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  1. because that is the truth. Really think about it. Has any single person ever to walk the earth been able to share the absolute equal to all mankind? No. As that is why the diversity exists! All conscious humans 'want to know'.... it would be false to suggest otherwise now you see what a belief is and to remove a belief is as easy as being honest Correct! as each can experience bliss, defining it has been the universal quest the teacher must teach the initial principles and compassion. the lessons teach how to self reflect; when the student knows himself, then he is to reproduce. That is the cycle of life. the illusion is when a definition cannot apply. The evolution continues to progress. The ego is of self without focus on the total. Knowing the illusion simply needs a definition gives the student a goal to focus on for the total. "Each particle that awakens contributes in service to the whole."
  2. and what succintly is the principle? What single item of choice does each have at every moment? Perhaps the 'humility of not knowing'.... that is what all the real guru's taught.... that none know the absolute! and that principle is honesty! That is the choice each can make and that is the highest of all 'principles'. Be true! so for a guru to suggest you 'need them' is foolish as the true guru, simply shares to be 'absolute of honesty' (follow the core principle) even if it means growing beyond them (see thakura and srila for an example) because any real teacher knows the next generation must progress beyond them or they failed to teacher the truth.
  3. That is like suggesting the Pope is the authority directly from God. Or an Iman is of Allah.... etc etc etc etc etc etc seems again.... that is why equality does not exist. The teachers suggest they are it and maintain the divide between truth and beliefs. The greatest teacher, gives of the self for the others to know life. When each can know life by the words of the guru, then he be the teacher. which Guru shares life pure to all nature? That is the test! a guru being appointed is the lulu............ no teacher is pure unless that teacher knows life (bliss) an loves enough to share without the need of things, power or to lead......... ever notice the great ones NEVER ask to be the guru? and when a guru even suggests they are it, and then cannot combine the knowledge of mankind for the Peace of mankind; then the mark on their fore-head becomes a bulls-eye..... as what they steal of others minds will be their ever lasting........ so test your guru.......... ask them for life!
  4. that is what i was thinking when seeing the thread title. that a bunch of guru's 'requiring' all the chanting, specific menu, submission to them and their beliefs; they could be called Hairy Christiana's Not much different, the preachers/teachers want submission to their ideals.
  5. and Hello to you Seems the amount of deceit is beyond correction. Ie… the very folk who claim to carry the torch, no matter the culture, reverted to the pride of ego and self over the compassion to the collective; the damage seems to have gone to far and nothing will change it but turning over the order… for life! for the children; the future it seems the ‘life’ of all that exists is the transcendent Vishnu and the avatars realign awareness of the universal life (<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place>Krishna</st1:place> conscious so to speak), in the last chapters it seems instead of simply sharing to a single culture, this time around it is to be shared to the globe over. And if a change of the guard (turn over) is possible (the world over), then it must be from the nuclear capabilities, which then brings all ‘life’ into the picture. So in a real sense, ‘life’ itself would make ‘him’ care. perhaps the experience known in life; such that what has been passed on in knowledge and beliefs contradicts the truth and to experience the corruption with palms up and feeling the pain; perhaps puts him in a bad way by knowing the pain others are feeling and the deciet others are being exposed to seems many depictions share a view of what many of the past teachers were thought to look like but with 2 feet on the ground and looking at the idea from a perspective of reality; maybe the avatars had a nice tan. Perhaps the outdoorsy kind of guy. As for meeting Parashurama: an eye opener . Seems that since time divides the 2 to literally meet face to face, the life is what must interact. Perhaps by an experience or inner seeking……perhaps someone walks the globe having the life within.. but the idea of receiving weapons can only mean 'knowledge' as magic is not an option and I do not believe harming people physically with bombs or the such is anything the kalki would partake in. It seems the primary objective is to destroy ignorance. And all heads of corrupt teachings, oppression and beliefs will perish by the knowledge of truth. This is by observing with a perspective of in this day and age of how the stories could apply to reality. Hope it helps during your reading pursuits. if you find something that stands out, please place it on the thread; 'enquiring mind, want to know' Peace
  6. this was noticed researching a term What I noticed is, this article defines without labeling. seems like pure humble observance! Does the definition work? Meaning for most any person (pretty much all religions too)? Do the properties remind anyone of energeia (light)?
