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  1. WOW.....


    what a set of contradictions within this thread




    Buddhism is the shelter for those who became conscious that a conditiond soul is in a hopeless position so much so that they want to annul their whole existence.


    funny stuff..... almost like Muslim and Jewish folk shooting daggers at each other


    As in some lines of thought the Buddha is of Godhead, an avatar (prophet) linked with Krsna and Siva in the path of times evolution


    but then the opinion



    At the same time they insistently reject the path of accepting God as our eternal Father and we as His eternal servants


    he is mentioned like an anti-christ.......


    how about let's see what others say about knowledge and themselves



    TEXT 91


    prabhu kahe,--"ami jiva', ati tuccha-jnana!

    vyasa-sutrera gambhira artha, vyasa--bhagavan


    prabhu kahe--Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu replied; ami jiva--I am an insignificant living being; ati tuccha-jnana--My knowledge is very meager; vyasa-sutrera--of the Vedanta-sutra, written by Vyasadeva; gambhira artha--very grave meaning; vyasa--Vyasadeva; bhagavan--the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


    Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu replied, "I am an ordinary living being, and therefore my knowledge is very insignificant. However, the meaning of the Brahma-sutra is very grave because its author, Vyasadeva, is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself.






    seems that by leveling the playing field, the good of each contribution can be found.


    Perhaps it is 'we the people' that confuse the good? Perhaps it is why a sort of mediator will be the assistant to gather the truth into one



    TEXT 54


    'vedanta'-mate,--brahma 'sakara' nirupana

    'nirguna' vyatireke tinho haya ta' 'saguna'


    vedanta-mate--according to Vedanta philosophy; brahma--the Absolute Truth; sa-akara nirupana--established as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, a person; nirguna--without material qualifications; vyatireke--by indirect explanations; tinho--the Supreme Personality of Godhead; haya--is; ta'--indeed; sa-guna--fully qualified with spiritual attributes.


    "According to Vedanta philosophy, the Absolute Truth is a person. When the word nirguna [without qualities] is used, it is to be understood that the Lord has attributes that are totally spiritual.


  2. perhaps nothingness represents 'no self'


    in that nothing exists as a 'self' being isolated as all is interrelated and succumbs to change




    the ideas of many faiths share to remove the self as priority


    could sunyata be of this meaning?


    that the experience of 'the perception' is the reality not the definitions made permanant


    i.e... to feel existence; "i think therefore i am" is the experience perhaps affixing that experience is untrue in time; change is 'ever present'


    just resonating the ideas

  3. since both Krishna and Buddha have birth names as well lived in different time periods; then is it possible both contributed to the evolution of knowledge (veda) for the following generations; both within Bhakti (devotion)?


    or perhaps a parallel;




    As Christianity has the hold on Jesus "Christ" or Khristos meaning the anointed or messiah, hence why the Christians use the term Jesus Christ


    but the Moses following folk (Judaism) do not believe Jesus was the Christ



    so between Buddha and Krisna..... each have a religion founded in the methods of defining what knowledge is important and furthered


    yet.......... between all four key belief systems, the rules of compassion are why anyone even listens in the first place.


    and just to even seek; perhaps each are of Bhakti to understand


    and also in each sect of belief, there all have words mentioning the last chapter to combine all......


    based on a devotional contribution, once again.....


    so existence is purposed in Bhakti; devotion to life



    Lord Buddha, a powerful incarnation of the Personality of Godhead, appeared in the province of Gayä (Bihar) as the son of Aïjanä, and he preached his own conception of nonviolence and deprecated even the animal sacrifices sanctioned in the Vedas.






    At the time when Lord Buddha appeared, the people in general were atheistic and preferred animal flesh to anything else. On the plea of Vedic sacrifice, every place was practically turned into a slaughterhouse, and animal-killing was indulged in unrestrictedly.





    Lord Buddha preached nonviolence, taking pity on the poor animals. He preached that he did not believe in the tenets of the Vedas and stressed the adverse psychological effects incurred by animal-killing.





    Less intelligent men of the age of Kali, who had no faith in God, followed his principle, and for the time being they were trained in moral discipline and nonviolence, the preliminary steps for proceeding further on the path of God realization.





