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    But other seeds which are given by Krsna to plant one particular type of soil do not bear good fruits and even bears poisonous fruits in some soil. This kind of seeds are seed of Christ (limited to father and son relationship), Islam (Master and servant relationship) etc. Where as Hare Krsna is combined of all kind of relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.<?xml:namespace prefix = u1 /><u1:p></u1:p>

    kind and good with intent but many do not believe in either sects as pure based on the fact that none have proven life. yea to the intent but even the guru knows the words of old will fall under the same


    If you ask me whether I was knowing or not 2 edged dagger, yes I know. I was returned back because I was asked to help, one was not sufficient to take all burden here. Just think who has so many trees through out universe why He will finght for one particular tree. He should nourish all trees equally.
    The ‘2 edged’ question was to see if you knew.

    And if all trees were raised in pure soil then all could be sustained in nourishment. Since the soil is uneven then the tree of ‘knowledge’ must be able to nourish in all soils.

    He is of this ‘life’ as the species had not developed to know.

    So in the humility of the lowly surrounded by the old oak a sprout has emerged that will offer the pollen to nourish the whole population.

    And it will be made applicable in the physical sciences whereas all will apply and no single sprout will ever be without again.

    So if you are of pure heart then you know this is to occur but like of many the scope is just too large to acknowledge yet of this universe but a ripple.


    Krsna never said Last and First Avatar. Krsna only preached that if there is any problem about Dharma in any time, any where, to protect Dharma I will incarnate. How He will incarnate and when He will incarnate that is upto Krsna because Krsna told that.


    So there is no last and first Avatar as per Krsna is concerned. Krsna may incarnate even also not showing His face and may choose to remain unknown. That is Krsna's will. But surely He will work to establish Dharma and that is guaranteed through Bhagavat Gita.


    So there is nothing with us or without us. Everything belongs to Krsna even being with us or without being with us.


    As per last Avatar is concerned that is upto Lord Jaganntha. That's what Vishnu wrote in Bhagavatam and Krsna supported by revealing to Vishnu.


    Now a days there are so many Mayawadi Krsna. Krsna is not going to killing them but only revealed the truth. Dharma only matters for Krsna and in Mohabharatha Krsna only supported Dharma.


    The truth is the subject not so much the story. Does today have the final chapter to read? Can you describe life?


    Yet this knowledge must be from all the people not just singular in definition. There are other perspectives to acknowledge and although each sect may represent a diety within their own constraint, for example Jesus is a prophet to Islam yet God to a Christian likewise, Vishnu supreme and Krishna an avatar of another of Hinduism.


    As each has a representation; what have you learned from each to share as support to another?


    There is a question or does history and repeating words become the topic?


    These things of truth may not seem to be as you envisioned but did you know this day would occur? That's a 2 edged daggar.


    Krsna also taught this Srimanta,


    He says, "Abandon all other conceptions of duty and just surrender unto Me. Have no fear. I shall protect you and free you from all sinful reactions that might arise from neglecting your ordinary duties."

    Different material tendencies and mental impulses may attack us - even Indra himself, the king of heaven and the controller of all ordinary activities, may attack us - but if we are attentive towards our goal, if we are careful to read the order of Krishna, He will protect us in the shade of His lotus feet. He will give us shelter under the shade of Govarddhan Hill, where no Indra will be able to touch our heads. And with full faith that Krishna will give us protection, we should try to take shelter under Govarddhan Hill and pray: "O Krishna, give me protection from all the difficulties that may come to attack me because of my leaving behind my ordinary obligations."

    Although many anomalies may try to catch us, Krishna will protect us. And in His representation as Govarddhan Hill, that wonderful master of the cows will save us from all sorts of difficulties. How is this possible? God works wonders. His ways are unknown and inconceivable.


    Srila B.R.Sridhara Maharaj Exerpt from 'Loving Search for the Lost Servant'


    So although at first Krsna is giving Dharma, then in the essence of the Gita He is requesting for us to give it back up for Him, after all everything is His anyway, including and especially us, and his promise is that He will always protect us, this is a quantum leap of faith into the arms of God, and we are to trust he will catch us, and from there direct us to His higher ground, this is the foundation of surrender.

    What we give up is insignicant compared to what we stand to gain.


    Thank you! Absolutely wonderful. Yes no magic only knowledge. Only a framework of Understanding to combine both the worlds sects of society with the empirical data of the sciences.


