice a week. If this is not possible, fasting on Mondays should be preferred.
  4. Please see your Inbox. I have sent you a PM. Then, if you wish, you may email me through the HomePage of my website, which you can access by clicking on my username, on the words "Medical Astrology" on the left of this message.
  5. (1) You are in Sun dasha till May 2011 and Mercury bhukti till May 2010. Both Sun and Mercury are conjoined with Mars and aspected by yogakarak Saturn from 9th house and by retrograde Jupiter, 6th (and 3rd lord) from 5th house. (2) 10th house lord Moon is in 2nd with Rahu. Therefore, fasting on THURSDAYS and MONDAYS (respectively for the above indications and afflictions) will reduce your problems.
  6. Dear Sir, with regard to your rather specific question about 10th house concerning job and career, 10th lord Jupiter is with Venus (both vargottam) in 12th house. You are in dasha of 10th lord and bhukti of Venus. Lagna and Mercury and Sun posited in it, are all vargottam, too. In navansh, Ketu (which in posited in 10th house) is in rashi of Jupiter (Pisces). Therefore, fasting on MONDAYS might benefit you for the said purpose.
  7. Your lagna lord Venus is closely placed with Saturn in 2nd house. Lagna is vargottam and so is Ketu posited in it. You are in the early phase of Jupiter dasha and Saturn bhukti. If you have a tendency to worry too much, I would suggest reducing the effect of Ketu, by fasting on MONDAYS.
  8. Dear Durga / jaya, As you are already fasting on two days a week, I wouldn't even consider asking you to fast for one more day! You have started your Jupiter dasha and bhukti. Jupiter is retrograde in your 10th house, but otherwise unafflicted. In transit, Jupiter is currently in your 6th house from the Moon. This 6th house transit can keep you lagging in exams and career, but not to a major extent. I think it is only saade sati, that is causing you the problems you have mentioned, and you are already using remedies for that. Your Saturn is caught up with Mars (and Moon), so I can understand how stressful things must be for you. Try relaxation techniques.... Pranayam etc..... they can really help, believe me. Please email me through my website listed in my Profile, if you want to know anything further, and all the Best for your forthcoming exam!
  9. If you haven't been able to receive my PM, I'd like you to check what my Homepage (website) listed in my Profile on indiadivine, says about churnas!
  10. Hello Sam, I wouldn't know about the other things you have asked, but can tell you the following: Retrograde Lagna lord in 12th house, mutually aspecting Mars in the 6th house, with Mars being your dasha lord, indicates that you would benefit generally as well as health-wise by fasting on TUESDAYS till well past sunset and if possible, on Saturdays, too until sunset. This is the horoscope I got from the data given.... Capricorn ascendent 13* 18' and not Moon dasha, but Mars dasha. Where is the glitch, I wonder.
  11. Hello Hema, You are in Mercury dasha till 2013, and Jupiter bhukti till March 2011. Of the four problems you have mentioned, I feel I am competent only to answer the first one. The second problem (rash on cheek) cannot be analysed from the horoscope. Premature greying of hair has no known remedy, as far as I know. As for your question about marriage.... I wouldn't risk a comment, as my field is Medical Astrology, really. Now, about excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis, in medical terminology): Mercury (retro) with Ketu in Pisces, both vargottam, and vargottam Jupiter in the 7th in Gemini, may be responsible. (You have vargottam Mars and Moon in the 8th house, as well. Mars is the rashi dispositor of Venus, in the 5th house. Your lagna is vargottam, too.) Try fasting on THURSDAYS, it should help. I could give you a churna that might also help to reduce the excessive sweating (please see my website.... Homepage... listed in my profile, for details).
  12. You are in Jupiter dasha, Mercury bhukti. Jupiter is weak in the 6th house, in nakshatra of Rahu, which is a maraka here. Therefore, fasting on MONDAYS would reduce difficulties being faced in life.
  13. Dear Puneet, Your horoscope shows that you are in Venus dasha till March 2020 and Rahu bhukti till May 2010. Your Venus is in the 3rd house with Mars, lord of 7th and thereby a maraka. Mars has exchanged signs with Moon and is also the rashi dispositor of two other planets besides the Moon, viz. Jupiter and Ketu. Mars is a malefic for your Taurus lagna. Moreover, it is in its neecha sign Cancer, in this instance. In navansh it is in Aquarius, in the 7th house, as navansh lagna is Leo. The 7th house is 10th of the 10th house (of career) and is also considered for career, besides being an indicator for marriage spouse. Therefore, you would do well to fast on TUESDAYS, as this would help you in your career and marital matters, too. Saturn, lord of 10th house and yoga-karaka, is weakly placed in the 6th. Fasting on Saturdays would not help at all, as you need to increase (not decrease) Saturnine influence in your life! Herbal bath would help in this.... please visit my website listed in my profile here, to see what you can do. Scroll down until you come to Saturn.... there is some information which may help you.
  14. Dear Sir, Lagna lord Jupiter is weak in 12th house (of Mars). Mars, though a friend of lagna lord and exalted and moreover in its own nakshatra Dhanistha, is very strong in this horoscope. And present dasha is of Mars. Being in the 2nd house, Mars has acquired marak properties. It can influence Venus (lord of 6th and 11th) and Mercury (lord of 7th and 10th), both of which are also placed in the 2nd house. Other planetary factors are not so strong at the moment, though Ketu bhukti is on and Ketu is posited in lagna. In my humble opinion, all things considered, if the native is facing any problems related to health and / or career, fasting on TUESDAYS may prove beneficial. Similarly, avoiding heavy food on Wednesdays (oily, non-veg, etc) and avoiding sour foods on Fridays may also help. I wouldn't be able to elaborate on this any further....... please excuse.
  15. Dear Mr. Prasad, according to the ayanaunsh I use, your Mars is at 29*42' in your 7th house, Libra. By another anyaunsh, it would be in the beginning of Scorpio, with Rahu and Saturn in the 8th. So the answer is yes, you have a strong Martian influence.... ie, you are a Manglik. However, at your present age, I would say this is immaterial and you would rather concentrate on health matters and mental peace! You are in Jupiter dasha and Rahu bhukti and I'd advise you to fast on MONDAYS mainly, for these purposes, as Rahu is ill-placed in the 8th with Saturn, a strong malefic for Aries lagna. Since fasting on two consequtive days is not recommended in Ayurveda, I wouldn't advise you to fast on Tuesdays also. Mars being lagna lord, will not be too great a malefic, even if it is taken to be in the 8th house. (If you are inclined to, you may consider fasting on SATURDAYS in addition to Mondays, as well). Alternatively, you may overcome the ill-effects of Saturn in 8th through herbal baths..... for which you should see the website listed in my profile here.
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