    He deluded the atheists because such atheists who followed his principles did not believe in God, but they kept their absolute faith in Lord Buddha, who himself was the incarnation of God.





    Thus the faithless people were made to believe in God in the form of Lord Buddha. That was the mercy of Lord Buddha: he made the faithless faithful to him.




    Killing of animals before the advent of Lord Buddha was the most prominent feature of the society. People claimed that these were Vedic sacrifices.






    just out of curiosity after reading this long post on buddha



    as well reading this





    '"Krsna has helped me with the ability to print these beautiful book, providing flying objects that takes me all over the world, provides me with a hand held object that lets me talk to anyone anywhere on the planet and capture the sound of bhajans and lectures that can be heard over and over again.





    if i went back through the post on top and removed the word "Buddha" and placed the word "Krsna"





    what is the difference?






    Thing is that Buddhism is preaching far better than anybody else. Prabhupada once said if Lord Caitanya wouldnt have defeated the Buddhists in India we would have in India the same like in China, Japan, Malasia etc - Buddhist supremacy, since Hindus are the worst preachers.


    the beginning 'preachers' of these 2 sects lived almost 2000 years apart but both had much of the same line of sight.


    Siddharta Gautama is the name to Buddhism as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is to the Krishna form of Hinduism.


    Both share responsibility to observing knowledge and what we experience as life.


    The idea of Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha and Magga as shared in the older works are to self reflect and then how to incorporate the mind to understand. or simplified in


    know sufferings, abandon origins, attain cessations and practice the path;


    Each of these are of the humble realization of unknowing; a kind of humility to the wait but to identify the devotion to the 'good' of doing. Whether of mind, thought and action; similar to the idea of Bhakti.


    to be devoted to the good in all action



    then see the idea that Jesus came to defeat Moses or that Christianity over takes Judaism is about as parallel to this form as can be found in comparing or identifying the 2 camps of their respective religions.


    but they still brothers of the lineage within the evolution of the knowledge


    so the education of either path has merit within each of compassion


    maybe differences of faith but little difference of the devotional intent


    perhaps the isolations can be ascertained to a schism of sorts


    perhaps of leadership


    but One within our history, as then One to which we can reason within the mind of Good


    in all paths, the key to understanding is with devotion to the total


    Christian believe systems also speak of a unity of 3: the father, the son, and the holy ghost. The father is God, the son is men, and the holy ghost is some conscious state of men in between.


    Kind regards, Bart


    even saw an idea



    In classical literature (e.g. Mahabharata, Bhagavata Purana and Bhagavad Gita), a guṇa is an attribute of the five elements, five senses, and five associated body parts:


    • ether, associated with the guṇa śábda ("sound") and with the ear.
    • air, associated with the guṇa sparśa ("feeling") and with the skin.
    • fire, associated with the guṇa rūpa ("appearance", and thus color and tangibility) and with the eye.
    • water, associated with the guṇa rasa ("taste", and thus also flavor and tangibility, as well as shape) and with the tongue.
    • earth, associated with all the preceding guṇas as well as the guṇa gandha ("smell") and with the nose.

    or even



    "The things that have evolved are many in number, and limited in space and name. The source is one, eternal and all-pervasive. The things evolved have activities and parts; the source is imminent in all, but has neither activities nor parts."


    Kapila argued that the process of development of the unevolved is through the activities of three constituents of which it is made up, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are called three Gunas.



    The three constituents act essentially in close relation; they overpower and support one another, and intermingle with one another. They are like the constituents of a lamp, the flame, the oil, and wick.


    When the three Gunas are in perfect balance, none overpowering the other




    appears in most every culture on this earth, they have each tried to define the combining parts to existence.


    Perhaps based in the same humble seeking to what makes us alive.




    why are there 3 gunas and not 1 or 2, etc?




    all material nature is comprised of the interrelation of 3 gunas.


    in each sect of beliefs there are the interpretations of these three and what they are and how they relate.


