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  1. "Currently, India is home to over 60 million coronary heart patients and

    more than two million patients succumb to the disease every year," said

    cardiologist Naresh Trehan



    India warned over heart disease




    India will account for 60% of heart disease cases worldwide within two years, according to new research.


    The study, published in the British journal Lancet, says that is nearly four times more than its share of the global population





    in case people like to think about their choices :pray:


    i will leave these types of thread to them of ill regard to continue what deciet they wish to convey


    i was only offering food for thought to them who are truly wishing to see what is true over what is just believed


    meaning anyone can create a frame that represents their needs, all i wish for, is to understand and as far as i can see, either Krishna is mad at India


    or the people are killing themselves based on the corruption to the knowledge possessed by the teachers




    the choice is yours to make


    i find it best to be honest over following a teacher and their beliefs


    Time proves everything but the immediate choice is what we each must weigh at every moment of experience.....


    Each has their own preference but soon the children will have what was promised and then the old can learn from the honesty of the pure minds of truth!


    I believe in pretty much absolute aloofness and detachment from these sort of things in redards to other peoples sin unless you are especially empowered that you have ability to change such things.


    that shares wisdom of the elders; humble observance unattached to self


    the bird does the same thing


    it shares how even we as the species of compassion can knowingly remove our own opinions when we comprehend 'not knowing the absolute'


    but note the capacity of the prideful using the atrocities of others to create an emotional attachment to further the deception of their solutions?


    typical of kali that many live in tamas (the period of self; enables the selfish to flourish)





    Krishna conscious; pure bhakti in seeking the knowledge of truth! The commitment to the collective over the pride of the self.


    Responsibility is requisite of truth; beliefs remove the absolution of each choice.


    Be responsible to every action imposed; live in each choice!


    God is more than krishna = God is everything.


    Krishna is an invention.

    WOW! :eek:


    Is it really that simple?


    Is that why there are so many different representations and definitions used for the concept of Krishna?


    It seems that since there are so many articles representing Krishna as a person, that like the Jesus guy some had become confused as to whether a diety or man is what to acknowledge.


    Almost like the idea of Buddha but it seems the Buddha folk share that the reincarnation of the Buddha soul keeps returning and preparing new information for the various generations throughout time. As if the person of each period was purely committed to knowledge and conveying the 'truths' up to the time.


    Bet the last one has a bunch of knowledge to convey, especially in this day and age of knowledge.


    Seems you are kind of harsh there on 'your' words into print representing krishna bhaktajan.....


    care to elaborate on why you made such a possessive approach within a site for compassionate reasoning?


    perhaps share why any man of bhatki would be so rude?


    does it have to do with loosing a job?


    Perhaps loosing control?


    maybe finding that like Srila Prabhupada exceeded his teacher's knowledge and commitment?




    There are some scrolls in English here: http://www.cienciaceleste.org.pe/

    then go to English section.



    already downloaded the whole library


    after reading the initial post sharing it was read thoroughly as well that ONE person on this earth that can bring the realizations to both comprehension and the math to ground the understanding is the 'help' that can be provided


    as the words shared there is a helper to walk the earth


    perhaps you have a question to ask


    Why not?

    Do you think god is incapable of communicating with a computer?

    While in the past when printing and even writing was not acvailable god spock directly the message (Sruti) in the age of writing God sent his messages by hand written books (Palm leaf and wood bark texts) In the age of printing technology God arranged to print books in paper. ( like Bagavad purana and Bagavad geeta circulated by ISCON and other organization).


    Do you believe all that or no? If you do then why now doubt gods ability to reach us by our lattest technology - computer posting? You think that God is a oldfashioned fool who doesnot know how to use a computer terminal or what? .




    the wisdom is pure.


    in that each word of comprehension has been purposed for the knowledge of mankind.


    the key is honoring Him in your observed experience and use that universal conscious allowing the truth of each word that rings truth to the experience of life.


    God is not separate from us; we are all of him. Observe HIM in all that is.


    Know the truth as it finds you.


    Your heart can taste... too.


    Just be absolute with honesty and God reveals himself each moment.


