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  1. Respected Sanjay This is indeed an interesting chart. Mercury dasha is running, Mercury is combust, very weak and is moving toward it's debilitation and is in house of an enemy. Sun 12L in 2H and exchanged house with retrograde saturn. venus weak but vargottama although placed in house of enemy. 6L and 8L in 2H and 12L aspecting fully 1L and 2L in 8 12L retro in 6H. Saturn, Rahu and MArs and Moon aspecting Lagna. 9H housing Rahu and gullika and aspected by Mars. I don't know the gender of the person, although I think the person got lot of problems from parental family but got support (atleast emotional and psychological) from inlaws and spouse. I will like to know about the father of the native. for studies I think the native was an average or below average student and may have done a BA. career wise the native may have tried multiple careers but apparently did not succeed. Always facing financial troubles and facing unexpected expenses when get some money in hand God have given the person two good things atleast. One is a strong and balanced mind and second his interest in beauty, life and arts. These two things are still keeping him alive. health of the person is also compromised usually. may have undergone abdominal surgery also. Respected sanjay, as you know I am just a student of astrology, I will expect from you to point out even minute mistakes from my analysis. I will be thankful if you can give me more details about the Hima. This will help me learn and I will be thankful to you Kind Regards Atul
  2. I agree with respected Classic72 ji. In the women's chart Mars is placed in 12H, although there are other indications also (I agree Generally 12H Mars doesnot cause Death of spouse.). Some astrologer told them that she is Manglik so she lost her husband. Question she asked me that if they would have matched their charts before marriage, would that be prevented? and if the death of husband was only due to her chart only, then her husband would have died no matter whom she would have married? Only answer I was able to gave her was that "I don't know". Honestly, I still don't know.
  3. Running saturn Antardasha, along shani saade sati. and possible mrityu yoga. Still nothing serious and urget? I have not seen your chart yet. Will be back to you soon with something upto my level thanks for showing faith in me and encouraging me. May god be with you Atul
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Can you tell me what can be the reason behin your performance in studies. Can this be your ignorance only? I mean you seem to be intelligent otherwise in accounts. Althhough your retention/recall may be hampered. But with your hard work you can do well in your studies. Anyway, I think you should think again about your decision again. These decisions are big and important and affect our life to a great extent so be careful while taking them. Do not take your decisions in passion but with balanced mind. God Bless you and Good Luck Atul
  5. Respected Target, I am not an expert astrologer, I advice you to consult an expert astrologer for sorting out your problems. Although I will like to write few interpretations from your chart. In your Rashi chart, Lagnesh and 2L is strong and in 10H. 5L and 8L strong and in friend's house 10H. 6L Debilitated in 10H. and 10L in 8H (11th from 10H). 11L debilitated in 12H and is dispositor of Gullika although getting a strong neechbhanga. 7L in 9H debilitated. In your Bhava chart, 1L and 2L in 9H so is 6L in 9H and not debilitated. In Chandra Kundli, 1L in 11H, 10L n 12H debilitated and 2L in 3H debilitated with neechbhanga. Indicates that your owm business will be good for you. But invest with extreme caution. Avoid Partnerships. You are good in Accounts but you may face problems in managing your employees. Job Indications are not good and least for Govt Job. For your business, business related to ready-made garments, Jewellery, Oil can be good for you. Business related to Machinery can also benefit you. For settling abroad, I am not sure, but there are multiple foreign related trips. These indication can also mean that you may visit foreign places or far away places within home country (Some travelling related business) for business and settle there or you may do export related business of above items. Frankly I am not sure about residence, but this is sure that you will get benefit for business related matters from foreign or far away places within home country. Study good for you, Currently Merc Dasha is on Helping you in studies at least for upto PG level. It seems that you are related to Accounts. Maybe B,com or you may go for MCom (Please correct me where I am wrong, just for my learning purpose). MBA doesnot seems good for job perspective but it may help you if you consider to do your own business. If you are currently studying then and had not started your own business yet I will advice you to gain some experience for now and Start business after June 2011 that will be best time for your business Although after June 2009 you can expect mixed results. If you had already started business I will advice you to proceed with caution for some time. Again I want to say that I am just a novice and many of above interpretations may be wrong, I will appreciate your feedback. Also consult any expert astrologer before taking any decision based on above interpretations Kind Regards Atul