    What often confuses folk is how they are used to define selfishness or the isolation from existence.


    these ideas are from the purports (see below)


    IN one idea, often people associate the properties to food stuff while another suggests it is the basis to karma, and then another in the idea of how choices are made.


    this shares how it has been confused




    Chpt 7


    Text 13


    tribhir guna-mayair bhavair

    ebhih sarvam idam jagat

    mohitam nabhijanati

    mam ebhyah param avyayam





    tribhih--three; guna-mayaih--consisting of the gunas; bhavaih--by the states of being; ebhih--all these; sarvam--whole; idam--this; jagat--universe; mohitam--deluded; na abhijanati--does not know; mam--Me; ebhyah--above these; param--the Supreme; avyayam--inexhaustible.



    Deluded by the three modes [goodness, passion and ignorance], the whole world does not know Me, who am above the modes and inexhaustible.



    The whole world is enchanted by three modes of material nature. Those who are bewildered by these three modes cannot understand that transcendental to this material nature is the Supreme Lord, Krsna.


    Every living entity under the influence of material nature has a particular type of body and a particular type of psychological and biological activities accordingly.



    but there is another way to observe as well.


    the corporeal, the spiritual and the transcendent; the trinity to existence.


    i.e.... life exists within the three gunas of existence.


    in a scientific frame, then mass (corporeal), energy (spirit) and time (transcendent). In which now the three can be combined with physical existence of comprehension.



    here is another way of looking at it



    chapter 13

    Text 21



    hetuh prakrtir ucyate

    purusah sukha-duhkhanam

    bhoktrtve hetur ucyate




    karya--of effect; karana--and cause; kartrtve--in the matter of creation; hetuh--the instrument; prakrtih--material nature; ucyate--is said to be; purusah--the living entity; sukha--of happiness; duhkhanam--and distress; bhoktrtve--in enjoyment; hetuh--the instrument; ucyate--is said to be.




    Nature is said to be the cause of all material causes and effects, whereas the living entity is the cause of the various sufferings and enjoyments in this world.



    The different manifestations of body and senses among the living entities are due to material nature.



    but then in another area see how the definition come together



    chapt 14


    Text 5


    sattvam rajas tama iti

    gunah prakrti-sambhavah

    nibadhnanti maha-baho

    dehe dehinam avyayam




    sattvam--the mode of goodness; rajah--the mode of passion; tamah--the mode of ignorance; iti--thus; gunah--the qualities; prakrti--material nature; sambhavah--produced of; nibadhnanti--do condition; maha-baho--O mighty-armed one; dehe--in this body; dehinam--the living entity; avyayam--eternal.



    Material nature consists of three modes--goodness, passion and ignorance. When the eternal living entity comes in contact with nature, O mighty-armed Arjuna, he becomes conditioned by these modes.



    The living entity, because he is transcendental, has nothing to do with this material nature. Still, because he has become conditioned by the material world, he is acting under the spell of the three modes of material nature. Because living entities have different kinds of bodies, in terms of the different aspects of nature, they are induced to act according to that nature. This is the cause of the varieties of happiness and distress.



    Text 6


    tatra sattvam nirmalatvat

    prakasakam anamayam

    sukha-sangena badhnati

    jnana-sangena canagha




    tatra--there; sattvam--the mode of goodness; nirmalatvat--being purest in the material world; prakasakam--illuminating; anamayam--without any sinful reaction; sukha--with happiness; sangena--by association; badhnati--conditions; jnana--with knowledge; sangena--by association; ca--also; anagha--O sinless one.



    O sinless one, the mode of goodness, being purer than the others, is illuminating, and it frees one from all sinful reactions. Those situated in that mode become conditioned by a sense of happiness and knowledge.


    food for thought




    here is where i any one can find a little something to read on matters of such





  8. "Buddhism Is An Education - Not A Religion"



    is a brilliant statement.


    like many branches grown of Vedic literature, this one finds the self realization quite important. Each must self examine what is true.


    nothingness allows one to realize how little they know, and in a sense, to sit and not impose an atrocity; karma is maintained at its simplest form.


    in the sect that has 'chosen' a llama, find the philosophy as;


    if mankind learns and records, then as each generation is born to observe that material and be aware of continually learning for the cause of the evolution to knowledge, then to find a pure mind to teach as much knowledge in each period, then the evolution continues until eventually the final or 'absolute truth' exists.