  7. as both srila and jesus have both left the material, seems what they left still lives perhaps to observe the gifts offers the best continuance of their lives Note, the contributers still live in our minds and hearts and identify what them of self did after the works, that allows each to find adversities born from the misinterpretations. The choice each of the greats made will always live as they removed self for the good of the morrow but them afterwards are whom corrupt the intent of the teachers
  8. Ontological Argument for any to debate The argument is a long standing debate and is simple to assess. A cause is observed, then who (what) caused it? That is the premise of the argument, such that throughout history any action must have causation. Even how the Sun came up and the returned to the down under was inquired upon. In many belief systems the debate of ‘who’ became unnecessary as God was created as the causation of all. So from there forth each phenomenon, unanswered, had a causation. Yet, to look around and face a man and ask; have you met the guy? Not a one can honestly say; yes! This is where many fail as the beliefs learned begin to unfold a whole paradigm of accepted opinions and the root of each determinations can be traced to the honesty of each person and their opinion; this is how the practice of religions begin to isolate minds from the reality of truth. They build from the premise of someone elses accepted belief which has little to do with reality or truth. Where the philosophical opinions take root is how many began to drill down each idea of action and reaction to various forms. IN many cases many ended up with the ‘light’ or the sun as the spark that fuels all life. But then the debate returns; who turned on the lights? And reality shares each ‘new’ idea of each persons mind is simply of light.
  9. Meditating can often remove the self as the focus of the mind. The body can breath as the soul looms in the vastness of the spiritual. Yet when refreshed often the question of the heart surface. Within an arena a maintaining wisdom it seems good that silence is left to the unknown but to remove the self, pride and ego; then the search for nectar open up to each experience. If any do find themselves quiet of mind yet inquiring of knowledge; Questions; often bring Nectar for the soul.
  10. Light; is the energy upon mass. (ie…. If a man is dead, the mass is there, the life is not) Light is life. Life: purposed to continue Conscious choice: Good: supports life to continue Bad: loss to the common To impose a life is simply to impose an action; good will support life, bad is selfish (isolating).
  11. neat thread...... "how can i be sure?" .... that is the question most all of mankind will be asking themselves. yet if each can agree on the fundamentals, like compassion and compassion over the self with compassion, then it seems a building can be grounded with both feet on the ground. items such as accepting reality could be the first starting point ie... every word in use was created by mankind as well the ultimate goal of seeking; absolute truth but to accept a burqa or chanting a specific phrase are not going to do well within the combined arena so perhaps to focus on life; what is life? How does it work? What does it do? How does 'good and bad' define equally? or maybe there are other ideas of relevance to discuss (such as on a forum; hint hint) to begin a dialogue. now imagine if the leaders of each sect could return to the humility of becoming a representing party of the 'portion' of knowledge they are familiar with and allow the collective from each branch combine to enable HIM to unfold his final message from assembled collective (four corners of the earth).... then it seems world Peace can live and the children will one day know Heaven on Earth (just a term) sharing the 'krishna conscious' combined compassion of each who are aware.... if this can be..... i will wash the feet and serve with 100% commitment and nothing of self; in fact remove my name so not even a person can remember; i submit
  12. of course since knowledge is like a child, it grows with time. <?xml:namespace prefix = o /> could be; the Gita is a book but the ISKCON folk who publish it, well i have done a little homework; even before this day. have you ever read the had written items? Perhaps you may wish to read their own 'incorporation' bylaws " An ACT for the Incorporation of the International Society for <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place>Krishna</st1:place> Consciousness (ISKCON) " or below that is succinct Then again perhaps i am reading about a different Krishna movement.... but it seems pretty clear ie... perhaps you may not wish to spread your opinion around too tough because if everyone believed as you do, they will lose their 501©3..... be wary wary quite about that.......... P/s .... mention to the members, i have some material that can be published.... but me no chant nor kosher.... just a me
