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  1. Contact for removal of jadu -tona stuff by vomitting (ulti) Keep your program secret. Go there only with trusted people; because this act always been done by close people. God bless you Amma 022-25157555 (Mumbai)
  2. Thnaks brothers @Durgaputra I know this person who is our close relative. His behaviour,his habits, incidents and some proofs which can indicate that he is culprit. We are 100 % sutre. Even i asked him about this,he gave me evasive answer. Ok now i come to the point.Actually i had written half the solution as i was expecting the rest part from others. Ok this solution was told to me by one sadhak is by force break the front teeth of person and forcibly stuff his mouth with human eccetra. This is practice in rural areas when people find this kind of person make peoples life miserable.He saw this punishment in his village when he was young.It makes tantric to make his vidya ineffective , he can not use his vidya in life. Although this is unethical and dirty.But i think this person deserve this. Surprisingly i had visualisation of breaking his teeth ( not later part )even before sadhaka told me the solution. I was angry and i thought this. Ofcourse this feeling was not in intention to break his vidya but just my anger.
  3. hi Durgaputra Actually i am having protection , kavach etc. I am chanting mantra and stotra. bUt this person breaks it within 2-3 weeks and problem starts again. I am in process to get more protection. But it is like invisble war between us. He keeps on attacking and I am going on protecting. So somebody told me , if he is tantric.Then to eliminate his vidya, ot he way by which he can not perform is vidya is to break his teeth. As he is older doesnt fear for death or any consequence My whole life is ruined by this person.
  4. brothers n sisters One old relative is doing tantra prayog on me and making me to suffer .I am not writing what all damage he has done on my health.I am in thiries and he is in sixties. I observed strange thinng. Presently i am looking more older than my age. and he is looking younger at least 15-20 years of his age from last 5-6 years. He also became very intelligent whic he wasnt earlier. Is it possble by tantra to hijack someboy's youthfulness and intelligence? I suspect he must be a expert tantric himself. what is the way to destroy his vidya,by force if necessary? Somebody told me to break his frontal teeth. Is there any other way? Please help
  5. hi brothers and sisters I am victim of extreme black magic from last 10 years. however i came to know about this , just a year ago.Before that i was just visiting doctors for different ailments. As i was achiever, these jealous relatives are doing all this to me. My family life is destroyed. There 3-4 relatives who are doing this.Many sadhaka tells age group and gender . But the issue is there many peson in this profile and are also suspect.As there are many issues unanswred and question mark on many persons behaviuor, I am not able to find out who is main culprit? who is supporting? and Who is doing what? I heard that Crystal Gazer have capacity to tell /show this.I read somewhere that some person have such power that they can show images in water contained in utensil. Any person in mumbai or around who have such powers? Also I want to know that if i know close relative who is doing black magic and is also a tantric himself? What is the way to make him deprive of his TANTRIC VIDYA. I mean kisi bhi tarah se (even any act by force) usaki vidya nashta ho jaye. Please help me.
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