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  1. Respected Miss M, I am not an expert and just a student of astrology. I hope expert astrologers in this forum will help you with their worthy advice. Although I will like to indicate few things in your chart. Mars, venus and Sun are debilitated in 2H, 4H and 5H respectively and rule 6H-11H; 12H-5H; 3H respectively. Although Mars getting considerable Neechbhanga, But Sun and Venus are not getting considerable neechbhanga effect. Jupiter and venus also debilitated in D9. 7L is retrograde in Lagna in enemy's house.4H is occupied by Gullika. Jupiter is Badhakesh and Functional malefic in Lagna. also it qualify for maraka grah for your chart. 2) You are currently running Dasha of Budh-Moon-Budh. Your moon is strong and vargottma and a friend of Mercury hence increasing good energy of self and mercury both. Time for profession is good for atleast 2013 start. You will be confident, more creative and valuable for your company for this time. Also if things goes well you may see a promotion or a raise in job. Your chart shows that you are most probably related with computer engineering and your efficiency has increased in recent months. But I see more opportunities for you away from your homecountry than in your homecountry. 3) fOr your progeny, problems are indicated as Venus lord of 5H is also debilitated and not getting much benefic aspects besides position of sun in 5H. But I think if remedies performed sincerely we can expect better in this relation and hope for better. Another thing is that progeny is related to both husband and wife, so husband's placement of planets can also help us. 1) Problems in marriage is indicated but I was not able to interpret that whether a lovemarriage is sure or not. Iam getting mxed combinations. Retro planets are hard to predict expecially which are contradictory in their natural and functional nature. I hope opinion of senior astrologers can help you better and I suggest to follow remedies as suggested by senior astrologers. Please tell me if there are any mistake committed by me. Your feedback will be highly appreciated Kind Regards Atul
  2. Another book taken from scribd.com and published by Respected Sandhuji there describes the simple use of D9 in horary astrology Regards Atul 13794312-The-Use-of-Navamsa-in-Horary-Astrology.pdf
  3. This document describes basic and simple remedies for different malefic planets. This document is taken from Scribd.com and was published there by respected Sandhuji. For original copy of the document search the title in Scribd.com Kind Regards Atul 3848227-Mantras-and-remedies-for-the-nine-planets.pdf
  4. Respected Jagdeep, As you are related with Luxury product, and due to this recession all luxury product market have a hit. But for you products associated with luxury seems to be good. Moving abroad may not be a good idea although multiple foreign trips are indicated, or your business may require you to travel a lot. Saturn, mars, Ketu, venus and Merc and moon leaving an impact on your profession and profits. Seems luxury products associated with technology good for you. Other business if you want to switch that may be good for you are garments, utensils like things. Don't do work related to leather. Your next year also seems to be a difficult time with respect to finances although health and mental well being may see improvement. 1L and 10L in tajaka is in 8H and 11L and 12L Sat in 6H. 2L,9L Mars in 3H and aspecting 6Hand 10H. Rahu in 11H good but Ketu in 5H noot good. I will be highly thankful if you point out my mistakes Kind Regards Atul
  5. And for your health, As told by respected USR ji, these "Unexplained physical symptoms" will wean off slowly after september 2009 as Saturn moves to next house. Kind regards Atul
  6. Respected vKomal, Thanks for your feed back. Coming some time may transate into struggle for you. Although selling your business may not be good idea. atleast for now. If you can send details about your business then we can have look that what can be done of that, also date and time when you started your business kind regards Atul