  6. Respected Sandhu ji, Here is another chart from my database. DOB 10 march 71 TOB 04:00:00 hrs POB Dabwali, Punjab, India This lady was born to a rich landlord. married to son or a rich landlord. They are Sikh so No horoscope was matched. Her Husband died 7-8 years after marriage. After his death lady started teaching and Now she owns a leading school in the area and works as a principal there. She is having psychological problems and is on treatment for the same. Interestingly, her daughter also has indications in her chart for loosing her father. Kind Regards Atul
  7. Respected Sandhuji Thanks a lot for this extremely valuable information Kind Regards Atul
  8. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. These feed backs help us learn. Never blame planets for your problems. We should Blame our self, this all because of our previous life karmas. Infact no planet is completely good or bad. Mostly planets give us mixed results. You can get both name and fame along with profits. God decided a path for us but he also gave us a free will. If we strengthen our present life karma, we can overcome partially if not completely the fruits of our bad karmas. If you are interested in politics you can go for it provided you take any decision with pridence. Although I hope with coming time (say 2-3 years) you may not be too much interested in politics as a career. But I advice you to remain away from risky ventures. especially when they are related with partnership. PArtnerships will most probably land you in trouble. Invest your money with very precautions, at least for the time being You should do remedies as told by Respected Mylilangel. They are gonna help you for sure Take care Atul
  9. Can you please give birth details of your son along with place of birth
  10. Respected Sanjaya, I am not an Expert astrologer and just a novice in this field. I advice you to consult an expert for sorting out your problem. Although I am writing here some interpretations which I was able to get from your chart. Please let me know where I am wrong. For your marriage, You are Manglik from Your Janma Lagna (7th from Ascendent) and also from Chandra Lagna (2nd from Moon Lagna). Also Mars is lord of 3rd house and 8th house from Janma Lagna and Lord of 3rd house from Chandra Lagna. Is sitting with Lord of Marriage Jupiter and is getting aspect from Debilitated Rahu and Lord of 6th house Saturn.Your Venus is placed in house of enemy although it is vargottama. Sun, Ketu and Retrograde Mercury are placed in 9th house which is 3rd from 7th house (Ar per bhava lagna) so causing obstruction in your marriage. For your marraige I see weak yogas from 10/2009 - 2/2010 and 8 - 10/2010. And strong yogas from Aug 2011 - jul 2014 (using 360 days/year for vimshottari dasha). Although you will need to do remedies for getting the results. But don't forget to match your horoscopes before marriage. Your chart shows that you had strong yogas for marriage before Mid 1999 but seemingly you were not ready for the marriage at that time (Please let me know if I am wrong). For your profession, Your lord of profession (also lord of Lagna) is Retrograde and is placed in house of a friend and 9H. It is placed there with 12L Sun (Strong, lord of losses) and Ketu and getting aspect from debilitated Rahu. This house is also 12th from 10th. Your House of profession is occupied by Saturn (6L) and aspected by 8L, 3L Mars. Your Lord of Profits is placed in 6H (also 8th from 11th) in house of an enemy. It is weak in shadbala. 6H is getting aspect by funtional malefic Jupiter and Rahu. These yogas indicate that you will face losses in your profession from time to time and also will be low in profit even when time going good. Although You may not feel financial crunch as you get help/money from other resources from time to time. Like sometimes from parents and some times unexpectd help comes or likewise. Your D-10 chart confirms above interpretations. whatever work you do, you get fame and appreciation form your work. Althoug you are a bit lateriser but you are very hardworking and and stick to your decisions. I think doing job may be good for you although you will always want to do your own work because your Lagna lord want so. But if we consider possible losses Job may be more secure for you and you can reach to authoratarian positions in your job. Another thing your chart shows that you are highly religious because of Strong Sun with Mercury and Ketu in 9H. and no doubt your spiritual inspirations come from Sun as your 12 from atmakarak mercury is Leo in D9. So is the reason you are highly inclined to Shri Rama who was a Suryavanshi and was incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord of Sun. Moreover you were born on Sunday, Sun is your strongest planet in your chart. I want to ask you a few things, These are for my own learning purpose only. Your chart shows that you are basically from Technology line with PG in magagement. You were good in your education after 1989. Did you had or usually have urinary tract infection? Again, I am just a novice and not a expert. I will be thanful if you pointout my mistakes Kind Regards Atul