    Because krishna is a human. He is a realised human. Like every realised rishi, he knows he is god in nondual mode of knowing. At the same time he also knows that God is a transcendantal being different from the emprical existence. Bedabeda principle is applied here. While Krishna is God - and so are every souls - God is not Krishna. ( God is more than krishna)


    Of course The Krishna bhaktas will disagree with this interpretatiuon.




    Now that is honesty!!!!!!!


    Peace to you



    may the waters return to the sea.... find the soil in from the marsh fertile


    Sorry what teachers? I don't understand.
    Contact points to share the tie in. You found 'helper'



    As far as I know the Master who wrote these scrolls is from my Country (Chile) He left the body near 1978 I know some people who meet Him personally but there is no teachers or disciples here in Chile people rejected him,
    sound like a common issue with many of the great contributers



    they couldn't recognize his revelation so He went to Peru, in Peru there are people who are distributing it and studying it also.
    them are who your mediation can assist with



    He has no disciples,
    but you have done fine work bringing this to us all...



    Father .... used to say Him, Go there Go there and show the revelation. He was not interested in making disciples his duty was just to write and show it, it is the free will of us to accept it or not.
    makes perfect sense; offer the choice, let em make it



    At the present time there are available 300 scrolls the others 3700 scrolls -some people say that He wrote more than 10,000-
    well that is what i wish to read....... as many as can be found, located and deciphered.



    after the demise of the Master He robbed the scrolls and has hiden mostly of them.


    perhaps the time was not right.....


    today is a good day......


    be a bridge builder...... and if anyone asked just mention a cat said so from India (divine)



  8. CCC,


    thank you


    not real sure how many here on this site are observing but be certain the truth unmatched from any single source on this earth is within the core knowledge shared within that interpretation (scroll).



    there are areas of comprehension within just that simple draft that the generations of all our fathers combined have lived and died for....



    the time is here



    CCC, do you have direct access to the teachers?





    Also in Tibet there are some of this scrolls.
    Share the path to the scrolls



    Now the thing is how to recognize the Lord?
    lord is all that exists. Are you inquiring as to the man?



    Don't worry because the revelation says that his face will shine like the sun,

    perhaps a nice tan
    He will fly in the sky, control the nature,
    now that frame of expectations is why none can see or 'recognize' ... perhaps they looking up rather than across the table or eye level. From Jesus, Buddha, Zoroaster and even the K man.... walked with 2 feet on the ground.... nothing magical about it; just men who cared to give over the self. That is the only magic; a committed choice.


    for example; if all that 'control' was even possible perhaps that war of destruction would not occur. That with a snap of the fingers all would be undone, all would be forgiven, all of mankind would be equally compassionate in one snap. But that is not reality.



    transfom the people in kids of 12 years old, will judge the inmoral western world,
    such that the children will have the knowledge to Understand.... nothing magical about it. Each will be able to comprehend life as well what 'good and bad' are equal to all existence simply by words, math and compassionate observance; the absolute truth uniform to existence itself in a comprehensible form.


    again; nothing magical about it!



    all people will see his face and there will be no doubt that He is
    a man.....


    and 'yes' this time around, that man will walk among the people and each person will find all of their brothers born are equals and capable of creating and supporting life as if

    of God,



    this will occure in the holy India soon. So don't be cheated when people say that kalki is here or there.
    but you just did that... said he is going to be there instead of well ...here



    Anyway I am confused if this encarnation is kalki or not because the hare Krsnas says that kalki will come after 400.000 years.... and other traditions say that kali is ending... really I don't know who is right, but it is a fact that will come and avatar soon.


    nice to see the hope is in the right place;


    in the correct line of belief;


    having faith the truth will exist.


    Keep that faith and keep your eyes open, perhaps you may walk into the trail being left and learn some of that very truth all of mankind is awaiting.


    keep your eyes wide open

  10. Seems making decisions on such a subject is tough for many.


    Even dejavu, when some do not find the answers they seek.....


    for example:



    Q. Do you envision a priest guilty of abuse ever being brought back into the service of the Church?

    A. It depends. Was he a many-time offender or was it something that happened during one short time in his life and he never did it again and has an unblemished record of 20 years since. There’s no one-size-fits-all in any situation. Perhaps that priest could be brought back in some capacity. Never around children but maybe in a retirement home or a monastery. I don’t have the answer. What I have is great sadness with what is now: that these priests are living with a spiritual death sentence.



    asking a question of such magnitude and the answer shared is


    "i don't have the answer"


    is because that ability to judge within the capacity of truth, pure compassion or honesty is not there.