    The Dali is simply the 'chosen' life of that sect.


    But if you look into the literature with clear eyes, the one 'chosen' is not the last avatar but the one who 'chose to' is supposed to be that guy. (note the ideals of Godhead)


    but like each sect, there is ooosually an underlining good or purpose to the objective; it seems to pursue 'absolute truth' is not so bad.....



    "Buddhism Is An Education - Not A Religion"



    makes sense?


    Can you explain how this works? ;)


    Kind regards,




    ie..... the gift of knowledge left by an old teacher in words


    meaning we can read of words from 2000 years ago and feel what they did.


    that is a tangible example of transcending time


    or like a prophecy/dejavu..... we experience the event and then it occurs.


    that is what consciousness does; we can experience an 'idea' and even run through the sequence of possibilities before we even act or cause the action to exist.


    IN a physics form this is almost as if the account is observed before the action of causality (cause and affect).


    Now in a physical or experimental construct; entanglement can be shared in this fashion; to take a wavelength of 1300nm light, and split it with a BBO crystal, we now have 2 portions of the ONE, at 650 nm. Put one side in your pocket and send the other to the other side of the universe. Take the one in your pocket and turn it 180 degrees, the other will do the same at the exact moment, no matter how far, or where it is.


    Another analogy could be twins. Often of the same egg, same rearing yet separate people with a high concentration of entangled energy; they can often experience what the other is, no matter where they are at


    OK then in prophecy; even as the occurrance is past, just by a story we can experience what they may have simply by words


    then in the future, if that experience is of high emotions, often then feelings can be captured by someone in this current period


    in all cases, these are physically real; not magic!



    Waccha looking at boy?

    selfishness; a loss to the common



    Move your butt and stop galliwagging your skinny little self.

    Look at the statues of the western style buddha (last avatar); not skinny.


    I ain't messing with you son!
    if you were my Pop, i would have respect as he has more compassion and integrity towards the truth, than any religious acceptance



    Don't give any sass.

    I'll wallop you upside your head.

    sorry old timer; remember deciet and corruption will only cause you more of the same feelings to your experience


    you made to realize how little you know; selfish pride




    Now git ta school and learn yourself somethin 'fore you stay the little fool you are.

    yet, you learning the truth from the babe and it seems to be breaking your heart not being able to comprehend what is true


    and when you taste the truth; realize the end of the faith.



    Don't be gettin yourself on that Police Bad-Boy TV Show. Now, scat.
    even if possible, not even the world leaders can stop what has been learned.


    the 'bad-boy' is not kind to decievers and has very little compassion for the corrupt


    for an idea, maybe look up Kalki .... note the scar above his lip


    battle proven!




    A Crossing Guard's job is never finished.


    and that is what you are doing; stopping the children from developing by the 'sign' of complacent belief


    you stand in the way of 'good' by continuing to decieve


    such the same as most religious leaders/teachers continue their selfish perpetuation


    when a true supporter of 'good' is always up for the task of challenging ignorance, even if it costs him/her his own security (selfish acquisition, the idea of power)


    step aside old timer, there's a new sheriff in town!


    the star of old stands to return what is not owned; the truth!


    so cut this body to pieces and feed the vultures; life will continue by the gift of choice.


    P.S- The meaning of reincarnation in this case is the transmigration of the soul.


    how about the current 'soul' can tap into existence of all time.


    memories of a person are not attached to the soul but upon mass.


    but a prophet can see things by becoming One with existence and children have few boundaries of "NO" upon their minds


    each of consciousness is capable of seeing fore and aft in time as time is one with all existence; a part to that cycle of change


    the technical term is entanglement. it is not magic, or the suppernatural, nor of reincarnation.


    the idea that our soul is born and reborn with memories and the 'mind' of a previous birth is one of the corrupt inclusions of the eastern sects of religions.


    ie... in the west..... Heaven is some other place, we get to hang out with our families and lost loved ones.


