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  1. Thank you ji for the valuable advice and suggestions. I will do as you told. Thank you once again. Sahira.
  2. Period of abortion : 6th October 2007. It is one and a half year now.
  3. Thank you for replying. It was beacause of carelessness as my husband and I didn't want a child immediately after marriage.So I went for abortion. Now I am regretting. Please advise.
  4. Thank you for replying. And yes..my date of birth: 11-dec-1981 time : 10:28 A.M Place : Aruppukottai, Tamil Nadu. I have been married for 2 years now. I had abortion one and half year back. Is there any information on that in my chart? Trying for baby now. Will this 2 year Sani anthardasha also cause trouble for progeny? Please advise. Regards, Sahira.
  5. thank you ji for replying. Here is the details of navamsha. simha lagna with sani guru and ketu in 5th house in dhanus mangal,surya and budha in 7th house in kumbh shukra in 8th house in meena rahu in 11th house in mithuna chandra in 12th house in karka.
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, Please let me know if I will have children. My details are given below. My birth chart -------------- makara lagna with shukra chandra in 5th house rahu in 6th house sani and mars in 9th house guru in 10th house budha and surya in 11th house ketu in 12th house in dhanus rasi. my navamsha chart: ------------------ simha lagna with sani guru and ketu are in 5th house in dhanus rasi. my saptamsha chart: ------------------- dhanus lagna with guru and rahu mangal in 4th house in meena chandra in 5th house in mesha ketu in 7th house in mithuna shukra in 9th house in simha sani in 10th house in kanya surya in 11th house in tula budha in 12th house in vritchika guru maha dasa started for me in 2007 and is going on (with sani antar dasa for next 2 years). I am a female. please someone tell me if I will have children or any problems are there. Sahira.
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