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  1. Hello doctor, First of all I will like to congrats for the wonderful match . Your wife's profession also seems related from medical line But education seems not to be related with Medical line Although she really seem to do well in education, Although sun seems combusting 5L but Su nis considerable weak and both are in different constellation, so not much bad effects I expect . (As you know I am just a student of astrology, I will expect you to Please correct me if I am wrong, It will help me learn) Her lord of profession is exalted in D9, although 10H is occupied by gullika. 2L is vargottama She will do farely well in he r profession, although she may not be able to accumulate too much of wealth. But she will not feel any big financial crunch. Current Saturn Mahadasha is also supporting her ambitions and her hardwork. Good chart overall. I wonder if you want to ask anything special? Although I will advice you to handle your relation with each with extra care Again, I am a novice in astrology, I will be thankful if you pointout my mistakes Kind regards Atul
  2. Hello, thanks for your answer. For your education, it seems that you were good in your school, but in college you seem to face some difficulties. your house of education is placed in 12H and 6L and 8L is aspecting directly your 5H. also 5L is placed with Gullika. On the better side your 1L is aspecting your 5H fully. On the whole you may have to face trouble in PG, but it doesn't mea that you can not do this, you will have to put some extra efforts to get through it. And if you once clear the Pg you can also go for the Phd level. planets will favour you for this. Can you please tell me which subject/stream you are related to. I was not able to ascertain an exact one. I will be thankful for your feedback. It will help me learn. For your career, You will have a good career also you will have sound financial condition. Although you will have a tendency to shift your careers, like from one to another, This tendency may land you in losses. So I will advice you to choose your career path with caution and stick to it. Remember Grass is always greener at other side. Giving water to sun may be helpful. take care Atul
  3. When you put a piece of glass in a bowl full of gems, you will find it difficult to differentiate the glass from gems. Because glass takes the properties of it's surrounding things. But in reality that piece of glass is not worth more than dirt. Similarly, I am just a worthless pece of glass, although you may mistake me as a gem because I am placed in bowl of gems. Although I am highly thankful for your words Kind Regards Atul
  4. Generally, If one person have 3-4 well placed planets in chart, chart is considered average. This is a general overview. Such persons are given average resources by God in their life. But such persons can augment the results with their hardwork and will. Same is the case with you. You will have a good family life also financially there are average indications. I think you should concentrate on your Karma. However if you want to discuss in detail about your chart we can go step by step. This will also help me in learning Kind Regards Atul
  5. Respected Sandhuji, Thanks for this invaluable information. I just rearranged the information for those who find it confusing. Nothing new added The following table shows the houses and planets that control different aspects of life. Number Characteristic Natal Chart Houses Planets 1 Assets 4th, 2nd Mars, Venus 2 Comforts 12th, 4th, 7th Sun, Venus, Moon 3 Courage 3rd Sun, Mars 4 Creative Intelligence 5th, 2nd Jupiter, Sun 5 Basic Education 4th Moon, Mercury 6 Higher Education involving Intelligence and Analytical Skills 5th, 2nd, 9th Mercury, Jupiter, and Sun 7 Spiritual Education 9th The strength of the Sun and Jupiter 8 Family 2nd, 7th, 4th Venus, Moon 9 Father 9th, 4th Sun, Jupiter 10 Financial Solvency 6th, 2nd Moon, Venus 11 Foreign Residence 12th, 7th influence on 4th 12 Foreign Visits 7th, 12th 13 General Fortune 9th, 4th Sun, Jupiter 14 General Health (also 5th for emotional health) 1st, 6th, 1st Sun, Mars, Moon, Mercury 15 Husband 7th, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 12th Jupiter 16 Inclinations 5th, 2nd Jupiter, Sun 17 Income 11th, 2nd, 10th Jupiter, Venus, Moon 18 Inheritance 8th, 9th, 4th Sun, Moon 19 Initiative 3rd Mars 20 Litigation 6th Planets in the 6th house 21 Longevity 1st, 8th, 12th Saturn 22 Luxuries 4th, 12th, 7th Venus 23 Marital Tie 8th, 2nd, 4th, 12th Venus 24 Married Life 7th, 4th, 2nd, 8th, 12th Moon and Venus 25 Mother 4th, 9th Moon 26 Nervous Control 6th Mercury 27 Professional Position 10th, 2nd, 5th, 3rd Mercury, Venus, Jupiter 28 Progeny 5th, 2nd Jupiter, Sun 29 Prosperity 11th, 2nd, 10th, 3rd Jupiter, Venus, Moon 30 Short Trips 7th, 9th 31 Spiritual Life 9th, 4th Sun, Jupiter 32 Status 2nd, 5th, 10th Sun, Jupiter 33 Success 3rd Jupiter 34 Vehicles 4th Venus, Mars 35 Wealth 2nd, 11th, 5th Moon, Jupiter 36 Wife 7th, 2nd, 4th, 8th, 12th Venus, Moon 37 Younger Brothers 3rd Mars
  6. Respected kshama, thanks for your efforts and help. I think we can proceed if Karishma confirms you Kind Regards Atul
  7. Hello Your house of progeny is occupied by Mercury (having kendradhipati dosha cancelled - good) and Sun (lord of luck nad exalted - good). But your house of progeny is aspected by nodes (Bad) Lord of Progeny is placed in 11th from own house (good - in friend's house and strong) but is aspected by Saturn (bad). Also Mars is exalted in D9 chart (good) in D7 chart, Sun is debilitated in 5H, and is being aspected by 6L and dispositor of gullika Mars (functional malefic as 6L and 11L) (Bad). These combination shows mixed outcomes. When you conceived, Your Jupiter-Sun-saturn period was running (360days / dasha year calculations) and Jupiter -venus-Ketu period (365 days / dasha period). Since Sun and Saturn are neutral in your chart. Frankly, I was not able to certain the outcome as mixed indications are there. I am a novice and a student of astrology, and not an expert, I think learned members of this forum can throw more light in this regard Also I will be thankful and appreciate your feedback as soon as you get to know the health status of your child Kind Regards Atul