    'balance' shares that if you want the roller coaster ride, you have to climb to the top first but to ride down a hole don't expect someone to carry you up.


    So as mentioned; the pedophile and the perpetrators of inconsistant doctrine are one of the same; they rape the meak of what is true.


    me personally; not very forgiving of the corrupt... such that if awareness exists and they still abuse....... ouch!


    Karma is something each prepare for themselves. Each live in what they do!


    It is a well approved fact that lord Vishnu himself came to earth ( and he is called Venkateswara or Balaji ) to eliminate "adharma" in Kaliyuga as always he incarnates in each yuga to eliminate evil.
    seems since evil has never left this earth that perhaps the idea has always been to learn and convey what is learned in each period.


    Adharma is increasing day by day and there isnt a small hint of it starts reducing.
    as that pinnacle is approaching; kali yuga is about over

    Is the purpose of Lord Vishnu residing on earth ....... is serving?

    sounds like bhakti

    that makes sense


    I strongly believe that there has to be complete samarpan (dedicate one selves completely into his feet’s) and then look at the returns. There's a saying "As you sow, so shall you reap" which holds good for each one of us. <?xml:namespace prefix = u1 /><u1:p></u1:p>
    devotion to the good of life; live in what you do. (you impose your energy (by choice)…. Live in the wake of your doings!)


    I do acknowledge the situation is really bad but still it's in our control. We need to take small little steps, regain trust,
    requires absolute honesty; not belief

    that distrust is born from experiencing life that contradicts beliefs…….


    educate people,
    of the knowledge of all the contributors…. (perhaps each of the incarnations of Vishnu.. leaving the trail for the absolute)


    have and build courage to say NO to the wrong doings and this needs to start from our home, children,
    so when a belief or ritual is found inconsistent with reality; then stop it as the perpetuation is based on complacency to norm rather than the absolute


    Things will change, are bound to change we just need to believe in the almighty with even more conviction.<u1:p></u1:p>
    That is the ‘only’ faith any can maintain as pure; the absolute truth WILL exist.


    <u1:p></u1:p>Starts with honesty over beliefs!


    Hello there,

    I am from southamerica and there is a new revelation saying that the Lord will come and will stay in your country ..... India ...

    In India? Perhaps but not a sound bet.


    He will construct a palace made of gems.
    what’s a gem?


    the revelation says that in the eastern scriptures it is said that a knowledge will come and will transform the whole world. (if you have some information please show us)

    Energy is light. Light is the life of mass in time.

    Life: purposed to continue.

    Choices are simple; Good: supports life to continue…. Bad: loss to the common.

    Measure each choice; for the good of existence or for the self.


    The revelation says that the Lord will come thanks to the capitalism, they are guilty of his descension.
    place of birth; the west

    The revelator used to speak directly with God,

    so do you…. look around; it’s all God….. (being aware makes for being responsible)


    He said that he could see the Lord Playing with the molecules, even there is a transcription of one of his conversation with a cat.


    The revelation is wonderful, also the revelator wrote more than 4.000 transcriptions of his conversations and He never went to university,
    no degree on wall from the complacent regime of man’s teachings….. makes sense!


    He was externally a laborer.

    basically a man who made a choice….. incognito.

    welcome to the party! ;)




    I just somewhat agree with Bishadi and Bhaktajan in synthesis.

    True it is that "You are what you eat". You qualified non-vegans as beast.

    I might accept but being vegan and non vegan is not the gauge for Mukti.


    Garuda and Bhima are not vegan but they are certainly liberated souls... they eat because their nature is so and not for pleasure.


    Prahlada and Bali are from the demon race but are considered as Mahajanas.


    The Sweet Lord is perfect in his judgment... He sees things in the right perspective.


    I myself is a vegan but even then I agree with Bishadi when he says,

    "Look up the inuit tribes of the arctic regions. They live the 'natural' beyond what many ever could; and many never even see a leaf."

    But for my case I would say I'm just like the Lion who prefers to die than eat leaves; I prefer to die than eat meat, though I don't despise Non-Vegans.



    honest opinion!






    and making your point


    sound evidence of true compassion!