    Basic common sense but left unrecognized. Why a boy came to these things now a man able to prove it; is what we are discussing.


    nice to see that the direct approach is seen. As the surrounding environment has both pros and cons; confidence is supported by the humility of a covenant. This will be done and not for me but for our future. To give the chance to our children versus trying to convert today.


    The sciences will confirm but the four corners to be represented must be given a voice. We are one, not I.


    So the question remains; what is the item to confirm?


    No credentials but commitment i give free.


    The main concern we should have right now is how Srila Prabhupada would react if he heard that people were hijacking his movement, saying he was no longer "living", posing themselves as initiating acaryas and stealing all his disciples? Anyone who really wants the mercy will help Srila Prabhupada to rectify this deviation in his movement.


    People who speak with no truth do not need to be heard. And his life is based on what he left for us to build from not to be retained as a law but as guidance. His survival is based on what comes from it, not because someone spoke with ill regard.


    No one single man has deciples as all are theirs and ours for them tomorrow. The longest to survive 'creates' the best foundations to build from even in using the bricks of the fathers.


    Ask this student as we can teach together the many sermons learned of each from the four corners.



    "Only one who can learn the process of nescience and that of transcendental knowledge side by side can transcend the influence of repeated birth and death and enjoy the full blessings of immortality." (Sri Isopanisad, Mantra 11)


    And we spent a life time doing it.



    "Our business is to point out who is not a saint." (Srila Prabhupada, Morning Walk, April 10th, 1974)



    Please... do this for me. Test me as I need to know!!!:pray:

  5. So to encourage a child is unintelligent? If all are born as babes would it not be of purpose to know and share?

    So to share with thoughtful wisdom must entangle the sky and the earth as each share with each other, giving the water of life, the dutiful cycle.

    Much wisdom can be found in the rock holding firm as with water; being a solid when required to be firm or liquid to fill the niche and even as vapor bringing the rain for each to continue.


    : An unintelligent person situated within the body created by his previous fruitive activities thinks, "I am the performer of action." Bewildered by false ego, such a foolish person is therefore bound up by fruitive activities, which are in fact carried out by the modes of nature.
    yet it is nature we adhere and of knowing we are able to extend among all within nature, so the ego shares selfishness rather then knowledge of complacency.


    : An enlightened person fixed in detachment engages his body in lying down, sitting, walking, bathing, seeing, touching, smelling, eating, hearing and so on, but is never entangled by such activities. Indeed, remaining as a witness to all bodily functions, he merely engages his bodily senses with their objects and does not become entangled like an unintelligent person.
    to know enlightenment shares that all is entangled, and even hence we smell the flower, we share of the total entangled forever within this beauty.

    Neither myself or I can leave least one never existed but combined we become of the other like of he and I forever a part to the total still sharing to be living forever.

    How do you suckle without guidance at first? Here we entangle to begin nourishment.


    : Sometimes for no apparent reason one's body is attacked by cruel people or violent animals. At other times and in other places, one will suddenly be offered great respect or worship. One who becomes neither angry when attacked nor satisfied when worshiped is actually intelligent.

    Perfection can be left of intent when the right is the goal, each is of the same source or how do you decipher either? So shall restraint be of compassion versus the self, then we can define tolerance as the virtue; but still of the same source.


    : A saintly sage sees with equal vision and therefore is not affected by that which is materially good or bad. Indeed, although he observes others performing good and bad work and speaking properly and improperly, the sage does not praise or criticize anyone.

    A parent or a saint: who that can harm, never? Can support create foundations or does the monk change without teaching; so do we find these extinct if the trail ends?


    : For the purpose of maintaining his body, a liberated sage should not act, speak or contemplate in terms of material good or bad. Rather, he should be detached in all material circumstances, and taking pleasure in self-realization, he should wander about engaged in this liberated life-style, appearing like a retarded person to outsiders.

    define retarded…. Please!

    Just imagine if an act was never of circumstances to be known; where is the pleasure of the self when the total is entangled?

    So say you as the time is nearing.

    You bet I am here and with force the walls will fall. When the promise of Understanding is ready, then our future generations will allow all to be entangled with the same.

    As the bee needs honey; society becomes One knowing how sweet entanglement is!

    I am a physics guy and entanglement is when a source is shared among the group causing like understanding.

    My story is that a promise was made to describe life, empirically, and to show how theology and the sciences are true within. The story is that one which will bring the total of man within the one true understanding. With this trouble may brew but it is our children whom I work so hard for. The arrogant side is to retain that hate for ignorance and selfish pursuits as we as the total are the life to protect.

    I was born in the West, unbridled and with only one commitment to this existence.

    Who are we as Kali is past?

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