  11. You are right that taking any professional advice from a professional without dakshina is not recommended. By word professional You can take Astrologer, Brahamans, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyer or any other person who earns his livelihood by giving his service. But Dakshina doesn't only mean Money or material things always. Sometimes a simple thanks do the same work. Well, It depends on the professional you are taking advice from. Although in this forum 'thanks' is the only fees needed
  12. I am really sorry about your father. You should stop blaiming yourself. There are lot of half learned astrologers like me. Never believe them May your Respected Father's soul rest in peace
  13. Respected Unanth ji, Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. I am highly thankful to you Regards Atul
  14. Respected Sanwal ji, I had told you whatever I was able to read from your chart. I think first thing we have to realise that astrology is not the answer to every thing. I do not want to hurt your feelings because since last few weeks I have understood that how much you love your parents. But I want to clarify few things here . whatever fruits we get are influenced by three factors 1) Our Past life Karma (Which is reflected in our birth chart) 2) Our Present life Karma (Like what decision do we make and how we live in this life) 3) Karma and bhagay of our close relatives and enemies. These three factors constantly influence our life altogether. Final fruit will be influenced most by the strongest of three. Like If in one's chart there are not much yogas of wealth but it doesn't mean that he can not save money whatever he does. If he work hard and with honesty and with good karmas He can earn wealth and he will get the fruits of his deeds. Like wise, we get the results as per three above factors and final result is mostly influenced by strongest of these three. So, I always tell every person to do not depend too much on stars. Take astrology as a guide not as a verdict. I hope you got me. Please forgive me If I hurt your feelings anywhere here. I think your parents understand the financial crisis you are going through and may be they do not want to be a burden on you. Although you do not think like this but they are parents they always try to give best to us, no matter what they have to sacrifice for it. Or there may be any other thing in their mind. There are a lot of things that happen which we do not want, all we can do that is to accept them. Again, I want to beg pardon for any rude or hurting thing I had written here Please let me know if you think I can be of any help ever. I will be happy to help you Kind Regards Atul
  15. Respected Mylilangel, I think Donations and prayers do not make planets weaker. By praying a Lord and donating things associated with that lord we are trying to please that planet. When we try to please a planet we pray that the planet decrease His Bad effect on us and increase good effect on us. Whenever a planet is giving Mixed results and we want to ward off negative results we offer prays to that Lord to reduce His negative effects, those prayers do not reduce his positive effects. Giving water to Sun is a way of offering prayer to Sun. Sun is weak and lord of 12H and placed with Saturn. So Sun has bad effects as per it's placement and for the significations of his karaktatva, he is not able to give desired effects as it is placed with his bitter friend. giving water to sun and chanting mantras of Sun will please the sun and we hope that he will reduce it's bad results and increase good results. Giving water in copper vessel is more desirable as copper is favourite metal of Sun Regarding Jupiter, Jupiter is a functional malefic, it will not harm 4H but it will aspect the houses with it's malefic properties. Currently Saturn-Rahu Sub Dasha is on and Rahu is friend with Saturn so it is increasing Saturn's good effects but due to it's placement and aspects giving bad results. This situation will end soon in coming months. Next Dasha will be of Saturn-Jupiter. Saturn and jupiter are enemies and saturn is aspecting Jupiter in chart, so in Jupiter Sub Dasha can cause saturn to give more of it's negative ersults and will mask it's positive results more or less. Also at that time Gochar Jupiter will be making 3/10 relation with natal Jupiter and 9/5 relation with natal Saturn. And Gochar Saturn will be making 3/10 Relation with Natal Saturn and 9/5 relation with Natal Jupiter. So starting praying for jupiter now on will be able to get good results when Jupiter sub dahsa will start. respected Mylilangel ji, I am too small to tell to all these things, although I tried to clear my thoughts. I hope you will not mind and you will spare a few minutes to correct my mistakes here Pardon me if I sound rude kind Regards Atul