    Text 16


    karmanah sukrtasyahuh

    sattvikam nirmalam phalam

    rajasas tu phalam duhkham

    ajnanam tamasah phalam




    karmanah--of work; su-krtasya--pious; ahuh--is said; sattvikam--in the mode of goodness; nirmalam--purified; phalam--the result; rajasah--of the mode of passion; tu--but; phalam--the result; duhkham--misery; ajnanam--nonsense; tamasah--of the mode of ignorance; phalam--the result.



    The result of pious action is pure and is said to be in the mode of goodness. But action done in the mode of passion results in misery, and action performed in the mode of ignorance results in foolishness.


    not much needs to be said............


    i.e... not debating the motive but the judgment (often made in ignorance)


    such that to not comprehend that much of what the body requires creates isolations from nature (pure foolishness)



    this is a subject, that is not good to debate as often it is like suggesting Jesus is not Lord to Christians.


    the religious right are bound and often nothing can assist the abused


    sad but true

  14. Let’s Gita to the words of another


    Text 12




    istan bhogan hi vo deva




    dasyante yajna-bhavitah

    tair dattan apradayaibhyo

    yo bhunkte stena eva sah







    istan--desired; bhogan--necessities of life; hi--certainly; vah--unto you; devah--the demigods; dasyante--will award; yajna-bhavitah--being satisfied by the performance of sacrifices; taih--by them; dattan--things given; apradaya--without offering; ebhyah--to these demigods; yah--he who; bhunkte--enjoys; stenah--thief; eva--certainly; sah--he.





    In charge of the various necessities of life, the demigods, being satisfied by the performance of yajna [sacrifice], will supply all necessities to you. But he who enjoys such gifts without offering them to the demigods in return is certainly a thief.

    Appreciate the sustenance; say thanks for the life’s sacrifice.


    Text 13




    yajna-sistasinah santo




    mucyante sarva-kilbisaih

    bhunjate te tv agham papa

    ye pacanty atma-karanat







    yajna-sista--of food taken after performance of yajna; asinah--eaters; santah--the devotees; mucyante--get relief; sarva--all kinds of; kilbisaih--from sins; bhunjate--enjoy; te--they; tu--but; agham--grievous sins; papah--sinners; ye--who; pacanti--prepare food; atma-karanat--for sense enjoyment.





    The devotees of the Lord are released from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice. Others, who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment, verily eat only sin.


    Makes sense; appreciate the sustenance.


    One should know, however, that all the necessities of life that the human society requires are supplied by the demigod agents of the Lord. No one can manufacture anything. Take, for example, all the eatables of human society. These eatables include grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, sugar, etc., for the persons in the mode of goodness, and also eatables for the nonvegetarians, like meats, none of which can be manufactured by men.

    sustenance of food stuff is required as nourishment is from Lord (existence). To comprehend that each nutrient is not only presented by Lord but the process and consumption rules, guidelines and allotments are represented by Lord (nature)

    Use your eyes, mind and experience to comprehend the truth; words by men can mislead.

    Be honest with reality; forget the brahmanas…


    Therefore he asked further about the actual mission of this devastating force. It is written in the Vedas that the Supreme Truth destroys everything, even the brahmanas.


    Kali yuga controls them of worded deception; the truth is absolute!


    The truth destroys the deception.


    Hi I share your belief in that I can not accept the possible notion that Krishna or Rama ate flesh.
    Is the tiger a creation of God?


    Does that child and rendition of pure nature (God) eat flesh?




    And can these claims of the Lord eating flesh be backed up by any shastric evidence?
    so words created by men are what governs your reality of nature? Why not experience reality and find what is true between you and Him?


    Man can fib; nature doesn't.



    So far, we find many evidence throughout Shastra that supports the notion that flesh foods are prohibited and plain wrong, but however - flesh foods can be eaten under exceptional circumstances - nevertheless much emphasis is placed on the very act of eating flesh as a negative thing.
    So one minute it is absolutely wrong, the next we on 'however'...... makes for a fine misunderstanding!


    How quaint?



    So yeah, maybe the idea that the Lord ate flesh
    Is the Lion of our Lord?



    People have rationalized this very act of meat eating just to support their desire to eat flesh without having a guilty conscience afterwards.


    do you bath? Killing bacteria?