  7. Respected USR Ji, Thanks for your answer. I also mainly rely on Parashari. I am not well versed to KP and also novice in Gemini and Tajaka. Currently I am at experimental stage with GEmini and Tajaka. we all experience that The patterns repeating in Gemini and parashari have much influence on native's life. With respect to Tajaka and parashai, both are different methods and cover different aspect of astrology. I usually see that prediction in realtion to a time line are different from both tajaka and parashari system And a person gets results of both the system equally as per the strengths of various factors affecting. As we can see in this case, some problems can be easily identified in birth chart and transit of saturn in 8H from Moon and other factors. And some problems can be easily defined in tajaka chart of last year. But person is getting result of both the charts according to strengths of planets. (This is my opinion only, based on my own observation only, and not taken from any book so this can be wrong and a false opinion and no one is advised to use this as a principle in astrology. I just wanted to share my observation with you so that we can learn few new things.) I beg your opinion on this matter about your experience and vast knowledge, so that I can improve my mistakes. Kind Regards Atul
  8. Respected rama krishna, In your previous threads, birthdate you mentioned is different. Can you please write which one is correct. Also tell if not sure
  9. Respectes USR ji and suvarchas ji, I will like to add a thing using my small brain. This is just a humble opinion. Pardon if I sound rude. I think we should also have a look at last year's tajak chart. Saturn 3L is in 9H with Mars (bitter enemy and 12L). Rahu in 2H and Ketu in 8H. 11L in 8H 11H aspected by saturn. 6H aspected by Rahu and saturn. If we can get the exact details of the problems you suffered then we can be able to locate the reason more effectively. Tajaka chart shows health problems related to urinary system and to some extent to digestive system. Losses may be due to unexplained and unavoidable expenditure and bad debts. If problems became prominent in last half of the year and losses were due to mainly wrong decisions taken and and taking part in risky investments. Although profits may have been maintained. health problems may have been due to injury/and also psychological unrest and mental stress and unexplained physical symptoms sometimes. Then the problems may have been due to Natal chart and transits. I hope I will be forgiven for committing mistakes here Kind Regards Atul
  10. Increased honesty in seekers and astrologers, both learned and learning, will help to improve the forum. btw, Audarya is the most active and most quickly responding forum on the net with collection of most experienced and expert astrologers available on net. Proud to be a part of it
  11. This is really great initiative classic ji. Thanks for the necessary guidelines. This must be made sticky if possible
  12. It's human tendency to "explore new things", but since last decade this tendency has developed in to "test every thing". people test their barber, their cloth merchant, their doctor, their lawyer, their leader, their parents, their kids, their teachers, their servant. they are simply loosing faith in everything, even, they no longer believe themselves. There is a simple rule, If you don't believe any thing, you will not be benefitted by that thing. So if you do not have faith, stay away. This will save time of both parties.
  13. No thanks manju, it is our pleasure. Whenever you need help we all are here for any kind of help take care
  14. Hi pradeep, i am highly thankful for your wishes you sent. My exams are yet to start in last week of july. Was missing the forum and all of you. So just popped up to say hello thanks again regards
  15. Hello Madan ji, I am just a student of astrology and not an expert. I advice you to consult expert astrologer to sort out your problems. Although I will like to mention few indications in your chart. Your lagna lord and 10L mercury is strong and is sitting in 2nd house in friend's rashi. Is vargottma and is placed very well. But it is sitting with enemy mars and in nakshatra of mars making it a bit uncomfortable. Your Luck lord and wealth lord is in 11th, a good indication for a prosperous future. Rahu is also in 11H, it's placement is also not bad. 3L and 8L malefic mars is in 2nd house with enemy mercury, lord of education and 6H is in lagna, combusted by the 12 L sun. 10 H is aspected by saturn. 7H is aspected by jup, sat, sun from lagna. Sun being placed with 2L and 7L may be considered marak planet, and Jupiter in your chart is badhak planet. Your chart shows that you were average in studies and may have faced some health problems from 1996 to 2002. current dasha of moon is running. moon is lord of profit sitting in 8H which leads to drainiage of your profits from time to time. moon dasha is till 2012. march 2010 onwards you may see your problems easing. own business related with readymade garments, utensils, shoes can be of help. Hotel/eating joint also can be of help as you are already well versed in this line. Although I advice you to invest with extreme caution during next 8 to nine years and manage your money wisely, (you are already well versed in managing money). Start with a small budget and grow aas you find comfortable. avoid taking fast decisions and learn about the business properly before starting a new business. I advice you to not to indulge in partnerships, you may land in losses. Can you tell me the date on which you had to close your hotel. also send the birth details of your siblings who may or may not be included in hotel business. As I am not an expert, I will advice you to contact expert astrologers for remedies Kind regards Atul
