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  1. You have a nice day, i have no more time to put across over a discussion and thy be contemplating it on and on ! It is me whose thoughts, words, aptitude , attitude are low level , mindless and petty sinful, so kindly forgive me while i be there for myself.
  2. shastra is the origin out of the lord , and a self-realised saint is the lord's own form.. so the above stages of dawn of new age is much much way in future which is definate while with their efforts of positive vibes, many spiritual people are altering what worst could happen ! so go and listen to people wearing orange robes, i prefer sitting near the self-realised saints... for im the sinful in my being, done no good deed and a fool that im ! so i all care to see what is all my God is here for ~ the play eternal !!!
  3. let thy the brave mothers of the world be at ease !
  4. Noh ?? why so ?? well, it is the most probable thing , as far as i have known from many saints and 84 siddhas and hopefully their words dont go wrong in any case !
  5. namaste ! yes, a good tantrika / sadhaka should aim for gunatit awastha ( condition where all three qualities - sattva, rajas and tamas are null and void ) and for attaining such aim.. one shud rise out of tamas to rajas to sattavaa and then beyond... a prayog done by a real tantrika can never misfire unless he/she is dealing with someone protected by isht ! there are most secret of maaran prayog almost hidden to all human society and even many tantrik adepts , few are even known to Varjrayans... well, sorry is no word ( refer Mataji's quotes ), so have a nice day brother !
  6. I say it out of faith and thy by knowing that consequences will be without any harm !!! god is way too sweet !
  7. rise your contemplation to reach the goal !
  8. O Man, Infinite is Thy Power Humans have so much of potential power that they can become friends of God, lovers of God, fellow-mates of God, father of God, Guru ( spiritual teacher ) of God... Saint Sandipani's Guru had the God Shri Kishna himself become the disciple of his disciple... || Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapuji || to read it in hindi and to read it online , visit ! http://weindex.blogspot.com/2008/12/o-man-infinite-is-thy-power.html
  9. rise above, rise high ! get into meanings than in bizz buzz, that way you'll be higher order in your field ! be thy the adept !
  10. then try using the power thy atleast to tell a few things about me atleast !
  11. Hare Krsna Punjab Hare Krishna Bhatakta Traveller Are you really in Punjab? I love it there, stayed on both sides, Lahore, Taxila, Amritsar. Great place! Yup, im in Punjab ! And I like the picture. It is unfortunate, but what can you do? Demi-gods/Krsna are in control. I agree with the sumation from left to right. The daivi-varnasrama-dharma/Vedic/Aryan culture of Bhagavad-Gita will grow from devotee seeds that don't sucumb, out of the rubble of a destroyed planet. Do let your positive vibes get stronger, you will safe then... nothing will happen to you ! It is something really powerful which will undergo !!! Poeticly divine. Hare Krsna RCB
  12. This is a section of Mantra Tantra Vijnana <!-- END TEMPLATE: navbar_link -->! And therefore, adhering to that very Science im asking you to test it on me , not out of mere excitation but out of the way im prepared for it... So it's all from Vijnana point of view that im asking it !
  13. Note - Dont take it as a negative point view, I am just inviting Tantriks ( if any ) to test maaran Prayog on me... I know what im asking for and how much am i prepared for it... So it's just not good for everyone to ask it the way im !!! Do you think you are much extensively topping the charts of being a tantric, so come and test maran prayog on me ! I have really no fear of even a bit to get scared ! The words go as " Baal Bhi Baka Nahi Hoga " ! So, come and test yourself if you are a tantric or else dont mess around ! P.S - Posted for tantriks !
  14. the forum is filled with all sorts of people who think of getting taste of sadhana at the earliest and dont realise how much energy and live beings get into action and being a human would only curb them to awesome treat of death at an early stage... anyways, if you ur any tantric proyog done on u to be totally null and void, do jaap of " Hari Om Tat Sat Jai Guru Datt ", this mantra is given directly by the Dattaterya Ji in kaliyug ! it accomplises every resort of problem with fast solution, it doesnt need procedure, gives immediate samadhi and makes 84 siddhas to protect you ! i'll try to post out a whole on it someday ! even audio too !!! have a nice day ~
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