    Shall we call you a murderer or do you stink?


    i.e... how pure is your conscious? Perhaps what fits your need to be accepted?



    However, I agree with the others here
    that is what choice is all about.


    Not debating the motive but the judgment.



    the Lord can certainly eat flesh if he wishes to.
    So avoid the jungle.



    But I don't believe Krishna has eaten flesh as there is no shastric evidence I have personally seen to support this claim.


    Perhaps when the eyes are open to reality versus allowing interpretations of men control your 'beliefs', then the truth will have a life within your heart.


    Nothing is existence is sharing that killing is good. Such that nothing in nature shares you to bath and murder all that microscopic life (billions of them) but common sense shares the 'good' of the act.


    So the choices being made are based on where the learned tollerance are.


    Some are absolute with truth, some are following the ideas of others.


    It's common..... but have fun telling the whole world that God said they can't eat meat. and find many more will call you a liar, than just me.


    Non-veg food is for beasts! --that is the whole story regarding non-veg food.
    such are the perpetuators of misunderstanding... in tamas



    You are what you eat. Your consciousness is expressed in the condition of your room, bank account, favorite books, clothing, type of favorite music and on and on.
    don't need any of it but food sustains life



    Not every thing is the same qualitatively.

    Everything is different qualitatively.

    5 kilometres per hour over the speed limit? --Good enough to be restrained and questioned and fined--all in pursuit to 'following the law'.

    speed limit is 'again' law of man....



    Re-phrase it any ole way you'd like but the judge will proclaim what your next obligations will be.
    only one; bhakti



    Trust that the judge is a better 'worker' (honest & duty bound)
    So one of truth over beliefs? Makes sense!



    than scoflaws--or else face the fact of "what goes around comes around"--if a law man wrongly accosts you, just remember that you have done the same in the past.
    are you experiencing something?



    In future, remember that any wrongly commited act that is done onto you -- occurs so that you can reconcile 'why such acts should not be commited'.
    as the posts shares; you judge and are being judged by what you commit, perpetuate and scoflawingly represent



    If you do not accept Karma --then that proves that you do not know how Karma operates-
    perhaps trust honor and duty (devotion) over the guise of beliefs; misunderstood



    -if you do not know how karma operates, then you will be prone to inventing your own notions as to how the laws of physics transpire.
    sounds like good karma; knowing the 'absolute' had yet to be born. Perhaps that commitment to give for that change is the greatest karma any could wish for?



    The Gita explains 5 Topics:

    1 Karma

    2 Kala

    3 Prakriti

    4 Isvara

    5 Jiva


    I bet you 'don't understand what I am talking' about here,


    who could be you...... ?


    seems each is word, in which you define as you wish to preach.....


    not interested in being you or changing you; you are you


    bound to the karma of self; hence you judge in tamas


    do you like to read?


    allow the Gita to speak



    Text 32




    sri-bhagavan uvaca




    kalo 'smi loka-ksaya-krt pravrddho

    lokan samahartum iha pravrttah

    rte 'pi tvam na bhavisyanti sarve

    ye 'vasthitah pratyanikesu yodhah







    sri-bhagavan uvaca--the Personality of Godhead said; kalah--time; asmi--I am; loka--of the worlds; ksaya-krt--the destroyer; pravrddhah--great; lokan--all people; samahartum--in destroying; iha--in this world; pravrttah--engaged; rte--without, except for; api--even; tvam--you; na--never; bhavisyanti--will be; sarve--all; ye--who; avasthitah--situated; prati-anikesu--on the opposite sides; yodhah--the soldiers.





    The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people. With the exception of you [the Pandavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.