  16. On 30th june a plane crashed in Indian ocean. A 14 year old girl survived the accident by clinging to a piece of plane for 13 hours. Not because she was physically very strong. She did because she didn't gave up. She decided to fight, fight till end. We may not win every war we fight, but we will not win any war we do not fight. Be brave and fight, this is the time which differentiate between the winner and the looser. Only that living being has a right to climb the next step of ladder of evolution who had the ability to survive on the previous step. This is the time to show your abilities. More you will be heated more you will shine at the end. Our wishes are always with you
  17. Planets obviously do have a role, planets are related to our previous life karma. We are born in a specific planetary position depending upon our previous life karma. Besides this our present life karma and as well as our close relatives/enemies' luck and karma effect us to much extent besides our previous lives karma. On the whole the fruit we are getting is resultant of all these three factors. and also, Every degree of location and every minute of time makes difference. I will like to mention here example of two children born in same hospital with a difference of few minutes. While one is enjoying a good health and normal progression in physical milestones but not so good in mental developmental milestones and have a weak constitution, while other has met seriuos infections thrice in last six months and having little delayed physical developmental milestones but progressing three weeks advanced in mental developmental milestones, she has good constitution although and a fair color. Here are the charts, anyone can guess the differences between these two charts: 1st child: 26 dec 2008 time 6:34 am place patiala 2nd child: DOB 26 dec 2008 Time 6:43 am Place Patiala God do this because we are His children. He is our father (or mother depends on you how you want him) and it is his duty to show us the right path and punish us when we adopt a wrong path. What your father would have done if you have beaten your sister OR have abused your mother? God is not only a father, But before that he is our teacher
  18. amateur

    A humble doubt

    So what is the result of the test?
  19. Respected Kailasha ji, Meri galti batane ke liye shukriya. Maafi chahata hun. Rahu aur guru aapke chart mein atishatru ki tarah hain. Guru aur rahu dono ekdusre ko puri tarah aspect kar rahe hain. Rahu aapke 5H ko nuksak pahunchane ki mansha rakhta hai, par strong Guru ki drishti uske dush prabhav ko kam karegi. Guru 5H ka bhi Karak grah hai. Isi tarah Rahu Guru ke achhe prabhav ko kam karegi. Matlab jab do planets ek dusre ko puri tarah aspect karte hain to woh kaafi had tak conjunction ki tarah kaam karte hain. Haalanki dono atishatru hain to dono ke hi prabhavon mein kami aayegi aur bure prabhavon ke thodi badotri ho sakti hai. Jaisa ki aap jante hi hoge ki is tarah se achhe prabhav aur bure prabhav ek dusre ko cancel nahi karte balki hamein dono hi prabhav dekhne padte hain. Isliye Transits aur dasha ke hisab se dono hi tarah ke prabhav aapko samay samay par dekhne ko mil sakte hain. Retrograde planets ke aspect ke baare mein bhi do mat hain, par practically aage se gino ya peechae se gino aspected house to wohi rahenge. Yeh Lagna (aur lagnasth Saturn), 3H (with Budh), 5H (Rahu) ko aspect kar raha hai. Agar detail mein jaao to aap 3/4 aspect ke hisab se 11H aur 6H ko aspect kar raha hai. Kisi bhi house ki shuruaati aur aakhiri degrees mein planet kaafi weak ho jaata hai aur achhi tarah se apne result nahi de paata. Aur kisi house se bahar niklne ke wakt planet jyada kamjor hota hai, aur house mein enter karte hue planet comparatively thodi si better position mein hota hai (Dono hi positions planet ko weak karti hain aur uske effect ko bahot kam kar deti hai, yahan par relativity ke view se baat ki jaa rahi hai) aur yahan par jupiter retrograde hone ki wajah se dobara 9H mein enter kar raha hai. To mere khayal se hamein isse achhi umeed (Notice relatively, as compared to if it would not have been retrograde and in normal motion) kar sakte hain. Par agar yeh dekhen ki yeh 8H ki taraf