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  1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/11957723/Beautiful This link will be helpful to you Good luck
  2. Let us learn something from our pencil. Have a look at the file attached. If you do not have Winzip or Microsoft powerpoint installed, you can see the presentation directly in scribd by following this link http://www.scribd.com/doc/8439510/Pencil God Bless you Pencil.zip
  3. Thanks for the information. God Bless you
  4. Can you please give me the links to the site and reference to the book where this explanation is given. I will be happy if i can improve my mistakes. Thanks for the feedback kind regards
  5. Hello friend, i am really amazed at your analysis. It has come as a great surprise to me. i will like to brief a few things about me, which obviously stand correct as per your analysis. Basically i am a doctor running my own small hospital. My parents run their own bigger hospital few kms from here, although my parents wanted to join them but i wanted to make my own reputation first, so i decided to start on my own from scratch before i finally join them. I completed my degree soon after my rahu dasha started, before i started my own clinic i changed many jobs but every time change was for better. For my interest in different streams you are right even there. I am currently pursuing MBA and a PG Diploma in ultrasonography. I am a webdesigner and astrologer as a hobby. You are true about my previous family relation. And also about my mental restlessness. Please let me know if you want to ask any thing else about me. I will be happy to help you in learning. Also if you want to discuss some other charts i will be happy to get included in discussion as i will also get opportunity to learn. Take care atul
  6. respected kailash, Retrograde planets are tricky to interpret. I think I can better help yuou if you give me complete birth details Kind Regards Atul
  7. In regards to education (as per vedic astrology), 4H signifies our primary and school education, 5H signifies Our formal and college education. 9H signifies Phd and higher education. Another difference between us is that, As per birth details given by you, I am getting Scorpio Lagna and Sun, jupiter and Rahu are in 5H. Jupiter being lord of 2H (wealth) and 5H (education and knowledge) is combusted. I am relying more on D1, rather than D24 Sun being lord of profession is weak due to company of Rahu. This combination doesnot harm primay education and will hamper college education mainly. In fact you must have done good in your school education. Another thing is that all divisional chart are supposed to bound with D1, D1 is the main chart, rest divisional charts serve mostly to support the predictions of D1. I don't think it is appropriate to predict anything only based on a single divisional chart like D-24 I hope you will correct me wherever I am wrong Kind Regards Atul
  8. Respected qwased, I am just a student of astrology, and not an expert astrologer. So I will advice you to contac texpert astrologer for sorting out your problems. Although I will like to mention here few things that are indicated in your chart. Please let me know where I am wrong four out of 9 planets want you to becaome a doctor, but unfortunately your jupiter is combusted and further Sun is in close degree (<1 degree) to rahu, thus eclipsing Sun. Your problems started in 2004 can just be a start and can translate in lot of struggle for next coming years. Dear friend I do not want to scare you but I thought it is my duty to inform you. That you can perform approprite remedies. We may not completely negate the results of the planets but we can decrease them to significant extent. As I am not an expert, So I will advice you to contanct expert astrologer to suggest you remedies and interpret your chart in a better way Wish you good luck Take care Atul
  9. dear ravi, your view is highly invited and deeply appreciated Regards Atul
  10. Respected swapnil ji, As you know, Aspects of chhaya grah is controversial subject. So, If we consider that Rahu or Ketu has aspects, then do they make a ucch bhang yoga?
  11. Respected friends and gurus, In regards for the above horoscope, I think have found some reference which clarify the unfortunate death of the native. I thought I should share with you. The baby was born in chandra hora, moon is in quadrant (4H)and 10 H is occupied by 2L,7L,8L,12L (Lords of dusthana and marak houses) Mars and venus both are dispositor of start and end of gullika cusp respectively. Jupiter is in 4H retrograde and in house of bitter enemy, decreasing it's benefic effects to much extent. Mars is lord of 9H but it is lord of 2H also and is dispositor of gullika and hence decreased effects of Mars, also Mars is deblitated in D9. Sun is in 11H, just 2 degrees from Rahu. On the whole, all 7 planets are afflicted in one or other way Respected BV Raman states in his book the marak planets for Pisces lagna as Mercury, Saturn and Venus. These four planets present in 10H suffice the conditions for Primay, seconday and tertiary marak planets as per respected BV Raman. Interestingly, similar pattern is repeated by moon lagna. baby died soon after Saturn Sub dasha started under Guru Mahadasha. For more details, please refer to Brihat jatak chapter 5, and "How to judge horoscope Vol 1" by B V Raman chapter 3 http://www.scribd.com/doc/15116806/BVRaman-How-to-Judge-Horoscope-Vol1 I hope respected astrologers will throw some light on this matter and will give comments attached is the chart of the native Kind Regards Atul
  12. Respected Guruji, Does this yoga apply to Chhaya graha also? (Rahu and Ketu)
  13. Don't thank me, Thank Respected Sandhuji. This document is published there b him Good luck
  14. thnks Pooja ji, This is another example in relation to this matter. I hope respected Gurus will help us for sure Hope so
  15. Respected Nisha ji It is indeed an Interesting chart. Mercury is in house of enemy that too at the border of 11H. Jupiter weak, retrograde in 6H. Rahu in Gemini in Lagna helping for sure. I think Retrograde Saturn may have to do something with this, as Retrograde exalted planets behave in very different way. I hope Respected Gurus will throw some light on this matter. Thank you for the chart Kind Regards Atul
  16. http://www.scribd.com/doc/3923063/saraljyotish If you can read hindi, this can be of help to you. Let me know if you do not understand anything mentioned here. For understanding the calculation, try to make a 3D image in your mind, keeping a globe nearby while understanding can be of help Will be happy to help you in this project Good luck Otherwise information on discovery.com and NASA official website can be of help to you Good luck