    So the religions each have these little hooks to give people hope but fail the truth by the deciet of the incorrect ideology (it is deceptive to teach 'transmigration of a soul')


    the truth is, each can see but have precursors of mind to isolate the actuality of the experience. i.e.... every soul on earth has experienced dejavu.......... but who has shared what the actuality of the experience is in which to comprehend this absolute truth?


    that is what true knowledge is for; comprehending how it works!


    that is what the last chapter is all about; Understanding!


    and the first is to comprehend or specifically to UNDERSTAND LIFE itself.


    Chant <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com><st1:place w:st=Krishna</st1:place>'s names.

    Chant the Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra.

    Read the Bhagavad-gita's Chapter 10 "The Opulence of the Absolute”

    [to learn where to see God's opulence spread through-out the cosmos.]

    Is not the path to Absolute Truth....


    meaning; all the other material you suggested above are not found in chanting and chapter 10



    You wellwishing fool,


    even as the intent is may appear good; the humility of 'not knowing' was lost in complacent acceptance to a religion


    now only a fib can continue the secular mind




    PS: Before you think to question my authority, remember, we get the Guru appropriate to our capacity to understand.


    you have no authority except in your own mind with all the arrogance of the Pope himself


    when you can share how to live forever, then you can be a leader of men


    but to suggest chanting and chapter 10 are it, when the majority of the material you professed came from 'other' knowledge, then perhaps a retool of what is represented may need further responsibility


    i.e..... we can know 'truth' by being honest with every interaction and experience ...... not by following rituals to maintain complacency of a belief


    be faithful in knowledge; not following a believer of a faith


    you are being questioned for simply fibbing to the children of this earth!

  13. read about this kid who could not find the answers;


    OK so let's help



    At some point, several questions about life began to arise in my mind. I'm sure these questions arise in the minds of most people at some time or other:


    What is the meaning and purpose of life?


    Why is man faced with the predicament to choose between good and evil?


    Why do people die?


    What happens after death?


    My parents did not have the answers to these questions.


    easy stuff


    take it from the lions mouth


    What is the meaning and purpose of life?

    To continue. Meaning all life does have a purpose and the laws of physics cannot represent this because the sciences have the wrong math but with any common sense, we can all see; 'life is purposed to continue'

    that is why life, reproduces, why is moves in its environment (unlike a rock) to feed, as well life was born from nature (garden of eden).



    Why is man faced with the predicament to choose between good and evil?

    as in the garden man was still instinctive as with all of nature


    The instinct of life is natural but we as conscious, have choice. Which we can observe the natural and act according to either self, or of Good.


    ie...to do 'good' is to support life to continue and in contrast 'bad' is the choice of self, causing a 'loss to the common'


    good: supports life


    bad: loss to the common


    pure rules to all mankind


    Why do people die?


    death is when the mind has no choice. Meaning; when you sleep there is not much difference then death; as your mind is not making determinations to each experience.


    So to live in the minds of most is to have conscious cognition but that is not so, as when you sleep, your body is still moving forward in time, although you have no idea but simply confident you will awaken to have another day of choice


    Reality is, if in that daytime, you contributed your energy to plant a tree, likewise when you sleep, that tree (life) is still moving forward in time, based on 'your' contribution to support life-to continue. By choice you can plant that tree in good soil, set up a 'good' watering system and well feed it the nutrients to sustain life which will be 'your' creation as when you die, it will still be moving forward in time (alive)



    What happens after death?


    you live in what you did.


    to contribute a single cell to combine with another; you have your lineage and lterally a portion of your life and your whole family line combining to make a new shade (a child)...


    to teach a young child 'good' pure knowledge, then when that child thinks and observes life, they are doing so with the knowledge and contribution you gave them


    to plant that tree; then again when it is 100 feet tall, shading your children and becoming nests for the birds, that whole universe of life is because of your contribution and will out live the bodies we are born into.