  16. Respected doctor, You can wear Emerald even now. Btw where are u in Panipat? I have my roots in Panipat in fact I passed 12th from MASD PAnipat. I wil be in PAnipat today also. Good luck Atul
  17. Thans for answering Anideep ji, Sorry I am answering you here instead of PM because I found it a little convenient to answer you here. Regarding your marriage, you may have to facee some problems in married life although your wife will be as per your choice. You will have to try more to keep your boat floating. Regarding your career, Some problem is expected for some more time and as you confirmed you are related to Engineering line, I think you can see a difference in the career and education you recieved. Worship Lord hanuman and keep fasts on Tuesdays. Give water to sun daily from copper vessel. I hope they will benefit you Kind Regards Atul
  18. Respected Doctor, Please accept my regards Problems in profession clearly indicated in your chart. Saturn is good for your wealth. Wearing Neelam will Help you in wealth but will cause stress in your mind. Basic problem for you is due to Sun (Lord of loss sitting in your wealth house with enemies) causing unexpected expenses from time to time and causing differences with father. Your Saturn - Rahu Dasha is on, Rahu is aspecting your lord of profession Mercury. Your Lord of profession is aspected by Malefic Jupiter and MArs. Actually Gems can show significant result but it depends on chart to chart. I am not expert in Gems SO I cannot comment on this. Most of your planets are placed in a mixed positions so Gems for each of them is supposed to give mixed results. Instead I advice to rely more on prayers and donations, they have no sideeffects and their bioavailability is also good as compared to Gems hahaha. Worship Lord Hanuman and Keep fasts on tuesdays, Give water to Sun daily. Donate yellow things Pulses/ladoos on Thursdays. REspect your Father and practice meditation From start of 2010 your profession should start improving and after 2012 you will be touching new heights. I have no doubt in this. Kind Regards Atul
  19. Respected Anideep, Here are few details from your birth chart. Please let me know where I am wrong. Your chart shows that you are facing the problem in studies since end of 2007. and it is supposed to remain till end 2009. Your planets show that You are taking education in Technology(Most probably mechanical engineering). Although your school was average but since your senior secondary you started facing the problem. you may have to face problem in getting to PG but it doesnot means that you cannot do that. you will have to put some extra efforts. You are a person of balanced mind but you face concentration problem while studying, You should practice meditation and worship Lord Hanuman and keep fasts on Tuesdays. Respect your father and be polite with your mother. He have very high expectations from you. You should control your behaviour and try to remain calm. Being irritable only worsen the stuation. Meditation will help you in this. Impatience and little more self confident can be bad. Controling your expenses and learn to manage money. This will help you to secure your future. Take care of yourself in coming some months. Your study related problems can see some ease but can get (or may have got already in recent past) yourself injured. Anideep, I am just a novice. Please let me know where I am wrong. I will be thankful if you point out my mistakes. Kind Regards Atul
  20. Respected Manju ji, It is sad to hear about you. Are you still saying with your friend? Yes you are manglik, Respected Webyogi ji had discussed about this earlier in answer to your first thread in the forum. May God Bless you Kind Regards Atul
  21. "In a birth chart, If house 7 has a relation with house 4 then person have to live away from home" There is a simple logic behind this. 7H denotes wife and 4H denotes Mother. So if your wife and your mother come close to each other then the only option left for you is to live away from home. Hahaha Because "Ek mayan mein do talwarein nahi reh sakti" hahaha
  22. To please the Sun, Worship your father To please the Moon, Worship your mother To please the Jupiter, worship your Teacher To please the Saturn, Worship poor people To please the Mars, Worship your brothers so to please the Venus, SHOULD I WORSHIP:pray: MY WIFE?
  23. A Major Solar eclipse is going to happen 0n 22nd july 2009. You know you can predict eclipses from your own horoscope making software also? This is very simple. Just look at Nodes, sun and moon. Whenever sun, moon and nodes come in close proximity or we can say a straight line an eclipse will happen. Take an example and make a birth chart, Date 22 july 09 time 6:30 am Place Surat Gujrat India Note the degrees of Sun moon and nodes. Whenever Sun and moon and nodes will come in same house along with close degree of nodes a Solar Eclipse will happen and whenever Sun and moon will come in opposite houses with close degrees with nodes, A lunar eclipse will happen. Regards Atul
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