  8. Your Lord of romance is strong and well placed although your moon lie lonely in your chart. You always have a tendency to feel lonely even when in crowd. Your current period is of Venus, I will like to advice you to not to sit idle but take maximum benefit of this time. You should work hard. You may get results with delay but you will get for sure. You may feel low at confidence and energy and health for now. But Selfmotivation is the key for you. Your chart have something which most of the charts do not have. Aug 2011 onwards you can see considerable improvements in your career, personality and psychological development. Designing is good for you. It may be interior designing or fashion designing or any other profession where you are related with arts. You can be a good painter too. Practice meditation, it will help you Kind Regards Atul
  9. Respected Maria, Currently your nodal period is running. Since 1998 and will last till End 2015. After that Jupiter period will start which will be benefic for you. Before Rahu (Node), your Mars period ran which gave lot of troubles in profession. From 1955 to 75 your Venus period ran which which was very good for you. After that Sun period gave mixed results but gave problems in profession also took you away from home. From 2016 onwards you can expect considerable changes in your life. Also the stress related to offspriongs will be relieved to much extent. Love and marraige may not be possible before that. can you please tell which profession you are related to and your current location. (This is for my own learning purpose only) Kind Regards May God be with you Atul
  10. You can find exact long and lat on google maps. Otherwise please provide your State, District (along with distance from district) nearest city. This is important to draw a chart. Kind Regards
  11. Please reconfirm your time of birth. Difference of 3 minutes and few seconds is making the difference. See you
  12. Respected Anurag, I am not expert in remedies. I think you should consult expert astrologers for the help and I hope expert astrologers from the forum will help you for sure. Did you started remedies suggested by respected mylilangelji in this thread? I want to say that never underestimate the power of prayers and dnonations. They may be slow in giving results but their effect is more prominent and long lasting. a good time waits for you. Keep your mind open, let positive energy flow through you. astrology is Just a guide, there are two more powers stronger than these remedies, First is God and second is you and your hardwork. Don't wait for the miracle to happen, just become a miracle yourself. No night lasts forever good luck
  13. Many earthquackes occur daily, out of them 10-12 are significant per day. But most of them either occur far in the sea or they are too weak to cause any damage on Land and most of time we don't even notice them. Only selected few are able to catch our attention or cause considerable damage. Astrologically, earth quackes are closely coorelated with eclipses. Airy and earthy dominance in Charts, Involvement of nodes, especially ketu and affliction of Jupiter Sun and Mars. Please find the file attached with this post. it explains many questions associated with the topic. 8682279-Can-Astrology-Predict-Earthquakes.pdf
  14. Respected USR ji, Planets guide us, plants, animals and everything on this earth. If Moon can bring tides to big Seas then what can planets do to living creatures. this is what I am trying to figure out that can death chart indicate which the next incarnation of the person will be, and whether will the soul take another birth or will simply attain the moksha? While I was looking around, I got some material regarding this. Although i lost that reference with my old laptop. It was with reference to Veda. In some commentary on Veda (I think yajurveda) some specific nakshatra and Lagna were defined as auspicious and similarly some were inauspicious. Unfortunately I lost all the information, but I remember that the person who dies in Punarvasu nakshatra and with specific lagna will take birth in home of a Brahaman. Although that information consisted of few lines only, but they show us the way we should think in this regard I am trying to relocate the information again and hope will get soon Kind regards Atul
  15. Respected sachin ji, respected Mylilangel had given you a wonderful predictions to you and I was not able to find something in addition to those. regaqrding your additional queries asked there I will like to advice you to stay in your homecountry, you will always have a strong tendency to stay away from your home, but i will advice you to stay within home country. I hope respected mylilangel can correct me if I am wrong. For your marriage, love affair is indicated that may or maynot translate into a love marriage. Although you need to adjust your behaviour to have a successful married life whether arranged or love. You do not have Kaal Sarpa yoga. Although I will like to advice you a few things. Try to keep your mind calm, practice meditation, don't take loan which you can not repay I mean avoid taking loans and take only if there is minimum risks, Invest your money with extreme care, do not lend money to the person you doubt slightest that you may not get back the money from, take care of your health I doubt some chest infections in coming time. Improve your thinking, positive thoughts attaract positive energy and negative thoughts attaract negative energy. Coming time will be better for you, I am sure. Do not loose hope. This is all I can say from your chart. Please do the remedies as told by respected mylilangel, these remedies take time to show results but they help for sure. Do teh remedies, keep faith in God and do hard work with a balanced mind and prudence. No night lasts forever
  16. http://www.scribd.com/doc/1186612/JNSEP2000 Scribd.com
  17. Respected Anurag, gullika is a subplanet, representative of Saturn, works like saturn (In layman's language) and harms the planets and houses associated with it. Although it is not harmful always Offsprings = Children
  18. For Isht devta, planet in 12H from Ak in D9 is rahu and 12L to Ak in D9 is Venus. Jupiter is the Lord of birth constellation.