  17. Respected Guruji, Does this yoga apply to Chhaya graha also? (Rahu and Ketu)
  18. Rahu is present in your 3rd house. rahu in 3H makes one person to leave home and suffer (Also 3H is 2nd from 2H and 12H from 4H) Other effect of Rahu, if not getting much benefic aspects, is that it makes person to live away from brothers. If the person will live with brothers, the person or brother may have to suffer losses. In your D1 Rahu is in 3H along with 3L and 12L Jupiter. 12L in 3H again carries the same effect. In D3 (Denoting siblings) again Rahu is in 3H, along with 8H Sun. 8L in 3H signifies the living away from brothers. again in D3 it is being aspected by 12L. again repeating the same thing. Respected friend, as you know I am just a student of astrology, I will advice you to contact respected astrologers in tihs forum for the exact interpretation. Also please let me know after their answer where I am wrong Kind Regards Atul
  19. I think you have a very good chart. For your career do whatever you think is best. Your stars will help you for sure. your 10H is strong and Venus is also strong. Your 11L is exalted and vargottama both. But it is combusted. I think giving water to sun can reduce the combustion effect on Moon and the positive results of moon can be experienced in better way. yogas usually fructify in the Dasha-antardasha periods of the planets involved. Take care
  20. Hello bharat, I am just a novice and not an expert in astrology. I will advice you to consult expert astrologer to sort out your problems. Although I will like to pointout few things from your chart. 1) Financial problems are indicated for you for another few years. Although Remedies suggested by Respected webyogijis will help you in facing and coming out of the problem more gracefully. 2) Regarding your Manglik status, your MArs is in 7th house, but in own sign, so it decrease the ill effects of Manglik dosha to great extent. I hope you will match your cahrt and your astrologer has taken care of this while matching. 3) I will advice you to handle current problem not from an astrolgy point of view. It seems that you want to delay your marriage for at leat 3 years from now but your parent want this to happen till end of this year or start of next yer. I think you should talk to your parents in tis regard in detail in a soft tone (Dont get irritated by their arguments, as you may be doing) and explain your very situation. Next talk the girl and explain your condition in simple language along with your aims, and considerations. also your limitations and attitude. I hope if she will be a intelligent and able girl then she wil understand you for sure. And if she still agree to marry you in this time of crisis, this indicates that she is very understanding girl, then you should go for marriage and don't loose her. Also this conversation will make your image of an honest person in her mind and also she will be ready for the efforts she may have to put in your happy married life. God Bless you Kind Regards Atul
  21. Respected Manish, I am sorry for the delay in answering your post. This was only due to my ignorance, no excuse I will put forward. Please pardon me and give me some time, I will be back with the analysis. Kind REgards Atul
  22. Dear, For your education, problesm are indicated till Feb 2010. Although these can be reduced to significant extent with the help of remedies. Along with giving water to sun, you should do some remedies. As I am not expert in remedies I will advice you to contact expert astrologers in this forum to help you. For your foreign residence it is indicated as you told. also settling abroad is not advisable to you. Again I will advise you to contaact expert astrologers about that also. Let me know if you have any other question Kind Regards Atul
  23. Respected asani, Thanks for your comliments. Although I am still in primary class of astrology. Your chart is different from common charts in many ways. Let us do not consider Yogas for now. More important is placement of planets in the chart. If we consider possible losses, job may be more secure for you. I think that Both teaching and Reserach will be equally good for you. Financially you will be an above average person, although you know how to spend your money wisely. Mercury denotes skills and venus denotes Apara vidya. Both these in 10H indicates that you will be benefitted as long as you will be connected to Education, either via research or by teaching. Rahu is a natural enemy to moon but a friend in your chart. So Rahu-moon dahsa is supposed to give mixed results.Next Rahu-Mars dasha is supposed to follow the same. About your other question, which I decided to not to touch in last post, that was about your spiritual enlightment. In the 9H Sun is present as a strong planet making you urge for spirituality but it's combination with Mars is making you logical about this and aspect of jupiter gave you a sacred view on this. Sun is a Satvic planet and denotes light/energy. 9H is a satvic house and denotes religion and luck, 1H is also a satvic house and denotes personality. Jupiter is a satvic planet and denotes religious activities. Although taurus and Virgo not satvic signs so Sun, jupiter and not able to express their satvic properties at their best. So you may have to add extra efforts from your side to get attached to the ultimate supreme. Meditation, following ashtang yoga and reading religious texts may help you in this regards Let me know where I am wrong. I will be highly thankful for your feedback Kind Regards Atul
  24. Respected asani, I am just a student of astrology and not an expert astrologer. I will advice you to consult expert astrologer for sortig out your problems. Although I will like to pointout somethings in your chart, your 11H is occupied by Rahu and 11L is in 9H combusted. Sun is 12L, dispositor of gullika, and combusting moon. I think Administrative service may not be that good for you. You are a good speaker and have the ability to express yourself, Teaching may be good for you also your cahrt shows that you are keen in research. I think your own busness may also be good, although I will advice you to stay away from partnerships and invest your money with caution. Will advice you to stay in your home country. You may be tempted to go abroad sometimes. Can you tell me what is your educational background and your profession history till now. I think that way We will be able to help you better and also help me in learning Kind Regards Atul
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