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  1. Hello Anusha Ji, Please accept my regards. Although I am not able enough to comment, still I will like to express my opinion with a hope that I will be corrected and hence I will get something new to learn. In Rashi chart there are four planets in Virgo (2nd from UL which is also 3rd from AL) and Moon is with saturn although about 17 degrees apart and in own house which is also AL. In D9 Moon and Sun are with Rahu-Ketu axis ans Sun-Rahu are in 5H with venus in Lagna. Although UL and 7H both are reasonably strong in both houses. I also think that this person's married life will not be smooth and may be full of ups and downs. Also this persons seems to be having very unpredictable personality may this can also be the reason for possibility of rough married life. Although I was wondering that is this person really interested in Marriage. I think he may not really be interested in marriage. I hope you will correct me Further I am interested in Psychological setup of this person. I will be thankful if you can throw some light Kind Regards Atul
  2. Hello USR Ji, Nice to see you here. With you glare of this forum is back. I hope other stars of the forum will also come soon. and I hope students like me will get to learn more things from you Regards
  3. I think my posts are missing. This forum really working?
  4. Respected Audarya, It is really pleasing to see you working again. We all missed you all this long time. Seeing you working again seems like coming back to school again! Thanks
  5. Hello, Effect of venus and moon on UL, A7, 5H and 7H shows that a person most probably will have a love marriage. Effect Venus and moon on same except UL will show that a person will have a strong affair but it may not translate into a marriage Hope it helps Regards
  6. Well as Forum is going to be read only, and we are now allowed to exchange our email ids, then I will like to share my id with you you can contact me at astrologytree@gmail.com or at my blog. Astrology Tree Kind Regards Atul
  7. Revealing more information is not a good idea Although I will like to share My email id with you, but then I will be breaking the rules of the forum. And sincerely, I donot want to do this. Well if you want to contact me you can leave a comment on my blog please remember I do not charge any fee or any thing else similar to this. If you find that I am taking any undue advantage you can complain to the admin Kind Regards Atul
  8. Saturn is giving you mixed results. It posses malefic properties being lord of 6H and also ruling 7H it is supposed to be benefic as it is it's mooltrikon sign. As it is exalted in 3H so it will not harm 3H. But its' aspect on House of education, house of Luck and 12H can posses some malefic properties along with benefic properties. and your chart clearly indicates your profession as a doctor. And your chart shows that this will be the most profitable profession to you Best of luck
  9. Auspiciousness and strength are two different things. Mercury is too weak in shad bala. being vargottama and being included in parivartana It's auspiciousness is increased. But It still lacks the drigbal and sthanbal it need to exert it's effects. And for parivartan yoga, we usually think that it erases all afflictions, but this is not so. in ancient texts planets included in exchange should be considered as conjunction. In this case both planets share a free flow of energy between them. Hence their effect is combined resultant. Another fact is that, when a planet is carrying both malefic and benefic properties (Which most of the time every planet does) then it will exert both of it's properties and it does not get cancelled. So a person gets both malefic and benefic results from the planet period depending upon the what percent of it carries benefic and malefic properties respectively. hence in this chart, Budha has although become auspicious but being weak it is still unable to give full performance. Vargottama planet is supposed to give good results but it need enough energy to transmit those results. Being vargottma does not cancel it's badhak properties and also can not hide it's weakness. if you look at the palm of the native you will find that the mercury mount is also not that stron although the mercury line may be in good position. Dear friend, As I told I am just a learner of astrology, I will be thankful If you correct my mistakes Kind regards Atul
  10. I agree with Respected sasisekaran ji, for Gemini Jupiter is considered Badhakesh, and hence it adds one more negative point. Dispositor of gullika is also considered inauspicious. But gemini being dual sign, 7L is considered Badhakesh. Kind regards Atul
  11. Yes I live in Patiala Distt. My village is 25 Kms from patiala. I often visit Patiala. It will be nice to meet you. Wish you good luck
  12. amateur

    A humble doubt

    BTW, worst post I expected here was to ask "Does this forum need Blood test or saliva test done before registering?" ThankGod no one asked something like this (Although I tried to ask earlier but edited later on after I gained some conciousness )
  13. Respected friend, I am not a learned Guru But a learner of this subject. But I will like to put my view on the topic. I am sorry for interfereing in this thread. Jupiter in 9H clearly indicates that it's Kendradhipati dosha gets cancelled. and in fact it is considered a good Rajayoga. But there are few facts about Jupiter which should also be taken care of. 1) Jupiter is weak in Shadbala having 90% of minimum wanted 2) Jupiter is debilitated in D-9, further reducing Jupiter's strength 3) Jupiter is placed in Saturn's House which is enemy to jupiter 4) Jupiter is placed with Mercury, which is also enemy to jupiter making jupiter uncomfortable 5) Rahu is in 8H and 10 is getting Rahu's aspect. 6) Rahu is neutral to jupiter, which didnot helped Jupiter express whatever positive energy he had In strength calculation, Jupiter Kasht fala comes out be 48.75 as compared to 11.22 Isht fala. Also Lagna Lord is also much weak to help jupiter express it's result of Rajayoga and gajkesari yoga These factors were most probably the responsible for Jupiter not giving what expected Kind Regards Atul