    Although Arjuna knew that Krsna was his friend and the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he was puzzled by the various forms exhibited by Krsna. Therefore he asked further about the actual mission of this devastating force. It is written in the Vedas that the Supreme Truth destroys everything, even the brahmanas. As stated in the Katha Upanisad (1.2.25),




    yasya brahma ca ksatram ca




    ubhe bhavata odanah

    mrtyur yasyopasecanam

    ka ittha veda yatra sah



    Eventually all the brahmanas, ksatriyas and everyone else are devoured like a meal by the Supreme. This form of the Supreme Lord is the all-devouring giant, and here Krsna presents Himself in that form of all-devouring time. Except for a few Pandavas, everyone who was present on that battlefield would be devoured by Him. Arjuna was not in favor of the fight, and he thought it was better not to fight; then there would be no frustration. In reply, the Lord is saying that even if he did not fight, every one of them would be destroyed, for that was His plan. If Arjuna stopped fighting, they would die in another way. Death could not be checked, even if he did not fight. In fact, they were already dead. Time is destruction, and all manifestations are to be vanquished by the desire of the Supreme Lord. That is the law of nature.




    or anothers



    The word kalo means time and includes containing and terminating as well as the embodiment of eternal wisdom and the perennial principles of the resplendent Supreme Lord Krishna. The word kalo has as its root the word kala which is described as container, a binder, an integrator, as wisdom and as a provider of all desires. This same word is utilised to refer to the Supreme Lord. In the Moksa Dharma or Mahabharata there is a conversation between Bali Maharaja and Indra as follows: O Indra you are praising yourself before one who is bound by the shackles of time which is verily the power of the Supreme Lord Krishna who is of dark, lustrous hue and who binds the beings of this world and once having bound them directs their coming and goings by His intrepid potency of time. The Bhagavat Purana states: Lord Krishna synonymous with time draws the minds of all beings to Himself. The word pravriddho meaning great denotes completeness in its entirety since the beginning. The Bhagavat Purana states: From the Supreme Lord Himself the eternal cosmic truth manifested and this is the great eternal event from ancient antiquity. Pra in pravriddho refers to the Supreme Lord and propitiation to Him is eulogising His holy names. The Bhagavat Purana states that the Supreme Lord is never born nor does He ever die. Neither is He subject to growing up or any other modifications as He is complete in all respects. The Moksa Dharma states: The rupa or form of the Supreme Lord is completely transcendental and divine, never subject to dimunition and expansion. If the Supreme Lord is never modified by the performance of any action how can there possibly be on His part any self- endeavour? The Supreme Lord is capable without any effort, in a blink of an eye of loka-ksaya-krt or destruction of all the worlds. The word api is used to convey the message that accept for Arjuna's brothers and a few others all the warriors of the Kauravas and the Pandavas will be annihilated by each other. The word pratyanikesu means the opposing armies on both sides and that is why it is spoken in the plural sense.


    Now begins the summation.


    The Varaha Purana states: Since the Supreme Lord Krishna is inherently endowed with complete attributes fully able to destroy all the worlds and because He is the creator, knower and controller of all, He is known as kala. By use of the word api Arjuna is assured that He and the other four Pandavas are excluded from the annihilation of both armies



    so we had another (car) wreck..... what lesson did you learn bhaktajan?



    i posted to this thread to share a true reality that many of mankind can not survive as vegitarians. As the fact shares there are children NOW at peace with nature, whom live in complete contrast to the opinion of a religious belief.


    Truth was the intent as to be absolute, then observance and compassion for the inquiry exceeds your belief structure.


    A question was asked, an answer was given to allow the minds of others to comprehend themselves.


    'working on that karma' :P



  17. What a great topic; the idea of forgiveness.

    When we are raised we are given guidelines and rules to follow. When we knowingly cross the lines often we are reprimanded and forgiven; we learn.

    This comes from the mind not certain of the damage that can be caused. Such that no child is allowed within a fireworks factory holding a lit sparkler. Because them of responsibility are there to make sure that certain lines of foolishness are not crossed as the damage is irreversible.

    Well the same must be adhered in observing the truth. Such that if each person was aware that they live in what they do, and that nothing imposed to existence can ‘ever’ be undone, then responsibility can be taught and clearly understood.

    A pedophile will live in the heart and mind of that child and that every day from there forth, that child will be reacting to life based on the damage imposed.

    The only forgiveness in existence is when a person harmed ‘forgives’ with such purity that nothing done to them will live beyond the adverse action felt and known. That is the only idea of forgiveness mankind can or will ever know (experience). As nothing is existence is ever ‘undone’ or the fireworks factory will not magically come back together and all the dead workers will walk again.

    Each action a human being imposes to existence, is now a part of their life; even if they forget, they still live in that ‘energy’ they imposed to existence.