  13. Perhaps Hinduism has a few more than 2 the amount of data is quite vast, with many areas of importance except addressing how life exists. i.e…. or even addressing the common cold And this is just a single branch of religion. Remember there are another 5 billion folk walking around the earth, looking up. And then observe many many frames of beliefs still observing nature and living in the garden naturally since the beginning of time; are they ‘less than’ any other of the children? Be fair. The idea being shared is to have ‘faith’, the truth will exist rather than suggest it already does. i.e……. that inner voice will share when the truth is known. Simply ask yourself a few questions; What is life? What are ‘good and bad’ equal to all? Will I live forever? What is death? These are universal questions and these must be founded in truth not belief. These are relevant item that has divided as well have been sought by mankind the world over throughout time. So for your computer to work, the items above must also work under a unifying framework; that is the ever present quest of the inner voice; the unifying understanding; the absolute truth. have faith that the universe of all of existence will not fail; trust God Trust HIM within to share what it true by maintaining compassion over the self; trust that inner voice when experiencing life and know HIM (God)
  14. because it (they) are a material objects considered the originator but that person is not doing anything for anyone except sharing knowledge so the knowledge that combines the mind with the experience is what to appreciate, the guru simply made a good choice to contribute (Godhead) Jesus or even Krishna cannot raise anyone from the dead; nor fix a tumor, cancer or diabetes...etc... Imagine Jesus/Krishna on the hill and everyone was gathered to 'hear' the message and from the crowd a women walks thru carrying her sick child, her only child; all the teacher can do is tell them the truth; "he needs his appendix taken out" (if that be the ailement) because the idea of magically fixing the ailment is false. i.e..... so much over the world has created an image of magic and the magical capabilities of what many consider the messiah but the guru, the teacher, the kalki, Krishna or Jesus; what they and any of the contributers gave is/was simply knowledge. Thank the guru and appreciate the contributions but it is the collective of all that have given for even the first words to be understood. it is not ONE that deserves mention as supreme; as all that is, is Him! So worship the truth that came from HIM; from all time, from all things, from the four colors of mankind; worship the experience of existence itself. Know God as all that is and be responsible in every step; that is worshiping God; being aware. Which comes purely from knowledge.
  15. Where does God teach from that are not of words created by mankind? The only answers that make sense is by experience and nature; God's classroom(s). Each can ascertain that "we believe" are the headings from the opinions of man/women. (to be honest with thyself that is)
  16. Exactly! Many are taught what to believe that is contrary to reality; and keep fighting just the same. Often the student can comprehend the devotion but not the intent. So without solutions pure and equal; then secularizations branch out. Such that none share to have the absolute (solutions) to all questions of the inner voices inquiry Then why is not everyone of hinduism strickly adherant to the upanishad or vedic literature as often a few observe the gita with all the 'new' translations.... and then to realize that each generation had contributers, shares that since no sect of beliefs can succinctly offer the absolute, then of course naturally another contribution much arise As the evolution of all things is a process, such is the 'absolute truth' Could mean directly, that the words by mankind can offer a guideline but the 'direct' link is within and to trust that 'inner' voice with pure honesty and compassion over all things learned. we each can see if the guidance allows the eyes to open
  17. 'The Silence of the Lambs' for the knowledge learned to be pure to existence; to learn the absolute truth that which is pure to existence (God) and experience This comes from combining the knowledge learned by 'mankind' taught to us from the contributers throughout time. (them of true Godhead) And even as a few man not carry the banner of a specific religion/belief, the truth exists in many forms. Be fair to existence (God) and allow that 'inner' voice to learn.
  18. WOW! again! ie...2 of the toughest cookies on this site and from both, on one thread, fair opinions can these be observed under less than 8 divisions? Ie.... Compassion (observance of other) over self and then 'good' and bad...... The inner (consciousness/life/vishnu) offers the capacity of choice, no matter the learned knowledge of mind. It is to be honest to that inner 'voice' as many observe that is the toughest portion when blinders of mind damage the view. yet prayer can exist as a state of mind; ever present offering the ability to 'know thyself' at all times; self reflecting rather than simply self-control. such shares the devotion as a state of mind rather than a ritual to get there the self not neccessarily the senses; as HE experiences life by our senses; learn to Love them; smile from the wind of a butterfly; appreciate life with all your senses. i.e... remember copulation is 2 contributing to make another one (life); ever notice the pleasure of LOVE. Be thankful, not overly indulgent. Appreciate the ability of experience. Makes perfect sense in the above case We are born of knowing the pleasure of 'creating life'. it is almost like helping the elderly carry in the groceries; we give of ourselves for the good. That is almost like sex to the compassionate. in the context shared; giving of self for the good of life, then it hits perfectly. As upon physical death, each live in the lives 'created' by choice.