  19. thanks for providing more information, This really helped me in interpreting better and improving myself. regarding marriage, delay in marriage is expected maybe after 30 years of age may be even more later. Does the girl you loved was from the same cast or from different cast? and I find there are not much love marriage yogas are indicated in your chart What you say? and at what level do you find yourself spiritually?
  20. Respected Seniors, it is obvious that we can not get the feedback for our interpretations in relation to death charts. But I strongly believe that they do have a strong relation. Let me cite a chart here, This 90 year old lady died at following date after a serious illness of 3 months. His son who is a follower and close advisor of a very famous Sadhak. That Sadhak has told her son that the lady has got "Mayur Gati" through his powers. As some may not be knowing Mayur gati is one of type of gatis which a soul have to under go after death. Mayur gati is one of very superior Gati and is considered very close to "Moksha prapti" and only people having very strong good karma can achieve this. For the Sadhak, He is a very famous sadhak near Delhi. He usually attend hundreds of devotees who come there with their problems and he solve and give them remedies without even asking them anything. He can tell about the stolen things and can tell the name and address of the thief. He also claimed that if the son of the lady wants he can show the present condition of teh lady in water (jal pratibimb). Personally I had saw proofs of that Sadhak's genuine powers. So, having faith in that Sadhak, and wantiing to take benefit of this unusual opportunity to correlate her after life with her death chart, I gave tried some things. Although it is obvious that same principles of birthchart readings cannot be applied to death chart as it is . I sieved our distt library and internet but nothing much relevant was found. Here are her Death details, Date 17 march 2009 Time 2:30 pm Place Patiala, Punjab, India Her birth details are not available We all of us should try on this chart and try whether we can dig out of it. I beg that no astrologer on this forum stay away from this. This is the only way we can learn something. every input nomatter how small is invaluable. More information about the lady, if needed can be provided. I will be back to with more information I have collected So far on this subject beg Your efforts Kind Regards Atul
  21. Respected Seniors and members, I just had a vague thought that like birth charts, can the Chart drawn as per birth time tell us what path the soul will be attaining? Like it's incarnation, Moksha and journey after the death. Does the planets guide us only for our life or do they really control us all the way since we got separated from Pramatma and till we sublime back in Him? Please throw some light. Forgive me if I offended Honestly, It is not my intention Kind regards
  22. hello sanjaya, Thanks for your feedback and pointing out my mistakes. That's kind of you he is my brother and unmarried but he has got lots of support from parents and me in all areas. too carefree and critical of marriage and life thanks for telling me where I was wrong. will he do well in future? I hope so. Coming few more years may translate in struggle, but at the end he will be paid for his hardwork and will get what he will be deserving. Believe in God, although he should always invest money with extreme care and with informed decision. his attitude towards life is positive and he is keen on marriage. will it happen for him? Sure. His Lord of marriage nd venus both are comparatively well placed. will be married happily. although he will need some adjustment in his behaviour. any other recommendations? Not expert in remedies. You should consult expert astrologers for this. Although he should avoid drinking and smoking and be vegetarian if he is not already. Beware of the persons who pretend to be friends Give my best wishes to him Kind Regards Atul
  23. Hello prasad, I am just a student and not an expert astrologer. I advice you to consult expert astrologer to help you in your problems. Seems you are very spiritual, not specifically religious, but seems confused either for your inclination for this side or about which path to follow. a person with a stressed but logical mind. sometimes this logic becomes a spiderweb to engulf yourself. your Lagna lord is retrograde in 9H, with 4L and 11L. 5L and 10L in 3H in Gullika cusp. 6L in 5H. 8L in 4H exalted, aspected by12L and Mars. 10H occupying 12L and getting aspect from 8L and rahu from 6H. 10L moving toward debilitation. In D9 Sun, Jupiter, Mars and venus debilitated. Delay in marriage may be associated with (? intercast) loveaffair, problems and enemies in profession, injuries, you must be knowing about these as you also know astrology Please tell me about your father and other important incidents in your life. I think we both can learn this way. Do you want to ask something specifically about your chart? Also tell me which profession you are related to? Will like to hear from you. Also please tell me which of my predictions here are wrong Kind Regards Atul
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