    Such that an adverse teaching will be in the minds of them who listen; the good teachings live forever, the bad teachings not only harm themselves but each who are damaged.

    Often the teacher’s intent is pure but that is why wisdom of ‘not knowing’ is often recognized within the humble teachers but then the few after the teacher often corrupt the truth and build a performance of deceit thereby called a religion.

    So do we forgive the sin (the lie) or do we forgive the sinner (the continuing corrupter)?

    Ie….. often the pedophile often creates the next generation of monsters.


    I heard from somewhere that Krishna and Rama ate non vegetarian food also. Being a traditional brahmin, I can not accept that Gods would eat non vegetarian food. Please clarify. Sorry I am very new to this Forums and excuse if it is a non sense question.


    it's a ritual belief


    a sort of over kill of compassionate ideals.


    such that some people become ill from lack of nutrients by following that paradigm (see the dali lama)


    but let's go back in time.... ever notice how the eyes of the eatern folk began? The reflections from the snow and ice.


    Look up the inuit tribes of the arctic regions. They live the 'natural' beyond what many ever could; and many never even see a leaf.


    simply i would trust the reality of life over a ritualistic belief. Just as i would trust nature and all of God's existence over the words of beliefs.


    Even the greatest ideas within belief structures will fall under the observance of truth.

  19. a nuts and bolts kind of thread; awesome!


    from this opinion, this is what we as people can do 'best'...... share what we can understand and together honor the teaching from all of our fathers; the children of God; equally!




    What is your name?
    are you capable of understanding in the language equal to all mankind?



    What do you look like?
    everything you know


    all that exists


    the trinity of all 'mass', all 'energy' in all 'time'; the total of all that exists; ONE!



    So the Supreme god father is sitting at a computer posting on this forum?

    you're here.


    Did you expect something magical? Something with the powers of God?


    Perhaps a golden child walking on water, riding through the clouds rapturing?


    What about knowing that God is all that exists, and we (people) are of the 'light' of God's light; alive within existence; descibing HIM; experiencing HIM; sharing a bit of who HE is in every tongue within the life of all mankind.


    Is it possible that HE is present in all of US, in all that is?


    Then if all of HIS kids were to put the 'pride and self' aside and combine our knowledge for the good of life itself; perhaps that unity of God's children allows all of mankind to EQUALLY know GOD.....


    ..................... Peace can (will) exist!


    This is the period of the new; honor the message of God, in all the works of mankind; then God's revelations can exist within the minds of the future; the children.


    be committed to the 'absolute truth' and remember no single religion or sect of knowledge has the truth solely; that each are God children and each carry a piece to the puzzle


    maybe one day someone will walk around who knows how to put the pieces of the puzzle together; to reveal the Name of God!


    As an outsider looking in, this sounds like something to inspire people to preach.


    preaching is for salesman


    sharing knowledge that is pure is teaching



    I can't see it as a serious attempt to get Theists to stop what they are doing and join the KC movement.


    KC is not the last word



    Can you imagine what such speech would sound like to them?


    perhaps the same as it sounds like on this site;


    with you


    But bringing the gang of sects together to share, offers a platform of drilling down to the foundations.


    anyone can read, anyone can follow a ritual with all the pretty ideas around it


    The rituals are not of God but of men.


    but the combining of men/women's knowledge to give the kids a straight answer the first time around; that is the duty of all of us



    Can you imagine what such speech would sound like to them? I don't think any one would go to a place like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and utter words such as that. Just my opinion.


    because the few on top have control of the many


    been that way for a long long time and that is what needs to change.


    that is why the new, the young, the children, our future; are the ones to make the difference.


    this is today not yesterday


    they are who are on the net searching


    they are the one who will own this world as time will remove the complacent


    the idea of the thread was to share the 'words of true Godhead' the thoughts and intent of the combining all of mankinds knowledge for the truth to exist whole.


    the greatest creations come from a simple idea


    and when a good idea has many committed to achieve the goal; mankind can 'move mountains'


    or simply


    "change the stars"






    I would like to know why and how do you believe it has an effect?
    returns the mind from self; humilty is concentrated to a period in time.


    It is why in Islam, they whole of the people stop the life of self and give to God; the sense of equality and humility to existence.


    They are rituals to return the mind of man to a state of humility.


    But we can live that way in every moment without saying a word!

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