bad raha hai aur dobara se apne debilitation point ki taraf jaa raha hai yaani ki thodi der ke liye neechabhilashi ho gaya hai to yeh bhi iske achhe prabhawon ko thoda kam karta hai. Yeh baat hum rashi cahrt ke hisab se kar rahe hain. Bhav chalit chart ke hisab se Guru 10H mein hai aur dobara 9H mein pravesh kar raha hai. Sun ki position wealth ke poinof view se to achhi hi maani jaayegi. haalanki yeh yahan par 28 degrees se jyada par hai to aur bhav chalit chart mein 3H hai. to iske 2H se related prabhv kam ho jaate hain. Mars aur Sun aapke chart mein atimitra ki position mein hain, Mars bhi aapke liye benefic hai, to yeh nishchit hi achhe result dene ki mansha rakhta hai. haalanki ho sakta hai ki sun bhavsandhi mein hone ke kaaran utne jyada effect nahi de paayega. Sun aur Mars dono apne hi nakshatra mein hain, yeh bhi hamare liye achha mana jayega. 7H ka swami Saturn hi hai, to nishchit taur par woh apne hi house ko nuksaan pahunchane ki koshis nahi karega. Moon aur saturn ek dusre ko aspect kar rahe hain aur inhone apne house bhi exchange kiye hue hain. saturn 8H ka bhi swami hai, to isliye yeh apne sath bure prabhav bhi rakhta hai. Yeh yoga aapko mental restlessness (ashanti), decesion lene ki kshamta mein kami, aapko milne wale sukhon aur falon mein delay aur rukawtaein paida kar sakta hain. Haalanki iska bura prabhav 7H par jyada hone ki umeed kam hai. Guru mahadasha shuru hone ke baad appko nishchit taur par achhe result milne chahiyein. Haalanki Guru sub dasha ke baab saturn subdasha kuchh delay laa sakti hai. Kyonki aapke chart mein Guru aur rahu shatru ki position mein hain. isi tarah different subdashas mein aap ko different fal milte rahenge. Overall Gurudasha se aap benefic effects ki umeed jyada rakh sakte hain. Appropritae remedies aur prayers iske acche prabhav ko badasakti hain aur bure prabhav ko kam karsakti hain. Gurudasha mein aa aapne aap ko jyada balanced mind ke saath payenge. Bhav chrt mein Guru 10 H mein hai. To profession mein improvement ki aap umeed kar sakte hain. Haalanki Gullika aapke 10H mein aure yamaghantaka aapke 2H mein hai to iska prabhav bhi samay samay par aapko dekhne ko milta rahe ga Maine apne seemit gyan ke hisab se aapke sawalon ka uttar dene ki koshish ki hai. Mumkin hai ki is mein bahot saari galtiyan maine ki hongi. Agar aap meri galtiyon ko ujagar karenge to main apne aap ko sahi kar paunga. Is ke liye main aapka abhari rahunga. God Bless you Take care Atul
  20. About Five centuries back Nostradamus made a similar prediction. Nostradamus was a great astrologer, His most of predictions have come true. Rest which hadn't came true yet are either to happen or followers were not able to interpret it successfully. visit www.nostradamus.org
  21. Respected Pooja ji, For her place of education and settling abroad, I think she will most probably work, study and live in her home country but away from home and her home town. I can not see much strong yogas for settling abraod. ALthough foreign travells are indicated multiple times. These amy be related to education or work or anything else. This is all I am getting. May be I am missing something. Where is she studying now? in home town or anyother place? and she is supposed to be above average financially, although she may have to spend money forcibly from time to time, like for health, or due to fine imposed by authorities or government etc or any other reason. May be she was imposed fines in school also, hahaha. She will be good in job but doing own business may not be that good for her. Regarding marraige, delay and problems are indicated (we discussed this in previous post also) But they can be prevented to much extent by remedies and matching charts carefully. For husband of her choice, There are indication that she may have an affair or strong attraction most probably intercast (Although This thing happen to everyone whetehr having indication or not hahaha) But I don't think that it will tranlated into lovemarriage. What about her health? Kind Regards Atul
  22. Respected Kailash, Sorry for delay in answering your query. Pardon me for the inconvenience. This was purely because of not getting enough time. I am just a student of astrology and not an expert so I advice you to consult and expert astrologer for sorting out your problem. Although I will like to mention few things indicated in your chart. As you already know that your Jupiter Mahadasha is going to start from 2011. Most probably it is the reason you seem to give such stress toward Retrogression of jupiter. So I will advice you to stop fearing from Jupiter. Overall it is supposed to give you good results. Retrogression is a phenomenon in which planet seems to move backward for some time. I appears so