  14. respected rrbtito Posting same question in too many threads only causes clutter to gather around. I think it is not a Good way to get attention. Forum manners must be followed and harmony must be maintained
  15. and Pratyantart dashas are not only affected by correct time but also by calculation of year, Sour pakshiya and drig pakshiya position of moon and ayanmasya. So It is usually not practical to match your events with vimshottari or any other nakshatra dasha from day to day. 3rd level onward nakshatra Periods are just for estimating and not for exact reference. even 20% of 2nd level periods are erroring. Kind Regards Atul
  16. and Pratyantart dashas are not only affected by correct time but also by calculation of year, Sour pakshiya and drig pakshiya position of moon and ayanmasya. So It is usually not practical to match your events with vimshottari or any other nakshatra dasha from day to day. 3rd level onward nakshatra Periods are just for estimating and not for exact reference. even 20% of 2nd level periods are erroring. Kind Regards Atul
  17. if you are not sure of your time then we can not be sure of your birth chart. Because your lagna is 4 degree 5 minutes of Virgo. This means 15 minutes of difference will change the lagna. and if we consider the difference between local time and IST that will further decrease the correctness. and error measuring time i.e related to watches further affect our chart. as important divisional charts such as D7, D9 and d10 are highly sensitive to time then we can't rely on them also. Period/dasha calculation comes second. So I advice you to rectify your time of birth before going ahead. If you want you can refer to "Kalyan varma's saravali" It has Five detailed chapters on Lost horoscopy which can help you ascertain your time of birth to much extent and also ascertain your D9 and rashi Lagna. Let me know if you need more help Take care Atul Hope it helps.
  18. Dear Friend, ketu in 12H in Pittaj/satvic sign and having 7/7 relation with Venus in 6H. Venus in Rajasic sign. Both planets are in houses of their friends. Making both planets comfortable. This combination is a typical and bookish example of a chart showing spiritual enlightment. Further strong sun an down house occupying moon strengthen Satvic element in your chart. Rajsic element is equally strong. tamsic part is much less. See friend Moksha, religiousness and spirituallity are three different things. Spirituallity may be a god gifted thing but moksha is a thing you have to achieve. You have to choose and find your path. You are given a chance, it is now upto you that whether you take benefit of this or not. btw you chart is good. Till now your education seems to be assocaited with medicine (Please tell me if I am wrong), and good job is worth mentioning. further if you do your own business that will be more beneficial for you. Business can be related to articles of saturn or related with medicine. Your saade sati will end in september this year. and rahu Sub dasha will also end by then. Next Guru Sub period is expected better and next saturn Sub period is expected best which will start from 2012. My dear friend, as any other amateur I am also prone to commit mistake. I will be highly thankful if you point out some. Kind regards Wish you good luck. Atul
  19. Dear friend, I will like to post your chart on my blog as an example chart. Your name, location and other sensitive information will not be published. Although your date of birth, time of birth and your place of birth (In longitude and latitude) will be published. If you allow I will like to discuss it with my blog readers. It will be better if you give me some important milestones of your life. take care, Atul
  20. Dear Friend, Currently your Ketu-Moon Period is running. Ketu is in 10H, Moon in 8H in moveable rashi. Additionally, rahu in 4H and and Lagna lord in moveable rashi are the planets which are most probably the reason, which stops you from settling at one place. Moon is lying alone in 8H with no planet in 7H and 9H. Although getting aspects from planets cancels kemadrum yoga but you are still a loner and feel lonely even when in crowd. saturn and Jupiter aspect is giving you high ambition and courage to achieve those ambitions and also make you impatient and restless when it comes to achievements and ambitions. anyway, Moon sub dasha may lead to change of job. This will continue till december this year. periods of mid september to mid october and last of december may cause delay in the change. I dont think you will need any remedy for this. . Just wait and watch. God have a plan for you. Just let him follow the same Although wearing "Pukhraj" and putting kesar tilak on forehead can be a good idea God Bless you Atul
  21. Respected friend, Frankly I was not able to find much indications in your chart for settling abroad. But few travel indications are there. I wonder you are already settled abroad but I wonder why you want to change your country? You life seems to be well and good except distance from children, you have a very good chart. 7 out of nine is a good score. You can achieve and most probably had achieved good success in your home country also. Please tell me if I am wrong Can you please tell me what profession you are related to and what is your educational background? and at around what time you moved to canada? As I am not an expert astrologer and prone to commit mistakes, I will be highly thankful if you point out my mistakes Kind Regards Atul
  22. Mars being 3L and 8L is aspecting 7H. It makes you manglik and is also malefic thus harming 7H. It's period started in Mid april upto mid june. Rahu period started in Mid june and will last upto mid november. After that Guru period will start when you can expect problems easing. Although Jupiter then will be transiting in 6H of your natal chart. and making 6/8 relation with your natal jupiter. What mistakes you find in my analysis?
  23. Oh yes, it was a typing error. It is venus merc rahu. Sorry for the mistake. May be it is because i was interpretin moon in my mind all the time, so wrote moon by mistake. As your moon is playing a very important role in your chart. Even i was not aware that i had written moon. Just noticed when you pointed out. Thanks for telling my mistake. And sorry for the error my friend. Also point out mistakes in my interpretation. God bless you
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