    in each case, the energy contributed by you is the life that lives beyond the grave


    memories are not a part of a spirit. Meaning alzheimers shares that memories are affixed to the bodie we are born with, and not that a spirit is upon our bodies with memories of things


    or try another idea;


    since we know you and all of us are born from the single celled life of and egg/sperm combination (basically microscopic in the liquid).... but that life absorbs from the environment (within the womb) and the steps of evolution can be seen in the embryo development ie.... see a film on the embryo and find the baby develops a tail but when born, that tail is reabsorbed before the birth


    point being, not only is evolution true, but all them lives that contributed to the evolution of each of us, whether it be the fish or the monkey, all them contributions are recorded and alive within the genetic tree and dna of each person


    and never was there a break in that line, or you would not be here

    as well since all them contributions are within our very structure; then when you look into the mirror and see all them variations from you friend and the color of skin, the type of eyes, the hair and even smile

    remember, all that comes from our previous generations who had a 'purpose to continue' and reproduced for you to even be here


    which also reveals the comprehension of one of the most pure revelations in all of the world;


    such that if all them generations are in fact represented within you, alive and moving forward in time; then when you look in the mirror recognize all you fathers are in fact


    "alive and in the flesh" as you stand


    so then:


    knowledge is what


    'raises the fathers to the flesh"


    so now go back and ask yourself...........


    is it real or is it not?


    that is how you will know the revelation

  14. of all the posters on this thread skippy was the only one who shared the truth faith of compassion.


    self examination!


    everyone has an opinion and why your post is even represented.


    'my idea of faith is what is right' .......... it's a common psychosis in any religious discussion


    so return to reality and remember Vishnu is all of it, or simply existence itself and waht we each can be responsible for is our choices,


    what we do with our actions when interacting with existence (anything)




    This spiritual section has became a place in which there is no real spiritual discussion takes place
    what is spiritual discussion for you; sending quotes from other guru's back and forth?


    maybe a big long post bragging about how many HK affirmations you made?



    perhaps, sharing how long you have gone without meat or even talk about what some other person or guru is doing?



    but a fight of egos seen everywhere,a real shameful saga indeed.What is the use of saying this god is superior and that is inferior?
    and if a man could raise someone from the dead, walk on water or even have the capacity to service 16,000 girls, in each case, the stories make more of the man, then of God. Because them ideas of perfection are embellished. Not a one was ever perfect; because no man of such could exist. Where's the balance?


    Each can be equally honest and that is rule A number 1, then choices are easy, and like an Upanishad suggests, if you know not what you do, be still


    and why to impose no bad by doing nothing is better than doing what is thought righteous but rude without understanding



    Is this our civilizatoin?After visiting few posts here now I can know why Hindus are devided and still process is on.
    you bet this is the period we would like to be civilized in


    but that process of division is like sending the kids to school; they leave the nest and return with more to share, then yesterday


    so nourish them ideas and maintain priority A1; just be honest and remove the beliefs as the law (remember it is them very beliefs (predeterminations), that cause the self to stand up claiming to be an 'i'


    allow and nuture knowledge to evolve




    Please stop posting such messages which may end up in pure ego fights,

    that is what this thread is capable of but in contrast to your opinion, that people are not religious here, in a sense maybe an incorrect assessment .......... as many are developing compassion by maintaining that choice of honesty



    a genuine request from my side.:pray: One may escape from moderators or admins by posting such messages but he or she will NEVER able to escape from almighty God by creating such sins so wake up.:crying2:


    belief in a faith over reality is the greatest of all sins


    can't you see what is happening to this world right now because of religious beliefs?


    no matter who has the perfect knowledge; what is occuring all over this earth must be of the cycle in which we may all experience very soon


    I can understand your reasoning somewhat...why you say foolish. I feel the spirit of love and compassion can descend upon a meat eater the same as it does a vegetarian. I do not think there is some god who says, oh you bad boy (to picture it that way in simple moralistic god terms).


    But there are some very logic arguments for the benefit of no meat diet.


    so if nature shares the motion of existence; do we change the course of life?


    such to breath is death to many a microbe. Is it of choice; to not continue the progression within what is actual?


    Or simply, the continuance within the progression to life is of this pursuit of life to continue in the production of flesh supporting the consciousness.


    To sustain life for the benefit of the total such to feed the body what is necessary over and above the choice of selfish glory suggesting submission to the guise of mans compassion is foolish.



    The act of killing animals for food, will naturally fall away as we enter the more subtle realm of conscious awareness, possibly. But saying that, a mans conscience is his vote of choice - the conscience is what condemns man isnt it?
    And to consciously remove the sustanance evolved within God over the term of existence is just that; consciousness condemning the body with pride of self, over the good of life.