because in astrology we take position of planets assuming Earth in center. So a planet is retrograde when in 6, 7 or 8 houses from Sun. (THis rule do not apply to mercury and venus as they are closer to sun. We are talking here about jupiter). In layman's language, A retrograde planet act differently than it is supposed to so. So there are many beliefs and theories about behaviour of Retrograde planets which are usually contradictory to each other. In general language we can say that a retrograde planet acts like he is saying "Hey notice me! I am here" So he tend to act differently than routine. There are many theories but we will take the relevant points from different theories about retrograde behaviour of Jupiter in your chart. 1) Retrograde planets are supposed to act also from preceeding house in which they are present. Jupiter is in 9H, but it is in his own house, another thing is that it is at the end of pisces. more than 29 degree in pisces. But again, since it retrograde and is moving backward, so at that time it is basically entering the pisces again and is supposed to exert more effects from pisces that is own house. 2) In retrogression, Benefic planets become more benefic and malefic become more malefic. In your chart Jupiter rules 6H and 9H. So it is supposed to be neutral but it is more on the benefic side, and since it is natural benefic it si supposed to exert more benefic effect than expected. 3)Jupiter Becomes strong when retrograde. Should give beneficial result as per the guidelines given by Saravali and Dasadhyayi. 4) When Jupiter is retrograde in 9H, a person has dobts that what he deserves and what not. He has a feeling of wisdom and superiority inside. He thinks differently from other and knows that he is different and this difference is not acecepted by others. Person have rich internal life but is reluctant to interfere in other people's affairs. Such people have a tendency to lookinwards for seeking meaning for different things religion and spirituality being the main. Such people get success when other people fail. They are lucky when other get unlucky. These are general principles which apply to retrograde planets. Besides this Planet gives the result which it is supposed to do based on it's house, rashi, position aspects atc. In your cahrt Jupiter is in own house 9H, aspecting Lagna, 3H and 6H (Own house). So jupiter will give you wisdom, improve you spiritually, improves relation with siblings and give good health. It will be helpful in profession giving you wisdom. Although being lord of 6H it also carries some ill effects with him. So both the ill effects and benefic effects will be experienced in Guru Dasha one by one (depending on the sub dasha, like in the subdasha of a friend it will give good effects and during subdasha of enemy it will give bad effects) In your chart Jupiter is great friend of Moon, MArs. friend of Ketu. Neutral with Sun. Enemy with rahu, bitter enemy with mercury and venus. So overall jupiter is supposed to give good results. So I think you need not to worry about this. Onehting I forgot to mention is that Jupiter is holding own rashi in D7, D9, D 16, D20, D17. This is just a overall and general view regarding position of Jupiter in your chart. If you want to ask anything specific with regard to jupiter that is regarding to any specific aspect of life, then we can discuss about that also. Please let me know where I am wrong. Take care Kind REgards Atul
  23. Webyogi ji must be busy somewhere. He came here about 4 days back and answered many queries. He realises his responsibility and need here.
  24. Respected Pooja, I am thankful to you. I am just a student of astrology and not an expert. I advice you to contact expert astrologer for sorting out your problem. Although I will like to mention some indications from her chart. For her education, she can go for MBA, But she may need to put some extra efforts. Also she may not get the institute of her own choice. For place of education I think most probably it will be in home country, although she may have to live away from home and other siblings, if any. Practicing meditation and exercises that increase concentration can be helpful to her. Overall, a little more hardwork needed, and she can do more. By the way, wasn't she interested in medical? (Just for my own learning sake) For her marriage, delay is expected, Also she may have to see some difficuties after marriage. For these I advice you to match charts carefully before marriage also you may have to do some remedies when the time comes. give my best wishes to her. And please let me know my mistakes, that way I will be able to learn. Kind Regards Atul
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