  19. simple stuff http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamagnetic Such that when it is reproducible then it is teachable. Meaning; unless the action can be repeated and observed equally by each person, then the occurance needs a wee bit of work. Yet, the action can be observed under reproducible conditions and each can observe the levitation of mass above a surface with NO physical interferances for additional material on how yogi did it, see the clip by boo boo http://mysterytopia.com/2008/09/secret-behind-indian-guru-levitation.html http://www.weirdasianews.com/2008/08/31/secret-behind-indian-guru-levitation-revealed http://www.abramich.pbe.ru/book/Levitation/levitation.html Seems the Catholic's have much of the material evidence of how Levitation is performed. Is it possible that is how Jesus walked on water? And raised the dead? Heck if that sect can do that, what can your guru offer? Can we float to the moon? If yogi can perform that while only wearing a robe, we could all sell that one and then simply say; if you all stop eating meat than everyone can learn how to vacation on the moon. Simply put a price on it eh? (and then perhaps we can work on the little item like global peace and equality when we have the extra time) Who wants to work on the traffic issue, so we can limit the flying fatalities? and will we need head lights for night flight? This will be so confusing but at least the fuel crisis will become moot. i think my license plate will be Genie....
  20. Wow! an honest opinion! the self can be a baaaaad thing opening the eyes to truth in each observance is born of humility and honesty. Humility of not knowing and then honest when aware.
  21. When the body dies, the mass is still all there but the light of life is no longer with the body. This means the light of life is the spirit or soul of the body. The mind and memories are the recorded experiences the body has passed through in time as the life is continually observing, experiencing and utilizing the recordings of what was remembered on the road behind. The inner voice is the light of Him (existence), the memories are what the body (you) have recorded. HIS life is pure with what is true, the memories can only be defined by the knowledge found alone the road. Follow the light. the rules of life are pure to all existence, the rules in memories can be quite diverse the rules of light are pure; light is the life upon mass (the body) Life is purposed to continue. Choices to be determined: Good: supports life to continue (doing for the good of life - others) Bad: loss to the common (isolation from 'others' - selfishness) In each idea of choice, measure the rules and make the correct choice every time! Measure all knowledge from the road accordingly; follow the light (God) Peace
  22. the experience of choice; is to be appreciated so let's visit Ezekiel's representation http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ez%2018;&version=15; basically sharing what was mentioned earlier; the bad (loss to the common) perish (no longer remembered).. the Good (supports life to continue) live in what they do (karma) all are part of the total; existence or even the 24 (just in case of misunderstandings) such that who would be the madman The one who sees the outside of the box or the one who understands what is within. ie..... the arrogance of a man (box) or the the lessons of 'good' within. So 2 points can be conveyed; One your integrity is suspect; as shared by the method, reference and intent of the posts you represent as true second; the truth of understanding has been here for quite some time and you have had no idea; you see the box, not the lessons. (the packaging less the heart) Be judged and live in your karma. Existence, (God) and little old me, are not much on forgiveness. None can undo what you choose to create of selfish deception. These posts share your heart, your intent and your choice of adversity for being true (selfishness) You are what you represent; live in it and be forgotten.
  23. much of the day is in giggling in fact.. no joking; making folk laugh to the point of peeing is one of my favorite. Perhaps one a month for the last few years and one individual makes a point to do their business before coming into presence because no one knows what will come from me a gift of love as they make a mess as for the idea of the catholic (vatican) interpretation, somewhere you have your stories mixed up. ie... what is purgatory? Heaven and Hell? eternal damnation...? To the boys of rome, the soul is what you are saving. There may be an interpretation suggesting if a 'bad' person doesn't do good while alive, they will be forgotten (dead soul) but that is not different than many, many, many, misinterpretations one can 'find' from any religious group. if the adverse is what to focus on, then heck anyone could have a field day within any sect so the whole premise from me was that it was not fair to the 'other' team... to create a new line of deception as for the cow and blue guy, it was an example; everyone know cows are simply critters no different than the germs on your skin; killing is killing, no matter how small of how big; just depends on the tollerance and local acceptance. Ever here me suggest if someone was so pure never to kill, they would have a fine fresh scent about them? each (life) has a purpose in the good of life; for one form or another Heck even the dung is used for heating in some villages yet in other parts of the world it is rude to even handle the droppings, as human beings Such that cultures have created many forms of thoughts and beliefs, my presense is for knowledge and growth difference is, bias of anything but the absolute is bound to the sould so if you haven't been asked for assistance in knowledge perhaps your integrity is in question so in the whole of the post; giggling is normal, as well compassion of variety and equality and of the other extreme; a hammer of absolute truth call it a dance of sorts but always focused on the good (to support life) even if it makes a mess on the floor
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