    I was unemployed in the late 90's and the government more or less forced me to work in an abbatoir. My job was next to the Islamic slaughterman, so I was covered in blood everyday. I noticed one prominent thing at that time of my life - I was virtually an animal myself.
    IN the flesh of life; that is what we are.


    Think of being just that with no clothing of pockets.


    Then life and death is of the same cycle as nature (God)....


    This morning the little parot was found dead. Apparently the mastiff had captured and crushed his frail body.


    i cried


    a life nutured and raised upon the corn and seed, with the song and colors of life, was not meant to be of the good production to continue but to share death and the percieved loss


    allow me to know the pain associated with the loss of such beautiful life


    Its quite good writing hey bishadi. It is said that vedanta means this:


    anta:indicates the end of something


    or the line item of words 'death is just the beginning'




    I thought about that. Some would say 'oh yes end of knowledge - the pinnacle is this path'. That is a fair assessment of a faith based statement. I honor that faith whenever it awakens a person - wherever. There we can find some harmony.


    Then I thought...yes 'end of knowledge' now....life to begin...>>>>>

    for the children can know the peace, promised of old



    In that way the tradition is not held as superior (to cause violence)...it is simply a gift to be grateful for (that is what vedanta means for me).



    seems you appreciate life :)


    `And the birds gathered around him and welcomed him with their song and other living creatures came unto his feet and he fed them and they ate out of his hands'
    here where we reside, there is a family of wild parots that has taken up residence. The little green guys about 6-8 inches, with a red head and blue tail.


    For over 10 years, we have maintained feeders and have a a few generations of the critters who now seem to stay.


    Just an hour ago while filling the feeders, there is one youngster parot, that has no fear and was within 18''-24" from my hand while filling the feeders. Apparently he was sleeping inside the Apple shaped one and I awoke him but he did not fly away......


    maybe soon he will be eating from my hands


    sorry about the tangent but i Love the critters more than reading some of the foolishness of the faithful


    this thread title is foolish


    Based on Native American languages as portrayed in Hollywood movies. I think the English language is too complex and leads to people endlessly debating stupid political and religous topics over and over. These debates usually don't end up solving anything and go on forever. If we could learn to talk in a more simplified way that captures the essence of life or something than maybe we could end all this useless dialogue and capture a common understanding of life and harmony with nature and our fellow humans of all races, religions, genders etc. Maybe we could even consider going to some form of Native American sign language and end the noise all together.


    kindness, compassion and Love are often abused by deciet and complacency


    the universal language is math in which all four colors of mankind can understand; equally


    so now imagine if life is understood equally between the brothers



    ah............. the Peace can live; by the choice of Life


    Intelligent design assumes that God could not get it right the first time: the creation of a universe in which the natural qualities of matter, energy and time result in the emergence of life and ourselves--a perfect manifestation of the original design.

    Intervention in the original design could be viewed as devilish rather than divine.


    when they finally ID the right interpretations, then maybe progress can begin....


    pretty universal all over the globe not being able to see what is right in front of them


    even the spiritually versed, dance all over the truth; for some reason the blinders are still up


    isn't life a blast?




    Being a street bum...sometimes...the most wonderful things happen:). Thx bishadi.



    as to know, we can even 'learn a lesson from the wind'



    just yesterday I was appreciating, that even as i have walked the halls of corruption, and denned with the wolfs; i said thank you for the experience


    The way I look at it is just tell children to trust and meditate on God and their life will unfold exactly as it is meant to barring any unforseen accidents or tragedies that seem to even hit the faithful from time to time.



    At a young age I wasn't thinking much about the definition of life. I was wishing I could be a running back in the NFL.


    and i was a beach bum in huntington..... chasing what i used to say; my favorite food


    in fact in Laguna, i used to sit with the little bald guys with the little ching ching toys and listen to them


    but then again what do you think would be the best words to share to a young mind about the purpose of life.


    the idea, that so far, works the best is to suggest


    'we like a wave on a pond .... the good interaction increase the size of our wave and we last longer'

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